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: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=x8jcKrb3,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-25T07:07:42.578+0000) > > Having a spicy kit is good, but you can over-spice it! > > Lee Sin and Yasuo are examples of champs who just have way too much spice and become overloaded with useful shit. > > There is a balance between being unique enough to be interesting, and having a wacky game-breakingly good ability on every key. > > Personally I think that Taliyah's kit has hit the sweet spot. ...but leesin only just got touched recently with a fragile nerf stick lel ... took long enough and lets be honest, Yasuo is a whole other story. Back to Taliyah, I don't really think my ideas would OVER spice her kit. Riot is really starting to get experimental and generous with newer champs which I think Taliyah may have missed out on some of her potential. My point however, is more about her passive being super dull. Btw, Vayne's passive at least plays a role in team fights and is further empowered when her ult is activated. Taliyahs is just... "conditions apply". If we had to keep it practically the same, Id rather they just give her boots of mobility effect without a wall condition. At least that way she can still invest in sorc boots.
Im pretty sure Riot tentatively came at Lee with the stick, Lee held out his hand, they gave him the stick, he smacked them with it, then snapped it over his knee. I never said Vayne's wasn't more useful :P I said it was less interesting. Vayne's movespeed is hella more OP! but it is boring _"Gains move-speed when walking towards champs"_ as opposed to "**Surfs a** **rock** but only when near walls, but you cant use it after being in combat, not to mention has sick af animations, and you can do skateboard tricks with it when you switch between walls." You cant argue that it definitely is more 'interesting' :P despite being not as strong.
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gkrit (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nikkip,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=x8jcKrb3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-25T00:58:17.217+0000) > > I have disliked her passive because it tends to be buggy for me in every single match, both visually and mechanically. Sometimes I can be running along touching a wall for 3 or 4 seconds before it triggers, and that's not the combat timer. That always seems to happen on jungle walls where I guess the detection can get confused or has to think harder. Also when playing you'll always end up going close to walls, turrets, etc for just a moment in the regular course of moving around so she's always jumping on a rock for 1 second and then right back off and it looks clunky, and if you stop moving or start moving at around the same time it decides you're leaving or entering the rock surfing it can cause abrupt animation switches. Yeah I think it was better in theory than it is in practice. > > If Riot were to change it up I think they'd start with trying to make the rock surfing a bit better rather than getting rid of it first, although I do like your 1 and 3 ideas. Something that comes to my mind is to get rid of the being near walls requirement and replace it with a not being on worked ground requirement. So you'll have a more reliable bonus for getting back to lane or roaming, won't be jumping in and out of it all the time, and also playing into that worked ground mechanic in a way that would have interesting interactions with laning and such. Maybe even combine that with the being near walls thing, so it's slightly faster still if you are near a wall or structure. Yeah, it would be nice to see alternative executions of the current passive also and what you mentioned is definitaly worth trying. I just feel there are so many little things you can add to her unique kit that'll just give it that extra spicyness.
Having a spicy kit is good, but you can over-spice it! Lee Sin and Yasuo are examples of champs who just have way too much spice and become overloaded with useful shit. There is a balance between being unique enough to be interesting, and having a wacky game-breakingly good ability on every key. Personally I think that Taliyah's kit has hit the sweet spot.
gkrit (OCE)
: Taliyahs Passive is boring
I love Taliyah's passive. _(But i am a mid laner who spends most of the laning phase in bot lane and river, so I personally find it very useful.)_ It's a more interesting passive than Vayne's and Vayne is one of the most popular champs.
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Darth R2 (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Awor5eMK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-23T03:04:51.013+0000) > > Considering whats also happening to Varus, one would assume so. i never knew that varus' bow was also the same. thats interesting. so two ionians that we know of are connected to the darkin, and from aatrox's law he was on the side of the 'Protectorate' army. i wonder if ionia are descendants of these 'Protectorate' fraction making the human aatrox was, an ionian as well.
Nothing is confirmed for Varus, but some of Kayne/Raast's quotes heavily imply it! Fair speculation there! I have a feeling the Darkin are from different corners of the world: Varus is from Ionia Raast is from Noxus so I'm guessing Aatrox might have been from the Freljiord, considering his relationship with trynd.
Darth R2 (OCE)
: Aatrox
Considering whats also happening to Varus, one would assume so.
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Horangi (OCE)
: i need some tips for ranked
Everyone will give you the same advice: Dont start ranked straight away. Its a trap. one that takes a looooong time to get out of. You're better off to hone your skills for a few more months (or even a year), learn champions really well, and then do ranked.
Malmortious (EUNE)
: Actually , Taric is meta right now. He is in the top 3 supports with the highest winrates on champion.gg and has massive teamfight utility if built as an enchanting support/off-tank. Although he is best paired with 1 or 2 hyper carries in your team like Yi , Yasuo , Twitch , Vayne , etc to benefit from your Ardent Censer.
Yea but no one plays him.
terryylin (OCE)
: It might be not 100% luck though. If you did really good at everything it is basically a guaranteed S. That's probably why in challenger games usually everyone gets S. However, for low-rank players or players who are new to the game that really want to level up champs that might actually be a hard thing. I got 5S and 6S- before I got level5 Kayn and now I am only getting A+ and A (well I haven't played a lot after getting lvl5) :\ Yeah I agree with you that we don't get rewarded a lot by doing good before getting lvl5 champions
> [{quoted}](name=terryylin,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=rmBEenlN,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-21T05:07:06.977+0000) > > If you did really good at everything it is basically a guaranteed S. Its not always that way though, my friend went 39/6/20-something on Eve got A, (not even A+) his farm was decent too. its a weird system. and i just did this just now: http://imgur.com/a/RGkBE which means as soon as I hit lvl 5, ill get nothing for ages! xD its just a lot of luck though, you can either get paired against a braindead Jax, or a 300,000 mastery Vayne. You're pretty much guaranteed an S with one and guaranteed C- in the other.
: What Has Happened To SKT?
They're humans, playing other humans. They aren't machines, it's not a numbers game _"SKT has a rating of 10... 10 is higher than 7, so 10 wins etc."_ Sure they might have a better score on paper, but we have all lost games against people we clearly were better than. With any luck, they are getting old and their reactions are slowing, perhaps finally we can have new and interesting teams in the top spots.
terryylin (OCE)
: Getting S while getting mastery lvl5 does NOT give tokens?
I agree, technically you ARE lvl 5, so theres no reason why you shouldn't get it. What I hate about the lvl 6/7 is that its just 100% luck. Do you happen to get a good game before or after lvl 5? it feels so wasted if you get it before. Like this game: http://imgur.com/a/M4usO 14/0/1 with 134 CS by 20 minutes, did I feel good after the game? no. i felt shit! because I'm only lvl 4 Aatrox and so my good score was completely wasted. You can guarantee that when i get to lvl 5 I wont get an S for aaaaages now. No one should come away from a score like that feeling bad, but thats how I felt, just because it happened now at lvl 4 intead of a couple of days from now when ill be llv 5...
: I have a dream, to get rid of all AP mage supports from bot lane :P
Good luck in this holy mission!
: Supports
Personally i have some degree of animosity towards anyone going AP mage support. mages have their place, and thats in the damage positions. theres too much damage in the game already without supports going that way too. My favourite support is Taric, he's a tank (which are always needed) and he heals more than many healing champs like Nami, not to mention having hard CC, shielding and team wide invulnerability. he's not meta though, because apparently Brand, a champion designed purely for mid lane with no support capabilities at all, is a much better pick... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: oh snap. Its not what it looks like =P I don't even play Xerath anymore
: Don't lie to me, you're a traitor too!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: conrgrats! impressive. I only have 1 level 7 ({{champion:101}} ) Trying to get cait/lucian there as well over time....
KaynMid (OCE)
: Update: Officially second player in oce to get mastery 7
Congrats man! Its wonderful when you find that champ you just click 100% with! haha
: everytime i do the aatrox dance i imagine his sword singing the oompa loompa song
Now I wont be able to not see it that way..... xD
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Aeverlon (OCE)
: Ionia/Mt Targon Summoner Icon
Hi there, the Demacian, Zaun and PIltover icons that are in game, are currently the only region icons that have been made available. _(to my knowledge at least)_ The icons were released alongside mini events that related to the country e.g. the Demacian icon was released with Galio's update, and I think the Zaun one was with Warwick's update _(but I cant remember)_. So I think it is likely that they will release Icons for the other regions _(except maybe Shuirma as there is already a Shurima icon)_, but it's probable that they will wait to release the icons until events that coincide with that region. But this is just speculation, I could well be wrong. So keep your eye out, and check the universe page. I am also waiting for a Targon Icon, _(and hopefully Shurima too)_ to use with Azir, Aurelion Sol and Taliyah. ^^
: Zed is stupid broken atm
That.... is pretty stupid... This is the problem though: ______ Every class has its role ADCs and Mages are constant damage sources, their role is to kill the enemy team before they kill your team. Tanks and fighters absorb damage, their roles are to act as shields and disruptors, stopping the enemy getting to the rest of your team. Supports heal and provide other utilities, their role is to keep their team alive and provide ways to keep the enemy dead. Assassins are heavy burst champions, their ONE AND ONLY role is to **kill ** _(not damage, but kill)_ the squishy enemy targets. ______ **The problem is when they get behind! ** An ADC and mage when behind can still dish out damage, _(it may be less than usual, but they can still constantly damage other champions)_. When Tanks and fighters get behind, they can still act as shields, they just don't last as long. and when supports are behind, they can still heal, they just cant heal for as much. When an assassin is behind however, he doesnt have enough damage to completely **kill** the enemy squishies. Which means he can't fulfil his ONLY purpose in the game. Which makes assassins just pure useless if they are behind. Now obviously you can't have a whole class that is completely useless 50% of the time, thats just stupid. So assassins need their damage buffed so that even when behind, they still have a chance at fulfilling their only role. Only the problem now is that when they get ahead _(which is much easier now they have more damage)_, they have so much damage they they completely 1-hit anyone they want, which means there is little-to-no counterplay to them. and thats what we see in your video. This is why assassins feel so powerful, and why assassin-hybrid champs like assassin-ADC_ (Vayne)_, assassin-tank _(Lee Sin)_, assassin-fighter _(Yasuo)_, are such massive problems.
: The issue with that is that then you'd have champions permanently banned in all game modes. You'd never be able to learn the likes of Lee, Yasuo or Zed.
If a champ is permabanned, then that champ shouldn't be played anyway because they are obviously unbalanced and need to be nerfed. So having champs permabanned would be good, it'd force Riot to nerf the OP champs.
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: Can we replace Blind Pick with No-Bans Normal Draft??
Can we get it **with** bans? It'd be nice to play a non-ranked game without having: Lee Jung Yas mid Vayne/Cait ADC every. single. game.
: cant connect to login queue whats going on
I had it about an hour ago, but i have been able to get in since then. Server status said online even when it wasn't working.
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fcuk you (OCE)
: your score gets matched with every other sona player in either the world or the region - it needs to be better than the average to get S/S+ (since sona players don't usually get kills, having lots of kills will be more likely to give you an S than having that same number as assists.) took me a hell of a long time to get level 7 as janna, because everyone gets massive assist scores with her.
> since sona players don't usually get kills That's a blatant lie! xD Sonas are some of the most bloodthirsty players out there xD
: Can Nami with 1 Q catch 5 champions?
Is this a question or a statement? Because your video seems to answer the title of your post? Like most AoE CC abilities, she can CC any and all champions caught within it, wether thats just 1 or all 5.
Hondom (OCE)
: Why Kayn will be popular even after a year of his release.
He's a shadow ninja demon with a scythe. The symbol incarnate of pre-pubescent 'badass'. That's why he will always be popular. I don't think anime has anything to do with it? between ages 10 and 16 pretty much anything 'darkness' and 'death' is the epitome of coolness. Once you grow up and develop a sense of subtly, you start to appreciate how unimaginite it is and how much cooler the more complex and quirky characters are. But I do agree, you look at a Lee main's most played champs and its always Yas, Riven or Trynd, and vice versa.
: tbh, I love how his eyes light up with excitement when he uses his W
Gotta love how he just points his remote and presses the big red button with that gleam in his eyes xD
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: I also think that if his Q was shot from his gun rather then his hand, the gun would make actual sense to be there. Yes it it his auto attack, but it seems like such a big part of the skin to do so little.
Thats a good point.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Do like how his eyes go larger and swirly when stunned though
ikr!!! and that charmed :P
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Hop a wall. Problem solved.
Depends on who you are. There 81 champs who can't just 'hop a wall', even with their ult. So chances are, you probably won't be someone with that function. What do you do now?
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Essembie (OCE)
: Counter by not chasing
Good advice, except he's so fast with his ult/ghost/items/rylais/W slow, _(and now his new passive.)_ that no matter which direction you run, he positions himself in front of you. It used to be a choice, if you chased singed, you died. Now its his choice.
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: It wasn't a matter of the champion being ugly, Yorick did look really cool. The issue was the model, and trying to rig textures to it. Poppy's model was still quite solid and usable, the reason it got updated is because meglings went the way of the dodo and are just female yordles now. Same with Tristana. (there's a reason I still call Poppy "Megling Prime" ) On top of that you ultimately have to look at the champion's popularity, if a champion is played as little as old Yorick, you're gonna be wasting resources to give him a skin. It's like Aatroxx, yes he's "recently" received a skin, but I'd outright bet he'd have never gotten it if the other champions weren't in that bundle.
But with the logic of _"We should only give skins to popular champs."_ all you're doing is making it even less likely for people to play the unpopular ones like yorick or swain, and more and more likely to play the already popular champs. **RIP diversity.** So Yasuo will have 30 skins and Yorick/Swain/Azir would have none. Not exactly the kind of game I want to be playing, wbu? Sure you keep the Yas players loyal, but you'd soon lose all the rest of your customers. If you gave old Yorick a legendary or ultimate skin, his player base would have quintupled. How are champs supposed to get popular in the first place if you keep ignoring them and don't give them any cool shit? Yes I admit if you have an allocated number of skins per year to give out, maybe shift the priority slightly towards the champs people are more interested in, for profits sake, but you can't just ignore your loyal player base who just happen to like a champ that isn't an AD crit swordsman. Swain players are no more or less loyal to the game than Yasuo players, so why should they be ignored just because they happen to have different tastes in champs. All champions should be receiving skins. Popular champs probably should get skins a little more often than others, but no one should be going 6 or more years without even so much as a chroma.
: If you ever took the time to look at old Yorick's model, you'd notice his wrists were 2 pixels thick. Making a skin for that old model would be painful for any artist working on it, it just wasn't viable in any sense, as no matter how hard you tried your work would be fugly.
Its true that he wasn't pretty, but there were plenty of hideous champions _(poppy for one)_, But you can't just ignore part of your player base and not give them a skin for 6 years just because you fucked up when you made an ugly champion. But either way, we cant change it now, I'm looking forward to his new skin ^^
Nukemouse (OCE)
: If they had intended for giant enemy crabgot to look like an actual crab, they wouldn't have left most of urgot visible, it's name is a reference to an old meme and is most certainly intended as a joke. His terrible costume was the humour of it, yes. The new butcher urgot skin doesn't fire chainsaws, so it lost that too. Though i suspect his ulti will fire the chainsaw? So 1/20th as often you will get to shoot chainsaws, but that is an unfortunate side effect of a gameplay related change not really a skin design issue.
I think they left most of Urgot visible for the same reason that nightmare cho'gath is just normal cho'gath tinted blue. They were a new game with less money and resources back then and they just couldn't make as cool skins as they can now, not to mention the graphics of the game were very different to what they are now. _(we forget how far league has come)_ http://gamerankers.com/game_images/game_listing_images/files/000/000/027/original/LOL3.jpg So crabgot would have been a bigger change from the base skin than it is now. It's always a shame when skins/champs lose things that you found special about them though :( It's my personal opinion that Urgot is a step forward though, _(and I'm against a lot of reworks!)_
: You can't make a skin for a champion you know you're reworking/visually overhauling. In the case of these champs, Yorick, Sion, Urgot, etc making a new skin before their rework will just be wasted resources and time. Though as I say this we got Safe Cracker Evelynn when she was confirmed for a rework with the official statement being "she will receive no new skin until after her rework"
Yea obviously you don't give them a skin right before a VU, but there was still 5 years of pre-rework Yorick that never got a skin before they even considered reworking him, so there is still no excuse, especially seeming Ezreal gets a skin every year. I agree with Eve though, they did go back on their word there. But tbh I think we all expected Eve's rework to happen a lot closer to that statement.
: We were promised a Yorick skin faster than Sion got one one after his rework, so we're still on track for that. Looking at the updated visuals for Urgot, new skins for him will take extra long, his new model is very intricate.
Yea thats true, but theres still no reason for him to have not already had a skin, even before his update. _(I think the rumour was that it'll be arcade Yorick.) _ Yea he dies look very complex, and has a large number of particles. But the more interesting the champion, the more interesting skin ideas you can come up with! _(the reason why Jax's has no imaginative skins, while all of Thresh's are interesting.)_ So hopefully we will see some great skins for him in the future.
: Before more inevitable Kindred buffs happen...
I want old kindred back :( New Kindred doesn't feel the same, her marks are technically stronger, but feel worthless.
Nukemouse (OCE)
: New Urgot Skin Visuals
While I can appreciate the loss of certain features like the skin mask. I think the updates have been true to the skins. The what most people found the main feature of Butcher Urgot to be was the fact that he fired chainsaws. _(not to mention it was often considered the most hideous skin in the game)_ Meanwhile I don't think Giant Enemy Crabgot was ever originally supposed to be a 'costume'. I think it was just a terrible attempt at making a skin for an ugly champion. It was humours because it was just so bad, it was still clearly Urgot, but just a version of Urgot that had failed to look like a crab. It's main feature was that it referenced the movie "Creature from the Black Lagoon." But with new Urgot looking so ruthless and brutal, I don't think a half-assed crab costume would have gone down well. Especially if the suspicion that they will release Star Guardian Urgot is right _(which will be a comedic skin)_. So _personally (skins are always personal)_ I think the new Crabgot is his best skin and I think it was the right choice to make it serious. Not to mention the skin's name is '_Giant Enemy crabgot_', and the old skin was neither giant, nor an enemy. But I can definitely appreciate the loss of something you loved :( updates can be bitches!
: Of course, here comes the "needs new skin" parade. You do realise how long skins take to make right? Of course you don't.
It takes very little time to create a skin. But creating a _quality_ skin is a different matter. For example Elementalist Lux and Pulsefire Cait would tie up a lot of time in all the little details, not to mention they probably have multiple different semi-completed models and effects that were scrapped or re-done during development, as well as the walls of coding that need to be written around them. Meanwhile for the world's team skins, they pump out 5 (now 6) in half a year or less. I was part of the team that created this fan made skin: http://www.riftartisans.net/demonteemo/ Yes a lot of work from everyone went into it, but it still only took several months for a bunch of students working in their spare time to get what you see completed, _(obviously it isn't the same level of quality that Riot does, but in terms of visuals (not including coding and other behind the scenes work) it's not bad)_. And that has artwork, login theme, icons, full animations, particle effects, a new voice, and even a lore. So if riot really wanted to, with all the skin, champ, and rework teams at their disposal, they could get a fairly decent brand new skin out in a month I'm sure. But the thing is, we don't want a skin that was made in a month, we want the finely crafted skins we have become accustomed to. Which is why they take so long to make. Not to mention it's way more profitable for them to have small groups working on a skin over a long time, than to have everyone working on 1 skin for a short time. _______ But in saying all this, I would place my bet on a new Urgot skin coming out fairly soon after his release, that has been in production simultaneously to his rework. _(similar to Captain GP and Star Guardian Poppy)_ and I have the sneaking suspicion that it will be star guardian Urgot. But regardless of how long or short it takes to make a skin. It does NOT take 6 years to make a Yorick skin, so there is absolutely no excuse for him still not having one!
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: SKT T1 2016 skins now available
8,420 RP... Daymn... If the price keeps going up year by year, I don't know if ill be able to get them anymore.. :(
: When is Kayn getting released?
Pretty much 1 week from now _(if they keep to their usual schedule)_ Champs are usually released on patch day, the next patch day should be Wednesday next week. Although, If i were you I wouldn't play champs because they are OP, play champs that you like. Kayn will be nerfed the next patch or two after release anyway. so unless you want to buy a champ only for a couple of weeks, there no point getting him just because he is OP. find a champ you enjoy and like the theme of, then practice them a lot and they will be more powerful in your hands than any "OP" champ. _(Take this from a guy who has 70%+ win rate on a champ whose average win rate is usually around 40%)_ Play who you like to play, not who is the most powerful this week. :)
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