Montiness (OCE)
: it does require two people though, and the damage from the second doesn't count at all if hit by two, only one damage source counts with taric w e combo
Damage and damage instances has nothing to do with electrocute. Karthus can proc electrocute by landing his wall (which does no damage). Zed's shuriken shouldn't be treated separately then. Between Taric's stun, and Azir's W, we cover all bases. By the logic you just mentioned, Azir's Soldiers must also treated separately, unlike Taric's stun, some soldiers can attack while others don't, which clearly shows they aren't just firing the same ability from a different location. And their damage is calculated in the same way as Zed's, the first does damage, each subsequent hit from additional sources deals less damage. This means that they too are a seperate instance of the ability _(like Zed's shadow shuriken)_, but they don't proc electrocute. So either Taric's stun works the same way as Zed's shuriken, or Azir's soldiers do. Yet neither of them proc electrocute. Basically it boils down to this: **1.** Either its 1 stack of electrocute per ability cast. _(each time you press the button, it doesn't matter how many times that ability hits, it counts as 1)_ **2.** Or its 1 stack of electrocute per ability hit. _(each time an ability [or part of an ability] lands on a target, thats 1 stack)_ Regardless of why, or what coding causes what, every other champ in the game works under the first option, only Zed works under the second one's logic. See the continuity problem?
Montiness (OCE)
: I'm guessing they don't count because they're, again, a single auto attack, not a skillshot. And, again, none of those abilities you mention originate from a secondary location AND require a skillshot as opposed to point and click/auto acquire. Thinking about it, I can't think of another ability in the game that works like it. (heime q's, shaco w's don;t count, they're auto aquire as well and don't require additional ability usage)
Azir's soldier autos aren't aimed like a skill shot, but the attack itself is one. Similar to Lucian's Q, its a skillshot that is aimed via a targetable mechanic. The difference between Taliyah's Q and Rumble's is that Taliyah's isn't AoE. > I can't think of another ability in the game that works like it. Taric's E works in _exactly_ the same way as Zed's, and it **does NOT** count as 2 hits for electrocute. Riddle me that Riot.
: How many Boards posts do you have?
3750.... And I usually find myself... _not lacking_.. in the word count either :S Imagine if I spent that time actually playing league, id probably be good enough to warrant not complaining about the things I post about xD
: My Opinion on the new Fizz W.
Why should fizz be allowed to poke in the first place? Hes a melee all in assassin. His power comes from going ham on a squishy, not from poking them down. Mages are for poke and harass, assassins are for jumping in and 100-0ing someone. You cant be a lane bully, AND someone who can 100-0 a target in a second. If you want Fizz to have good poke/harass, you have to get rid of some of his all-in kill kit. You can't _(and shouldn't)_ have it both ways. You wouldn't give Xerath or Ziggs the mobility and 100-0 potential of Fizz. So why should Fizz have decent harass/poke? The counterplay of being an assassin, is that because you have to go all in to do your damage, you get bullied in lane by champs who poke and harass you when you aren't going all in. If you give Fizz easy poke as well, that removes that lane counterplay. Kassadin should be able to beat Fizz, because Kassadin's main weakness is getting his ass poked into oblivion pre-6. And if you cant do that, you get smashed when he gets his ult and isn't behind. Fizz doesn't have that harass, because he too becomes a monster at lvl 6. The difference being that Kass has the mobility and the MR to negate a lot of Fizz's stuff. So Fizz is just a bad pick into Kassadin. You got beaten by a champ who counters your champ, thats not a reason to buff Fizz..
Montiness (OCE)
: I'm guessing because his q from his shadow counts as a second skillshot, since there is another angle involved. and originates from a separate location. Kai sa's is an auto acquire, ahri's foxfire is an autoacquire, fid's e is an auto acquire, tallyah's q is a single straight line skillshot over a duration, the point of origin remains the same, ahe's enhanced q is a single basic attack, I do not know for sure, but ahri's q might count as two as well, but I doubt it honestly. Consider it incentive to get the happy feet going.
Ahri's Q doesn't count as 2 hits. _(just tested it now)_ I see where you're coming from! If it was about seperate damage sources from different directions though, why doesn't Azir's soldiers count? If Azir surrounds you with 3 soldiers, each are a seperate spell cast, they are not autoaqcuire, their damage fires in a line _(like a skillshot, which means it can be avoided unlike an auto attack)_, each have their own damage, and each attack from a different direction. It still takes him 3 autos _(9 soldier hits)_ to proc electrocute. Zed's shuriken is a second source of damage (like Azir's soldiers), that is aimed and fired from a single command (like Azir's soldiers). Yet his shuriken still count as a hit each _(probably if he uses his ult shadow too, he can proc electrocute with 1 Q) _ while Azir's soldiers _(and everyone else's aforementioned spells)_ don't. To me, it makes sense that Zed's shuriken count as a hit each. What doesn't make sense, is why the same logic doesn't apply to everyone else. Electrocute shouldn't proc off DoT and AoE like thunderlords did, so I understand that It must be coded 'per-ability-hit' as opposed to 'per-damage-instance'. But multiple projectiles striking separately as different damage sources (like Taliyah's Q) should also count, especially if Zed's shuriken do. I can accept things like Kai'Sa's Q not procing electrocute, **a)** because that would be fucked, and **b)** because like you say it is an autoacquire single target thing. But Taliyah-Q/Fiddle-E/Ahri-Q etc should count as a seperate stack per hit. _(either that, or Zed's shuriken shouldn't count)_
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: riot obsession
Xayah doesn't have one. And if you are including reworks _(I'm guessing this was prompted by Akali)_ Swain doesn't either, and arguably the new Aatrox has less dive potential than the previous one. And Akali's kit already revolved around diving anyway, so nothing has changed there. However, to answer your question, the 'assassin' **_in-kill-out_** playstyle has aways been one of if not the most appealing play styles _(and why not, its fun, we all like getting easy kills)_ So its natural that Riot would create more champs around a play style that most of the community wants. However, I do agree, we need a larger variety of champ play styles. Diving is fun, but not if its the only playstle. I personally don't find diving that fun, I prefer more tactical play styles, like Azir/Sol/Taliyah, so I want more champs like that rather than diving.
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: That's very true, I've been a lee main for a long time and don't get to play him much and when I do I get a lot of hate because people just hate the champion. Whereas if I do good on sol people compliment me which is a nice change
That is one aspect of Sol I really like. You genuinely get compliments! On a number of occasions, someone has told me I am the best Sol they have ever seen, _(now I'm sure thats just down to them not having seen many Sol's in the first place, rather than me being good. But the sentiment is still nice!)_ There are very few champs left who people compliment you for playing well with. Many champs, especially champs like Zed or Yi, you're _expected_ to do well with, and if you don't end the game as 12/3 on Yi, your team rips into you. And to me that just doesn't seem fun. It's no secret, Sol is not an easy champ, and he comes with his fair share of frustration. As someone who is extremely critical of themselves, I often get very frustrated and demoralised when Sol just can't compete with other more mobile champs, and you get blitzed not because you did something wrong, but because their champ just so completely and utterly nullifies yours. But I still take it out on myself. But people recognise that, and when you _do_ do well, people know that to beat that Yasuo, you have had to put in 3x the work that other champs have to, and they complement you on it. There are very few greater feelings than that in league, _(at least for me)_. _______________________ But thats just my personality I guess, I'm an archer IRL, and I much prefer using the longbow _(just a stick and string)_, than a compound bow with all the scopes and stabilisers and all the rest. To me its the difference between Sol and Zed. You can either poke and hope with the longbow, and when you actually hit the target, someone buys you a beer! Or you can smash the target with a compound bow, and when you miss the bullseye once, you throw your bow on the floor and storm off in a huff. **Id rather win 1 in 5 games with Sol, and do a victory dance, than lose 1 in 5 games with Zed and have a cry about it.** Which is the great thing about league, they have a good variety of champs to suit different people's views of life. Which is why I hope they don't rework champs like Sol, just because the majority of people cant be bothered to put the effort in to play them. You need self esteem booster champs like Yi, for the people who feel the need to reassure themselves that they are good. And you need the underdog champs like Sol, for the people who don't give a crap and want that _'I really hope I hit the target'_ feel.
: I know its quite sad
It's awesome! I'd hate to be a Lee, Yasuo or Zed player, and not only have my champ played/banned _Every. Single. Game._ but also because of how often they are played, people **HATE** your champ. It'd be awful, you'd have absolutely zilch individuality, and also both look and feel like a terrible person just for playing the champ you want :P I'm happy for Sol to stay at the bottom of the pile thanks xD
: Looking for A Sol Club
Good luck :P There aren't many of us Sol mains in the world xD
Wuks (OCE)
: [10 July] Boards Updates are Live on OCE
No to be a pessimist, but the new look really isn't as nice as the old one. _(speaking as a Graphic Designer)_ Theres too much contrast, and it looks too busy because of it, which detracts from the actual content and makes viewing it so much less appealing. The older update _(how the boards used to look a couple of days ago)_ was very muted _(perhaps maybe even a little too much)_ but because of its subtly, your eyes could very easily absorb all the information without being strained, which meant longer and more in-depth viewing from the audience. This new look is like a slap in the face, too many things vying for your attention _(and most of them are things that shouldn't have your attention anyway, and are just stealing it from the actual content, like the golden borders on everything)_. Honestly _(true story)_, yesterday morning I opened the boards while eating breakfast _(as I do most days)_, saw the new update, went _"**Nah!**"_ and closed the window, and went and opened ESO instead. And thats coming from someone who is committed to these boards. Also is that a typeface change on the title? Why? _(or maybe the contrast is just accentuating it)_ But a Sans Serif font was much more appropriate for the modern style of the boards, too much serif _(especially on feature text)_ makes it look dated. When the boards contain and convey such a vast amount of information as they do, you want the design to be as minimalistic as possible _(muted colours, sans serif text where possible, etc.)_, now they look too ornate, which just complicates everything, and you don't want unnecessary complexity in the design when your content is already complex. **[But I will say, it is very nice to have the 'Post' button in brown again! The blue was just a little too subtle. GJ :D]** ________________ **PS.** _Remember, like usual, my critique is highly perfectionist, I will find flaws in Mother Teresa as well as Adolf Hitler, so just because my feedback is negative, doesn't mean the design isn't still way better than 90% of the rest of forum websites out there! So good job! (in saying that though, I still feel very strongly about the contrast, last update was verging perhaps on not enough, this one has definitely gone too far)_
Quinncest (OCE)
: Your Ban Picks And Why
{{champion:64}} For many reasons. **1. Personal.** Every ban at our elo always is to some degree. I just dont like Lee, I don't like his be-a-hero playstyle, I don't like the people Lee Sin attracts as players. I don't want either in my games. **2. Power.** Lee Sin has a hell of a lot in his kit. That is just a fact. But its not the raw power that bugs me, what bugs me is that his kit is 100% seamlessly smooth to use. Some champs, for example the new Aatrox, have weird little cool downs, cast times and wind ups. Aatrox's new ult has no cast time listed, but I have died more than several times after pressing the button and before the ult activates _(putting the ult on CD, so the command has definitely been received)_, also there is a small cooldown between using the different casts of his Q, all of this makes the champion feel clunky, and most importantly, all that wasted time adds up and in the end can mean the difference between a kill and a death. Lee Sin has absolutely none of that. Everything in his kit happens as soon as you press the button, he has no cast times, no awkward pauses before being able to re-activae an ability, and whatever cast animations he has, are so minimal they don't make a difference. All of this means that Lee Sin is more responsive and more reactive to commands than most other champs, meaning sometimes he escapes not because he pressed the button before you, but because he doesn't have any awkward pauses, and you do. Sometimes he kills you, because even though both players reacted at the same time, Lee Sin moves first. And I don't like that un-eveness in the playing field. **3. Mind Games. ** Arguably the most important aspect of the ban. It's no secret that many of the players who do play Lee Sin, ONLY play Lee Sin, and they are very good at it, and they know it. So banning Lee Sin has a triple effect, It removes the champ they have the most experience on, causes them to play another champ who they hardly ever play, AND shatters their own confidence when playing. Rather than spamming their lvl 7 after every move, they are left at the mercy of everyone else's mastery, while they struggle with a champ they are only playing because they cant use their 1 trick. **4. Calculated probability.** Wether you hate playing against the champ or not, banning a champion that the enemy is likely to pick has a big impact. Often your ban is wasted because even though you hate playing against Zilean and just cant do it, chances are the enemy wasn't going to pick Zilean anyway, and just pick the champ they were going to pick, unaffected by your ban. So by banning a champ you know is popular, you increase your chances of actually affecting the enemy team. Lee Sin is a very popular _(if the THE most popular champ)_ banning him is statistically more likely to screw your enemy over.
Cortez (OCE)
: I agree with everything your saying, apart from the aatrox kit not relating to his lore. The way I see it aatrox wanted to die, but was unable to, which kind of ties into his kit
I would agree, except that he has to consciously activate his ult. He chooses for it to keep him alive. Something like Karthus' passive would feel more along the right lines, where it just happens regardless. With Karthus you actually WANT to die, because then you can use your ult mid fight and nothing can stop it. When playing Aatrox, you think "PLEASE keep me alive just that little bit longer so i can win!" which is completely contrary to his lore.
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: Isn't Itachi Uchiha that guy from Naruto?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Yep. and Lord Sesshomaru is a similar character from Inuyasha.
: Lord Sesh how come you never play League of Legends, but you keep replying on League's boards? Sorry, I'm just curious.
Sesh is just a front ;) my actual lol name is Itachi Uchiha I do play league, roughly about 4 games a day. Circumstance led to this being the account I post on, and now its a little hard to change seeming everyone knows me as Sesh :P
: It's Lord Sesh.
? I see how it is.... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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Cortez (OCE)
: Hello taliyah already has a skin...
Yea, HeartVine and Seras Dragon have pretty much summed it up. All champs get a release skin, (so its kinda like if everyone has it, no one does). So this is the first skin Taliyah has ever got where Riot have consciously made the decision to give her a skin _(and even then, SSG forced their hand a little)_. Much like how Arclight Yorick was actually the first new Yorick skin to ever be released. Yes he still had skins before it, but he had never gotten a new skin since the day of his release.
: I mean I don't *dislike* Quinn now, but the ult really just can't compare. I wish they'd taken her more in the direction of a ranged bruiser like Gnar than kept the semi-ADC route and changed her ult. I liked her old Q better but I also understand why it was problematic. The ult I feel was more problematic for her than for anyone else (squishy diving in head first and all that) but still there's nothing quite like turning into a freaking raptor and running em down. Despite being a supp main, Quinn has a special place for me. Phoenix was the first skin I ever bought and Corsair my first ever cosplay :)
I must say, it is a real shame to have her old ult removed from the game. It was just such a neat ability. Perhaps she should have had a little more choice in her kit when they reworked her. She could have been a little like Kayn/Kha'Zix/Kai'Sa. In the sense that she gets to choose between upgrading her abilities to favour Valor, a speedy melee burst, or Quinn, a ranged sustained DPS. Or maybe she could have gone down the Kindred angle, where you control Quinn as the champ, and Valor is a bit more like a permanent autonomous pet. (maybe even a pet you can switch to by pressing R, and you get a new set of abilities like her old ult, and Quinn becomes the pet for a few seconds? So they are both always on the battlefield, and you switch between them.) After all she was intended to be released as 'Quinn and Valor' it was a last minute change to name her 'Quinn'. and as it stands, apart from a couple of her abilities being vaguely bird shaped, Valor has next to nothing to do with her anymore. Which is a shame.
HeartVine (OCE)
: SSG Xayah and Rakan
What?!!? You mean to say you don't enjoy trawling through thousands and thousands of random logo summoner icons that you know absolutely nothing about and care even less for. Just to reach the one actual Karthus icon you want, thats hidden somewhere at the bottom of the page? **Cos thats my favourite part! :D** Ohhh and when you want to use the _'random summoner icon'_ thing, and you have to wait for one of the 6 days a year where there isn't absolutely megatons of random LCSOPLALLSTARS etc etc. icons. _(i think they might be excluded now, but it wasn't always so)_. Not to mention having pimply faced teenagers sprawled all over the login screen and front page 70% of the time. Its not like one of the reasons we play fantasy games is to get immersed into the 'fantasy' element or anything! :D Im so glad that _whatever_ pro, is really good at CSing, or mid laning, etc. thats great! Im happy for them, but please don't slap his face onto the font page every couple of weeks. I come here to become a gold sand god-emperor and bring the might of shurima to bare against my enemies. Not to be shown continuously that there are people who are much better at micro managing creep-score-per-minute than me! That doesn't ruin the fantasy element at all :D _________________________ All that being said, I am looking forward to the only Taliyah skin to have ever been released :P It's not bad considering ^^ Despite being hard out e-sports ish, I did really like the first set of team skins, (TPA), because it was neat to see champs who are usually covered in spiky armour etc, in hoodies with headphones and sneakers, they were so out of their element it actually make for an almost humours skin line. But after the TPA skins, the rest of the team skins series weren't quite 'regular person' enough to have that same _"Oh cool its the god of the dead, texting on his iPhone"_ kind of effect, but also weren't fantastical enough to be normal skins. They were just in this limbo vibe of _"if you follow the pros, you'll prolly know what this skin is about"._ But these latest SSG ones are towards the fantasy end, so much so that they could just be regular skins, and enjoyed as such. But still have a flair of _"congrats this is the team that won"_ feel. Overall, gj on the SSG skins Riot!
: although the heal is back, its still not as strong as it used to be :(....... missed the old days. kindred was the reason i got from silver 5 to gold 1 back two seasons ago
I miss the good old days too, where her marks actually had a clear effect that scaled with each one, instead of being basically just a minor overall stat increase. But even though her heal isn't quite what it used to be. Its a start! and I'm thrilled! Pretty much every week I've made a post about kindred being too disadvantaged. and now they have actually done something about it, I'm going to take what i can get xD _(for now at least ;) haha)_ But I mean, its not like we want her to be the new Lee Sin or anything, where she owns the jungle, and picked in every 2nd game. :S
HeartVine (OCE)
: YES! I saw it too, and was just as excited, if not more, to see it. For the first time since that heal got removed, I feel like I could actually play Kindred without people thinking I was intentionally losing...
> I feel like I could actually play Kindred without people thinking I was intentionally losing That never stopped me xD (well... it stopped me winning...) But I just love her so much I didn't care, I get messages about once every 3 kindred games saying _"Wait? is Kindred good again?"_ just because people never see her and can't fathom that someone would actually play her xD _(fully serious, no joke)_. Of course their question is answered a few minutes later when Yi catches me red handed at scuttle crab.. I used to have 2 whole rune pages just for Kindred, one as a damage carry, and one purely as a kiting machine. Because she is at such a disadvantage against other junglers, that I couldn't afford to just have a single stat page for her, it had to be adaptable. Im so glad she/he/it/them/they is getting some actual attention finally. I swear, if she was a mid laner, Azir would be quaking in his boots, scared for his spot as top dog. :P Now that the heal is back, we can only pray that something resembling her old marks can return as well. I look forward to seeing another kindred like yourself on the field ^^ Even if it is just the two of us out there :P
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: Mastery 7 means literally nothing though. I have mastery 7 on multiple champs that I'm absolute garbage with. A broken clock can do absolutely nothing, and still get it right twice a day
For me its less abut being good with him _(no one will be at first when he is reworked)_ and more about not being the guy who just plays Aatrox just cos he is new and shiny. But rather I'm playing him because I'm loyal to the champ. :P
Quinncest (OCE)
: Why does my MMR tank based on team?
Well it is a team game. Your ability to aid your team, and for you to work with their decisions as well, are just as important as your own personal mechanics. Imagine the Rugby World Cup. Aussie vs the All Blacks. Imagine that aussie wins, and then just as they are about to get the cup, the Ref says _"Oh but Sonny Bill Williams played really well too, when some of the other all blacks didn't, so he doesn't lose, and he gets the cup as well."_ Dunno about you, but id be turning the TV off. Losing out because of your team isn't always fair. But its hell of a lot fairer than the above situation.
Turzo (OCE)
: So is "Nig*a" "Cu*t" "Dumbcu*t" and all other racial come other verbal abuses allowed on oce now?o.O
It common sense man. Even IRL justice systems don't deal with offences instantly. Unless you want us all to live in a dictatorship regime where you get shot the instant you step out of line, no questions asked. I would suggest being less of a snowflake. ____________________________ > All these confusions led me to believe that verbal abusing must be getting promoted in Ocenia for a better competitive environment now, which sounds brilliant. By your own logic, because we haven't caught every single murderer in the world, murder must be legal right? ______________________________ Yes, It can be incredibly frustrating to see a toxic player ruin another game as well. We have ALL experienced that. We ALL have frustration when it comes to toxicity. But even angels have bad days. maybe their dog died, their GF left them, they failed an exam, whatever. Then some cocky ass little shit of a Zed pokes them with a stick all game and they snap and say a bad word. **Instaban.** The system has to punish true toxic people, while not dragging people like that down with them _(otherwise there would be no one left to play the game)_. That is why a single report from a single person wont instaban someone that very moment for saying the word 'crap'. I would love to see your source on the statement you made about Garena.
: which jungler has the most burst damage lategame?
Im not jungle main so don't take my word for it, but if we are talking about true junglers (not a lane champ just playing jungle), my bet would be between Rengar, Shadow Assassin Kayn, and Master Yi.
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: Yasuo needs a new skin.
Sure, why not. The rich get richer and the poor stay poor. We wouldn't want to give skins to champs like Sol or Kindred who haven't had one in years _(or at all)_, when we can give them to Yasuo, who already has a skin from each of the two most popular skin lines in league, as well as a legendary skin _(one of the better legendaries too)_. Not to mention all this is on top of his release skin. All goods, Sol/Kindred/Taliyah can wait, we wouldn't want Yasuo to miss out on his 5th skin. Being a Katana-wielding Cyborg, or a dark-flame Demon just isn't cool enough for me either tbh. We have to find him a **actual** badass skin, none of this Lone Cowboy or Blood Samurai shit either. Meanwhile, make a _**Dragon**_ champ, give them a _**Fire**_ skin, that'll give players enough variety to last the next few years or so! No problem!
Nightjar (OCE)
: I think this video helps explain the way electrocute works through a funny little interaction between the cast checks for leesin ult and electrocute.
Eughh, thats disgusting..... {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Once you press a button, that ability should be used up. Full stop. No exceptions.
: Dude, that Karthus example - shut up. Real? Mind blown - I need to go back to school and learn how to read. Thanks!
Yea, real. haha We just don't notice it, because not many champs have a non damaging ability like Karthus' W. _(in-fact It was only through Karthus, that I realised it worked this way, and had to go back and re-read the description.)_ I think the problem _(for all of us)_ was that it looks so similar to thunderlords, and thunderlords was such an important part of the game for so long, that we all just assumed it was just thunderlords translated into the new rune system. When in reality its a completely different spell. :P
: Pantheon and Electrocute
Electrocute isn't about instances of damage. Its about hitting the target with auto attacks or abilities. It doesn't specify damaging them. E.g. If I land 1 Q and 1 AA with Karthus, my W _(which does no damage)_ will proc Electrocute when an enemy touches it. All you have to do is land the spell, not damage them with it. So even though Panth is blocking the damage, he still got hit with the spell/auto. ________________ Tbh I think its kinda weird that they put in a rune that is basically thunderlords, but have it work under very different rules. It works too efficiently on some champs e.g. Ryze or Kog, who can land 3 autos/abilities in 0.5 of a second. And screws over champs like Taliyah who even if she hits all 5 rocks on her Q, wont proc electrocute. Its hardly a fair playing field. Thunderlords was dumb on ticking spells like Morg's puddle. But at least it gave everyone a fair chance of procing it.
: Scripters, scripters and why they hardly get punished?
Once, me and several friends did a 3v3 in a _custom_ game, _(that awkward moment when you have 5 friends online at once)_. One of the guys on the other team was really good at Zed. So my friend _(on my team)_ picked Zed to annoy him, and for a joke used a _minor_ script that would help him look really good at Zed, just to tilt his friend. Obviously no one reported him cos we were all friends, _(and no one even knew til way after anyway)_. 2 weeks later. Perma banned. Custom game, no report, minor script. My guess is that very very few scripters get past Riot's defences for long. So I'm highly doubtful that ranked is _'unplayable'_ due to vast numbers of scripters. Especially seeing millions of people play it daily with little issue. If anything, matchmaking is a far greater problem for most people, than any scripters.
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: Master Yi
The annoying thing about Master Yi, is the way Riot choose to balance champions across all ranks, instead of a specific bracket. They feel _(and its fair enough)_, that all skill levels should have all champs available to them. However while this is a fair view, it isn't always practical. Trying to make a champ balanced both in Bronze 5 and in Challenger, just doesn't happen. Especially with extreme champs like Yi. So the result we get is a Master Yi thats too weak for pro-play, but way too strong for lower elo. And they cant buff him because Bronze will cease to exist, an they cant nerf him, because the 1 or 2 challengers that use occasionally him, will no longer be able to. So every time he does get a buff, later down the track he gets a fairly equal nerf, and vice versa, so he always stays in this limbo state. So until Riot abandon this principle and just admit that Yi wont be a worlds pro-plays champ, and just balance him as the newbie practice champ he was intended to be, he will always be a problem. Its a sticky situation.
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Nightjar (OCE)
: I assume you're playing devils advocate but don't, you just anger the community. The botting problem has been getting progressively worse and needs to be fixed. Whilst you're right about low queue numbers exacerbating the symptoms, don't ignore the underlying disease; players are well within their rights to quit if their favourite queue or game mode is being compromised (I assume this is either TT, Coop vs Ai or pre30 normals, ARAM gets this too from time to time but with Bilgewater event you probably won't see many atm). Also if people are quitting the game, won't that mean less people will be buying fresh accounts, which means botted accounts lose their value, which would reduce the incidence of botting? See how that logic works?
In no post ever, including this one, have I ever belittled the botting issue. I am just as aware as everyone else of the problem. I never said I shouldn't be fixed. I was simply highlighting that there are ways to tackle the problem. _"This game is shit, everyone just leave cos!"_ is not the right one. All this kind of thing does is normalise the issue, to the point where no one can be bothered listening _(boy who cried wolf)_. Riot, the community, _(or any other body)_ are more likely to listen to several in-depth posts backed up with facts, as suggested courses of action. Than they are to listen to 100 posts a week saying nothing else but _"This game is shit."_ Because _"This game is shit."_ Doesn't provide ANY helpful information at all. To either the community, or Riot. ______________ Spend two weeks cataloging every suspected bot in all your games. View their profiles, make notes of how many games each one plays. The frequency you come across them, the average number of games they play per day. Do some calculations, make some graphs. Then come back here, with solid facts and predictions, and make your point. it'll make a hell of a lot more of an impact to everyone, both the community and Riot, than _"This game is shit!"_ _______________ **Think of it like champ balancing. What is more likely to make Riot listen: ** _"I believe Viktor has a lot of underlying power in comparison with other mages, he has a Shield/Slow/Stun/Interrupt/MS speed boost as well as the same amount of burst damage as mages who don't have all that extra kit. Take Ziggs for example. Ziggs' Q has a base damage of 225 at lvl 18, and an AP scaling of 65%. So with 500 AP Ziggs' Q will do damage equal to 550. Viktor's Q has a base scaling of 140 per part. The first part has an AP scaling of 40%, while the second has a scaling of 50%. Which brings his total damage to: 140 + 140 + 200 + 250 = 730. So Zigg's Q does 550 damage. and has no additional effects. While Viktor's Q does 730 damage (this is without including his 100% AD scaling), plus gives him large shield and movement speed boost. Both Q's have the same cool down. Therefore I think Viktor may need a slight numbers adjustment."_ **Or** _"VIKTOR OP!"_ I for one find the first argument much more compelling.
: dont play league, bot programme everywere
Wouldn't less people playing, cause the number of bots we see in our games to increase? So by telling people to quit the game, aren't you partially contributing to the problem?
: Toxic Banning of Champions
Honestly, I do ban champs from my own team occasionally. Not with the intent of being toxic of course. **E.g.** Say our last pick wants to play one of 'those' champs like; Yasuo or Yi or Trynd or Zed etc etc. He's last pick, Yasuo/Zed is SUCH a popular champ. The chances of him being not picked by the enemy until last pick are somewhat low. And Im not going to pick Yasuo for him, because chances are: if they play Yasuo, they aren't going to have champs like Sol or Azir, that I most likely will want to play. Nor are they likely to have the whole collection of mid laners available if I want to counter pick a certain champ/comp.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=kv4XBgZm,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-01T05:46:23.867+0000) > > Doesn't that just prove how far from the mark this game's balance is? > > When the game is **_perfect_**. I will sit in satisfied silence. > > Until then, I am going to do whatever I can, whenever I can, to make the game better, even if just slightly so. And if that means being the guy that always points out what is wrong with it, so be it. Because the simple fact is the game will never be perfect. And perfection is over rated anyway. So basically stop bitching just because there’s something in the game u don’t like.
The game will never be perfect, yes. **But the game didn't go from this:** **to this:** **Because people _didn't_ speak up about what they wanted to be better.** So if we still speak up about what we think could be done better, imagine how much cooler the game could be in another 3 years time. Unfortunately, yes, that does involve _actually_ talking about what isn't good enough about the game. Perfection can never be achieved, but the game can only get better by trying.
Stillborn (OCE)
: Everytime I see you post, you're crying about something.
Doesn't that just prove how far from the mark this game's balance is? When the game is **_perfect_**. I will sit in satisfied silence. Until then, I am going to do whatever I can, whenever I can, to make the game better, even if just slightly so. And if that means being the guy that always points out what is wrong with it, so be it.
Stillborn (OCE)
: Disabling new champions in draft pick
I wanna know if he will be disabled in clash. It'd be laughable if people had to waste a tactical ban on a new champ the day he comes out, in a competition environment.
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: Half the size of a mountain???? He is the size of a galaxy
Well technically, he could be any size he wishes _(until Targon put him on a leash)_. But I was referring to his splash art, in this particular case :P
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: Riot is breaching the Australian Consumer Law (Please Read).
While I do think that compensation for mistakes is the right thing to do in many situations, this is far far far from anything close to be considered a legal issue. I agree that its kinda shit that there have been problems, and it would be nice of them to add a little compensation to players. _(although where you get the idea for RP compensation I have no idea?, realistic compensation would be free clash tickets/refunding purchased ones, and/or extending this particular clash tournament by a day.)_ _Although this is coming from someone who both **went to work today**, and when he did get home, **logged straight onto ESO** and basked in the shimmering sea of the Summerset isles, strategically avoiding clash altogether, even before realising there were any issues at all._ __________ However, even if this was a legal issue, If you read the terms and conditions for league of legends, they cover themselves pretty damn well, so well infact, that no player has a leg to stand on at all when it comes to legal issues. **T/C TL;DR:** Riot owns anything and everything to do with league of legends, including your account and anything on it _(including any RP purchases)_. Legally, they are just letting you borrow their stuff. _(essentially, RP purchases are them buying their own stuff, using your money, then allowing you to borrow it)_ So that kind of makes them their own consumers, and they're hardly going to sue themselves for not letting you borrow their shit on time. So suing them for not allowing you to borrow their shit, is hardly going to stand up in court. _"Waahhhhh, wahhhh, the guy next door lets me borrow his lawnmower on Saturdays, but he wasn't home this Saturday so I couldn't borrow it, so he should have to pay me!"_ will get laughed out of any court anywhere, infact the taxi driver would probably laugh you out of the car before you even got to court. Yea, the terms and conditions kinda make them look like dicks _(and its gunna suck when they go out of business and we realise we all pumped hundreds of dollars down the drain)_, but if they didn't cover their asses like that, there wouldn't be a game to play at all. I for one, am thankful there is a game for us to play, even if it has some issues.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xdgi2rz4,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-20T13:50:21.190+0000) > > The only way to cancel Lux's ult is for her to die during the cast, and it definitely goes on cool down. > > Im sorry if you dont like the examples, but there aren't many other single targeted execute-esq ults around. > > Also mobility and CC have nothing to do with anything, this is a basic principle of how the game functions, having CC doesnt mean the logic of the game should work any different. > Most champions, once you press the button, thats it, your ability is used, even if you die before any animation has happened at all. _(A couple of times as Sol I've press R, died in the same split-second, absolutely no sound effect or animation has played, and my R goes on full cooldown.)_ > > Unless specifically stated otherwise (like Caitlin's R), once an ability is pressed, that should be it, no exceptions. > > If they put in Darius' tooltip _"Refunds full cool down if animation is not completed"_ and explain their reasoning, then ill accept it. But unless it is a deliberate move like Cait's, I will have none of it. I mean if you want single champ execute abilities you picked the worst champs. Veigar ult gains for damage the less hp his target has. Syndra ult gains bonus damage based on the balls she has spawned. And brand ult can apply blaze which is his passive not his ult. if you want single target execute champs who where better off picking cho’gath, garen or urgot. Basically it’s like this Darius ult jump is purely for cosmetic so if he didnt have that jump the skill would be instant and it would have hit u anyway and that’s why it doesn’t go on cd
Yes, I am well aware of how all of their ults function. Its not about being an 'execute' necessarily, its about being an ability that functions a similar way. all the ults i mentioned function in the same way in the sense that they are all single target moves used in similar situations to Darius' ult, _(i.e most of the time they are used for getting the kill. not for engages etc etc.)_, they all have a single damage instance preluded by a cast animation. I could have mentioned Garen and Cho'gath, however I don't know wether their ults reset in the same way as Darius' does. And I'm not going to make a statement using them to back my point up if I don't know if they even function the same way. Do you know? Urgots's ult is completely different, it follows none of the same rules as Darius', I don't know why its even relevant? Darius's jump does not contribute to the damage of his ult its true. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have a purpose. Its a visual indicator that lets other players see what is going on during a fight _(if he didn't jump and you just died randomly in a spurt of blood in the middle of a team fight as soon as he clicked on you, you'd find it a little confusing.)_. So its purpose is to give visual indication of his action, and the action is: He has pressed R. If we are talking purely about animations; Aurelion Sol's ults, he has a windup animation where he rears back his head and gets ready to spout fire. If he dies before he shoots, his ult still goes on cool down. So having an visual animation before the ability does damage, does not mean the ability has not been used.
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