: Teamfight Tactics Showdown Roster and Prizes
Yassuo looks like he was chucked in last minute.
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: 1. Amu is not designed to 1v1, he is a tank and a team fighter, if you're 1v1ing with him you lack intelligence (Unless you go full ap ofc) 2. If you miss Q, so be it, same as with lee miss Q go back to farming repeat, you should't even be missing Q, since its hitbox is way larger than it looks 3. E isn't for fighting, its for farming jg, since it reduces incoming damage and loses cooldown the more you get hit 4. his W is not supposed to do damage, its there to reset his curse passive 5. He was visually upgraded not to long ago (last season i think) so he won't be getting another one for a while 6. he doesn't need a rework his kit is fine for his duty, he is there to tank and CC thats it, he's not there for damage, he's not there to carry, he's there to be a literally mummy meat shield
Thanks DarkShade918 that is legit the most helpful thing anyone has ever told. I'm gonna start playing Amumu like a depressed meat shield with no damage. But I still think he needs at least a visual rework, only because he doesn't even look like much of a tank. Thanks bro.
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