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gabepasta (OCE)
: Better skin? Arcade riven or dunky Darius.
Darius has a new voice over _(and that is always a strong case)_. But I think that Riven's skin, despite not having a voice over, actually feels more different to the normal skin, than Darius's one. _(arcade sound effects are pretty distinctive)_ Plus, her recall is amazing, one of my fave in the game! and her skin is better design wise _(in my opinion)_ So I would choose Riven, but i don't play either of them, so don't hold my opinion too highly. all that being said though.... Riven doesn't have chroma packs :P
HeartVine (OCE)
: If you do do them though, I'm willing to compensate you for your time, especially if they're exceptional. I'd like to make a couple requests regarding how they look, if you do get around to them. For Quinn and Valor, I was thinking a pose somewhat like their in-game joke, with Quinn holding out her arm for Valor to perch on. As for Xayah and Rakan, I was thinking of Xayah clinging onto Rakan's back "nomming" on his ear (in a kind of Xayah way). Just thinking about them... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Those ideas are pretty cool! Ill definitely do my best when I'm next making some! the closest thing I've done to emotion so far is this: So it'll be new and fun to try and get a Xayah and Rakan with a bit of life haha.
HeartVine (OCE)
: I wasn't just thinking Quinn. More like a "Quinn and Valor" and "Xayah and Rakan" kind of thing. And with a bit more personality than the ones you've done portray (something a bit more like the stickers on the boards). I can pay, if that encourages you... ######\*whispers\* in RP
Ill see what I can do, if i get time haha But i cant make any promises, so i certainly can't accept any RP haha xD Rakan and Xayah would definitely be fun ones to do!
Talon12 (OCE)
: do Taliyah then, you know you want to
It... may.. have crossed my mind xD
Fitzky (OCE)
: It's good to know Riot made the right decision in giving you the Distinguished role, pretty much the only special boards member whose opinion echoes that of the player base {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I appreciate the confidence haha thanks :) But I think all of the coloured boards members are as much in love with this game as the rest of us, and each of them goes above and beyond to try and make this community a better place for everyone. _(of all of them, I'm sure I'm the one that does the least :S)_ So I think their beliefs and desires are very well aligned with those of the community! But a lot of their work goes unnoticed to many. I just happen to be loud, annoying and opinionated xD My only goal is to improve the game I love, and ill express whatever view I think will accomplish that, even if just slightly. I am very proud to have a purple name, and I hope I haven't disappointed those who gave it to me! But it isn't a 'pledge of unwavering allegiance', nor would Riot want it to be! If I feel that what Riot is doing is hurting this game, I wont hesitate to say so. Likewise if I think the community is wrong! And ill be the first to agree with either if I think their path offers the best for the game. That is how I feel I can best serve the community. By being a distinguished member that can be a little 'rough-around-the-edges' sometimes, that people can relate to, and discuss anything with. _(when people disagree with some of Riot's decisions for the game, it can for some people, feel like their voice isn't being heard. So I hope that seeing a purple name raising tough points occasionally that they can identify with, shows people that they aren't alone, even in touchy matters.)_ The coloured names _(Red included)_ are here for the community after all! ^^ Thats my philosophy anyway xD you can always rely on me to speak my mind about the game :P maybe thats one of the reasons why I was selected?
Fitzky (OCE)
: Watch Diamond+ say "Lee is weak lmao" like the rest of the players aren't having a hard time
I do love the logic of the game. 97% of players are gold and below. The majority of those are in bronze or low silver. _"Lets balance the game at plat level!"_
Fitzky (OCE)
ikr! id love to see the statistics of people who have trouble with Azir vs people who have trouble with Lee. Alas, popularity wipes clean all sins! _(Just look at trump for proof)_ So Lee will likely remain unchanged and un-nerfed :(
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I was mostly joking anyway :P. I'm still salty over the Quinn rework so I can't talk haha.
I must admit, it was cool turning into a bird :P haha its a shame to see that gone :/
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: I feel you might be, being a tad melodramatic Sessh
: I wanna say I'd be the same but when they said they were gonna touch my Vel'Koz and my Zyra I was concerned but then pleasantly surprised in the end. @Sessh I think you should wait until you actually get to play the changed Azir before you get too deep into it, you never know, you might like the changes. Riot is pretty good at keeping the feel of champions well and truly intact with these small/mid scale changes while also making them much healthier and easy to balance in the long run.
Oh for sure I will reserve judgement until I've played him of course. But when you like something, it doesn't matter wether it's being replaced by something better or worse, it hurts to have it taken away! Most people would rather have a paintball gun than a teddy bear. But you'd still be sad if someone took away the teddy you had when you were a kid. :P haha More so It's the principle I dislike. I agree with large scale updates of way outdated champs like Sion and Yorick, but changing them for 'balance' or 'popularity' reasons doesn't sit right with me. and once you change something once, theres no reason why you cant just change it again at any time (like what they did with Kog) that being said though, I will approach the new Azir with only a small degree of prejudice, but mostly with an open mind :P I do NOT want him to be popular though! that was one thing that made Azir great, he was so underplayed and you had to work so hard to be good at him, so unlike other champs it actually felt like an accomplishment. If he is easier to play and everyone is playing him, he wont feel like himself anymore. _(imagine if Urgot was the most popular champ, it just woudn't feel right)_
: Learn more: Pulsefire Caitlyn
It was a long time coming... Tbh it should have been released last week, when there was still hype. But that is the past, and this skin is about the future. It is truly an amazing skin The quality of Legendary skins (PROJECT: ASHE: etc) has taken a huge leap forward. Well done Riot! Truly. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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HeartVine (OCE)
: Cool. ... Do you... Do you take requests?
I cant promise anything because I don't know when ill next get a chance to make some. But if i can fit Quinn in, ill try :P
: We could really use that Aurelian sol rework... just saying{{champion:136}}
Why? He's perfect the way he is!
: They are very cute! Thresh is by far my favourite xD I think it's the colouring, really captured the skin. How hard would it be to do them for all the champs? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Thanks :) I think thresh might be my favourite as well. My friend is the literal definition of a 'Thresh God' so I made that one because of him. xD They are fairly time consuming, but doing all the champions is certainly something id like to try and do! I shall try and release some more often :)
Maraudaur (OCE)
: You made these??? cool!
Yea haha, in their photoshop doc format they are posable as well _(moving joints etc)_. im glad you like them ^^
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: Taking another look at subclasses
**Lissandra is a burst mage?** I have never seen a Lissandra _burst_ anyone from 100-0! It usually takes a drawn out fight where she has to constantly spam Q for a while. and even then getting a kill alone without her ult is not something that happens often. _(which is something you'd expect a burst mage to be able to do)_ It seems unfair to lump her in with Annie and Ahri and all those others that can 100-0 instantly you without even using their whole kit.
CussyPunt (OCE)
: Pulsefire Caitlyn
The hype is so dead for that skin. They lost themselves so many sales by not releasing it in the first week of the patch.
Percival9 (OCE)
: That moment when you become so good at a champion (and hence carry hard in the game), that your teammates all send you friend requests after the game xD
Not long ago I played Aurelion Sol, and got myself into a predicament, stuck at low HP between 2 skill shot champions. I managed to dodge all their abilities, while keeping them both being hit by the stars. which gave me enough time to slip past one of them and Comet-of-legend to safety. Our Trynd told me I was the best Sol he had ever seen xD feels good! It makes up for all those games when I get smashed to hell by Fizz and Yasuo xD
Jeon Somi (OCE)
: Any new incoming gragas skins?
Its not really possible to know until either a teaser is released, or it hits PBE. So there could be one in 1 week time, or it could be 4 years away. We have no way of knowing. There was a list of skins _(and other content)_ that were leaked from Riot by someone. So far everything on that list has come true. But there was no Gragas skin on it. Riot also announced that in the next 12 months, Cassiopeia, Yorick, Viktor and Illaoi are getting new skins. and while Gragas wasnt explicitly mentioned, they did say _"(and others)"_ so it is possible that Gragas could be included. But it hasn't been specifically mentioned. Sorry I cant answer your question any more accurately. He is in need of a good new skin in my opinion _(despite my hatred for the fat man)_. a 1350 one at least.
Percival9 (OCE)
: Isn't she getting an update next patch with infinite scaling range and damage though?
thats what I mean. Im sure it'll be cool, but why update her? She doesn't exactly seem like the most needed champion to update. Its weird.
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: Permabanned for?
A 14 day ban isn't a permaban. You can tell due to lack of permanence.
: Community: What do you want to see?!
Things that make me proud to be part of the league community, are things that make us as players **rally together**. For example the Freljiord event, where the community split into 3 clans to support their favourite Ice Queen. Or when we fight as a whole to achieve something, like the ocean week challenge. _(e.g. I feel a sense of camaraderie when I see another player with Lissandra's icon, because I know we both fought together on the same side once.)_ Nothing really makes me not want to be a part of the community, obviously toxicity and stupidity are unpleasant and certainly don't make me feel proud of us as a group. But apart from the occasional toxic idiot in denial, I feel nothing but pride when associating myself with the community! As for my favourite events, I love themed events! wether they are offical riot ones, or fan competitions. Anything that brings out the essence of runeterra or its characters, or like i said above, ones that rally clusters of players together. Therefore I get way more hyped for The Ritual of Ascension, or the Hunt of the Blood Moon, than I do for a group of letters like MSI or LCS and all the other acronyms that stand for people we have nothing to do with, fighting it out in a competition few people in the majority of skill levels can relate to. Personally I prefer fun events to competitions. In the end of the day, league is just a game. In 20 years time, no one on earth is going to give a damn who won worlds in 2014. No competition online is going to mean much in comparison to real sporting history, hell, most players don't even know Faker's real name and he's their hero! So he definitely won't be a long lasting hero like Kobe Bryant or Muhammad Ali. So i'd rather just have fun in the moment and look back in 20 years and think _"I cant remember what about, but we had some good laughs!"_ rather than _"I came 164th in some competition."_ Im from NZ so anything live is kinda out of the question. It'd have to be online for me :P Nothing happens here. But in saying that, live events are probably much more fun for those who can be there. I hope that helps! :P but I am aware that I'm not the 'standard' measurement for the community xD good luck! :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=iKZ7fXU7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-22T09:59:09.964+0000) > > I know them feels man! > > it'd be okay, if his abilities actually had cast animation times, literally everything he does happens _instantly_ when you press the button. > Unlike so many champs who cant do things anywhere near as quickly because their abilities have animations... > > So he Q's you, and then is instantly behind you with W and ulting you back, before you can even do anything. > > I hate him so much :/ It doesn't help that his Q is prone to teleporting to you if you use a mobility skill 0.1s to soon. By the time you can flash his second Q, his crippling strike ahs already hit you. Such BS! Made 10 months ago... no fix. Not even flashing early either, flashing on time.
: Hm.
I know them feels man! it'd be okay, if his abilities actually had cast animation times, literally everything he does happens _instantly_ when you press the button. Unlike so many champs who cant do things anywhere near as quickly because their abilities have animations... So he Q's you, and then is instantly behind you with W and ulting you back, before you can even do anything. I hate him so much :/
Fitzky (OCE)
: Wow, you made that entirely yourself? Impressive, if you didn't tell us otherwise I would of thought Riot had actually made it themselves, well done.
Well I screenshotted and used the symbols and borders that riot made for other things, to make sure the design was consistent with their 'hextech' look. but I put it all together and made the 'system' haha hopefully it helps someone, somewhere. xD
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: Pretty sure that Riot announced that all 'Valentine Skins' will only be available during Valentine's Day when Heartseeker Lucian and Quinn came out.
Really? I must have missed this. thanks for clarifying that!
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: Is cassiopeia just really easy to play or have I found my next main.
She's a pretty good champion, I mean.. the essence of her kit is just: poison someone and then spastically mash E until they die.. But somehow it is a lot more fun than it sounds xD But what Aidan7787 says is 100% true! you do so much better when you have fun. It's far better to pick a champ or two that you really enjoy, and stick with them through thick and thin. Than to just play whatever's 'hot' at the time. A 1,000,000 mastery Bard will perform much higher than a player who is new to a stronger support like Blitz. Im happy for you man! I know how it felt when Azir, Sol and Taliyah came out. Im glad you get to feel that ^^ So go for it!
HeartVine (OCE)
: > I assumed that once you give someone back a cigar, they would then *have* said cigar. Maybe Graves just finished it and hasn't gotten his hands on another...
I think he'd be manly enough to just stick a shotgun shell in his mouth as a substitute! ;)
Serfige (OCE)
: Ladies and gentlemen, let's have a round of applause for OP's masterclass in autism.
Forgive my ignorance. I assumed that once you give someone back a cigar, they would then _have_ said cigar. Would you care to elaborate?
Percival9 (OCE)
: What is the plural of Nasus?
My subconscious is telling me Nasi. Because Nasus is probably derived from Nasal, and Nasai or Nasi is the plural of that I believe. But it could well be similar to sheep, where 'sheep' is both the singular and the plural. 'Nasus' singular and 'Nasus' plural.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hope this helps
Thank you! that 100% answers the question! :D
Talon12 (OCE)
: What i read was on the PBE, and on the pbe it stated it was for draft normals, not ranked, because they needed to polish out all the issues first.
I read the official statement here: So im inclined to trust that over a 3rd party website stating the PBE changes.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Go back and read it. It's changed for normals draft pick only, not solo, not duo, not flex. And the bans will only count as 1 if two people ban, and if on same team ban, the other person gets a no ban.
It might be you who needs to re-read it. > the ban phase for all draft Summoner’s Rift modes - > So, why aren’t we implementing the esports format in solo or flex? All draft pick modes are getting it, including ranked solo and flex. If 2 people ban the same champ _(on opposite teams)_, one of them technically doesnt get a ban. and only 9 champs are banned. Thats what I'm talking about.
Yaiamone (OCE)
: Role Swap: Part 2 - Support ♥
These are such a good Idea! I can see these posts being very helpful to players. But hats off to you for not linking MF to supports trying out ADC. We don't want to encourage any kind of MF support fantasies :P
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Talon12 (OCE)
: Darius would be perfectly fine if they changed it from bonus ad to bonus on hit damage (aa). The problem stems from a tank having 550 ad+ with only a black cleaver. And lee just has ridiculous bases and cds.
Even with bonus on hit damage, no tank should be doing that much with an auto. I think it needs to be easier to dodge his heal. As it stands, with his W slow AND the bounce back from his E, coupled with his movement speed from phage (and most of then take ghost as well), theres almost no way of escaping his axe blade, so he's basically guaranteed a 1/3 HP heal. and yea, Lee needs to be sent back to the drawing board.
: You got a better discount on renegade than I did :(
Yea haha, ill probably pick it up. Luckily it is a cheap skin anyway though :P
: 10 bans in regular play coming soon
Wooohoooo!!! 10 bans XD its like Christmas! Not so fond of the fact that bans can be duplicated though. Not only will it make you feel like your ban was worthless, but it also means theres more chance for cancer champs to slip through the cracks.
: So, what'd you get in 'Your Shop'? Nothing too interesting, but far from terrible! I am partial to Vikings however. And a Viking with a chef hat who lobs chunks of meat around... Well, how could I resist? I like the Orianna skin, but whenever I play Ori I cant help but feel a little dirty. So I'm not sure if Ill get it.
: When is brain-dead Darius being nerfed?
The stupid thing about Darius is that I want to ban Lee, but I cant, because I **have** to ban Darius.... So I get a fricken Lee in every game. Thats the problem with Darius!
: Is it just me or is LoL the most toxic game ever?
The thing is, everyone complains that it's _Riot's fault_, and that _Riot should fix it_, and all that. But, really, what do you want them to do? You wan't them to turn the lol community into a police state where you get a firing squad just for saying the lords name in vain? Because that is the only true way to get rid of toxicity completely! _"Give a man a mask and he will show you who he truly is"_ Is 100% true, and what better mask is there than the internet. So you're always going to get that punk who is to scared to be a dick in real life, so he takes it out in league. The only way to get rid of him is to instaban anyone who has a different way of thinking than yourself. _(and im pretty sure thats one of the reasons we didn't like Nazi Germany)_ and in any case, I fail to see how it's Riot's fault Its **us** being toxic in **their** game. We are to blame _(I've never seen a Rioter being toxic)_, they give us the privilege of playing in their free to play game, and we are toxic in return. I fail to see how that's their fault? **We** made the problem, **we** are the ones who want it fixed, and we blame **them** for everything. It's like biting your tongue and then blaming your mum for cooking you the dinner in the first place. It's pathetic. Riot do the best they can to stop **us** from being toxic, because thats what **we** want. Without compromising the game, so blaming them is hardly fair.
Mozzie25 (OCE)
: As someone who still loves to play nid mid. I can somewhat understand how frustrating those spears would be. A lot of her damage is based around the spears and the mark those and the traps give. You usually have to be careful with her mana though. Was she building mana items? I imagine the top bushes were a pain in the ass I haven't played against a nidalee in ages but I can tell you what tends to work against me when I'm playing here. Which is stay among your minions to ruin her aim with the spears. Once she's throws it, if she's misses trade aggressively. A ton of her damage in cougar comes from the mark empowered q, without it you should win the trade. If it hits get the fuck outta there. If she's running ignite (which i always do) a good spear + cougar combo + ignite will kill you. The other thing is mobile champs. Ez drives me nuts when I'm Nid. So the reason you probably had so much trouble was that gp isn't great at either of those things.
Thats good advice! thanks I don't think she did build mana, she rushed ludens. Maybe mana runes? i dont know. yea I was usually behind minions, but sometimes (like when vsing blitz) there isn't much of a choice when theres only half a wave of your minions left and the enemy can just come round in the bushes behind you and zone you, so you either take a spear (or pull) to the face, or you miss farm. Yea GP's lack of dashes might have been a big problem for me.
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