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: Seems like you're competing with another person who is reviving the old-new server. If it's anything like before, you will not have much luck building a great community.
You say that like there is only one other person who has created their own server from the previous one. I believe that there are multiple ones created by people who think that they could carry on that community in their own ways. As one of the previous long time members of that server (as well as ex mods/admins), I can tell you that the insane population growth was because of the owner's efforts as well as other members who had advertised the server in the past. Once they start gaining members quickly, it acted like a catalyst and proceeded to get as big as it did. Also that server didn't grow that big in just a few weeks or anything. It took months or at least a year before it even got that big so I don't know why you're talking about it like that. I'm not sure if you were aware of how the server actually acted and behaved throughout most of the time it was up. We aren't really competing with anyone either. We have our own goals and we will aim to achieve them over time :)
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: The number game
Deltora (OCE)
: I'm confused. The official Runes Reforged website still says November 9. And it has from the beginning. So which is it? November 7, 8 or 9????
I'm assumning that they're going to be doing a global release so once NA have finished their season everyone will get the patch at the same time. Since OCE is quite a while ahead of NA the date would probably be on the 9th of November for us.
: When I first started with League I loved playing Quinn adc alongside a Blitz sup. She was the first character I really felt comfortable with. I love her slightly slumped posture and the way she moves: it's a bit dorky (her dance too) and quite different to most of the "cool" champs.
Yeah haha. She wouldn't seem like the type of person to boast over anything regardless of what it was. There are times where I do miss her old ult but her new ult is pretty cool too
: I love Kindred! The duality of death—and those that choose to fight/accept it—is so intriguing to me. I also really dig Kled, the tough as nails, never say die fighter who rides a cowardly mount has potential for some excellent stories or, at the very least, a really fun D&D character. A fanfic story from the Skins Story Slam by Saben about [Dreadnova Gangplank]( made me put him right up there too. His reaction as he's about to get sucked into the void is just so damn great. How about you?
Considering that she is my favourite champ of the game and how her lore got updated too, it definitely has to be Quinn. I just love her lore, story, everything about her. I wondered at first about her changed lore but since it kept most of the elements of her old lore and introduced a whole lot more I was super happy about it :)
: Heya! The Hanshmear here — Content Editor for Riot OCE — Ask Me Anything!
Not sure if you've read all of the champions lores but if so which one is your favourite? Or, well, which champion lore is your favourite anyway?
: Thank you and do we need to draw a skin or something?
Nah dude. I saw somewhere else that you only need to write your story. No drawing needed :)
: Problem with games?
Yeah, I've been trying to log in for the past 20 mins and it hasn't let me in. Must've only just happened now
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: Yeah but she can easily kill someone level 3 due to surprise (at least right now) I also definitely think that to start off with this patch, that we will find that 20+ game players of taliyah before the patch will have a significant drop in win rate, but new players are likely to have a higher win rate.
That's a good point. I mean if you can kill someone lvl 3 now solo then that's still a good thing. I used to do that when I played with her pre-adjusted W and changed E. She's pretty strong early at least and still seems like it
: It's been about 12 hours, and we are the first server to get the patch, so likelihood is they have gotten very little feedback in terms of information, but i can say i love the new Taliyah W. But yeah not sure why the W placement isn't showing. EDIT: and as a thing, a quick look at on me will show how much i enjoy taliyah now that this is the case.
Nice stuff. I think I'm beginning to get used to her W cast now and I am enjoying her a bit more. You should add me and we could play sometime
: And then there is me, who didn't spend time learning to use the W, because i thought "Rito will make this like Viktor's E, so i'll get on the champ then." she was fun but clunky, but now she is fun and seamless in my opinion.
Yeah. I feel like that's what they were aiming for as well. It would be easier for newer players to learn Taliyah now with this mechanic but for the people who have played her a fair bit like myself before the change it just doesn't work out properly. I think they could at least included the circle for the W placement like they did pre-change. I am wondering though how much other feedback Riot has gotten from this change even though it's barely been, or has been, a day.
: It feels disgusting. Not gunna lie. Very large trade off for slightly quicker combo...
The quick combo part was what they were aiming for but tbh I personally I feel like I can barely get my combo off at all. The W doesn't work half the time because I want to do it quickly but due to ping and whatnot I can't do it instantaneously without cancelling it as I want to move as well. The delay in the initial mechanic I got used to and now prefer.
Knuuckles (OCE)
: All people did was complain about the mechanic of the original w and how it's should be like viktor and rumble now they want the old one back :/
I think it's just because they decided to change the mechanic of the cast after a while of her being out. People would've just gotten used to her like I did and do prefer the old W lol. I dunno. I just liked the old W better but that's probably because I got used to it
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: Hey there, Could you try re-installing the tool and then re-opening the settings to allow all the files to redownload correctly. Does an error appear? If so, what error?
I actually did this before as well but the error didn't show up like it did before. I might try again tonight and see if I can do anything different.
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: Hehe, well it's nice to know that I have actually helped people about knowing that this was on sale. Well anyway, happy purchasing stranger :)
Hang on, I just realised that you are a Riot member haha. Didn't see the whole Riot icon thing till I actually looked properly. Even still, it's nice to have reminded people. I wasn't sure where to ask at first but the boards was an option and yeah.
: Dotachin you are awesome!!! Like DreamlessDays I missed out back in April and I was not aware of this :) I can confirm that when you buy the figuring, you also get a random one :) EDIT: Hey guys, today I received my delivery and there is no extra figurine included. I contacted Player Support and they confirmed there was a problem with order confirmation page and the order tracking specifically for Oceania. The extra figurine was not supposed to be included. If you are curious about your specific situation please contact player Support. Apologies for the confusion. MM
Hehe, well it's nice to know that I have actually helped people about knowing that this was on sale. Well anyway, happy purchasing stranger :)
: Snowdown is coming!
Hold on, do 1350 skins count as legendary skins? Or is it just 1820 and above?
Saythes (OCE)
: It's brought back in figure fest? I can't see it...
If you scroll right down to the bottom and look at the bottom left, you'll see a spatula icon. You click on that and if you win the minigame, you can add him to your cart
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Iosua Bot (OCE)
: The person that gives u the 'Best' {{item:3157}} The person that gives u death, (seriously, tahm can kill his own teammates) Gj Riot, gj... Here i come ranked, cant deal with this toxic-ness of tahm kench
Ranked? Just reminding you in case you forgot...if people don't own those champs, they can't play them in ranked :P Unless you mean ranked 5's then yeah sure (even with the bans anyway)
: but I just bought{{champion:133}} so now people will be playing my new main! aw {{champion:133}} {{item:3070}}
To be honest, I don't know if too many players will play Quinn even during the free week (I might end up being proved wrong). And the fact that you bought her and want to main her makes me pretty happy as I'm wanting to main her myself (I have been spamming her quite a bit if you look at my history :P). At least when free week is over you can pick her plenty. Brid lady OP :)

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