: Why I hate Missions
This whole event was a travesty. It turned something that should be fun, into an endless grind, where you know from the beginning that you still won't be able to get ALL the things you want, especially if one of them is that f*cking skin. I was a collector up until this event, the last limited edition thing that slipped through my fingers since I started playing was original Championship Riven, and that's because I was only a month or so into playing and didn't realise what it was. Now because of the sheer volume of limited crap they pump out, and the 10,000 hoops you have to jump through just to get a small piece of it, I physically cant maintain my collection _(Like even of I wanted to, I physically don't have enough time and money)_, and so won't bother with getting future items either. _(what's the point collecting if the collection can now never be complete?)_ So that's a crapton of my money that league won't be getting from now on. Just because they got a little greedy. I have never despised this game as much as I do right now, for so many reasons. Almost every major decision they made this year was so wrong. _PS. Remember when to get a border you just had to buy a skin (for the normal price) the first week it came out? and not spend $50 on a bundle with horrendously designed chromas, and like 6 icons you'll never use. Those days are long gone._
: I haven't bought the pass, I don't know what it's like, all I know is what experiences others have shared. It just seems a strange for you to criticise? Yeah he's bought tokens but relative to everything he's bought not that many (that he's shared anyway) and still had heaps for Prestige Kai'sa, he was asking what it was like for others. For the record this isn't the first time a themed skin has been left off the legacy list. Snow Day Bard was the same, left off the list because it was for a new champion that only has a few skins to their name. I believe there has been one or two before this as well.
Why is it strange for me to criticise? If you buy tokens, you could potentially get the skin at any time, so "Was it easy to get?" becomes a mute question. It's just a matter of how many $$$ are you willing to spend. It removes the easy/difficult equation. If you only bought the pass and have to work for every token, then it's a matter of how easy/hard it was to get. How he managed to get the Kai'sa skin, and all the other stuff, while playing less hours than me per week, however, is a mystery. and I want in on that secret. I wasn't aware that Bard was left off the list. Either way, it still doesn't make the event any less rollercoasterish. They need to seriously revamp the way the indicate how long things are staying in the shop, and when/if they will return. The way ESO does it makes so much sense, just put a timer on the item "3 days left", complete transparency. Who knew how long non-skin content like orbs and bundles were staying for. And I don't remember seeing a date on the Kha’Zix chromas _(but I could have missed that one)_. Also league almost never specifies what is legacy content, and what is 1-time limited content. It seems like these chromas could return every year right? Except that I couldn't help but notice that Ashe wasn't among them (which isn't explained), which suggests that her chroma/border is limited, which poses the question, are these ones also 1-time only? Will the Kai'sa skin remain available through crafting? Or is it gone forever? Who the fuck knows. It'd be nice if this stuff was explained to us. Just a little transparency.
Nightjar (OCE)
: depends on which champion, some champions like Zilean, Velkoz, Ashe, Ezreal, ect... are really strong in aram other champions suck in aram, such as shaco, kindred, udyr, and basically have to opt for strange teamcentric builds and hope their teamcomp can make it work or the player has to be very experienced to perform well in the howling abyss. Shaco for instance has difficulty making a strong team impact, falls off lategame due to his kit in the aram setting and needing to be very good at reading the enemy team to be effective, since just jumping in with q in aram, especially when the enemy team picks up the vision potion, is very suicidal, and normally shaco e is poor poke, especially now that it's a physical damage ability which primarily scales with ap.
You build shaco AP on ARAM. It all about the traps, and finishing them of from half HP with an E.
: worst s+ ever
It's all about the champion. Its not that hard to get S's with champs like Sol because no one plays him, and when random people get him on ARAM, they have no idea what to do. But get a champ like Vel'Koz or Veigar, and you'll have to try a lot harder to beat the average score of that champ. And probably the biggest factor is CS. If he spent the game smashing minions with his AoE, he will get an S much easier than someone with no AoE, or someone who ignored minions.
: But, you only bought 200 tokens less than him? And he's spent 1600 on Gold chromas. While I agree he definitely has a crapload of tokens, you're on pretty even ground. Unless you haven't bought the pass? It was made pretty clear from the get go that you'd need to either buy the pass or tokens to get Prestige Kai'sa, it's not a skin you can earn ftp if that's what you mean?
Yea I bought tokens, but Im not the one claiming how easy it was to get. And I was only 100 or so tokens off getting it when I posted that. All I'm saying is, I think that if you're buying tokens, you can't suddenly say _"Oh that was easy to earn! xD"_ Was it made clear? I feel like nothing in this event was clear at all. Yes the information existed (except that the championship chromas were randomly being taken away), but it certainly wasn't easy to find, or understand. Take the halloween skins for example, unless you were paying close attention to the event, you would have spent your tokens on championship chromas, and then 'bam' next day theres these new chromas that you couldn't make before? (oops no tokens left) Then those chromas/borders went away, but you could still get the halloween skins? Then 2 of the skins went away, but one is still remaining? Which has never happened before. Unless you specifically left the client and checked all the fine print from a month ago, you'd be so confused. Hell, i'm confused and I read all the info.
OCEshots (OCE)
: i work from 6am till 6pm everyday and literally use weekends as league time (i play 18hours a day on weekends) and yeah same i got the 500 tokens... and an extra 200 from the dire wolves khaz skin and ive bought the pass, but also have golden riven golden zed and golden shyv
Soooo you bought tons of tokens, and now you're wondering why other people are finding it harder to get when they have to work for it?? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Upcoming changes to League Partner chromas
This. This is good! Everyone wins, creators get some well deserved attention and officially, regular players don't feel unable to complete their collections because of it, but those who do receive codes still maintain a level of uniqueness. Absolutely well played! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Wuks (NA)
: The last this was addressed was in the ARAM changes roundup. Here's a quote that I believe touches upon the concerns you may have: > One question we saw players ask was, “Does the Bench cause teams to be ‘better’ on average, with more high-winrate champions per team?” The short answer is no. While the ability to select a teammate’s rerolled champion does increase team quality a little, this effect was compensated for by the expanded F2P rotation, causing overall champion diversity to remain steady.
I mean, that's great and all, but it doesn't explain why all champs aren't unlocked? Its like them saying _"Planes are dangerous, but instead of improving the plane, we will give you better life rafts!"_ Sure the rotation is bigger, but if I only own Vel'Koz and Xerath, the chances of me getting them is still higher than someone who owns all 200+ champs. _(especially when the strong champs are in the rotation)_. All **Random** All Mid it's hardly random if you can sway your chances more than someone else, even just slightly. Why not just make the F2P rotation just a little bigger again, and include _all_ champs? Unless they are willing to admit what they are afraid of by doing so, I don't see any reason not to have all champs unlocked.
OCEshots (OCE)
: is the prestige kai sa really that hard to get? i mean as soon as it was out i had it o.O
What exactly are you fishing for here? I can only add my own experience to this: I have been playing almost every available moment since the event started, and I bought 500 tokens, and I still don't have enough. I go to work, cook, eat, sleep, and occasionally do a few non-league things like meet friends. But other than that, I'm at the grindstone getting these god-awful tokens. So, short of sacrificing my health or job, I've been doing all I can to get the tokens, and still don't have it. :( Does that answer your question? So unless you are getting S's every game, and/or have no job/school to go to, I don't think many people will 'easily' have it.
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: True. It'd be nice, but then again they are NPC's (if you know what I mean, they are playable, but not as important as a champion).
For me, it'd be either their own voice, or no voice at all. Theres no reason for them to have Azir's. It's like Maokai's saplings speaking just like him.
: I turned of character voices after playing about 2 games of League
: I liked the tank meta because I like to play tank. I remember going HAM on turrets with no creep wave to take the turret focus, and an AP mid on my ass, ignoring them all, killing the turret then killing the AP, because I was mundo back in the tank meta. I loved those days. To be honest, idgaf if Dime (10 cent) wants to screw me as an ARAM only player, I have gained 11 skins (including an ultimate) this year without spending money. The whole missions reward scheme is like 100hrs+ for a few buck worth of rewards, so I just don't care anymore. I could just buy what they would give me, but I have better things to spend my money on (beer and guitars).
Oh I like to play tank too, that wasn't the problem xD the problem was that if you didn't have at least 3 tanks on your team, you lost. It was that simple. Aaaaaaaand no one on your team except you ever picked a tank ^^ They all went Talon and LB against teams like Volibear/Leona/Shen etc.... Agreed though, beer and guitars are a pretty solid spend.
: to be fair, if people have this weird emotional ocd-like attachment to virtual items in video games, it's more on them than the company selling said items. like, why do you need to 'own' every single ridiculous, asinine thing (such as borders on skins) that you probably aren't even necessarily going to use, especially when they release new things to replace them? this is even more the case if some ridiculous, un-fun grind or process is involved in it. just don't do it? that's the only way to show them the community don't want it. the metric they use is participation rates. they don't actually measure whether or not the content was well received or not in terms of enjoyment. the fact that you did the grind will speak to them more than this post. nobody is forcing you to do it. don't get me wrong, riot (and all corporations) understand this behaviour and psychology and they exploit it to the max. they don't get a pass when it comes to business ethics and practices but like i said, the onus and power is with the players/customers.
Oh I 100% agree! I guess its because I've been playing for such a long time, and spend a huge number of hours in the game. Because I spend a lot of my time here, I want to look good. The same way that if you spend a lot of time clubbing or going out, you'll go out and buy nice clothes that aren't sweat pants and yesterdays shirt. If I played league once a week, then I wouldn't care about it, but seeming I put a few hours in every day, yea I want a nice border when I play my favourite champ _(seeming I'm going to be looking at their picture for hundreds of hours accumulatively)._
: As is well known by now, I only play ARAM. So all the worlds missions that are Rift only, I ignore. I won't buy into the "play a certain mode or style" or "watch games for rewards" thing, I play games for fun. I play the mode I enjoy and I watch movies and TV shows, not other people playing games. So I'm currently at 24 worlds missions complete, with 170 worlds tokens (I have spent none). A single mission gave me an orb, which is worth almost double what the rest of the missions gave collectively. WTF is this crap? Grind for a million hours to get something worth a dollar or two, no thanks. I used to buy RP, but not since Dime took over, they are ruining this game. As for tank meta being darkest days of LoL, it was my favourite. I have been playing since season 2, before OCE server even existed.
I agree, I don't watch worlds or any of that crap, _(although for this event, i have opened the window, muted it and minimised it)_, id rather play the game that watch people play a different one. That sucks that you have gotten the middle finger when it comes to the tokens just because you like a certain game mode :/ I too have been playing since season 2, but how on earth did you like the tank meta? _(clearly it would have been different in aram, but still...)_
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: Haven't really noticed it. But here are some alternatives that I believe would suit well "I will serve in the next life" OR "For Shurima" OR "For the Emperor" OR "I have served Shurima" OR "I now rest" Of course these are just my opinion.
Agreed, but they should definitely have their own VO and not just a copy/paste of Azir's. :P
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: Pentakill Sucks
I mean, consider the audience the skins were made for. They weren't made for diehard heavy metal enthusiasts. They were made for the average 12-15 year old who wants to feel edgy and cool while playing one of the nerdiest games on earth. I think any true die hard metal fan who thoroughly embraces the the hard rock way of life, probably won't be spending their Friday nights sitting in a bush with bunch of 12 year olds, playing Sona in a nerdy ass computer game. So they are hardly the demographic Riot will be aiming for. Real heavy metal fans, are probably out there head-banging at concerts, rather than critiquing a pixel band created to sell micro-transactions in a MOBA. _____________________ Its like sushi, everyone loves Japanese Teriyaki Chicken sushi, except for the _Japanese_ of course who haven't got fucking a clue what Teriyaki chicken sushi is. That doesn't make Teriyaki chicken sushi any less tasty. The west has taken a popular concept and adjusted that for the targeted consumers. Sushi chains wouldn't last long in America or Aussie if they only sold raw shellfish and fish eggs on rice, etc. Yet that is what 'true' sushi is. Pentakill isn't trying to be 'true' or 'pure' or _whatever_ kind of metal, it's trying to make a sound that appeals to the majority of players, while selling them the theme of a rock band. No one ever stated it was supposed to be die hard metal. And no one ever said it had to be historically accurate either. Pyke and Rengar perform the Haka as their dance, and neither of them have anything at all to do with NZ, Maori or Rugby, does that make them a disgrace? No, it makes them have a neat head nod to something most countries see as cool. Yorick has Slash's hat, so what? it's a head nod to a good musician. It's a fictional band ffs.
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Bobobub (OCE)
: Teammates and banning system
> if u int you can get banned **even if** its in a norms game Somehow implying that people in normal games shouldn't have the same rights as people in ranked? > but you cant flame them either due to banning system Why would you ever flame someone? There is no reason to ever do that. Especially if they aren't playing well, because then they are probably feeling terrible about themselves already, and the last thing they need is your self-righteous ass screaming at them. Thats 100% more likely to make them play even worse. We all have bad days and bad games, some players can't play certain champs well, and some players are actually just worse than most in general. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to play. We have ALL been a drain on the team at one point or another, and I can absolutely guarantee that you have too. I had a game recently where I went 0/13 on Azir _(my bloody main, who I have played loyally since the day he came out)_, I have no idea what happened, my playing just went to shit that game. Do I deserve a ban?
: Emerald Infernal Amumu
I completely agree. Missing out on a skin/chroma for your main because of something thats out of your control is just dumb. It clearly shows that Riot doesn't give a fuck about individuals. Exclusivity gets them money, and they don't care who misses out on a border or chroma or entire skin, just as long as _enough_ people buy it to be worth their time. I work a full time job. These last few weeks I have used nearly every available moment I have had playing league to get enough tokens for Prestige Kai'sa. I haven't even broken 1000 yet, and we are already half way through. Short of not eating/sleeping, or skipping work _(which is not an option in Japan)_, I physically can not earn enough tokens to get the skin. Even if I did manage to scrape enough tokens together, I would still miss out on Kalista's border and chroma who has been ye'old faithful to me for years, just so I can get a limited skin. Imagine how Kai'sa mains must feel! But even then, at least you can work towards it! Imagine how Sivir mains must have felt when Neo-Pax sivir went on sale for gemstones just for a short amount of time. Getting a gemstone is just luck. You cant make a limited time only skin available though luck! Thats just immoral. Sivir mains had 3 options: 1. Throw literally hundreds of dollars into hextech crafting, for the luck prevention to kick in and give you 10 gemstones. 2. Take days off work. Buy a plane ticket to a different country, purchase PAX tickets, pay for accommodation/food/travel etc. and pray that Riot hasn't run out of PAX code giveaways. 3. Happen to live in the city where PAX was held. Those are pretty bleak options for 95% of people. _______________ #In an ideal world If it had it my way, every skin in the game would be available to any player at any time, _(providing they jump through the right hoops to get it)_. Victorious skins would be given to anyone who was gold that year, AND once players get to gold, the previous victorious skins would be available for purchase either in the shop or for gemtones. _(so Morgana etc. mains who get gold this year, don't have to go the rest of their lives with incomplete collections, just because they got gold a year or so late.)_ 'Exclusive' chromas and skins would be given/bought during their respective events, but after that they would still be available in some way through hextech crafting. 'Limited' skins like Black Alistar and UFO Corki would make a comeback in some way. Quite honestly I don't give a f*ck about the feelings of the people who already have it. Its just plain cruel to deny 99.99999% of Alistar players one of his best skins, just to keep a couple of pre-order players feeling good about themselves _(most of whom stopped playing league years ago!)_. At the very least, limited skins should be available through RNG re-rolls in hextech crafting. At least then, theres a hope, and who knows, Riot may even make a bit of money out of it too. _______________ #TL;DR: If you want a skin/chroma/border etc. There should be a way for you to get it. No question. Players shouldn't be restricted from completing collections for their mains because of things that are out of their control. _I.e. Not playing league at the time, or being on holiday that weekend, or getting gold in the wrong year, having a mac when league went on pre-order, etc._ and above all: **NO LUCK-BASED GIVEAWAYS!** _**PS.** Good luck in getting your chroma bro! A collection like yours being incomplete would just be sad :(_
: Stop using Aatrox. You are not a pro.
As a lvl 7 Aatrox player since before his rework _(and someone who hates pros almost as much as the people who copy them)_, may I have your permission to continue playing him? :P Its not like I'm unpracticed with difficult champs {{champion:268}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:163}}
: Plat easier than Gold?
I mean, its possible. I definitely find silver far far easier than bronze, I wouldn't be surprised to find that behaviour mimicked further up the ladder.
Nightjar (OCE)
: i mean, protobelt, gunblade, Ludens, Spellbinder all offer a big burst in damage, even the hextech revolver isn't bad. though none of these is quite as potent as duskblade killer lethality+physical damage burst powerspike, but it's not like they aren't there.
Gunblade is only bought by a select few champs, its not exactly available to the majority. And the champs who do buy it, are more akin to AD assassins/bruisers than mages anyway, like Akali etc. Protobelt is more available to more champs for sure, but unless you are a bruiser mage like Vlad or Swain who build this naturally, you will be sacrificing a proper damage item to get protobelt, so you'll probably come out with less damage than if you didn't build it. And even then it doesn't stack with Gunblade or GLP, _(where as AD related items like Static Shiv and Rapid fire do)_. They are actives too, not passives like with most AD items. They dont just happen on the enemy during a fight, you have to target and aim _(and maybe miss, or click the wrong target in a team fight)_. You cant exactly miss your duskblade or shiv proc. Spellbinder doesn't really count, all it does is boost your AP a bit. A better example would be Lich Bane, but even then there are AD versions of sheen. AP champs have to try a lot harder to get 'hidden' effects, and more often than not, will have to divert their build purposefully to do so, _(its not like Gunblade/Lichbane/Protobelt etc is something you'd see every Orianna or Cassiopeia running around with.)_, meanwhile AD champs have much easier access to their versions of the items, without diverting their build path much _(if at all)_. Ludens is really the only true one that mages _reliably_ have access to. And it must be said that it is a very strong item. Mages who build items like Protobelt and Liandry's, probably wont be building Lichbane or ludens. And champs who build Gunblade and Lichbane, probably aren't the champs that have a use for Liandry's. Unlike AD items, the AP ones are much more situation and specific to champion type. So mages are much more restricted. Meanwhile theres nothing from stopping MF or Vayne from building duskblade, even though its a item not even intended for their class. Im not saying mages builds are weak, I'm just saying they have to make more sacrifices to get the same advantage.
Nightjar (OCE)
: that said, these numbers sound big, but ap ratios have been toned back, so there isn't really much point to having 'nuclear ap' anymore.
Its all about on-hit and other 'hidden' effects these days. For all classes _(except maybe support)_. Rather than stacking AP/AD. The thing is though, the 'on-hit' AD items like {{item:3147}} , often come with a bucketload of raw power tacked on as well, unlike the AP ones _(relative to scalings)_.
SuperPPV (NA)
: Does anyone miss the mage items?
I remember the days when hitting 300 AD was just a myth, even on carry champs. And because it was easier to build AP than AD, AP scalings were low, and AD scalings where high, to account for this strange concept called 'balance'. The tables have completely flipped now, the shopkeeper basically hands out free AD on almost every item, meanwhile steadily slashing AP items. But funnily enough the AD scalings haven't really been lowered. Which is why tanks like Darius can just cleave their way through your entire team. It just seems wrong that a bruiser can deal a similar amount of damage as a mage with a single ability, and yet be tanky AF and have 450 damage auto attacks. Funnily enough, those were also the days where you didn't get 1-shot by literally every champ... hmmm.... _(Remember when Nidalee's spear used to be so scary becasue it did like 1/3 of your HP? Thinking about that now is cute.)_
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: He's squishy as fuck and feels super reliant on picks. He feels a lot like blitz minus the tank factor. I'm fine with him having an indicator as he's normally bursted and dead before he even gets his ult away.
I gotta disagree here. Pyke's ultimate goal as an assassin is to secure kills. Thats literally his job, so if youre playing pyke, thats the 1 thing the player should have to actively _try_ to do. I feel like if your **one** job is to kill someone, you should at least have to work for it, and not get a big neon flashing sign that tells you when and where to push your buttons.
: Oh, really?! Holy, that's just garbage.
You're telling me... How many training wheels does that champ need?? O_o
: You mean Pyke, right? Garen doesn't get an indicator.
Yea, Garen, if you're the villain the sword above your head lights up when Garen can execute you. Ikr....
: Why does Pyke get a lethal indicator?
I'm definitely with you on this one. Tbh I dont think any champ should have an indicator. Like... its not hard, if you play a champ a lot you'll have a very good idea of how much damage you do. No need to spoon feed people. Especially people who already have a powerful execute move. If I'm Veigar I have to guess wether my ult will kill someone, and my whole point of existing is to provide damage. Why does someone like Garen, who is a tank, get free spoon-feeding?
: While I understand the principle of the objection, does it really matter? If you're a collector, you clearly have the money to spare (collecting everything in this game is and always has been damn expensive). If you're dedicated to buying everything for a few champions, you probably are more than prepared to pay for the few exclusives that will ever come out for those champs. If you don't care about completing any sets, and just buy the stuff you like, then exclusives like this are a non-issue, because you either like them enough to buy them or not. Really the only people affected are new players who pick up and love a champ, and are unable to get that special content, but such content has always existed in League to some degree. There also hasn't (as far as I know) been any official word that the special red chromas and borders won't be coming back
> If you're a collector, you clearly have the money to spare I once did. When borders came out once a year at most. I was willing to spare $30 a year for cool looks. Not anymore. Im sorry, but I don't have a spare $50 per patch.... > If you're dedicated to buying everything for a few champions, you probably are more than prepared to pay for the few exclusives that will ever come out for those champs. This was fine when you knew in advance. You know PROJECT: will always get borders, so if you see project skins on PBE and your champ is among them, you can plan for that. These days, who the fuck knows who's getting a border or chroma or not. What happens if you're on holiday _(or some other part of life got in the way)_? You know a skin for your champ is going to come out, and you'll pick it up when you get back. Oops. Sorry It had a special chroma and border, sucks to be you!! When it came out once a year, the chances of that happening were slim at best. Now that multiple skin lines per patch get them, it is inevitable. Also, what happens when you haven't found a champ yet. Maybe Riven was your main, up until you bought Irelia and your world just opened up, now you're best Irelia OCE... but oops. you didn't get the Irelia border when it was out, because she wasn't one of the champs you bought everything for at the time. > Really the only people affected are new players who pick up and love a champ, and are unable to get that special content This is of course the main issue, and I have always argued against there being any form of limited edition stuff. Black Alistar is an awesome skin! its just great. And 99% of us will never ever see it in game. What part of that is beneficial? > There also hasn't (as far as I know) been any official word that the special red chromas and borders won't be coming back We both know thats not the way Riot work. They also haven't released offical word that Yasuo won't be removed from the game.... So theres hope right? And if they do bring borders back, it wont be a 'once-a-year' thing because otherwise we would have seen PROJECT: borders return already with the release of Vayne/etc. And Yasuo/Riven borders with VS. Which means that if borders do come back, it'll just be pot luck for who gets them. _"Oh, you happened to be logged into league between the 16th and 26th of November 2022? congrats heres all this neat stuff. If you played your ass off before or after that date... well.. you obviously don't deserve anything."_
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: Is blessing of cait meant to be permanent?
Taking a wild stab in the dark here, but I'm not so sure that balance is the primary objective of the game mode.
: Your ult as Azir wont cancel damage that's already been initiated. You might stop Rengar's leap, but you wont be stopping the damage from applying unless if you stun him or stop the leap between the 10% to 40% mark. You been hit once the leap is about 50% complete. And Rengar does need to work for his damage, it's not as easy as some make it seem, and unlike many other assassins Rengar doesn't have an escape. Sure there's movespeed and cleanse on empowered W, but it's not so useful when you're balls deep between the enemy. Rengar's weakness is his greatest strength, he goes all in with no hope of coming out unless all nearby enemies are dead. (Yes it is possible to escape still, but it's not always an option)
> Your ult as Azir wont cancel damage that's already been initiated. Call me old fashioned, but if I haven't been hit my anything, I refuse to accept taking damage for it. If that is the case, then to me, thats a problem with the way the game is coded. Agreed Rengar doesn't have an escape, but what is there to escape from when your target doesn't even have time to fight back before they are dead. And it doesn't matter if your team kills him after he kills you. The assassin's job is to take out the high priority targets, once they have done that, they are expendable.
: What items did you have? If that's before your Zhon, he must have been fed as fuck.
I cant remember what Items I had. But you gotta be pretty good to Zhonyas in 0.00 seconds. _(and its not like he will go away once you Zhonyas, he's going to sit and wait next to you)_
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Gekko (OCE)
: Abilities and Bush interaction issues.
Agreed. If I get hit with an ability, I want to know it, and I want to know why. _(Although I personally think that Nunu's R should also be visible.)_ There should be a standard, either everything is visible from bush, or nothing is. And everything follows those rules no exceptions. It seems weird to me that Xerath can slap you from out of a bush half a lane away, and you have no idea until half your HP is gone. Meanwhile Sol gets to be the ultimate hide and seek loser as he sits in a bush and everyone gets to see his stars orbit it. Anything that is ground targeted or has a hitbox indicator thats visible to the enemy, should be seen from brush. You can't have some working by different rules than others. ________________ On a seperate (but mildly related) note, the range on placing wards should be larger. The meme is: _"Never face check bushes"_, hahah we all laugh at someone when they die from it, and we all know its a silly thing to do. The way to prevent face checking: **Warding.** The issue is, damage creep has ramped up the damage output of every champ over the last few years, and now many champs _(especially those with CC or dashes)_, can still kill you relatively easily from the maximum range needed to place a ward. I feel like you shouldn't be punished for warding. If you know Rengar is in the area, it's actually safer NOT to go place a ward in the bush. Because if he is there, bye bye you. That just isn't on, _"Don't ward our lane ADC, because the enemy jungle might be nearby."_ is a sentence no one should have to say, ever. If you know Rengar _(or Zed, or Fizz or whoever else can 100-0 before you even know it.)_ is in your area, thats their bad for not being sneaky enough, you have countered their roaming play by either good MIA communication, or your own good map-awareness/warding. So you shouldn't be punished by warding your nearest bush in preparation of their arrival. Wards have a long cool down, and warding shouldn't be a task that puts you in danger _(seeming the whole purpose of them is to alert you to danger in the first place)_. Face checking the brush is lethal, warding shouldn't have to be.
: Dark Star, Arcade and Star Guardian seem to be trending towards set releases (i.e a group of the skins released at once), so he's not necessarily out for those themes just it'll most likely be tied to an event of some sort. Battlecast has been somewhat redefined over the years and for a champ like Sol would likely be legendary tier thus incurring a much longer development time, though it seems unlikely he'd end up with both since they're thematically similar. You also have to remember personal taste is a factor. Generally speaking I'm not a fan of any of the Mecha or Battlecast skins, and I much prefer the fantasy or magic based themes, but I'm not going to hold that against Mecha Sol. Everything I've seen of it tells me it's a well made skin, even if it personally doesn't appeal to me. In fact I actually *really* don't like Zoe's release skin, which you tout as being amazing and epic. Personal preference plays a huge role here.
I agree that with skins a large amount of it is personal taste, like anything visual. Regardless of that though, some are just designed better, and with more thought. Dark Star Jarvan for example, visually its great, it looks cool. But thematically, its a brain fart. How they thought the dark star theme was perfect for him will always baffle me. So that simple mismatch turned a good skin into a wtf skin. Someone in the skin team decided that Dark Star Jarvan was more fitting than Dark Star Kench/Cho/Sol/Kayn/Vel'Koz etc. which really makes me doubt their processes. Meanwhile, Little Devil Teemo isn't that pretty/well-designed, it just looks like teemo in a devil onsie tbh, it's got some neat sounds but thats about it. But it is the PERFECT skin for teemo thematically, it becomes really popular and people enjoy using it. _____________________________ I am just grateful that Sol is actually getting a new skin, so I feel I don't have the right to judge it too harshly. In saying that though, the skin does feel a little 'token' _"Ohhh crap everyone is getting mad at us cos we havent made a skin for this one champ no one gives a f*ck about, uhhh, uhhhhh, lets just pick a well liked skin line, slap some spikes and tech on it, that'll satisfy them!"_ There are so many more skin lines that would be more appropriate to Sol's theme/personality. Elderwood or Deep Sea for example would really suit his theme, turning him into a mysterious forest spirit, or a gargantuan sea serpent would still both fit his personality. Even a silly skin would suit him as a playful contrast to his arrogance, a pool party skin _(imagine sol in speedos)_, or some other kind of emasculating skin to make his attitude appear comical. Maybe a Christmas one where he has Poros for stars. I can understand people not wanting a silly skin as his first one though. But tbh, considering his-holier-than thou attitude and incredible sass, I don't think he fits in too well to a group skin line either. With his attitude, its hard to imagine him teaming up with other Mechas, or serving Viktor's glorious evolution in battlecast. He doesn't fit the profile for Bloodmoon, PROJECT: or Star Guardian, and doesn't have the attitude to team up with any even if he did fit the profile. Dark Star and Final Boss are really the only big group skins I can see him working with. So in my opinion he would suit a solo skin. Make an skin thats a nod to Ao Shin, or some other new theme that you can tailor to fit his theme and personality. Rather than force fitting the champ to the skin line. ________________________ The Mecha Sol skin is well made, thats for sure. Just not well thought out. Imo. TBH the little Sol that follows cosmic lulu around is a better Sol skin than the mecha, just because its both adorable, and humiliating for him xD Not that I'm mad tho, any Sol skin is better than none. So I'm happy. Although.... I would trade it all for this skin: That is a perfect skin in every sense of the word! The fact that Riot has clearly seen this concept and done nothing, rustles my jimmies. Especially when they release half hearted skins like Dark Star Jarvan, when they profess to only making a skin when it 100% suits that champ.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EyW07p3B,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-01T05:03:58.795+0000) > > So what you're saying, is that I should get a whole year's worth out in the next week or so, right? ;) > > {{sticker:sg-syndra}} Yes {{sticker:sg-jinx}} as for the Japan, can you migrate your account, or are you moving to some low quality net place? Also when you come back, tell me where you've been, what you saw, since i'm travelling to Japan (AU summer) 2019, been waiting to find someone who's been/going/lives there to tell me the cool things that exist there (Plus i'm a massive PokeNerd so thats a thing)
Nah my net should be fine (I hope) But if I move servers, I wont be able to play wth my usual crew, and league for me is a social thing, its when the whole friend group gets together each night. So Im just gunna pray my ping isn't tooooo bad, and if it is... well, I try not to think about that xD Plus I love the OCE server too much (hence why Im always here on the boards :P) Yea sure man, I've only been there once before, so I'm jumping in the deep end a bit here, but hopefully I come back somewhat more familiar with the place and its language/culture :P What I can tell you from my past trip there, is definitely go to Kyoto if you get the chance, its an incredible place both aesthetically and historically. I would avoid spending too much time in Tokyo, its an amazing place, and I'm sure theres tons to do if you live there! But if you're just visiting for a short time and don't have the local knowledge of where all the best spots are, it just becomes another big city. But if you do like pokemon definitely pay a visit to Akihabara in Tokyo, its Okatu central and when I was there, we saw people flooding the street with their nintendos getting in range for a wifi giveaway event. Plus theres all year round cosplay and anime stores galore. ^^
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: so does that mean we won't have to hear you complaining for the next year?
So what you're saying, is that I should get a whole year's worth out in the next week or so, right? ;) {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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: "As an example, think of many many abilities get blocked by Yasuo's wind wall that clearly shouldn't be" This might be getting of topic, but you do have a point there. Why is {{champion:163}} Taliyah ult blocked by a Yasuo wind wall, and {{champion:99}} Lux ult is not. Then we can go into items. Is {{item:3146}} Gunblades active not a projectile? Yet it is not blocked by a Yasuo Wind Wall, when the ability Wind walls says; "Creates a moving wall that blocks enemy projectiles" The source of the "projectile" is the gunblade, it might be moving very fast, but it still goes from one location to another, like a projectile
Yea {{champion:163}}'s ult always baffled me, seeming calling it a 'projectile' is tenuous indeed. I comes up from the ground... Sorry to always relate things to Azir _(but he just has one of this kits with weird mechanics)_, but why do Azir's soldiers count? They are technically a 'living' creature moving under their own propulsion. Calling them a projectile is like calling a helicopter a projectile. And like you say with Gunblade, why is it except from the rules? If you're going to have rules, they should at least be constant xD
: Old builds that were the META that have fallen out
{{item:3009}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{champion:27}}
: "Hitting a champion with 3 **separate ** attacks or abilities within 3s deals bonus adaptive damage". Zed's shadow Q counts because it has a separate source. Azir does not because the soldiers count as one source. His soldiers aren't clones or separate entities like Zed's shadow is. For example Shaco clone autos will count as well as Shaco's own, while Zyra's plant attacks only count as one because all the plants count as one source (though I'm not sure if diff types count as a diff source or not). From a balance perspective I don't think Zed's should count (he can already easily proc electrocute without it and has a huge and largely safe high damage combo), but from a differentiation in coding and source I can understand why it does.
Yea I know why this is the case. Its clear that its just a difference in coding. What Im trying to prove is that the logic of the game shouldn't be affected to suit the coding. The coding should be altered to suit the logic of the game. Why should Zed's shadow count as a separate source, when Azir's soldiers do not. They both apply damage in almost identical ways. And each shuriken/soldier is treated differently when it comes to applying that damage, so Azir's soldiers clearly are a separate source. Unlike Taric's E where the whole thing is treated as one instance. **E.g.** Heimerdinger's turrets each count as a seperate source of damage, but Zyra's plants do not. _(i haven't tested Zyra, but going off what you said)_. In terms of game logic, that makes absolutely no sense, the two abilities work almost identically, so there is no reason for one to proc electrocute and the other not. So rather than saying _"Well thats just the way its coded."_ We should be saying _"Well lets change the code so that all abilities follow a clear logic."_ _**Clarity.**_ The word Riot is so fond of. ________________________ If Heim's turrets proc electrocute, so should Zyra's plants _(same with Shaco's traps)_. Or vice versa. If Zed's extra Q's proc electrocute, so should Azir's extra soldiers. Or vice versa. They work too similarly to follow different rules. The players can't see the hidden code, they cant see that this is coded differently to that, because it was easier for the techie that way. So the players shouldn't be governed by hidden rules they cant see, that only exist because it was easier to code that way. The techies should be governed by the rules of the game. _**I.e.** that ability is a pet, so it works the same as **every other** pet in the game, and procs all spell/ability effects accordingly._ You cant have voidlings procing Rylias and Zyra's plants not, and heims turrets being blocked by windwalls, and shaco's traps not etc. There are already too many abilities in the game that get disadvantaged, _(or get unnecessary power)_ because it's coded as something else simply because no one put in the effort to code it properly. As an example, think of many many abilities get blocked by Yasuo's wind wall that clearly shouldn't be.
: > We know that it does count as seperate. That isn't the point. The point is why does it count. Not sure that seperate counts since that is not a word... However **separate **is the **keyword **in Electrocute. Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities is why the point counts. > Zed Q + Zed W = 2 abilities. You're right. But would you not also say that: Azir W + Azir W + Azir W = 3 abilities? From my rational: {{champion:268}}Azir's W is 1 ability; Using it 3 times does not make it a separate ability;It is still the same ability. However ordering {{champion:268}}Azir's Sand Soldier to hit the enemy champion 3 times would be like 3 basic attacks I think. {{champion:268}}Azir's W "When Azir attacks an enemy in a soldier's range, the Sand Soldiers attacks in his stead". This is also why it is not counted as 2 since Azir's basic attack does not go off. > Same with Azir, his Q can only hit you if he cast his W first, why then does his Q not count as 2 hits? From my rational: {{champion:268}}Azir's Q is only 1 ability so it only counts as 1 hit. If you ordered the Sand Soldier to attack then Q that would be 2 hits. If {{champion:268}}Azir has a Sand Soldier up and uses his Q and E then orders his Sand Soldier to attack that would be 3 separate abilities. {{champion:268}}Azir's R also counts towards Electrocute since the other keyword in Electrocute is hitting: Hitting does not only mean from damage. > Why then does Orianna's W not count as 2 hits? If she hadn't positioned her Q first, her W wouldn't have hit. Therefore her W could only have hit because she cast another ability first. {{champion:61}}Orianna's W only counts as 1 hit. However if {{champion:61}}Orianna's Q hits the enemy champion and so did her W then that would be 2 hits. Now if you use {{champion:61}}Orianna's R or basic attack that would be the 3rd hit needed to make Electrocute work if done within 3 seconds. I do not own these champions so I could not do any tests on this. However I do understand the English language. Always remain rational... and open.
> Not sure that seperate counts since that is not a word... However separate is the keyword in Electrocute. Im dyslexic, my apologies for making a single spelling mistake. If you failed to understand what I meant from context alone, then I truly pity you. But clearly you did, so Im lost as to the point of your above statement? > Azir's W is 1 ability; Using it 3 times does not make it a separate ability;It is still the same ability. Yet using Karthus' Q _(or anyone elses)_ on someone 3 times does proc electrocute. what 'separate' means in this context, is that not all 3 hits come from the same cast of the ability _(i.e. so poisons and other DoT AoE and multi-projectile abilities dont proc electrocute after pressing just 1 button.)_ It's talking about seperate casts on abilities, not seperate abilities entirely. If it had to be 3 completely different abilities/autos. _(i.e not being able to use the same source twice)_ how would AA champs like Udyr or Yi be able to proc it at all. Take Heimerdinger for example, place 3 towers, and all 3 towers fire their beam at 1 person. That person will get electrocuted. That is using the same logic as Azir's W, you have placed the ability 3 times, and now are hitting someone all at once with them. > From my rational: Azir's Q is only 1 ability so it only counts as 1 hit. And Zed's Q is also 1 ability. So why does it count as more than 1 hit? I don't think you understood the point I was making. Im not saying Azir's Q should count as 2, I'm saying whats difference between Azir's Q and Zed's Q, they both need to cast W first, yet Zed's Q now counts as 2 when it hits after casting W, but Azir/Ori's don't. The logic isn't consistent. > Azir's R also counts towards Electrocute since the other keyword in Electrocute is hitting: Hitting does not only mean from damage. As I have stated earlier about Karthus' wall, we know that damage is not required for electrocute to proc. Also... Azir's ult does do damage...
: Electrocute says that a it procs after "three contrastive abilities or OA's", so azirs w + w + w are three of the same ability in action, while zeds is q + w, which is two seperate abilities in action, meaning it applies2 stacks.
Uhhhhh Nope? You can proc electrocute by hitting the same spell/auto 3 times in a row. > contrastive Not sure where you pulled this word from? But it has nothing at all to do with electrocute.
: Electrocute: "Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities within 3s deals bonus adaptive damage." The keyword here is "separate" so {{champion:238}}Zed's Q through his W I would consider is "separate". Think of it this way: {{champion:238}}Zed's Q counts as 1 ability and W counts as 1 ability; Would you say Zed used 2 abilities? So if {{champion:238}}Zed did W/E/Q that will proc Electrocute since Zed did 3 "separate" abilities within 3 seconds.
We know that it _does_ count as seperate. That isn't the point. The point is _why_ does it count. > Zed's Q counts as 1 ability and W counts as 1 ability; Would you say Zed used 2 abilities? _Zed Q + Zed W = 2 abilities._ You're right. But would you not also say that: _Azir W + Azir W + Azir W = 3 abilities_? Yet if Azir attacks you with 3 soldiers, it only counts as 1 stack of electrocute. So with that logic in mind, why does Zed's abilities count as seperate, but Azir's do not, they have both pressed the button the required number of times. But if you want to delve more in-depth: Is Zed's W hitting you? No. Does the second shuriken fire when he presses W? No. All Shuriken fire when he presses Q _(1 ability)_. So why does Zed's W count as hitting you with an ability, when it doesn't make contact with your champ at all? If we are to assume that the 2nd shuriken counts as a seperate ability _because_ he used it from his W which was a separate ability cast, and it couldn't have been cast if he hadn't pressed W. Why then does Orianna's W not count as 2 hits? If she hadn't positioned her Q first, her W wouldn't have hit. Therefore her W could only have hit because she cast another ability first. Same with Azir, his Q can only hit you if he cast his W first, why then does his Q not count as 2 hits? So we have 3 champions here who all fire one ability because they cast another first _(Ie. they all used 2 abilities in order to hit you)_. Yet only one of them counts as seperate abilities for the purpose of electrocute. As you can see the situation is a little more complex than 'Zed used 2 abilities, so it counts'. The point of the discussion is not to ascertain wether Zed's shuriken is treated as 'seperate' or not. We already know that it is, because it procs electrocute. The point of the discussion is why does Zed's count as seperate, and other champion abilities in similar situations, do not. ^^
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