Talon12 (OCE)
: ... because it isnt a tool to come back from losing nitnut, its for a dc before 3 min if you're talking about surrender not working, thats because it sometimes isnt processed properly
forgot to add context. yeah, it's strange. our top didn't connect into the game, but we weren't able to /remake.
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Rawrskyes (OCE)
: @Riot - Jinx's mouth open 24/7 on the login screen is creepy
Niji (OCE)
: {{champion:101}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:429}}
XD XD le epic code speak :)
: You're 99% wrong.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lnar,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=lElvefGW,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2015-02-06T04:56:31.038+0000) > > diamonds can't duo with bronze. i said ranked team
hmm, thought we were talking about solo queue here, but okay.
: > [{quoted}](name=Batchy,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=lElvefGW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-02-05T12:19:21.106+0000) > > Well that's bull%%%%, you cannot go from silver 2 to gold 3 with one promo. My b5 ranked team won 1 game and went straight to b2 Maybe because i had a diamond in it when i won hehe
diamonds can't duo with bronze.
Kryptic (OCE)
: Leavebuster discussion
not sure I understand what kind of answer you're looking for. But no matter the circumstances, even if an internet cafe's connection is unstable - at the end of the day, if your account has a tendency to dc in games then it makes sense that you'd be put in a LPQ. As %%%%ty as it is for us people who do get put into a LPQ, it's even %%%%tier for those who have to deal with a DCer. The way I see it, the LPQs forces us players who have problems with our set up to go out and look for some sort of fix. with your little poll on whether the leaverbuster is too harsh or not. What would you think of as a reasonable punishment? If you have a bunch of people with a tendency to afk/dc in games, then how would you go about reforming this behaviour? IMO, the longer timers in the LPQ are effective. It's an effective consequential tool for the community.
: Vote for the Ocean Week reinforcements!
RIOT. Y U NO MAKE POOL PARTY JARVAN, OR POOL PARTY NIDALEE?!?! think aboouuut it, pool noodles of death. EDIT: OH.. so this isn't about skins. - facepalm -
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Excited (OCE)
: Mystry skins rito pls
I enjoyed this so much. Thank you :)
: New Mechanic - 'Intercept' Dashes
I don't like this suggestion at all. In effect it would actually ruin the game. Try to understand how this would be abused. An ADC is powerful enough to 3 hit an APC caster if cc'd. If you allow a tank to intervene like this then you're giving ADC's too much lee-way to do their job with almost 0 risk as long as they have beefy tanks in their team. Best example I can think of: Consider the enemy team has a chogoth, fully built, tanky AF, has an iron elixir, has a lulu on their team to ult cho. How would this *interception* play out for your team?
Avu (OCE)
: Which champion should I save up for? Lulu or Lissandra?
If I had to pick between the two, I would pick Lulu, no doubt. If you're soloqueuing, Lulu will work for top/mid and support. Lissandra is sort of one of those champs where you want to play her mid, anywhere else and it's a pretty risky pick ( depending on your team composition ).
: When are we getting a Tribunal?
when they perfect it. http://gdcvault.com/play/1017940/The-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player Read this and you'll understand a little more of what's being proposed for the community.
Avu (OCE)
: Make a Change. There is No Meta. The community needs to change.
A lot of the points made seem appropriate to the current condition of OCE. To me it sounded as though the speaker is reasonably mature, knew what he wanted to say, and genuinely felt for the game. Although I agree with his points regarding the necessity for change within our community - i don't believe that this will come as a result of individuals starting some sort of a movement. The problem is, there are *too* many young/under-developed teens ( even adults in some cases ) who still lack the cognitive faculties of reason - hence, we have this overwhelming consistency of toxicity over being able to resolve our problems peacefully. I've noticed that people are too impulsive, unreasonable and lack the competency of seeing their own flaws. One problem is that people have a tendency to abuse others who are playing poorly - what they don't realize is that abusing this person will only make them play even more poorly, meaning, they are only putting themselves in a worse-off situation when they decide to abuse someone for making a mistake - and they can't seem to realize this on their own ( hence the maturity problem). In saying that, I believe that the new system Riot is working on will have complete efficacy in dealing with the problems that we are facing with this community. This video will most likely help you understand what's being proposed : http://gdcvault.com/play/1017940/The-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player Change will come, just be patient and try to not get too distressed with simple-minded people in the meantime.
: I can normally be found at ya fat nannas house mate, send them round.... please lighten up brah. Lifes too short
lighten up? Life's too short? You think that these are excuses for behaving like a moron? sigh, this is why I'm leaving this game - this kind of behaviour is distasteful and just too common in this community. try and have a sense of dignity, will you? If you don't have one, then find one, please.
: Help a fellow League Player!
http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/8EMfB3xp-please-view-and-give-me-feedback same post downvoted already. it's a real pity that you havent gotten the *message* yet. It's really sad to see that these people don't understand what's wrong with them.
: Please view and give me feedback
I suggest you take what everyone else has said here and think on it a little. Don't be hostile - just think on it a little. To me, it seems like you need to realise something that you haven't quite realised yet. This kind of behavior is repulsive. Now, OP - you might have a lot going for you, you might actually be a decent guy in real life. Just understand that the more you pursue this kind of behavior, the more repulsive you may find yourself becoming in the eyes of the people whom you end up surrounding yourself with in the future. You might see this all as just some harmless form of entertainment, but in all honesty, i don't think you've considered the implications of behaving in such a way. 1. you're causing emotional stress for this person ( which doesn't need to happen in the first place ). 2. you're shaping a path for yourself ( no matter how you see it ). It's pretty typical for young people to assume that just because it's the internet, they can do whatever they want without having to feel any form of consequence. Truth is, you're allowing yourself to behave in a way which is socially unacceptable. Now, why is this a bad thing? well, one simple answer - this type of behaviour leads to ostracism. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- define ostracism: exclusion, by general consent, from social acceptance, privileges, friendship, etc. It sounds like you're still pretty young, so there's a lot you don't quite understand yet. Doesn't mean it's too late. Advice: Don't delete this forum post just because people are being hard on you. Take in as much of it as you can, so you can feel the disagreement. Learn from your mistakes, and try to become a better person ( for your own sake before others ). Goodluck mate.
: What skin did you get for your Riot mystery gift?
KingCrab Urgot {{champion:78}}
Sackboy (OCE)
: Tryndamere is cancer, please nerf him.
played as a tryn v sion the other day. Got destroyed. it's all about the counterpicks - if your team is stupid and picks a bunch of non-useful champs v tryn, then yeah you're going to get annihilated . The best way to deal with a tryn is to build tanky straight away, rush a thornmail and then just zone him from farming. Once your top laner gets that exp/cs advantage that tryn is going to struggle.
: Riot - LeaverBuster is a complete JOKE
Think about it this way. Everyone has their own profile that accounts for their behaviour. When they get consistent reports for abusive language, they'll get chat restrictions. When the leave games consistently, then they'll receive LPQ's. No one ever gets a LPQ right off 1 AFK, it's always a result from regular leaves. -------------------------------------- If your friend is having problems with his computer, send a diagnostics report to Riot and see if they can help you sort anything out. Support are there to actually help you with this kind of stuff.
: this game is ridiculous
Quiet Gimp {{champion:44}}.
: Hi friend, do you see my name? you list 4 supports. THANKS!
i'm not sure what you meant by this sorry. The forum post name or your IGN? I listed supports because I think annie isn't as OP as you make her out to be. Is she inconvenient to play against? sure - but there are a fair few counters you could use to make her less of a problem.
Rav (OCE)
: nub, {{champion:122}} DARIUS {{champion:122}} MAINS {{champion:122}} UNITE {{champion:122}}
: ***
GoldenTomat0 (OCE) - about 2 hours ago you got lucky. you are bad cause you're in bronze. trolling is a matter of opinion. playing ap graves mid could be considered trolling, but it's not. you really don't know %%%% if you don't think there aren't smurfs in bronze 2. it's fun climbing from bronze 5 and seeing how long it takes you to get to x rank. tl;dr, git gud ya bronzie. you're not getting your lp back. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is disgusting. Sort yourself out.
: ***
yeah and you're being a nuisance
9young (OCE)
: The toxicity in OCE is disgusting is Riot even doing anything?
To me dealing with toxic players is a lot like listening to those 12 y/o's on COD talking %%%%. I can't take them seriously - but they're %%%%ing distasteful to deal with.
: ***
Golden shut up, now you're just being a pest.
: Again, terrible analogy. If i'm not having fun at the arcade I can leave and nobody will care. This just backs up my argument, really... Sorry about the font. I was going for #'s, not bold... You are saying riot cannot do anything about it, but they can, if they put the effort in. I have already discussed this. I'm not really making a huge deal of it. I posted a comment on a website so I could share my thoughts. You guys chose to continue to take it out of context and try to change the point of my original argument. This is hardly even a discussion about the original point any more; but a discussion about the discussion...
i'm so sorry but what? you can leave and nobody will care? the whole premise is built upon the fact that you do care. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- reading back, I can see that you meant nobody *else* would care. Well, I don't see how you're in any different of a position right now. Riot can only do so much about this kind of stuff - what they cannot do is give you free LP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, if you're so concerned about people not getting in trouble for what they've done. Why don't you just take screenshots and send them to riot? Also, apparently reports that don't have anything written in addition to them often get ignored apparently ( not sure where I heard this from so i'm not making a factual statement ), but it might make that much of a difference if it were to be true. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most viable solution to the problem you mentioned before about "mid or feed" would come in the form of the TeamBuilder Beta being pushed forward into more development. I personally don't see it *working* as it is now, but with a couple of tweaks - we might be able to avoid these situations in the future.
Lnar (OCE)
: hey dinger. what can you tell me about potatoes?
: 1: you are OP and all you did was champ 17. 2: you are thick because you assumed i had no idea what the champions riso said were meant to spell. 3: you are thick because you have 0 reading comprehension. 4: my question was in relevance to the champion numbers. btw means BY THE WAY. 5: saying he "knows his champion numbers well" was a really bad assumption on my part, seems you are both brain dead %%%%%%s and just used the automated feature i didnt know about. i thought people actually knew the numbers or something. because i only ever used the numbers system. 6: maybe you need to think what you are saying, because it is all baseless bull%%%%... werent you asking for a free skin because you keep leaving games and getting into low priority queue? if anything you should be asking for a perm ban because you are useless to this game. and finally, keep {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
hey dinger. what can you tell me about potatoes?
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Niji (OCE)
: I don't know you people
Rok (OCE)
: I lol'd at how Rito removed my first comment. What they dont know is that i know Inkduff irl and wasnt having a go at him. Plus 'Termite' was his nickname at college.
Rok (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lnar,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=RMUe0Xfy,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2014-12-29T13:33:43.880+0000) > > {{champion:32}} dw mang, rito deletes my posts all the time {{item:3151}}
9young (OCE)
: Might actually work. Props to you on making that idea. But honestly i think all we need is a proper working tribunal. TBH the OLD tribunal changed me from a toxic/negative player to a stable and calm player because i knew the bans would come if i didn't shape my attitude.
Yeah maybe. I've heard from some people that Riot are working on a new tribunal. Not sure if any of this is factual or not. But it would be to see something done about this behaviour. I really don't remember League being anything like OCE back when i started playing this game in NA servers :)
: God you guys really want to talk people down don't you? #1 If someone steals your credit card, the bank gives you your money back. You tried to use an analogy but you aren't very good at it. Try again. #2 there are games that you CANNOT win, duo with me and I can prove it if you really want to (I don't actually mean that, I'm not gonna duo with you, don't ask, but you should get the point; if I was on your team and I want you to lose, I can make you lose) #3 I climbed a tier tonight. I'm not bad at the game, I just hate how ranked is so toxic. I can climb if I want, but it's so toxic I don't want to play ranked most of the time. That is the issue I am addressing. #4 If there is a will, there is a way. If 4 people on the team agree that one person is trolling (or 2 of they are duo maybe), riot could at least look at the chat record or a reply of the game and ban people if they deserve it. #5 "I suggest you get over it" is great advise, if you don't think about it. Generally speaking this could be used for anything you want. If, however, your country is at war and you are probably going to die, you don't want to hear me say "get over it". I know this is an exaggeration, but frankly this is terrible advise, and there is a problem to address which has better solutions than "get over it" #6 Smurfs aren't on bronze 2. If someone is in bronze 2 and they tell you they are a smurf they are wrong. It's that simple. Further, she was ACTIVELY trying to make us lose. She told us that and we could see that was what she was doing. She went 1/25 or something. Even if she was a smurf, she wanted to lose. This is the entire point of this thread. I have told you this about half a dozen times now and you still don't understand. Here we go again, read this part slowly if you need to: This person was in a bad mood and angry at another player, so she wanted to lose the game, so she lost us the game. She did not want to win. Even if lb was Faker, she did not want to win, so she wasn't going to try to and turn the game around. Now read it again. And keep reading it until you understand what I am saying. Now read it once more. Do you get it now? I am trying to make one point, and you have come back half a dozen times with stupid responses displaying the fact that you have not understood the purpose of this post. It is embarrassing, and it makes me cringe every time you do it. #7 GoldenTomato, I think I may have just offended you by calling you out. I think you will respond to that by posting yet another comment that proves your ignorance. Do yourself a favor and do not post that comment. Cheers boys
I thought it was a pretty decent analogy at the time - I was referring to cash rather than credit, it's my mistake for not being clear enough. To be a little more specific, this is sort of like buying tokens into an arcade expecting to have a great experience : then coming out of it not enjoying the experience, and then demanding that you get your money back. I think this example fits well into what you're going through at the moment : you've invested *time* into a game, you've come across people that have turned that *time* into a *bad* experience, and now you want to ask riot ( who are completely untied to this incident) to compensate for something a *player* did to you. I didn't read through too much of what you've been saying, it's late at night - the bold font is too bright for me to deal with right now. But let me try and get this one point across before I go any further. I'm not trying to put you down, instead - im trying to help you understand that all of this ( what you're doing right now ) isn't worth pursuing. I'm sure there's a lot I could have probably written out to reason with you here, but like I said, it's pretty late at night - and my mentality is sort of limited at the moment. What you need to remember is : This game is meant to match up 10 random players into a 5v5 game. Out of those 10 players, you don't get much of a choice on who you have to interact with. When you get feeders/trolls/afkers - the only sense of control you have is how you *choose* to react to it. Complaining to riot about how they're liable for something they have absolutely no control over is a little silly, if not childish. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr Inkduff (OCE) - about an hour ago 5 "I suggest you get over it" is great advise, if you don't think about it. Generally speaking this could be used for anything you want. If, however, your country is at war and you are probably going to die, you don't want to hear me say "get over it". I know this is an exaggeration, but frankly this is terrible advise, and there is a problem to address which has better solutions than "get over it" What kind of solution are you expecting to this problem exactly? The only problem here seems to be your inability to get over something that is in the past. This happens to a lot of people in ranked, and is completely understandable given the nature of solo queue. Is it okay? of course it's not. Should you be making a huge deal of it? no you shouldnt. You're wrong in your response when you imply that I'm not *thinking* about it. I have thought about it. Getting over it is the only sensical approach to this matter. Unless you have some sort of solution that will remove this type of behavior from the community- don't even bother. You yourself can see that this is all just a waste of time.
9young (OCE)
: The toxicity in OCE is disgusting is Riot even doing anything?
http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/KA0bjEZA-suggestion-thread-in-game-modbotabusebuster thoughts?
: More toxic than a teemo shroom.
: > [{quoted}](name=Perfect Response,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=RMUe0Xfy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2014-12-29T07:39:45.487+0000) > > Everyone secretly enjoys playing Teemo. The abusive player was also guilty of playing Teemo. I saw their match history. You love to hate him but hate to love him.{{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} I guess you could say you have the... PERFECT RESPONSE.
: {{champion:266}} 266, there arent even 266 champs....what is the meaning for this number...i do not even. {{champion:1}} 1, not alphabetically first....what is the reasoning!!! that is what i am saying.
Okay, you need to understand that these things are outside of context. OP only meant for us to figure out was that the 1st Letters of each champ made out a sentence. whatever numbers are allocated to these champions are completely irrelevant to OP. What's to even suggest OP knows his champ numbers? Don't call someone thick just because they don't have the answer you're looking for. Again, just think about what you're saying, and how you've been saying it.
: Shouldn't have to lose LP when teammates (intentionally) feed, or at the very least should not be punished for dcing if your team doesn't care bc of said feeder
Shouldn't, but you will - because that's how the game works. Same thing applies with money, just because you * lose * it - banks aren't going to give you more just like that. I get the frustration, a lot of us have lost LP because of other people - but at the end of the day, you just need to be good enough to win more games than you lose. That means, not playing when you're on tilt ( which might give you a more negative win/loss ratio ). Also, on afking. I get it man, sometimes games are just a waste of time. But I honestly don't see a way in which Riot can differentiate between these two types of AFKers. Anyways man, just suggest you get over it.
: annie is 1, explain that. so many others alphabetically. galio TF and xin are in the first 10, explain that, they werent released till mid season 1, after nearly 40 champs were out. there is literally no meaning in the order of the champs.
Look mate. Just, think about it what you're saying.
Justify (OCE)
: let alone reproducing! HOLY%%%%
hahaha someones upset. here, have a cookie {{item:2052}}
: Mages bot lane
Try anivia + lissandra bot with clarity. See how that goes.
: Nami and Zyra will be melted long before the bubble or roots even hit the ground, sivir will survive 1 Q thanks to her shield, pity that annie's Q has no CD morg could survive with her shield and could probs kill annie, leona could stun lock her but only be useful if someone else was there to take annie out, and zil is well.... zil
Hmm. {{champion:143}} : really good at harassing. Run with clarity and annie will most likely be too low to play aggressively. {{champion:267}} : Counter annie's burst with her tsunami + mikaels. You've also got the bubble trap + heal. {{champion:25}} : You make a pretty good point about her spellshield being a one-only thing. Then again annie needs to stack 4 abilities to proc her passive. Unless she's last hitting creeps ( putting her adc at a disadvantage ) - then she's probably going to be too low on mana to spam her Q's. {{champion:26}} : ziliean is... well, you know.. zilean is... zilean
Justify (OCE)
: ***
Think you completely missed the point here ( i'm not surprised ). It's that AD champs like riven don't have mana costs to worry about. Imagine if riven did run on mana, she wouldn't be as OP as she is now. Picture a marksman who didn't run on mana, then you'll understand the whole point of that statement. You seem to be a little butthurt from getting **told** in our last argument. Try and not get your emotions involved in un-related discussions please, twelvie.
: Any champ is an ADC if you're brave enough.
mhmm. can't tell if OP means marksmans specfically, but i'm assuming he does.
: Non-Mana using ADC?
Imagine Riven but as an ADC. Think it could have a couple of problems.
Justify (OCE)
: so you think a post about losing 7 games in a row suggests that he wasn't at all toxic? you must smoke some serious weed man
Justify (OCE) - 5 days ago you are ***probably toxic or raging irl***, or on tilt. Lnar (OCE) - 4 days ago toxic or raging in irl? How has **anything** that's been **said** in his post even **imply** that? TheTourist (OCE) - 4 days ago He means you're **probably letting your emotions get the better of you while you play**. I get frustrated after a couple losses and makes me play sloppy and not think straight. It happens. Lnar (OCE) - 4 days ago **fair enough** I suppose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Didn't have to escalate here but you chose to. Justify (OCE) - about 19 hours ago wtf is wrong with you Lnar (OCE) - about 17 hours ago **nothing**. whats your problem? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Justify (OCE) - about 16 hours ago you seem to think that him going on a losing streak has **no connection with toxicity/raging**. **like wtf dude? are you high?** Lnar (OCE) - about 15 hours ago no. people lose games without raging/being toxic so your **assumption is flawed**.** youre being stupid/offensive.** Justify (OCE) - about 15 hours ago you cant seem to tell the difference between losing a few games, and going on a losing streak. OFC people may lose 2 or 3 ranked games in a row without being toxic/raging... 5 losses + **you are either really really unlucky or just being toxic..** Okay, I see this is what you thought I **missed**. Moving on though.. Lnar (OCE) - about 14 hours ago **yup , its still *possible* to lose that many games without being toxic. *Nothing* in OPs post to suggest otherwise.** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Again, we could've ended it here. Justify (OCE) - about 14 hours ago so you think a post about losing 7 games in a row suggests** that he wasn't at all toxic? you must smoke some serious weed man** Lnar (OCE) - about 13 hours ago youre **being** so stupid i cant be bothered with this anymore. in the hopes that you might be able to use your brain, *7 games over 3 days*. Justify (OCE) - about 12 hours ago so now you scream at me for "not using my brain" all because I **didn't fully read OPs post**? you are either a mad twelvie or just ret@rded af -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Justify (OCE) - 30 minutes ago **you forgot the part** where I said you would be really really unlucky to lose than many games without being toxic, and now you are stooping to a lower level by insulting me, who is the twelvie now? You are definitely still the twelvie. Also, stooping to a lower level by insulting you? LOL. ---------------------------------------------------------- Stop making excuses for yourself.
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