: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
This might be the best thing Riot has come up with in all the time I've been playing. I'm so hyped.
: Future plans for the client
IN PROGRESS - The item set creator tool. All your old item sets should still be working, but we know it's a pain to not be able to edit them in the client. This feature is currently in PBE testing and should go live soon. We'll keep you updated as development continues. Rito thank you! :)
: Idk if it's just me but I've always assumed the "Sejuani"kid to be a girl, then I saw the artwork for the alternative outcome of the Howling Hawksbill fight. Not like this is relevant/important at all though.
I dunno, I still think she's a girl. Who knows though.
: Practice Tool is now live!
Jokie155 (OCE)
: Hey I've only gotten one chest despite earning two, what's up with that?
It will proboably take some time for the second one to arrive.
: Poro king was just a mode for people who like to select the most annoying champions to play in such a small area and exploit the fact that they are hard to deal with. Aint nobody give a damn about poro king rito! Give us URF!
To be fair, URF was also about that, just the "small area" was cooldowns instead of the map.
: Extra free supports concludes + new free rotation
While it feels a bit desperate, I enjoyed the free supports. I didn't find any new mains though, thresh is enough for me.
: Prophecy of the Worldbreaker
Good job y'all at riot, these look really cool.
: New free champion rotation: Jinx, Thresh, Ziggs and more!
A jinx and brand every game now... I don't mind jinx, but brand... ouch...
Hurk Hurk (OCE)
: This is great but is there any chance we might have a campaign mode like few other RTS/MOBA's I've played. ? One example is AvalonHeroes. I came to LoL in 2011 because the AvalonHeroes lacked players and the waiting queue's were insane. But campaign was hella interesting, and had solo and team missions.
This sounds both interesting and feasible, but I doubt it will ever be a reality.
EzeBlood (OCE)
: OMG I need to do this from now on ahahahaha
I'm pretty sure this is a copypasta.
: All i want in a training mode is a simple quest set and tracking system. •last hit all minions first 10 minutes. •last hit all minions first 10 minutes with items disabled. •last hit all minions first 10 minutes with items and skills disabled. •have up to 10 seconds to place a ward when its off cooldown. •orb walk around this infinite health minion for 1 minute. simple stuff.
Perhaps a complex system to let the more creative among us create and share custom quests? I feel like that would be useful, and kinda fun.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Thank you guys so much for finally making all these changes we've been asking for. You tend to get so much crap in the comments from people who don't appreciate your work, but remember that they are just the vocal minority.
: no its one we havent seen yet
: tbh i dont even find zed that good in urf, all you have to do is shut him down early
Alright, well fizz then. You get my point anyway.
: So Assassins are balanced at a slightly lower win rate than 50%? because they are picked when they shouldn't be, correct? I suppose Yasuo's consistently high win rate is abnormal then? Considering he is picked basically every game regardless of team comp. So... shouldn't... you know... something be done about it?
Nah they plan to start removing champs until eventually there's none left except Yasuo.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Better be doom bots or your in for hell Riot
Reading these comments is proboably hell for them anyway. Every "rotating game mode queue now live" post they just get a ton of hate. They proboably get hate even when it is urf, from people getting wrecked by zed. I wish people could just let it go and enjoy the rotating queue, it's really sad that you guys can't just accept the gamemodes they make, and have to complain about everything. Please.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Personally, I really like arurf...
: the problem with aram is this is punishes people for owning lots of champions and doesn't punish people who own like 2 and will constantly get those champs i own every single bloody champ and is one of the reasons i never play aram. do i play 90% of the champs i own fuck no do i want to play 90% of the champs in urf fuck no i have waited fucking 6 months for a game mode that i thought would be a monthly thing. Riot have really lost touch with the community in my opinion i have had a riot employer actually reply and use my advice to a patch at a later date. you don't get this type of service anymore and it's really disgusting really.
Make an alt and buy only your main(s)
: Ask Riot URF Champion Update
I joined league of legends after urf existed, will I ever get a chance to play the origional?


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