: LF Mid/Sup for Clash Gold+
: Looking for Gold Top / Support for Clash
Gold support main if you need one.
Kon (OCE)
: Making a clash team gold/plat
I am a support, mid gold.
: youu can join mine ? im looking for players
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Kenjix (OCE)
: Looking for Players (CLASH) OCE
Gehirn (OCE)
: TT Changes Coming Apr 3rd
I think one of the biggest things that stopped me from wanting to play TT again (aside from being placed B4) is the amount of toxicity I had to put up with. Even when we were winning games people would still be acting like little shits. The biggest way I can offer to try and help TT become more popular: Is to have some videos explaining the meta, or even how the map works. Putting up videos that other content creators have made as well, or highlighting any streamers who play TT could help it. I see every game someone coming in fresh and not knowing what the altars do, or how Vilemaw buff works. You guys updated the map years ago and just left it like that.
Ramjo (OCE)
: am i the only one with a ton of keys and no chests to open? i am currently sitting on 13(full keys) and 2 fragments and they with the new honour system there's even more ways to earn keys. can we please have an alternative way to earn chests?(even if i could roll 3 keys into a random skin shard). i find it hard to get S ratings(i find i play a more steady game so more like continuous A's and then you can only do it once on each champ
I'm at 12 full keys and 1 fragment. Haven't had a chest in a little while.
: Patch 8.1 notes
Please let us have more chests, at least let us have easier ways to get them. I'm honor level 5 with 12 keys.
: Ocean Week Community Goal
So I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring here. Guys Names: Sarco and Phil or Harry (Sarcophilus harrisii is the Latin name for the little Devils) Taraba (which is the name given in the Aboriginal story about why the Tasmanian Devils look the way they do.) Hutchy (After conservationist Jane Hutchinson) David (For David Attenborough) The Stig (Because fuck it.) I also agree with Flam on AVOX THE RULER OF EARTH Dunno why, but that makes me laugh so hard. Girls Names: Izzy (Latin name again) Tara (Story again) Diana (Tasmanian Devils being Nocturnal and all, and since we all love our chosen of the moon.) Jane (After conservationist Jane Hutchinson winner of the 2016 Tasmanian Australian of the Year.) Julia (After Foxdrop's friend and all around wonderful human being.) League related names Naming them after any of the Yordles would be cute, especially Veigar as he's a particularly aggressive little guy. That's what I've got. I think there's a couple of good names.
: KK will do, have u got many people so far?
We now have 6 people. But one of the guys is a week of being able to play.
: Hi there, main jungle, looking for fun not so serious team, B3 atm, but always improving
Add me on league (same summoner name) and we'll organise some games.
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: hi mate looking for a serious player as a support main add me in game
That would be awesome. Sorry, I was on a holiday.
: hi mate looking for a serious player as a support main add me in game
: Thats cool as well so i'll add you today along with the other players.
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: Lets start a ranked team!
I can support, mid and top but main support. I'm available every night at around midnight and Sunday and monday all day.


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