: Patches
Updating randomly would create a lot of confusion. Firstly, you could log on one day, play a champ or an item, log on the next day and play a different champ/item with the same name, and have no idea whats going on. _(and how would you even tell people about the changes? it's not like you could have patch notes when youre just throwing things in at random times.)_ Secondly, players _(particularly higher elo)_ need a stable environment to play effectively, it's better to have a stable but too strong or too weak environment than it is to have a completely unpredictable and random one _(any sailor will tell you that they'd prefer a wind that was strong but consistent to a wind that was gusty.)_ Announcing changes a week or two in advance gives people time to adjust themeless to upcoming changes, it gives them time to start relying on different items or stats so they aren't in for a shock when the changes hit live. And riot does do small balance changes mid-patch, but they are rare and are usually only to fix major issues that arise with new content such as champs that are too strong on release. However they can't do this too often or it could throw players off so they only resort to this when absolutely necessary.
: Now seeming you have no control over other people's behaviour, you only have two options: 1. Take it personally. Ruin your game. 2. Don't take it personally. Enjoy your game. This is irrelevant because, I could argue that the game would already be ruined from the Lee sin, for example I get demotivated to play the game if we are behind and someone starts abusing another player for NO reason and so do a lot of other people. I played 10 games on an old smurf I gave to a friend a long time ago, (I reclaimed it because he quit and wouldn't care if I took the account back) only to skip a 1 week ban and any chat restrictions into a 2 week ban, for just getting frustrated in 1-3 games, a 2 week ban over 10 games is just ridiculous, especially when what follows is a perm banned, guess what! after 2 days of playing (I think I went 15-5) overall out of 20 games I got a perm ban, the final game which I got perm banned in, all I said was "%%%%%%%%%%%" directed to my friend, a Chinese player on my team took offense to this and decided he wasn't going to lane bot with my (duo) and instead chose to troll the game, I didn't even abuse him, I will admit I got a little frustrated over the fact that someone could be so sensitive over nothing, but I refrained from attacking him personally or using vulgar language as I knew that there would be a chance that I could be banned. Game 1 %%%%%%%%%%% : cya im jg : HAHAHAHAHA im also asian r: rofl : i wasnt even talking to him : wtf : ahahahaha : vlad for cdr : %%%%%%%%%%% im chinese too : .. : ni hao : ask sivir abc thats not very nice : cn not dog :( i love china i love how we're almost : 3v5ing but nasus vlad still not grouping oh wells 2late now : we were literally 3v5ing mid : like 5x in a row and they live : low hp and neither of u come : we have sivir ult : rofl : i wudnt have even ganked top if i knew u wudnt gank : u got a lead and did nothing ^This is the whole chatlog on my ban card, now tell me does that constitute a perm ban? especially when the guy made it 4v5 by constantly roaming around the map instead of laning bot, also I carried this guy the game before, and had no problems. But na the real toxic player (That actually ruins games) remains unbanned because he doesn't type and if he does abuse people it's in Chinese, but why bother typing when you can just ruin the game for them? He called me a dog because I said I was chinese (Which I am, my duo is also asian hence why I was just picking at him) I told him chinese pple aren't dogs and that I love china to try and make him play as we were still winning despite it being 4v5. Good system Riot!!
Im not talking about peoples playing, theres plenty of in-game factors that can ruin games, like Lee sin for one. Im only talking about being affected mentally by someones chat. Unless you take it personally, there is absolutely nothing in that chat _(short of telling the enemy your plans)_ that could ever influence your game. So if you just don't take it personally, the chat won't ruin your game.
Maybe if you did read it, you'd know it is the exact opposite of leftist xD
Fitzky (OCE)
: That's cool, you don't have it use it, it will greatly improve teamwork, but if you want to make your climb to higher elo harder then by all means go ahead. You're probably thinking the same stupid bullshit like the rest of them "I don't want to listen to toxic peoplel" read my above comment and rethink your opinion.
My problem with voice chat isn't the toxicity, like you say there are ways to avoid that. My problem with it, is that not everyone can game in a space where they can use voice chat. Which means if you play ranked, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage because the enemy will be using voice chat and you wont be. Text chat isn't ideal, but it puts everyone on a even playing field. Voice chat requires you have your own seperate space to play, and many people don't have that, they could be playing from Uni, or from the family computer or from a library/internet cafe. So all it does it make the people with their own equipment and room have an advantage, and everyone else a disadvantage.
: Reworks like this are making me dread the Evelynn rework. Her perma-stealth is a unique mechanic, but given their recent track record she'll probably end up getting something like Twitch Q... Personally, I like her current kit, with the possible exception of her R; literally the only ultimate on an assassin that cannot kill an enemy (even if they have 1 HP).
I actually have a lot of faith in the Eve rework xD They have a really good track record with VU reworks. and when you think 'Evelynn' perma-invis is the first and often only thing that comes to mind. So doubt they would stray too far from that. However in saying that, they did do this: **Riot:** So, when you think 'poppy' what comes to mind? **Us:** Her ultimate that makes her immune to all damage, while she kills her target? **Riot:** Thats right! that tiny little hammer she's holding! :D But she did turn out well in the end :P
: Remember that the three years it took to make Azir had more to do with his visuals than his gameplay (at least to the best of my understanding), also we don't knwo what they are classifying as "very early". Very early to them could be "We have loads of concepts that would work/fit but we have to filter it to the best and implement it" or it could mean as we see it "We've just started concepting". They have said in the past they've been looking at Azir for a while, just cause a new kit wasn't in active dev doesn't mean stuff wasn't going around. Three months does sound hella short, but it could just be a communication thing. Not having ever played Azir, I'm not going to even hazard how well he will play with his new kit, since I couldn't even grasp his old one, but I'd still say *try* to withhold judgement until you actually get your hands on him. You can say whatever you like about balance but let's be honest, it's all just speculation until you actually get to playtesting. I know it's hard when a champ you love gets changes, I was so scared when they announced Vel and Anivia changes (though ofc they ended up being real small scale stuff) but let's not abandon hope before we even know if it's bad or not ey?
I know theres much more that goes into a champ in development than just their gameplay. But I would be horrified if they spent 2.5 years designing the champion's look and personally and then the playstyle development was just an afterthought 3 months before release. A champ's playstyle is woven through their whole theme, Azir is an emperor, his loyal soldiers leap up with their shields and smack away enemies trying to strike down their leader. It makes sense. They feel like soldiers protecting you. But now they are just terrain, they don't do anything, _(what kind of soldier lets someone jump over them towards their leader without trying to stop them?)_ they might as well just be a wall of sand, instead of soldiers. It wouldn't make a difference, that small part of his theme is lost. And unless you're creating them both at the same time, you can't change one without affecting the other. Which is why I can't believe that 3 months is enough time to fully consider such changes to a champion. And by no means have I written off the changes! they might well be beneficial. I don't know, I haven't played him, But judging from their track record of other reworks.. Im not at the edge of my seat. So yes, it is speculation at this point, but educated speculation. There hasn't been a single new champion that they have released _(in my memory)_, and then taken back and reverted most of their kit a few months later. Where they have done that to mini reworks _(Notably Kog and Malz)_. So there is obviously some difference between kits designed over 3 years, and kits designed over 3 months. And no, I haven't played it yet, and I have avoided condemning the actual rework itself yet for that very reason. Im just condemning the time they put into it. It might well be a great rework, but the time they spent on it makes me sceptical. It's the same reason you wouldn't want to live in an apartment building that was designed and built in a week. It might be great! But your first instinct is to run away!
Essembie (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=2t8YQMoZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-20T04:16:16.622+0000) > > What about every mid laner south of gold 'maining' whatever champion Faker used in his last game? I've had so many lucian mids in the last 2 weeks....
Oh thank god it's not just me experiencing this xD
Baildroth (OCE)
: racism in oce
_[Speaking purely for myself, as Riot and others have different views on the matter.]_ Ill start by saying that racism absolutely disgusts me, and ill be the first to deck someone causing another person real harm! But there is a big difference between 'racism' _(genuine **hate** for another person because of their skin colour)_, and juveniles dicking around on the internet. Lee Sin was probably like 12 years old, didn't even understand the connotations of what he was saying, he probably listens to rap where people say the N word over and over and over again, and watches crude teenage comedies that consist of poo humour and racial jokes. Im willing to bet he doesn't dress up in white and walk around the forrest at night with a burning cross! Sure it's not nice to listen to, and in a perfect world people shouldn't say things like that. But it only affects you if you let it offend you. If you just think _"Yea ok, its just some kid fucking around, who cares."_ then no one is hurt. But if you think "Oh you fucking swine! how dare you call people names!" and start hyperventilating, people do get hurt! but the only person actually being hurt, is you. Now seeming you have no control over other people's behaviour, you only have two options: 1. Take it personally. Ruin your game. 2. Don't take it personally. Enjoy your game. People who are easily offended seem to find a hell of a lot more 'racism' and 'sexism' in the world than people who aren't. Now I'm no mathematician, but I don't think that's a coincidence. In all my years of league, I have yet to see one person that I thought was **genuinely** racist or homophobic. I've seen plenty of less-than-appropriate jokes, and lots of people saying something nasty in a moment of frustration. But I've never had the impression that once the game has ended, a player has gone and started throwing darts at a picture of a black person's face on the wall. More likely they've gone and thrown their mouse across the room because they failed flash and died and you didn't, and they care a hell of a lot more about that than whatever colour skin your wife happens to have. ___________ Lee's behaviour is well within the limits of being defined as Toxic, and I'm sure he will inevitably relieve a punishment for it! but unless you think that he genuinely abhors the mere sight of a black person, I think blowing it up into a 'racism' charge is over the top. There is a lot of toxic behaviour in the world, and it is impossible to change every single person on the planet's behaviour to align with your morals. You can weed a lot of it out with systems like the one Riot has in place, but there will ALWAYS be some negative behaviour that seeps though. And you can either choose to be offended by that or not. Your wife hasn't changed, she's still the same person she was before some 12 year old called her names on an online game. So why is it a problem? Offence isn't given, it's taken. And your best defence against it in life is a thick skin. ___________ I know all this sound a bit harsh, and I don't mean to be insensitive. But me saying: _"Oh no thats terrible, I hope they get banned!"_ doesn't actually help anyone here. It doesn't help them get banned, and it doesn't help you enjoy the game next time someone says the N word. Because the real problem here isn't the fact that they didn't get banned for saying the N word, the problem is, you're not enjoying the game when people do. And that is more important to me than if some random kid gets banned. So I'm offering my solution to try and make your games more enjoyable. Sometimes a slap in the face is more helpful than a pat on the back, even if it's not what you want at the time. So this is my slap. :P Im not saying racism isn't a problem when it happens! Im saying that a lot of the time, it isn't actually 'racism'. Anyway, this is just my personal view on the subject, and views are always subjective. :P Whatever the case may be, I hope you enjoy future games more than this one. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I kinda like the direction they were going with his rework. Making the kit itself slightly less powerful so they had more space to play with the numbers without him being either useless or obnoxious. I'm guessing he will start weak after the rework but they will slowly buff his numbers. I know he's your baby Sesh but it seems like steps in the right direction for me.
Well, I will admit I am sentimentally attached :P Personally though, I think making him a damage machine is a waste. He was released with such unique abilities: _Making a tower._ _Changing direction mid dash._ _Casting W on turrets._ _Range extension on his AA's_ _Terrain that is alive, and knocks back of its own accord._ and so much more. But they are slowly taking it all away piece by piece, just to make him do more damage. It makes no sense, give damage to plain champs like Draven or Yi or Lux, who don't have much else going for them. Meanwhile we should focus on what is unique about Azir, and what is unique about him is all the neat little utilities he has. Damage isn't unique, anyone can have damage, but not anyone can have a wall that is alive, not everyone can create towers, not everyone can extend their basic attack range into zones. Why get rid of interesting and fun stuff just to put in one thing that all other champs have _(and many use better anyway)_. Why take out such unique and interesting mechanics, just to pump him full of mundane, boring, damage. But thats just my view.
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Essembie (OCE)
: The season has come
What about every mid laner south of gold 'maining' whatever champion Faker used in his last game?
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: RIP Lord Sesshy's main
Why Azir, Whyyyyyy {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Ahzoos (OCE)
: Riot Ward Skin Question
this one? https://imgur.com/iYQ9Qbo It should be possible to get it through re-rolling ward skin shards, however unless you own all the other wards _(including hextech)_, theres a chance you might get one of them instead. It's usually something they give out at events, so seeming worlds is round the corner, there may be opportunities to get it again.
: Buy Championship Ashe and raise money for charity
I feel bad for supporting the pros, but feel good for supporting charity. I feel good that I got an awesome new skin, and feel bad that I am $15 less. hashtagconflicted. But it is a cool skin and I have no problem supporting creativity :D
: Once again (sigh) Rito just introduces more crap to this good game. In the last week look how many bugs there have been how long it took Riot to fix them ffs. So now they are going to add this to us and break the game further wow why am I not surprised with this crap?? Well it don't matter cause Rito don't care all they care about (sigh again) is money ffs. Every fucken time they give us a (patch) it come with..............BUGS............WOW man. For a pro company you are so crap really man. Gee do you even test things out before adding patches RIOT?????????????????????????????? The ANSWER IS NO YOU DONT FFS Guys (again) Get your shit together pls test shit out before you give it to us ffs it's not rocket science ffs. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
> Get your shit together pls test shit out before you give it to us I believe they have been testing draft pick on live servers since 2009?
: [It's about fucking time.](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-strategy/Ml9uMfoA-can-we-replace-blind-pick-with-no-bans-normal-draft) I have no idea why we were forced into a position where we had a choice between have games ruined by shitty comps/hard counters/mirror lanes (all of the downsides of Blind Pick), or playing Ranked.
Cos draft pick totally takes away people's shitty computers? And draft pick encourages hard counters _(thats the whole point of seeing what the enemy picks)_. Im afraid I don't understand.
[Not my art or Idea, but one I FULLY support] http://pre00.deviantart.net/1260/th/pre/f/2016/029/8/2/8239d54f57f59c8172a42b75fe84d2ad-d9ptc8x.jpg
Gehirn (OCE)
: Definitely not intended. I poked some dudes in Central Riot and they're looking into the cause, so thank you for the report.
Awesome! Thanks so much! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
You.... you... mean I can ban champs in normal games now? {{sticker:sg-syndra}} Stand before me monk, and **BURN!** {{champion:64}}
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hnnnng damn it. I hate when little things like champ voice lines/animations/particles/the server disappear for seemingly no reason. I'll ask around and see if this is a known issue and if it's OCE only. Do you have a source on it being due to Emotes? I might be out of the loop on that.
Does that mean it might be a bug and not intentional? That would make my day! No I don't have a source, it's just what other players have been talking about in game. And for the lack of any other suggestions it seemed the most viable reason. But like I said, I'm hoping it's not that.
KingPin17 (OCE)
: Azir's new ult
#The wall and its problems: Reworking Azir in general is a bad idea. While I abhor myself for even suggesting an argument that could look like I agree with Riot _(I would never agree to an Azir rework, especially when brainless themeless champs with no niche at all like Jax still exist)._ I cannot deny that the wall was cancerous in its own right. The idea of it was sound. A wall that cannot be dashed over. Thats cool, and is a great element of the game! But in reality there were quirks with it that made it hellish for all players _(even Azir)_. Firstly, as an Azir player you will have seen _(as we all have)_, people flashing over the wall and being knocked back. While as an Azir player I sweep this under the rug in game because it works to my advantage, it is NOT supposed to happen. This costs many players their flash _(and often causes them to either die, or miss out on a kill they would have had otherwise)_. And so is in direct contradiction to Riot's view of clarity. You may also have encountered situations where the wall pins someone against terrain and either knocks them back several times as they try to land _(treating its own CC as an enemy dash)_, or just blatantly pins them there for the whole duration. Again this isn't working as intended and is completely unfair to the poor soul being disadvantaged. The wall also is very inconsistent, sometimes it knocks champs back a long way, sometimes it doesn't even affect them at all, and sometimes it knocks them up but doesn't change their position. https://vimeo.com/193233753 ^ this is the kind of shit I'm talking about. I knocked Yasuo back, and he lands right on my face _(on my side of the wall)._ and this stuff happens A LOT. _______________________ #Easier to sweep your problems under the rug than face them: So for clarity reasons, I can see Riot's logic for taking this feature out. **However** they only reason it is a problem in the first place is because of Riot's complete inability to bugfix the wall, _(it's been here doing this and worse, for 3 years and they still haven't figured out how to fix their own code)_. Not to point fingers, but if the bugfix team had done its job properly at any point in the last 3 years, Azir's ult would probably not be changing now. So yes the wall does need to stop this aberrant behaviour, it is unfair to other players as well as Azir. Unfortunately Riot is incapable of fixing it _(or maybe unwilling)_, and so their easiest option to to remove it entirely. Does this screw over the Azir players? Yes! Is it a slack as fuck option? Yes! Is there an alternative? Probably not. _(but they ain't making any money off this so if there is one, they sure aren't gunna bother looking for it anyway! They only just decided to rework Azir a few months ago, so that shows how much time has gone into this rework.)_ _______________________ #Is the emperor overloaded?: It also can't be denied that Azir has a heck of a lot in his kit. On release he had: Instant Zoning. A slow. An Aoe knock back. Terrain creation. Anti-dash knock back. A dash. A knock up. A shield. An entire turret. Passive CDR. The ability to use spells to damage towers. AND also happened to have hyper carry level damage.... That a heck of a lot of shit in one champ's kit _(like thats almost verging on Lee Sin level overloaded)_, his only saving grace was that he was near impossible to play well. Over time they have whittled away at his kit, removing the knockup, CDR, W tower damage, etc etc. In favour of keeping his damage. and now we are reaching a point where they have just made him a straight up damage machine and are throwing all of his utility out the window. Personally id have liked to see the opposite, I would have like to see him with less damage but keep his unique utility. ________________________ #More Vulnerable?: Obviously this change will inevitably make Azir at least a little more vulnerable, but by how much? You make a point about Azir being more vulnerable to champs like Yasuo/Ahri/Akali now. In my opinion, if those champs have even one brain cell between them, Azir is and has always been vulnerable to them, as they all have enough dashes to go right around the wall and still reach him. All they need to do is just not waste them trying to go over the wall. Most champs are vulnerable to Ahri, nearly all of them are vulnerable to Akali post-6, and Yasuo is always a bitch to fight. So if Azir becomes more vulnerable to them, it's not like he will be alone in the club. And the more people that are vulnerable to those champs, the more likely they are to be nerfed! ________________________ Tbh I don't even know why Im making this post... I don't want to support any form of rework to my baby. But I also think if you're going to oppose the rework, you have to attack the right parts of it, and without doubt removing the anti-dash wall has merits, too many merits to be an effective argumentative point for opposing the rework (in my opinion). But don't listen to me aye.. I'm just furious that they rework Azir, a champ that few notice, fewer care about, and even fewer actually play, before they rework actual in-every-game cancer like Yasuo or Ahri. as well as before champs like Jax that have literally 0 personality, 0 niche, 0 thematic appeal, and 0 skill in his playstyle. #TL;DR: Lord Sesshy rambling in depression over the loss of much of his favourite champ... {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: And he's being reworked. Does it look promising?
Judging from most other non VU reworks they have done.... probably not.
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: Pentakill vs Star Guardian
#Agreed Both the skin lines are awesome. But what makes them (especially the pentakill ones), is not so much the skin itself _(many of the pentakill ones are kinda ave)_ but the whole event and stigma around them, like the albums as you say. I am surprised and a little disappointed that they chose Kayle for pentakill. I think an ADC like Kalista would have not only been more appropriate for an underworld metal singer, but would have also introduced an ADC into the team _(because lets be honest, morde really isn't an ADC, no matter how much they try to make him one. And even in saying that, they didn't actually make him an ADC, all they did was make it pointless for him to be in any other lane)_. Im not saying Penta-kayle doesn't work, I think its probably the best skin of all of them _(although I am partial to Karthus)_, but the team would have been more useful _(or actually even been a proper team)_ with a real ADC. As for Guardians... well.. who doesn't love that skin line! Im really into anime, so those skins bring two of my favourite things together, and that just makes the experience so much better for me personally. And so much effort goes into the skins. Even Lux is a good skin and that was before they knew they could milk it. Also, I may-or-may-not listen to both Pentakill songs and Star Guardian songs when walking or at the gym <_< ______ #Favourites My absolute favourite skin line is probably Star Guardians, maybe followed by Arcade? _(i like colours...)_ As for single skins _(not necessarily whole skin lines)_ my personal favourites would probably be PROJECT: Yi _(mainly because of the ult form)_, Eternum Nocturne, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin, Final Boss Veigar, Super Galaxy Kindred. _(and probably some others I'm forgetting)_ Best splash in the game for me is 100% Pulsefire Caitlin! In terms of **objective** best skin in the game, id probably say PROJECT: Ashe is the best bang for buck. The skin itself is pretty much on-par with Elementalist Lux, but it also happens to be half the price. _________ #Dislike I also can't stand red skins, I dunno what it is, but most red skins kinda annoy me. Maybe it's because the majority of red skins are just "Fire! Blood! Death! Hell! Purgatory!" Etc, which is kinda a very juvenile theme and is way overdone and lacks imagination. Or maybe I just don't like the colour red? Who knows xD I think 'cool' when I look at a slick Cosmic Skin like Kassadin or Base Aurelion Sol, rather than when I look at a demonic fire-type skin like Forsaken Jayce or Bloodmoon Yasuo. That being said, some Blood-moon skins are pretty nice, like Twisted Fate and Jhin. #TL;DR: Bright colours > Red.
: oh I know what mirai nikki and Yuno Gasai are, but what is yuni gasai
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: Hey thanks :P Good work, I don't really know how to use the tools to do it properly.
All goods ^^ Yea the tools aren't always straightforward xD But I've been using photoshop for a long time now at least :P I thought these were so cool _(hats off to the artist)_. I wish riot would make more boards stickers :P
: Star Guardian stickers by 英雄联盟
Nice find :D I've tried to tidy up some of the white outlines for you: ^^ https://i.gyazo.com/72491a6ce831be1dea4029075c7c8657.png https://i.gyazo.com/125bb9346cc29e6f6f93b48d99ddd2dc.png https://i.gyazo.com/2fdde70692e077266cb1a3b0de32c35f.png https://i.gyazo.com/8f23c56787acd45b4fd9e8ac36568ba4.png https://i.gyazo.com/c2c77169b04768b1115e5e856c5566da.png https://i.gyazo.com/b6653deec2ad6bab1e4131b12d773989.png https://i.gyazo.com/f18610b3de6195831dc3b6ca77f3fb77.png https://i.gyazo.com/6dc2a6f19f0c018e3e6599b2fc3e4119.png https://i.gyazo.com/ffe2e675297384ceb8baff41ab65c45a.png https://i.gyazo.com/ff79956b0699d1861720bb543652c503.png https://i.gyazo.com/e692581ab99e77ba2975e02165b7ffc7.png https://i.gyazo.com/a5c99b4ab631700051bdcccb21f7d794.png https://i.gyazo.com/095e802ac0e6b58cc4a94651a5bffe5e.png https://i.gyazo.com/11d33bb48609954fcf1376680bc84a6b.png https://i.gyazo.com/5088489902dfaeef86b647a430f896d5.png
Fitzky (OCE)
: Rakka is literally the "Star Child", Miss fortune is retarded as well, like they ran out of ideas so they took the next available female champion and went with it.
And Aurelion Sol literally created the stars, but a guardian skin wouldn't work for him either. _(although I wouldn't say no to the lord of sass in a little pink skirt and sailor suit O_o)_ It's clear that the skin line is more about being 'anime' than it is about 'stars'. But MF is definitely a silly decision, Taric, Annie, Sona, or even Taliyah/Kayle, would have been better choices. as they all have personalities that can be related to anime stereotypes of that genre.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Syndra was the most retarded decision for a star guardian, she's suppose to be evil, not a defender for peace.
Agreed she isn't the optimal choice, but her personality and look is very Anime though! She fits one of the strong stereotypical female character profiles. https://i.gyazo.com/ef680bf8d46d1c2a388e1fb8321ecd3c.jpg It's MF and Raka that don't fit IMO, neither of them embody anything about the genre of anime that the Star Guardians come from.
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: Star guardian mission
Actually I think the grammar is correct, _(albeit confusingly worded)_. As it states, "without" then a _semi colon_ indicating a list, and the list is: Marksmen, Mage, Utility. Then each of those has a semi colon, which indicates both a list and a new sentence, the sentence then goes on to say "No Jinx, Ezreal, MF." So there are 3 sentences, each separated by semicolons, and each semicolon only connects the current sentence to the next, it has no relation to the one after. It doesn't read: Without: Marksman: No jinx. Mage: No Ahri _(which is how it looks like, and is incorrect)_ It actually reads: Without: Marksmen, Mage, Utility: No Jinx, Ahri, Poppy. _(which is correct grammar, I think)_ So in terms of grammar, it is _"Without: Marksmen."_ and _"Marksmen: No Jinx"_ as seperate sentences. They don't read directly into each other, they are separated by the 'marksman' and the sentences are divided by semicolons. So I think technically the grammar is correct, as the double negative is not in adjoining sentences. It could be written better, but as a rule, I don't believe it is incorrect. Of course I am no expert though.
: It was available~~ only by preorder~~ through gamestop by the looks and only if you bought a special collectors box, ~~though I am unsure if the box contained all the pops or the Amumu and some other stuff.~~
Ahhh i see, does that mean that OP will have to check 2nd hand sources if he still wants Amumu?
Not to make fun of your situation. But it brings me genuine happiness that even the animal kingdom hates Lee Sin! I think Amumu was an exclusive version, or special edition or something, and so rarer than the rest _(but don't quote me on that)_.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Yes. Star Guardian {{champion:163}}, it is a good idea. A send back to kirby.
I need Star Guardian {{champion:163}} SO bad.
: Eh yeah and no, I like to cycle between skins. Until now for Sivir it's really just been PAX and Spectacular. I don't like how my friend gets constantly bombarded with "hurr how much did that cost you" whenever he plays with a skin made from gemstones, so I want that boarder to say "I got this because I have the original, I didn't spam the crafting system".
Tbh, I hate limited edition skins just because of what they represent. They are only valuable when other people don't have them. Which means the only thing that makes them valuable, is the fact that people want to feel better than someone else because they have something and the other person doesn't. _(What other reason is there for wanting something 'limited?')_ To use you as an example here; you didn't _work_ for PAX Sivir. There were no missions or charity donations or the like. Either you rocked up to an event because you happened to live in a country where that event was held, or you were given or bought a code online somewhere. Why should you be rewarded for that? What have you done to deserve it? Either you were lucky that you lived next to an event, or you were lucky that someone sold you a legit code. I can understand borders when they are earned, like the Yasuo and Riven borders. No one misses out on the chance to get a cool skin, but players who were around at the time and actively participated in the VS. event, can get a little nod to show that they were part of the fight between Light and Dark. It's not much, and everyone can still enjoy all the skins without having to fly around the world. Why should you get a border just for being lucky enough to live in a country where they gave skins out for free? You already get 2 free skins because of that. One of which, 95% of the planet weren't even given the opportunity to get, and will **never** get again. And the other costs such an astronomical amount _(for what lets be honest, is a very average skin)_, that most people just straight up wont get it _(even if they do manage to earn the 10 gemstones in the couple of months allocated)_. So personally, if it were me, id be counting my lucky stars that I get 2 limited edition skins, for almost no effort at all, just for living in proximity to where someone decided to hold an event! While the rest of the world toils away at the chance to get just one of them, and mourns the fact that they will **NEVER** own the other. Im not aiming this directly at you btw, just at the idea behind 'limited edition' skins. _________ I think _value_ should be measured by the quality of the product, and not by how many people won't have it. For example, I think its pathetic that Neo Pax Sivir, is more valuable that Elementalist Lux, when Lux is by far a more superior product. And falsely introducing that limitation into a product _(e.g. a line of code)_ that has no physical limitations _(as opposed to something like Gold, which is limited because there can only physically be a finite amount of it)_ is just terrible. But this is of course just my opinion. [EDIT]: And I say this as an owner of every legacy skin in the game _(except heartseeker Vayne)_ and nearly all of the limited icons, boarders, wards, and all that other exclusive stuff too. So I fall for it as much as the next man. But that doesn't mean I agree with it.
Essembie (OCE)
: Nami into the abyss
I love when they do stuff like this, it really breathes even more life into the champions :P And not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it, but i never thought of 'that place' being accessible underwater :P so cool, so many interesting pathways to add to the story of Runeterra.
: I got it for free cause I already have PAX Sivir :D Sucks NEO PAX doesn't have a boarder to tell people I own the original...
The jealousy is real! xD I have to waste 10 gemstones (i only have 7...) to get a skin I would get for free If i just happened to be born an Aussie instead of a Kiwi... _(racism?)_ Thats a little annoying, but I suppose having the original skin and playing it is enough though? :P
: Neo Pax Sivir
Neo Pax Sivir will be available at Pax Australia. http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/skin-release/neo-pax-sivir-and-epic-capsules-now-live Unfortunately, the rest of us who don't happen to live in Melbourne _(or even in Australia)_ will have to use up 10 gemstones... :/
: My main issue is... wasn't urfwick a charity skin back in the day? Honestly i tried to look it up, but good bloody luck now, but doesn't that kinda undermine the point of having BOUGHT the skin to help charity? It'd be like Cosmic Reaver Kassadin being Resold for IP.
Just because a skin was sold to help people a long time ago, doesn't mean people shouldn't be able to enjoy it now. The enjoyment of the skin doesn't remove the positive effects it caused in the past.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Just to drop in my 2 cents here. I can understand why in isolation the exchange rate between old runes --> BE might seem a bit low but I think if we look at the wider picture (this comes as part of a restructuring of runes, leveling, rewards) it makes a bit more sense. 1) The only reason this is a thing is because we are revamping and improving the rune system. The current runes system isn't really delivering on what a good pregame system should (most people just get their stat page off of pros as thats most optimal. There aren't really meaningful choices to make, and hopefully updating and improving the system and help move us in the right direction. Not only that we are actually making all runes free which IMO has been long overdue (but its difficult to overhaul something that affects so much of our game). This means that if you didn't have all the runes you wanted, you get access to it all for free and can use BE on unlocking champions. IF you did have all the runes you wanted getting a better system is a win for all players. 2) By creating this new leveling and loot system (more chests for everyone) + making runes completely free, we're already investing in a major update to the game. All of these changes are going to cost us money, but we think its worth it for the future of League. So, the goal with the rewards we've announced is to recognize players' investment into Runes and reward you fairly for it, without going overboard and hurting ourselves financially more than we really have to in the process. I know talking about money/costs is always a bit weird as usually we just talk about the game but these are very real factors we need to consider. We feel like these new systems will help us address important problems "Sometime last year, we started to look into big, long-lasting problems players have with some of the oldest and most fundamental systems in League—specifically IP, rewards, and leveling. A few things quickly became clear: Spending IP on runes doesn’t feel good and comes at the expense of unlocking champs Grinding to unlock champions takes too long, especially for newer players Lots of players have huge IP balances with nothing to spend it on The leveling system hasn’t aged well and offers nothing to longtime players" Hopefully this adds to the discussion and I'm really keen to hear more about your thoughts about our preseason changes!
Oh, I didn't mean to complain about the exchange rate! My point was that I went from being: "Wow thats kinda shit that we just get useless 'IP' back." to "OMG I NEED THIS NOW!" in about 5 seconds flat xD I fully understand the reasons behind all the changes! and agree with most if not all of them. I think that the exchange rate is fine, tbh. My only problem was that long-time loyal players weren't valued as much as newer players in terms of refund amount _(regardless of what the exchange rate is)_. but I do see why that is the case. I mean after all, runes wont really be missed too much. _(except for specialty cases like full CDR on Nasus etc etc.)_ Ill miss my lifesteal runes on Aatrox, and my Movement speed runes on Aurelion Sol. But apart from that, most of my champs use the same rune pages anyway, so it's pretty much the same as none of them having it, so they wont be missed too much. And the new runes will make up for the stat losses, but everyone is in the same boat there. but personally I think urfwick should come down in price a little, as realistically very few people will be able to obtain it. I've been playing pretty much 2-6 games most days since season 2, and even with the runes refund I still wont quite have enough blue essence for it. _(Although buying Rakan and Xayah for half my friends list probably didn't help.....)_ And I cant even begin to say how much sense it makes to change IP into blue essence. As they were basically the same thing anyway.
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: Why is it that in a game with over 120 champions and near endless customisation...
I dont mind so much sloging through losing games, I see most games as winnable, and I for one learn more from playing a losing game than a winning one. My problem with it is the champion diversity. How come in a game with 140 champs, we only ever see 30 of them? Mid lane has a 50% chance of being either Yasuo or Zed, a 30% chance of being a pro-copy-cat champ like Ori or Viktor, and a 20% chance of being any of the other 60 or so mid laners. Once you've played the same Zed lane over and over and over, you get hella sick of it.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Problems causes you this does. How about it does that 50% duration thing that sounds fun and all, but keeps destroying enemy shit, but plot twist. Yasuo nados duplicate, as in the original will continue as it is, but another one spawns in direct correlation to the first if it passes through the wind wall, using equal angles of reflection and all, so if it hits perpendicular to the wall, another nado will come back perpendicular, but if it hits at say an angle of 45, a new one pops at 45 and continues for the same duration as the original. Activating the duration reduction as it does. If we are honest, it cuts down his blocking power, and give him "compensation" that is rarely going to do much good. I mean, if you are throwing it through the wall, it doesnt do anything special anyway.
: New Honor system rewards
I have received a couple of capsules. But never any skins _(perhaps the fact that I already own medieval twitch and grey Warwick doesn't help)_ But I have noticed that the key fragment drop rate has not increased at all between level 2 and level 5. I've been earning every chest when they are available. and opening them when i have enough key fragments. I started with 9 unopened chests. I still have 9 unopened chests.
: Can I add you in game please?
Sure thing! My summoner name is Itachi Uchiha But ill warn you, my theory of the game is stronger than my actual practice of it xD
: Tilt control
Hey man :) I don't have Aspergers, but for a long time my job was to do with providing assistance and support to people who do. So hopefully I have some credibility xD I actually met one of my best friends though that. _(I got him into league, naturally)_. And what seemed to help was to break down the game into its seperate parts, rather than worrying about the whole picture Eg. _**"are we winning or losing"**_ is the big picture, and when you look at it like that, unless you're a fed Vayne or Yi, you have very little control over what happens. and then it's easy to get tilted because nothing you do makes much of a difference. And people with Aspergers tend to feel more comfortable with a bit of control. So breaking the game up into its seperate parts and focusing on one or more of them, can be helpful. Rather than looking at: _**"are we winning or losing"**_, look at lots of smaller factors like: **_"Who has better objective control."_** or **_"Which team has the CS advantage"_** or _**"Who has greater map pressure"**_ or **_"Whose warding game is stronger"_** _**"Who has greater kill participation"**_ _(remember that kill participation isnt the same as who has the most kills, a team with 20 kills can have less participation than a team with 10 depending on how many people were present for those kills, and so the gold difference isn't always what it looks like.)_ and there are many other factors too, that you can look at. What this does, is break the game up into more manageable sections, and sections that can be more easily controlled. For example, you have virtually no control over who wins or loses as everyone is trying their best to control this, and your effort is just 1 out of 10. But it is easier to wrestle control over something more tangible like CS numbers. If you are behind, start bringing your team's gold advantage up by doing some jungle farming and lane pushing, take note of how many CS certain members on their team are getting per minute, and try to beat that. Now, not only are you giving yourself a clear task to complete, _(which takes your mind off tilting)_, but it also gives you control over one section of the game. which in turn increases your chances of winning. And just by completing these tasks like _"get better CS than their team in the next 5 minutes"_ your mind sees this as a little victory, and every victory reduces the feeling of being tilted. And you don't have to keep it to yourself either. If you think they'll listen, tell your team: _"Look guys, we are behind, I want us to average X number of CS in the next X number of minutes, can we focus on closing the gold gap before doing any teamfights."_ It's easier to take control over and win small battles and focus on making those battles bigger and bigger, than it is to just look at the overall war. so start by looking at your lane opponent: If you are top lane and Rumble has 154 CS, I have 120. Give yourself an achievable amount of time to beat him, and focus on that. Once thats done, move on to a bigger goal, like increasing the whole team's CS. Start warding areas that make it safer for your ADC to farm. Leave CS for your mid laner if they need it, and go take some of the jungle for yourself, as it's easier for top laners to farm the jungle that it is for mid laners. Now your team is ahead in farm and the gold gap is close, you cam move to a new segment of the game. Maybe focus on just taking towers or making sure you and your team are in the right position for the next 2 dragons. You don't have to win every battle in every part of the game. Just focus on winning enough to bridge the gap. This gives you more control over a situation, in a time when you can feel behind and helpless. So Instead of thinking _"Shit we are losing."_ You think _"Daymn son, we are beating them in CS, or map control"_ It may help, it may not, but at least it's a better mindset! Anyway thats my rambling, I hope that can help at least a little. xD _(my friend now always out-farms me in every game!)_ Good luck! ________ _**TL;DR:**_ Rather than focusing on just _"Are we wining"_, which is something we have little control over, break up the game into smaller battles like _"Who is winning in CS"_, _"Who has more objective control"_, _"Which side has more map pressure."_ and focus on controlling and winning these small battles, that way you get a sense of control _(important for not tilting)_ and you get to see your team winning little things every now and then _(also important for not tilting)_, and if you win enough little battles, the game will look after itself anyway. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
fum422 (OCE)
: > Try landing all Xerath or Karthus&#x27;s crap. I can land Karthus's ult every time
{{champion:105}} :/
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