Kürama (NA)
: 🙃 Greetings! It's possible to experience connectivity issues with League alone and it sounds like your network and the servers stopped communicating for a short period, resulting in your disconnections. [🌐 Run through this connectivity guide🌐](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues) and let us know if the disconnections subside! ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||https://puu.sh/w6V29/dc98f0c6a9.jpg| |- --- https://puu.sh/BmZZN/e580a5eb4b.png
Hey, I've gone through your connectivity guide. It took forever, but I went through it all. It's still happening every other game. I've instead decided to uninstall League of Legends, as I'm typically leaving games more annoyed than satisfied. Hopefully at a later date the client works. Until then, thanks for your help.
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: PAX Australia Panels - We want to hear from you!
I'd actually like to see something from the 'promotional' side of things. A lot of time and effort goes into the lore, comics, and cinematic teasers, I would love to hear more about them. What their process is, how ideas develop and so on.
Smacer (OCE)
: Unfortunately thats what they did last year, they went through the design process of Ivern, like how he originally had no damage in his kit {{champion:427}}
I was there for that panel too. It was great. Honestly I would like to see more of this, or development discussion more focused to stuff that isn't their heroes. New game mods. New maps/balance decisions with current maps. New items. All play a huge roll in League.
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: Star Guardian Lulu (Skin Concept Work In Progress) FAN ART!
Woo! Chibiusa! And Luna could totally be the Polymorph.
: explain to me this, how do we adapt every game to a playstyle, belive it or not are memorys are actually really good because there is over 136 champions we all know there abils and roles off by heart we know their splashes we remember every aspect of league so it is do able
So first off, I'm just going to say I'm assuming you're a troll so after this I'm done. There's 126 champs in League as of Tahm. ...Did you even read what I said? Do you even know what YOU just said? You agreed with me. I said that if you see a melee champ like Darius you know what his kit is so you adapt your playstyle around that. And the reason you know what that kit is is because **it stays the same**. If you go into 100 games of League, Darius kit will be exactly the same unless Riot have made a massive announcement that it is changing eg what happened recently. If you suddenly have a Darius with a bunch of ranged abilities it doesn't work because you know Darius is meant to be a melee champ. If you went into your next game and Darius came back to life after you killed him because he has a Sion passive it doesn't work because Darius doesn't have that ability. This idea WILL. NEVER. HAPPEN. The people who think/want this will happen have no understanding of how a game like League actually works.
: well look, more that half of it is like an op combo but seeems a little ridiculas but come on i mean imagine how fun it could be????
It won't be fun because half the reason this game functions at all is because you have a certain level of predictability. Imagine if you see a completely melee champ like Darius and think 'I can kite him', then he suddenly Blitz pulls you, Morg roots you, then Cho' Ult's you. That is not fun. It means you have literally 0 idea of what's going to happen for most of the game. Every time you would see a champ you have to think 'crap, what did he have again?' You think it's fun on paper but I assure you that in game your first reaction won't be 'haha that's funny' it'll be 'wow X is broken'.
: There are so many op combos, sooooo its gooooood, urf everything was op, this is just as good and I would like to see it
No. This is terrible. Won't ever happen.
: are you mad just get a {{champion:23}} passive and ult put a {{champion:33}} w on w a {{champion:74}} q and a {{champion:24}} e gj now you got a champ that cant be dived if you do your gona get hit by 1k crits and heim q with a jax e you can just take no damage then stun and the ramus w is gona make you tank and do damage back I saw this post a littlie back and its just you who wants this
That or you know: {{champion:412}} Passive {{champion:75}} Q {{champion:14}} W {{champion:45}} Q Congrats I now have a champ that can infinitely stack Armour, AD, Health, and AP.
: Assign random skills to random champions mode
No. Won't ever happen. It would be an absolute mess of a game
: Keep in mind there are 30 ability bans in total meaning that a lot of the op abilities would be banned - but maybe this is too much. To fix this there could possibly a team builder sort of thing where you choose your picks and bans, so you have as much time as you want to create a good set of abilities, and then get matched with people who haven't banned your abilities and maybe haven't picked your abilities. As for the animations, I think they will "just have a random Nidalee spear going through Heimer's hair". Or you could periodically turn into Nidalee, throw the spear and turn back into Heimerdinger. Thanks for your comment!
No, he's right. This concept will never happen. Part of what makes League of Legends balanced is the fact that you know EXACTLY what can happen when you encounter a champion. If you see someone like Darius, you know he's a close range champ and so you can plan around that. If the Darius suddenly locked you down with a Morg Q, knocked you up with a Cho'Gath Q and then jumped onto you with a Yasuo ult, how do you prepare for that? Not only that, as already pointed out the animation couldn't work. Abilities are designed alongside the animations. Without the visual que's that go with them, some abilities would be ridiculous. And your method of the character model constantly changing wouldn't work either as that's just begging for visual bugs to occur. As far as your 'banning beforehand' method, I don't know about you but I don't want to spend 5 minutes setting up for a game. Sorry mate but this is never going to work. Not as a game mode, not as an ability.
: ***
Oh I wasn't talking about your champ. LeathalDwarf came on and insulted it and posted their champ idea, but now they've edited their comment because they're classy like that so it says something different. Look at my other posts on this thread dude I like the idea. Also: don't insult people. Poor show.
: Colour blind feature for skins like blood moon thresh or Forsaken Jayce.
Why would people downvote this? There's literally nothing wrong with this suggested. I upvoted you back to 0 man.
: Correct
So if I've repurchased 4 tickets (for myself and 3 friends), when do we email you guys as such? Do we email you a photo of ourselves holding the physical ticket? Or can I just email you guys the digital receipt?
puxa17 (OCE)
: ??? 10 V 10 ???
No. If anything was discovered with Hexakill, it's that extra people just make the game last longer. 6 people made games go for on average 15 minutes longer. With 10 people it would just make never ending games.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: KJS basically nailed it :) We won't be at PAX this year as we're focusing on the OPL Final at Luna Park. If you can't make it to Sydney there's going to be viewing parties at HOYTS you can check out: http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/oplfinals-2015/#viewing Also, if you bought a ticket for PAX before the 4th of May you can get the skin by emailing pax2015@riotgames.com with your summoner name and photo of the ticket, etc.
So we have to actually wait to get the physical ticket? Or can we just email you the receipt?
Wiggy (OCE)
: again, politically correct BS, i should not ever, nor should anybody else, have to sit idly by, or even mute people, just because they feel justified lumping their own mistakes on others. and certainly shouldn't be banned because morons band together in packs of idiocy.
It's not politically correct BS. It's being the bigger man. The way you're acting in this very thread shows the kind of attitude you have, and I can understand why they would have reported and banned you. The fact that you're swearing in a thread, repeatedly, and hostile towards nearly everyone shows you can't control your temper and mouth. I can only imagine what you were saying in the game. Look we've all had games where we've done well but other lanes have done poorly. But there is literally infinite better ways you could have responded to that situation.
: Riot won't make this, he's bread...
Your champ is average at best. Saying stuff gave you ebola isn't funny. League needs less people like you and more people like OP.
Talon12 (OCE)
: it says the gambler got eaten as well, and to eat him he must have chewed, and when he chews the bones get munched, logic prevails. It didn't describe him getting his bones crushed, I know that, but to eat, he must chew.
"Now when that hungry beast finally did arise: the family screamed and fought. And although the Gambler tried to cast him out... it ate the gifts, and house, and gold! For its hunger? Nothing satisfied. "Please, not now, not this time!" the bride did cry. The beast's response? To her it purred, "This hunger's a burden, but it's the last time, I swear. So please, forgive." Now the creature's lies, so melodic and sincere, charmed that bride. And thus she failed to recognize when that demon's jaw unhinged. She screamed, just once. As I snapped her bones and crushed her limbs! Now that meal? It left me satisfied. So cry if you want, boy, 'cause you had a chance to walk away. Instead you're the fool, the fool who let me in." That is literally the ending of the story. At no point does it mention Tahm eating the Gambler.
Talon12 (OCE)
: that guy got eaten, his bones were munched, twisted fate didn't get eaten, follow the logic
Actually it was the bride that was eaten, not the Gambler. "I snapped her bones and crushed her limbs". It doesn't actually say he dies. If you're going to criticise the guy at least be right.
Paz (OCE)
: Tahm Kench & Twisted Fate Theory!
Already confirmed as not Twisted Fate by Riot. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/mH6ZFFzF-my-river-king-theory
: lol pretty much
Oh dude! What if he increased in size as well? And then once hes out of river he shrinks down over X seconds as he dries out?
: btw guys where do I find out who voted for yes or no?
ya can't. that's the whole point of the poles.
: I had an idea about a new champion that i think riot could make
I feel like if he's hit by an ability that's fire based ie Brand or Shyvana, he should become 'toasty' and gains increased armour.
: [Character concept] Gandri, Warden of the Ironspikes
> [{quoted}](name=ForwardSkies,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=cIWFxAvN,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-12T13:35:27.365+0000) > > **Drunkenness**: Gandri’s energy pool. It is restored by _Take a Swig!_.. > **Abilities** > _Passive:_ > Take a Swig! - After being hit by an enemy champion attack or spell, a 10 second timer is set. If the timer is already ticking, it is reset. Once the timer hits 0, Gandri restores 10% of maximum health and 25% drunkenness. This doesn't work for a resource. Once he gets into a team fight, he's screwed because we wont ever be able to regenerate his only resource. You don't list the cap on this, but assuming this functions like Energy, Fury, or Heat, this goes up to 100. > _Q_ > Smack em' - Gandri strikes to deal true damage equal to 75/100/125/150/175 damage (+40% AD), Energy: 5, CD 5 High amounts of true damage on a 5 second cooldown will never happen. > _W_ > Yer' fight like me granny! - The target is taunted for .3/.5/.7/.9/1.1 seconds, Energy: 25, CD 10/12/14/14/14 So, the cost of taunting your enemy for 1.1 second at max level is an estimated 1/4 of your resource? I'd also like to remind you that taunting an enemy brings them into to attack you, meaning it would reset the cooldown on his passive. Why would you ever cast this? > _E_ > Headbutt - The target is headbutted in the shins slowing them for 20%/25%/30%/35%/40% 2 seconds, Energy: 10, CD 5 Headbutted...in the shins... Go try and headbutt someone in the shins. Tell me how that goes. > _R_ > Whirl em' round - The target is spun around over Gandri's head 3/4/5 times once per 0.5 seconds dealing 100/200/300 (+40% AD) to enemies hit and the 1/2 to the target being spun for every champion hit.. Damage to the champion is ONLY applied if they hit an allied champion. Gandri may reactivate this ability to throw the target as a linear skillshot dealing the same amount of damage. After all spins are completed, Gandri has one second to throw the target else they are dropped. CD: 100 Now THIS, actually, is an interesting concept. It makes absolutely no sense with his kit, but the idea of hitting an enemy champ into other enemy champions is interesting.
: Do Player designed Champions ever get implemented into leauge??
Yes, they do. Typically it is VERY rarely a champion, and more likely a skin. I know for a fact that Braum's concept (a burly, manly man) came from a parody champion a player came up with. Thread [here](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2342104&highlight=angus+the+puncher) , concept comic [her](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=947264&d=1397888708)e They will never take a champion idea verbatim. They typically just take the concept and work it from there. If a skin concept or art piece is frequently mentioned on the forums, it will eventually be implemented. The latest example of this is Pool Party Zac, whose idea was created on [deviantart ](http://www.deviantart.com/art/League-of-Legends-Pool-Party-Zac-488819619) 8 months ago. So yeh, they do, but there is a lot of crap they have to filter through though...
Kazaragho (OCE)
: Thoughts on Leona
Understand something: Leona as a primary is a tank, and secondary as a support. A tanks role is to soak up damage and outlast the opponent in a fight. Their kits naturally lend to bonuses from building things like health, armour and magic resist (for Leona, is her W in this case), and they typically have some sort of engage to start fights (so her E and her R). A supports role is to help their team mates. They tend to have crowd control or healing effects (in Leo's case she has 3 forms of crowd control). This is used to again set up enemies for their team mates to finish off. They set up for kills, but get assists (unless their teammate is dead or close to dying). They again typically don't deal a lot of damage with their kit as a result. Leo does not need a buff, nor will she get one. You can currently build Leo as a top lane tank to incredible results if you build her right. Sure her passive is a bit lost when she's laning alone, but that's what you get for taking a champ whose role is TANK SUPPORT up to top lane. What you are heading towards is a tank mage like Cho'Gath. Mage's have high magic scales on their abilities and as a result can deal lots of damage if built for it.
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! NAME THE ******** SKINS "Back to the Future Ekko, Back to the Future Zilean" I LUV THE IDEA!!!! PLS RIOT CONSIDER DIS!
They couldn't name them those unfortunately as 'Back to the Future' is copy written. They couldn't even use the names I suggested. I don't know what to call them either haha.
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Blackavar (OCE)
: why does the nice guy finish last?
First off, while it's good to seek advice on life, questions like these don't really belong on a forum about a video game. But I could understand if this is the place you feel most comfortable asking. So, why do the nice guys finish last? Well having been there, done that, grown up and helped other people with similar issues, I can confidently say: they don't really. I could give you a long speech about this but I'll give you a few cliffnotes: * Never, EVER, call yourself 'the nice guy'. Yes there are idiots in high school and I could probably describe the kind of people you're referring to pretty well, but no matter how monkey-like they are, no matter how much they may bully others or yourself, DON'T DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS 'A NICE GUY'. * Just because you're a decent human being DOESN'T entitle you to certain things in life. You can be the smartest kid in school, you can be the most friendly and helpful, but that in no way means that life, girls, or anything else owes you anything for it. It sucks, but it's true. A real decent human being does things without expecting anything. It hard but people will eventually notice it without you mentioning it. * Don't think yourself above others. Thinking you're above others makes you just as arrogant as them. Everyone is good at something. My guess is the guys you're talking about are probably good at sports. Or knowledgeable about cars. Or something that you might see as that important, but that's what they're good at. And you need people like that in life. You need people who can do what you can't or don't want to do. It's just useless now because you're so young but the earlier you learn it the better. * You're in Year 8. Life is hard now. Life will get harder. I'm not going to lie. But it will get better if you make it better. And chances are that time will come out of high school. But for the next 4 years, you just have to unfortunately endure. Focus on what you enjoy and understand that some people will make fun of you for that, but chances are you probably thing their hobbies and interests are dumb. Look this is broad and not what you want to hear, but it's honest advice, and if you take it on board it can help a lot.
Joerick (OCE)
: Playing Sona in URF isn't trolling, it's smart picking and poor bans by the other team. I'm talking about people who, in URF, would play Anivia to trap their team in base, or stop their team from ever recalling. In this case, because you'd be gaining gold very fast, you could "pay to revive" more often than you might think. Thus the feeding kind of trolls would be able to feed even harder and faster, especially in the early game when spawn timers are shorter. Just because it's limited time and in only one game mode doesn't excuse troll behaviour. Regardless of what game it is, troll players ruin the fun in games for others. As such I like the idea of trying to minimize their damage to the fun-factor.
Just because it's there doesn't mean the majority of people would do it. I played plenty of games with Anivia's in URF and they were fine. Heck, there exists the potential to troll already with Kalista's ult. Trolls are the minority, not the majority, and you should punish the majority for the potential acts of the minority.
Ritual (OCE)
: I'd like some feedback
> [{quoted}](name=GunanimatorJr,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=KZVAWtEK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-26T06:38:24.588+0000) > > I'd like some feedback Flesh out your idea more. Right now this is half a concept.
Hot Pope (OCE)
: How cool would it be
Pretty sure if Riot were going to make disco/funk skins, they wouldn't go through the effort of using a real persons name when they could just as easily call it 'Disco Heimerdinger' and 'Funk Jayce'. That said, disco and funk skins would be cool. One of my favourite fan arts is Disco Oriana http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/136/f/3/disco_orianna_by_parsujera-d7il1qc.jpg
Ev1L0rd (OCE)
: Thank you for your input and advice, I greatly appreciate it. This is my first attempt so I expected more than a few things needed to be changed. I'll be redoing this character in the near future with slightly better art (just because I'm not happy about some things in his appearance) and now that I've got your feedback, I can work at balancing and fixing his abilities. Thank you again for your feedback.
No worries man. The first one is always the hardest haha. When reworking it, try to think 'What does my champion do? What's his theme? And, almost the most crucial, what makes this champ unique and interesting that would make people want to play him?'
Ev1L0rd (OCE)
: E.M.M.A.X, The Fighting Experiment.
Change his passive so the cap is increased, kind of like a reverse of Jax. Instead of triggering of your attacks, it triggers off theres. His Q needs to have a way longer cooldown or needs to be expensive. Being able to deal large amount of true damage in quick succession would be too broken. His W is a bit average. I get what you're going for but it doesn't seem that interesting in all honesty. Try and come up with something else if you can. Also, even though you recognise the numbers need changing, 150 is waaay too much. Abilities will never have a chance associated with them, so this attack will guarantee apply a bleed. The numbers you've applied for the bleed are incredibly weak. 100 health over 15 seconds is 6.6 health a second. A champ like Cho'Gath has a base health regen of 8.9 at level 1. His ult is incredibly broken. If you build life steal on him, chances are he would restore more health than he would lose. And league will never allow a player to kill themselves with an ability unless there is a significantly high pay off, which while this ability is strong, can easily be avoided.
ThatsBS (OCE)
: What makes you believe its incredibly disrespectful?? Also what makes you believe hes implying its to be an oceanic skin? I agree its bad taste with the ZAC champ though. What is an appropriate place? Id say everywhere, because its about remembering the ANZACS from day to day living and gaming is what a lot of people do. They have the ANZAC league test. Rugby League is a game isn't it? Whats the difference? The only factor is the money gained from the sale of it.
It's incredibly disrespectful because the whole reason why it's being created is a bad pun you can make with his name and because the champion has a lack of skins. The intent wasn't 'Let's make a skin that we can use to honour fallen soldiers. Real people, brothers, sons, fathers, who died. Who is an appropriate champ that we could use to represent the message?' It was 'Hey, Zac's name fits in the word ANZAC, let's make an ANZAC skin.' Can you not see the disrespect there? Also, nevermind the fact that thematically it makes no damn sense for someone with Zac's kit to even have a soldier themed skin, do you not see an issue with a skin based on real fallen soldiers on a champion who passive literally has him **exploding apart**? Can you honestly say you could look a veteran in the eye and say 'See this character him? We made him to honour you. Look at how chunks of him fall off when he hits people.' And he suggested this as an idea for the launch skin of the OCE severs. Whenever a new server launched for League, they always released a new skin that thematically fit that country so far there has been: Sultan Tryandamere for Turkey Server Special Forces Gangplank for Brazil Server Glaive Warrior Pantheon for Romania Server Mythic Cassiopeia for Greece Server Winged Hussar Xin Zhao for Poland Server Gladiator Draven for Italy Server Ghost bride Morghana for Latin America Server Bear Calvary Sejuani for Russia Server However when OCE launched, there was no unique skin with the launch because Riot said it was too hard to create a skin that captured all of the OCE countries in one skin. This guy is suggesting this idea be that skin, and I'm saying that Riot won't do that because if they were just going to acknowledge Aus as being the only OCE country they would have done it already. And the reason why there is a difference between rugby league and League of Legends is because rugby league is a sport with that has a tied history between Australia and New Zealand (and I'd like to point out the ANZAC league started in 1997) that was made to honour ANZAC's around or on ANZAC day. There is a moment of silence and the whole event is incredibly respectful. League of Legends on the other hand is a video game where a rat with a cross bow shoots at a guy who can teleport and throw light at people. A game where people on a regular basis insult others and use the word gay as an insult. A game where characters** die**. There has never, and will never, be an appropriate time for ANZAC's to be acknowledged in a game like League of Legends, and the fact that I have to explain it this much depressed me a little.
Joerick (OCE)
: I don't really like the idea of being able to pay to respawn. Too much potential to troll there. That's also why I think champion created CS should remain unchanged, so people who want to troll don't just play Yorick or Malzahar and give the enemy free gold.
Too much potential to troll? We literally just wrapped up with URF, a game mode where there is no mana cost and a support like Sona becomes one of the most broken champs in the game. Sure there's the potential to troll, but there's a limited period of time you can play that game mode, and you can only do it IN said game mode.
: We're Having Fun in URF - PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT DOWN
Yeh they're going to take it away. Deal with it.
: Super Hero Skins
Hulk basically already exists in the form of Toxic Dr. Mundo, and I feel like a better one for Blitz would be Iron Man haha. But I do agree that League should have more super hero skins. Even if they're not based on Marvel or DC heroes like Super Teemo.
: Karth Ult bug on URF
Sorry I don't usually report bugs. So OCE players report bugs on the NA server? Also I gave as best a description I could. Kind of hard to get the circumstances to happen naturally again.
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: As a point coming from the outside of this fight, the problem is that these people aren't just "going against meta" they are condemning your team and playing for themselves over the team, this has nothing to do with meta, they are deliberately fucking over your team. (though if a summoner code rule is broken it would be more 4 not 1, because 1 implys that the other person should also go for the team)
I wouldn't really call this a fight. We're being pretty civil about all of this and not name calling or insulting each other or anything. I'd call it a healthy debate :) But yeh, either or. The point is they're still breaking the Code! https://youtu.be/Y6OvsJqimfg?t=20s
: > but then you're basically saying 'Well Riot shouldn't have to do anything. You have to deal with that person.' That's not what I'm saying at all, I'm only saying that Riot doesn't enforce the META. You'll notice I agreed with you when you said such behaviour should be punished. When the tribunal was around such behaviour was punished because the tribunal works on a basis of what the community accepts as appropriate behaviour and doesn't have to do with Riots rules but since the tribunal isn't around at the moment the META currently isn't enforced, by Riot or the community.
But it's not just player accepted appropriateness. It's Riots rules that they have laid out in the Summoner's Code (http://gameinfo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/) that everyone is going off. While these rules aren't as simple as "Don't swear. Don't feed. Don't this. Don't that", if Riot didn't have an issue with a particular kind of behavior, there would be no option to report it eg If Riot didn't care that players were abusive/swore in game, they wouldn't go through the effort of putting in an option to report that kind of behavior. The option This kind of behavior, instalocking and lane stealing, literally break Riot's own FIRST RULE of teamwork because out the gate you have people who are disruptive to the team and there is no way to respond against this unless either 1) Player 1 dodges and then THEY get punished (as opposed to Player 2 who created a situation that Player 1 thought the best response was to** not play the game**) or 2) everyone forces themselves to change pre-established stuff for one person. The champs you and your team play and where you play them IS the META, not the manner in which that is established. The manner in which that is establish is a recognised code of conduct among players and part of player behavior. The META isn't to do with player behavior. You don't hear about a players behavior or attitude when a champ suddenly becomes a hot pick because they became more viable in the current trend of champ picks.
: > This has nothing to do with the meta. This is to do with people instalocking or stealing called lanes. Except that **IS** to do with the META. The META is the player created portions of the game such as positions and pick/call order. It's up to the players, not Riot, to organise themselves in champion select with whatever tactics, it's not Riots fault that that happens to follow a generally accepted way of doing things (AKA the META) nor is it Riots responsibility to make sure players are organising themselves properly, particularly in regards to the META. Such behaviour SHOULD be punished but it's not enforced by Riot.
Ignoring the thing about meta's completely (because that can result in a long discussion that's off topic), even by your own comment this idea is entirely on Riot and should/would be enforced by Riot. Currently we have the report system. Riot created a system in which players could report people who were acting poorly. Players report unsportsmanlike conduct, and Riot's system punishes players appropriately, whether it be chat bans or a banning for a period of time. We also have the leaverbuster system, where if a player either AFK's or leaves a que, they receive a short time penalty of not being able to join a game, and when that penalty is up they are placed in lower priority ques. One is player based and one is automated. This idea is essentially just a variation of the first one. You're saying it's on the players to organise themselves, but you have people who are intentionally being difficult and uncooperative, but then you're basically saying 'Well Riot shouldn't have to do anything. You have to deal with that person.' That promotes the wrong kind of behavior. You're telling these people they can instalock and steal lanes and that's okay because the team should be better organised and bend around the will of one person. By creating a vote kick system, you could nip this kind of issue in the bud by getting rid of that kind of mentality BEFORE the game starts. And when I say that it is on Riot, I mean that it's on Riot to recognise that this is an issue they are not dealing with, create a system that can be used to address this issue, and then promote and enforce that system much in the way of the recent write up where Riot spoke about the current report system they have, how it works, and changes to come. This is a player created issue that Riot needs to address because players currently can't address it themselves.
: You seem to be missing one crucial factor: **Riot doesn't enforce the META**. "Unfortunate" but true. People taking positions isn't punishable, nor is going off-META, so a report function would be pointless in that respect.
This has nothing to do with the meta. This is to do with people instalocking or stealing called lanes. This kind of behavior SHOULD be punishable is basically what this post is saying, because the rest of the team suffers because someone decided everyone has to work around them. It promotes a poor attitude before the game even starts. People go in already annoyed and unwilling to cooperate. The fact that this isn't the first time I've seen something along these lines posted tells me that people are sick of this kind of thing, both in standard and ranked, and Riot should come up with something.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lonely Flame,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=jPGEhUmx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-22T00:01:43.004+0000) > > So yeh tip for the future: Before posting check out the League of Legends wiki. Festive Maokai has existed for a number of years and is only 975. Seasonal as in Spring Summer Autumn Winter...you get variations of each model/animations...
Then please explain your skins next time. League literally has things called Seasonal Events related to April Fools, Halloween, Christmas ect.
: Ultimate Skin Idea - Seasonal Maokai/Zyra
So yeh tip for the future: Before posting check out the League of Legends wiki. Festive Maokai has existed for a number of years and is only 975.
Joerick (OCE)
: [Game Mode] Mega Bags
This actually sounds like a pretty fun idea. I've always liked the idea of having the ability to buy more item slots, but that was always plagued with balance issues. This seems like it could be a very fun game mode, as the extra gold means the game would hypothetically keep pace with current games (ie filling up 6 item slots by 40ish minutes translating to filling up 9 item slots by about the same time), but make the game more fast paced with ADC's now being about to build more AD damage, mages building more AP damage and tanks buying more tank items. As an added caviat you could maybe have the option to pay and respawn? Something like 100 gold for each second you would have had left. So for example you die, theres a 30 second wait before you respawn, you can pay 3000 gold to instantly respawn, or wait until the timer is say 15 seconds and only pay 1500 gold. Either way, I like this idea and wouldn't mind seeing it in the future. One of the better ideas I've seen on these boards. +1
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