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: Anyone else got Honour level 4 yet?
I just arrived Honor lv.4 today, a little later than you :D [(] And I'm the really lucky one, I got the Grey Warwick skin from my first honor capsule dropped in honor lv.3 :P [(]
Lots of caches and chests that are ready to open but there is nothing new for me to unlock :(
: Unlocked Grey Warwick Skin
: I got Grey Warwick a few days ago :D
Cheers, we are the babies of Riot~That's great!
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Ketz (OCE)
: Loot rerolls not working
Oh, bro, I got the same problem, I used to reroll my skin shards into those new released skins as I owned all skins available for crafting in the Loot. However, it seems like didn't work at those Omega Elite skins, I guess Riot may just cancelled the mechanism for loot rerolling. If the thing is true, I will not top up any RP at all.
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Lovely love

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