: just use we are number one
: hears music..... closes browser...
Nightcore - no Anime music - no Electro/techy music - no Selena Gomez - no Disney music - no Fast-paced music in a different language which suits URF - no Well what music can I use, then? Every single video I try a different kind of music, and every time there is nothing but complaints about the music. No one ever complains about the content because they just close the video after a few seconds :( My next video is going to have something from the *League of Legends* OST. Surely that would be acceptable? What else can I do?
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: Ok.. help pls ty
Hiya :) Before I say anything, I checked your OP.GG and I am *very* confuddled. You are either something like a Challenger smurf (who is trolling is Normals), or there is a bug in OP.GG. That's the only way I can explain why you play poorly in Normals, yet have a 100% win-rate in Ranked. http://imgur.com/a/s8NFB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway, into the helpful stuff. Looking at your Kayn game, you actually played quite well. You had a good KDA, high CS, and a decent build. Sure, there was a 3/6 game, but that's bound to happen eventually. I reckon you you should not listen to those people and just play him. However, I would suggest (when playing a new champion) to play a few Normals (since you would be facing Silver-Plat level players), then move onto FlexQ (where you would be against mid-Plat players), before finally playing against the Diamond players in SoloQ. That way you can work up in skill instead of plonking your Silver-Plat level Kayn (based on Normals) into a Diamond game, especially since Normals aren't really "try-hard" so the lower level play in FlexQ will help adapt you Normals Kayn into a Ranked Kayn. As for your ASol games, it's only natural you play poorly on a champion you've never before played, especially since he has unusual mechanics thanks to his passive. It would be like if I played Lee Sin for the first time. I've never played Lee, so naturally I would be utter garbage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, when in doubt, just */mute all* and keep playing your best. Hope this helps :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Abbdog (OCE)
Hiya :) Your videos are pretty good; your TF play was fun to watch, and your guides/break-downs are quick yet informative. Also, everyone likes an Aussie accent xD There is *one big, glaring problem*, however... your audio is garbage. Not in the sense that there's a lot of background noise, but rather the fact it is sooooooooo quiet. The only way I can hear it is if I have my volume set to 100. The same holds true in the TF video, where the music is super quiet. This could be down to how you record your audio, or it could be happening during editing/post-production. Hope this helps, and keep up the good videos :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Folk (OCE)
: Unfair ban so please consider unbanning thank you <3.
Hiya :) Based on the pictures provided, I could see you called at least 2 people autistic, said the "n"-word at least twice, used one of the "f"-words, and called someone the "w"-word. And that isn't even showing us the parts of the chat logs that weren't screenshotted. I understand that sometimes your teammates (and opponents) can be complete buffoons that you either want to rage at, or who instigate the initial argument. For situations like this, we have "mute" buttons. If you still want to rage at them, you can reduce to urge to by shrinking the chat as small as possible, and moving it *off the screen*. And if that doesn't work? ...Well, I always keep something punchable near my PC at all times xD If you look at the chat logs and your counter-arguments, it looks like Riot were spot on with issuing the 14-day ban. At least it isn't a perma-ban :)
HeartVine (OCE)
: Hey there Little Witch Eve. The short answer to your question is that the various coloured names you'll notice some Boards members with indicate those who are part of the [Riot Games Volunteer Program](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/testing-board/B5GXnLE0-introduction-to-the-riot-games-volunteer-programs). < That link will take you to Wuks' thread, which talks a bit about what the Volunteer program and Arbiters are about. The categories of volunteers (on OCE, I'm not sure how much it differs in other regions) include the [Emissaries](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour/Edu7E6Bp-introducing-the-emissaries) (green), the [Instructors](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/RaWrI4Hi-introducing-the-instructors) (blue), the [Wrenchmen](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-oce/nE4lj5EB-introducing-the-wrenchmen) (yellow) and the [Distinguished Members](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/GLk0EEmq-introducing-the-distinguished-members) (purple). Note: Those links will take you to the relevant threads, where each category is explained in further detail. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, you'll probably notice that those threads I linked contain something along the lines of "We believe actions speak louder than words". Being positive, helping out others where you can and providing accurate information (if you're unsure, you can feel free to ask someone else) will all show that you're dedicated to taking up a position as a volunteer. If you choose to make it your goal to join us then let me be the first to wish you the best of luck. Hope to see you helping out soon {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks for all the information :D I will try my best; thanks for the support :)
Razör (OCE)
: Does anyone else want the old champions back?
Evelynn OTP here... hoping they don't ruin her with the rework. The fact Galio is *nothing* like his pre-rework worries me.
: > Ahri is basically the "weeb" champion You make it sound like Yasuo isn't a thing. xD He's like the staple swordsman character in every anime ever. Where my name comes form 'Lord Sesshomaru' is one such character :P Even has the same shoulder armour, and a similar thing with his brother.
I didn't forget about the Japanese origin of Yasuo. It's just that this post was aimed at Ahri. Personally, Ahri is a lot more weeb than Yasuo, who I find more of a historical culture champion than a modern anime culture champion, if you get what I mean? I know Lord Sesshomaru is a character (antagonist, I think?) from InuYasha. Is he the one with the white hair and the Sailor Moon symbol on his head?
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: I don't think Ahri deserves another skin yet
> Ahri is from Korean mythology Ahri is a nine-tailed fox, which originated in Chinese mythology, but later became the Kitsune in Japanese mythology. So giving her a skin based on the magical girl theme from anime is a good design choice. Adding to the anime theme, Kitsune in human form (which Ahri is) are basically fox versions of Nekos (anime cat girls). Let's not forget Arcade Ahri (the weebiest Ahri skin until Star Guardian). This was know as the "weeb" skin since it combined the anime arcade theme (I know there are arcades in the USA, but Japanese arcades are on a whole other level) with the Neko/Kitsune theme. It's also why they made a Pop Star Ahri, because of it's connection to K/JPOP. Academy Ahri I can also sort of get because it takes themes from Japanese school girl sailor uniforms (another Japanese culture and anime trope). Challenger Ahri was something eSports related, so we can't say much about that? I guess all of her skins make sense in some way, but honestly 7 skins (8 thanks to Star Guardian) is a bit too much considering quite a few champions only have 1 or 2. Then again Annie has 10... one of which is basically a few hundred dollars. Honestly, I'm surprised she doesn't have a Maid skin yet, since that's another anime trope. **TL;DR - Ahri is basically the "weeb" champion, based on Japanese (and partly Chinese) culture and mythology, so her having a Star Guardian skin was about time. But 8 skins is a bit OTT when others only have 1 or 2.**
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: The Ranked system
Whatever is highest, I believe. I've played with someone with a Challenger border, but they only got Diamond last season in SoloQ. However, they were Challenger in FlexQ, both last season (hence the border) and this season.
: Anyone else got Honour level 4 yet?
I don't even have Level 3 T_T but unlike you I haven't played 40 games in the past 2 weeks. **Good on you, though :D**
Addam (OCE)
: Mastery Token didn't drop in a ranked game?
Same has happened to me. S+ in every game this patch, but nothing in the EoG screen. What's worse is that those scores aren't being added to my Mastery Points (*insert the sound of tearing my own hair out*). I have messaged Riot, though, and they were pretty nice: > I am really sorry you had to deal with this D: I can't provide a timeline for when we might see a fix on this issue, but thank you again for the report. This is a pretty big deal and we will definitely be focusing on fixing this.
Bare in mind there is usually a 3 month gap between champion releases, and Kayn was released 4-5 months after Xayah and Rakan. So 1-2 months after Kayn is basically getting back on track. **TL;DR** - They released Kayn a few months late, but Orn is still on schedule. Also, the earlier Orn comes out, the earlier we (the Evelynn Fandom) get to see sneak previews of the Eve Rework.
: I have a question.
He doesn't have stealth {{champion:28}}
: im so angry with 14days ban , fukyou riot
That's an awful lot of toxicity for someone who claims to not be toxic. And that's ignoring your opening statement as well. It's only 14 days... be glad it isn't a perma-ban.
: nah its been around for ages ,duo jungling is a pretty risky strategy as it leaves an oppurtunity for the solo laner to get behind if he/she cant farm or do anything without losing massive amounts of hp and the second jungler to fall behind if he/she cant farm the enemy jungle. usually shaco or eve are the best to do it with other than it would be pretty shit. ive had it a few times in games and it goes both ways, either incredibly good or horribly bad
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: I want to be permanently chat restricted.
You can make the chat box *very* small, and then actually move it **off the screen**. It's basically a chat restriction without the tarnish to your summoner standings. Plus you won't see all the tilting text that makes you toxic in the first place.
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: Chinese Boosting Strategy
Just ignore the inevitable. You can only slow it down. The best thing to do is, since Yi will be Top the *enitre* game (after 10 mins), his camps will be unguarded and you have free reign over the other two lanes. What you need to do is get Bot ahead and snowball them, and then push that lane (a fed ADC can push very fast).
: I did it.
First ever Level 0??? I would say "well done", but I'm not sure what to say xD
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: Perfect!
Definitely one of *the best* cinematics Riot has done. WELL DONE RIOT :D Not a fan of the music, but that's just me. I thoroughly enjoyed Teemo being kicked in the face, though.
: Do you report others? How often and what for?
I report anyone who AFKs, whatever the team. If someone ints (actually inting, not just a bad game) or is super toxic, I also report them.
: How does LP really work
It's because you stuffed up your maths: Yes, 6 x 9 = 114, but you then stated that you lost 2 (then saying it made 88). But what you did was subtract 2 losses from 6 wins (114 - 26 = 88), but that assumes 8 games played. For 6 games played, you won 4 (so 4 x 19 = 78) and lost 2 (2 x 13 = 26). 78 - 26 = 42. I hope I explained this well enough?
: I got Honour 3 :D
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Rioter Comments
KaynMid (OCE)
: So ive been in silver for a week now, heres my take.
> Imho i have met more players in bronze 5 that deserve silver based on my observations than games I've actually played in silver This could be because to demote from S5 to B1 you need an MMR of almost a B5 (which I find unfair). The times I played against you were really difficult due to you having superior mechanics, but I would win because you would rage a lot and be super toxic and tilt. I'm glad you've experienced an environment where you should be, because this has helped get rid of the toxic you (based on the fact there aren't 3 rage posts a day anymore xD), which in turn has meant you are much better because of it. Well done :D
Reindin (OCE)
: 3 gig update?
I got this too. In fact it was really sneaky with me... It told me it was only 250MB, but it took *ages*, so I checked my system storage settings and *BAM!* 3.01GB.... Honestly Riot, what are you hiding??????
: That should work, but you are majorly over capping on CDR. That build has 60% CDR the cap is 40 or 45.
Just give it a few months, until the new runes come out, and then that won't be an issue (there's a rune that converts excessive CDR into AD/AP).
HeartVine (OCE)
: Just me or is anyone else excited for opt-in map accents???
I'm so hyped, especially for the skin splashes in the portraits :D
Fitzky (OCE)
: Nobody wants to play support because it's the most boring thing to play, I don't see how people find it fun standing at the back of a teamfight shielding and healing people. Or just mindlessly throwing around an opponent hoping one of your braindead teammates manages to kill them. The only semi-fun support champion I can think of is thresh only because landing a good hook gives you some sense of satisfaction.
A support main actually got Rank 1 NA. I think he gets satisfaction from playing support.
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: Is it a crime?
People change their key bindings a lot of the time. Some put their key bindings to PS4 controllers. Heck, someone even did it with a xylophone. You just need time to get used to your key bindings.
: Team Recruitment
If you don't find anyone for Jungle, I'm just putting myself out there (even though I'm Bronze). I doubt you'll need/want me, but if you're still desperate when the tournament starts, I'll be here.
KaynMid (OCE)
: We almost went a week without me making a rage post.
That's SoloQ for you... Just as you're doing well and think "Oh, I might actually get a higher rank" you get feeders. It also doesn't help that Riot deliberately manipulate a player's MMR if they start doing even the slightest bit well. I've played with Platinum - Challenger players before, and I held my own. And I'm *Bronze 4*. Honestly, if my MMR weren't so stuffed that even with a 60-70% winrate I still get demoted, I would be out of Bronze by now.
: Hmm intersting calling your self a b5 when your s4. As for why u can't climb. Part of the reason might just be kayn is a really shitty mid laner
Because this is the same person who owns the YellowBrickRoad account, which is hardstuck Bronze 5. S/he made a new account just for Kayn. I've played against her/him, back when I was B5, and s/he's actually really good. The only reason I won was because her/his team fed.
: Name suggestion
We would need to know a bit more info. What kind of theme are you looking at? What are some things you like (i.e. Anime, Sports, something other than LoL)? Are you a one-/two- trick? Do you only play one lane? Do you tend to play something way off meta? etc.?
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: Runes Reforged: World Around Runes
Will the Rune system still be linked to Summoner Level, so I can only unlock the Keystone Runes at Level 30? Or will they be available for all players?
terryylin (OCE)
: Getting S while getting mastery lvl5 does NOT give tokens?
For me I constantly got S's on Annie, until I reached Mastery 5. Which was a pain. I even got an S when I got M5, but no token, which annoyed me. Took me a few months to get Mastery 6 (baring in mind I don't play her all the time).
: Why is Kayn so weak?
He was strong in his trailer because he was so many levels ahead and already fed (obviously to hype up the champion). But also because you might not know how to play the champion (i.e. Ryze might seem weak at first, but he's very good in the hands of someone who knows how to play him).
Yes. We need this. I support this 100%. Shame that Riot don't listen to the players...
: SUPPORT MAIN <3 looking for good adc to climb
Try posting this on the NA Boards... might be more helpful.
KaynMid (OCE)
: Update: Officially second player in oce to get mastery 7
Well done :D Just curious: why didn't you keep playing on your main? Why make a new account just for Kayn? Either way, good job x)
Donzac101 (OCE)
: OCE Tournament
KaynMid (OCE)
: I have the third highest kayn masteries in oce and top 80 in the world ama.
Wow!!! Very well done :D ...even if it only takes ~20 games to get there at the moment xDDDD But seriously, well done. Not many can say that about any champion. I'm also glad you've found an interest in LoL besides spamming toxic posts xD
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