: It is more interesting. IF you tell me why you didn't deserve the perma banned. I want to take a glimpse at those sparks in your head that justify the deed.
sorry for the late reply I have been busy with work and school for the week and a bit, and probably just reply to yours alone because its the best comment i saw I want to preference want should've done in my original post and that is I won 3/3games and that none of the comments like "gg" or "better bot win" in game 1,2&3 were not aimed at my teammates and they were directed at the other team. So in game 1, it went we get first blood in bot lane then I type 'GG outplayed' they reply with "?" and saying things like how it wasn't an outplay, it wasn't which is why I said. So it snowballed from there, they said gg when they got a kill, i continued to say gg when we get a kill. Then I started saying "SMD" to them and "better bot wins". Game 2 we gave first blood to a draven & taric bot lane and said "nice ks" cause the support stole it, and we all know what happens when the support takes the kill off the draven. He gets mad. then he replied with something (don't know what it was I forgot) that's when I said " i fked your mum last night", some time passes and were taking the nexus so see my chance and i type " better bot lane win just how it be" What I was doing in those game was sledging which means "to seek to gain an advantage by insulting or verbally intimidating the opposing player." I don't think what I said is under Verbal Abuse maybe being a dick but not verbal abuse (EXCEPT GAME 3). yeah game 3 was verbal abuse not going to lie, But i should still have 2 chances left on my account.
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