: Re; Yasuo's skills.
The only thing broken about Yasuo is his Q CD that should be a tad higher otherwise he is fine.
: Different enchantments
I know white and green. But what blue?
Anserem (OCE)
: I'm fairly sure this isn't a bug- this would probably appear for champions that have an emote that makes them move around a lot, such as Urgot's Dance. The logic also applies to dodging skill-shots with emotes, which you can't because. (Redmercy proved this). This is because visually the champion looks as if it could dodge a skill-shot, but the actual hit-box remains in its initial position. However, there could be a chance that I could be overthinking this, and is actually a bug. :P
When did Elise get a taunt?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Wow that hilarious I wonder lets see... {{champion:33}} With the following items {{item:1329}} {{item:3069}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3046}} {{item:1306}} {{item:1323}} and {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} ?? Not sure though
Boots Don't stack though, so why do you have 3 pairs?
Aeonne (OCE)
: 1. I'm guessing her passive doesn't have a cooldown, since it wasn't mentioned. However, a one and a half minute cool down wouldn't be the worst. 2. Also, I'm guessing her passive would have a range, but fairly small, like 2000 units maybe. 3. Her passive is her own mana, not some one else's. And I'm guessing she is a Mage support, like Luli, but a little tankier and less damage
well once these spells are worked out this should be a good champion.
Jink (OCE)
: How fast is this Rammus at 2:03
Rammus Q does have a rather large speed boost over time.
GigaPube (OCE)
: no, you havent....
Look I'm not gonna have a 12 year old conversation with you and ruin both our lives by saying 'I have'. So I'm not talking anymore on this conversation
: Are you serious............ Like not even kidding me?? He was vsing bots.. Ffs half the people bought two sets of boots??? It's people OUTSIDE of riot setting up bots.. With scripts set on how to play.. Notice their builds and the TWO pairs of boots?? Then look at the scores... And think hmmm this lvl 17 went 61/3/24........... Put 3 and 3 together and make 8 already. Edit. I LOVE how you've commented from your smurf.. I'm assuming you AND op are one in the same??
I'm commenting from my smurf because of someone who was cursing at some other guy telling him if your upset go kill yourself(because he said he was done) This is not the full story and I'm missing key bits because it is not necessary for everyone in this chat to hear. and I'm Mutley not this guy. Now that, that's over. Go ahead try vs bots in the howling abyss, because unless bots were recently added into the Howling Abyss It is impossible to verse bots. P.S. this Summoner is level 13 so he was probably versing brand new people how don't know about the 'Unique passives' on items that's the logical answer for why the other Summoners had 2 boots.
Jink (OCE)
: I tried buying MR vs a fed Diana it did literally f*ck all.
That's because she is fed, you literally answered your owned question. The Diana nerfs aren't coming.
Jink (OCE)
: Trist destroys Turrets too fast?
Well Tristana can place a bomb on the tower and her Q makes her attack faster. So I guess yes Tristana does destroy towers to fast but its how she is ment to be.
Jink (OCE)
: His burst damage is insane man. If he gets in range of you when he has his 5th skill almost up and he pops ulti he just QWEQWEWQEWQEQWEWQ mashes you until you're dead and the snare literally wears off for like 0.1 seconds then you're snared again. You can flash and he'll just flash after you and QWEWQEWQEWQEWQ you more - takes him literally 5 seconds to kill you and for that 5 seconds you are able to move for like 0.2 of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EnHZX44o_Q They nerfed his snare duration by like 0.2 seconds at max rank and now he can't get his Arcane mastery as fast and it doesn't last as long but he's still the same bs artist that just snares you to death at level 11 for 1400 damage in like 5 seconds while you are incapable of moving and may as well just afk while you die.
Then build quicksilver sash or in masteries get the cc reduction upgrade. or play GP his e removes all debuffs
: > [{quoted}](name=Lone Summoner,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=jfBEEpH3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-06T06:28:23.668+0000) > > Great Photoshop... it's called a bug dumbass. and I feel as though everyone that makes a thread like this has never seen a bug before.
I have seen a bug before (not referring to real life ones but yes I have seen real life bugs and in game bugs) but I have seen a lot of these that have been Photoshopped.
: Yuel, The opposite effect (I need your help in making her abilities)
Couple of things about her passive: 1) Does her passive have a Cool-Down? 2) Does her passive have a radius or can she target a ally on the other side of the map? 3) Also can her passive take another secondary bar instead of mana(Rage - Blood-well - Energy etc.) Also what type of champion is this mage - tank - fighter etc.
: What happened to Corki?
Oman2 (OCE)
: Sorry, to clarify: - Play 10 games or whatever to get placed in ranked - Play ranked games - IF you suck/get reported etc. and get pushed to the bottom of the ladder you have a 10 game period to "redeem" yourself - IF you lose too many games in that "probation" period you get removed from the ranked queues for a short time - After a week or something you can restart your ranked placements It was just an idea to try and encourage people that really suck to play normal games and get some practice in - *definitely* not any serious consequences.
Ah ok now I understand a bit better now.
: You made a brag post for beating BOTS in a game of aram.. Would you like a cookie? Plus I'm 110% sure this is in the wrong board.
You can't verse bots in ARAM because bots when they get low will return to base and heal up you can't return to base and heal up so bots with spend 3-4 mins waiting to heal slowly. So Riot just removed bots from the abyss.
Eshe (OCE)
: Well you shouldn't want to invite your friends primarily just to get a reward out of it. The program was an incentive to get your friends to join the game so that more people were aware and it got a wider audience of people playing it. You should really only want to invite friends so that you can play games with them and have fun, not just because of a reward. Plus Riot is implementing new systems lately, such as the Party IP boosts, etc -- so they're giving you an incentive to play with friends more often so the experience becomes more enjoyable as a whole.
Yeah but my friends don't like these types of games so I don't bother trying to invite them.
: Update: Refer-a-Friend now retired
Well I'mnot inviting my friends to this game anymore.
Grimoire0 (OCE)
: A very interesting champion idea!!!!! MUST READ!!!!!
: Epic game on ARAM
So basically have 1 great game now your a legend?
: Wanna hear a joke?
Katarina is balanced though.
Jink (OCE)
: No you're missing the point that he can position and perma snare you. You make it like 5 teemos before being snared again wow that's f*cking helpful.
Who are you playing as to get burst like that to Ryze. Because normally Ryze is a tank so IDK how he is bursting you that fast.
: Brand's Ult Bounce
Brands ultimate will bounce off any enemy no matter what but it prioritizes the blazed enemies.
: Clairvoyance assists
even though no support uses it the only spell a normal sup uses is ignite exhaust then flash. altho it would be good for the {{item:3363}} and {{item:3342}}
: Something more needs to be done about fucktards who play ranked
That's what bronze is for afkers and not so good Summoners
: Leave the game... oh wait, that would be pointless for offline. I would assume this is only for Lan or solo shit against bots?
That's the only offline I can think of. Unless were from the future and we get to be offline while online?
Cabbages (OCE)
: The fact is, Yi owns every game. 1 person having CC isn't enough. He snowballs and you can't avoid it. Yi players vote this thread down because they love playing an easy champ that just owns everytime but it's frustrating everytime being in a game with one. EVERY game, people whine and complain yet nothings done.. I just don't understand why riot are ignoring this..... how do I reach them about it?
Yep Yi owns every game http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/102742798/200774848 Yi Lost :O
Essembie (OCE)
: Build armour
It doesn't always work well if you build armor against Yi. Why? Because he normally has Last Whisper and Black Cleaver armor Penetration items that break armor quickly. using stun/stare etc. is more better
: He is the number 1 most hated, raged at champion. I have never been in a game with a yi where people haven't hated and complained about him. have you not met riven
Cabbages (OCE)
: WHEN WILL RIOT LISTEN AND NERF YI!?????? Please help show your support guys
What you gonna complain about Katarina to. 5 actions Stun/Stare/Root/Bind/Knock up another 3 for Kat Silence/Push/Pull.
Cabbages (OCE)
: That's not even an answer, what about in normals?
Cabbages (OCE)
: Says the Yi player.
Tele (OCE)
: Help with jungling please!
Here are my Answers for your questions base on my opinion: 1) The 2 most impacting jungles are... I'd have to say {{champion:102}}&{{champion:254}} But that also determines what your role has a JG is like Tank Damage etc. {{champion:421}} is also a great JG champion 2) Apart from taking towers and destroying the Nexus one of the most Key things is taking Dragon so don't hesitate to take, Just make sure its in your control all the time keep it well warded and try to take it asap. 3) In almost all circumstances Dragon taking is the most key thing in the game (part from taking nexus) so the earlier the better. 4) Ganking and farming can be hard for new farmers in experienced JG without having to put up with "Shitty JG never ganks now I'm behind." or "Noob JG lost dragon or never ganks." So basically with devourer JG champs I normally start by getting Gromp, blue then red or Golems red then blue then back get devourer JG item then kill rift scutter then gank a lane.(hopefully we get first blood or waste there flashes.) 5) With Armour/Health normally I get {{item:3068}} as it is very helpful in those JG camps with the extra damage, unless I will be ganking lots instead of {{item:3068}} I would get Randuins Omen. Hopefully these tips have helped and Good Luck in the JG. P.S. Don't forget Smite because without smite you can't get any JG items. P.S.2 Also try not to camp top if dragon is still up or the enemy will prob get free dragon.
I'm all in with this option but I'm just warning Summoners will say "Hackers will be able to hack better." or some other boring useless quote.
Talon12 (OCE)
: That passive name is taken... by another passive. that effect, exactly same as another persons concept. and you have spelling errors. also need base stats, also needs scaling's. you can't post it in this condition and even hope for good effective constructive criticism. This tells us nothing
: I wanted the most annoying sounding name i could think of, GARTH
This Champion slighty remains me of Garen.
: No, We have enough fucking tanks
We don't have enough Champions though I think LoL should have about 200 champions and 4 bans in ranked and Remove Fiora.
: How to Watch Competitive LoL
Also 1 more thing I would like to add to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugXC7g3p0JU
: LOL theres no way to trade skins buddy. You just have to get lucky in a mystery gift or wait til the skins go back on sale. I got Vancouver Amumu and Sad Robot Amumu from mystery gifts.
I gifted Vancouver Amumu to a friend last week, he was so happy then I think I made his life.
: Wow Thanks Riot
It's because you disconnected for a long time.
layowin (OCE)
: Champion Idea
E - To hot to handle Passive - anything that gets close to hellbaddon burns, any AA is reduced by 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%. I think these stats will get dropped a bit as there a tad high I think riot would make it 3%/5%/7%/9%/11% Also whats the radius of this passive(same as {{item:3068}})
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Good to hear that the queue's been good for you! The reason Twisted Treeline isn't on all the time is because our server isn't quite big enough yet to support it full time. We review the numbers regularly and if it does get to the point where we can expand the availability window we will announce it on here.
Is that also the same reason it was removed in ranked as well.
: OK, out with it, what is it you hate most in this game?
RIOT I HOPE YOUR READING THIS I hate the fact that when Baron or Dragon dies they yell really loudly and give the opposition the timers when they had no vision. Riot please remove this because it really pisses me off and a fair few other Summoners as well.
Prowess (OCE)
: Lol dude there are afkers in gold, why would you think being in silver would help
once you hit plat or master plus its fine.
: ow plz players go 21 0 7 in games and only get 12 lp as you go up in rank you get less lp but loss more its how it works not if the system thinks your bad
I think you gain more LP if your on like a hot streak or something because your to good for your league but if you lose to many games I think you lose more LP.
I'm sick of hearing about these disconnecting Summoners if you want it to stop just give them better internet or become a better rank so that 99% of Summoners already have great to perfect internet.
: Just wondering how double PD works on Ashe ?
How about you just use {{item:3087}} instead that why you get the bonus AP damage and I don't know the differences in stats but it prob better if you got this item instead of the double {{item:3046}}.
: you complain about toxic players then say get hit by a truck not toxic at all ow and don't respond to this as I don't wont to hear you try and make a excuse for it
It's okay snakeowen he is bronze so its not toxic if he does it but its against the laws of man kind if anyone else does it.
Rocka (OCE)
: all they did was dc
So, the game should be disbanded because it would be a disadvantage to the team. Although when I'm playing on my laptop I sometimes randomly dc during the champ select but I reconnect later so it just continues with out disbanding the game.
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