: Can u ban someone for the client chat
That's up to Riot's discretion, I just had A similar experience on an alt account, I made one mistake and got killed so the nunu started flaming me, I don't get why this happens, It's a team game yet so many people only care about themselves. https://imgur.com/a/5QRXUcx
: People are so sensitive in low elo as well as pre lvl 30. I ask a question and you know what i get back in return? Firing bullets of anger straight off the bat even if the question was about whether u like this champ or not.
I'm fine with any champ unless it's a complete troll pick that will make it hard to win lane, I had a rammus support a few games before this shitty one and he was cool and fun to play with.
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: Ask Riot: Doom Bots, dragons, and balance
I can't wait for doom bots, i'm quite new to league but i saw a vid on doom mots before I started playing League and it was amazing, I want it!
: OMG so pay to win. /looks at my dozen rune pages all bought with IP /looks at my extensive collection of runes So pay to win. I have bought RP a few times, but only spent it on skins. All my champs and rune pages, purchased with IP. So pay to win.
Dude, it's also play to win and it seems you feed the majority of the time, you've played enough games to buy all this stuff but you're still very inexperienced so you have no rank still, for those who have the skill it's practically pay to win because that extra damage they can get off with runes can change the game entirely.
Sneed (OCE)
: runes should stay the same price alone, they should be discounted in a bundle (eg buying 9 at a time) though. and rune pages should be 4800, ip amount per gane dont need to change.
Sounds good, The pages are too expensive right now and having to toss up between a rune page or a champ is stupid, they say its not a P2P game yet they make it so buying rune pages with RP is 10x better and rune pages are essential.
Sneed (OCE)
: runes should stay the same price alone, they should be discounted in a bundle (eg buying 9 at a time) though. and rune pages should be 4800, ip amount per gane dont need to change.
That sounds a lot mere reasonable because rune pages right now are way too expensive and bundled runes would be really good and just help a lot with people progressing because there's a lot of people in bronze/silver not knowing if they should get runes or a new champ and it's kind of sad we have to do that, It's not a P2W game but people who buy champs with RP and the runes with IP have a very strong advantage because they can have a lot more damage, Regen or cooldown that just makes them A lot better in bronze to silver as far as I know, it's just a bit too much.
Wean (OCE)
: Just get Hextech champion shards, one shard only costs 1700 IP. Once you obtained 3 champion shards, click the shards to open them, click on one of the champion shards and select reroll, then select the other two champion shards and click the reroll button. A permanent champion will be displayed, and it doesn't cost any essences. If you want to get only one champion out of those three champions, click on the other two champion shards and disenchant them so you get more essences, and then upgrade the remaining shard to champion permanent. 3 champion shards costs less than 6300 IP.
You can do that but for people who are new that's a lot more expensive in the end for new people because you can get 1 with that but there's more champs that cost less than 6300 and you have a high chance of getting them, Also What about runes, that's a problem because runes help a lot and when you're trying out a character for the 1st time you're gonna want runes for them just so you have that bit extra help to help you learn that champ.
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: Find your name on the reef!
Im sure i got enough points...
Zaps (OCE)
: [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - 30/03/2016
IT'S FINALLY UP GUYS, the blind effect wore off {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} soo happy
: been waiting for 4 hours to play ... about ready to shoot myself , the refresh button is killing me !! im sooo depressed right now .:( RIOT PLEASE HURRY UP :(
teemo must of invaded their workplace and blinded everyone{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
HermitXD (OCE)
: Hope not, sitting here playing tablet games....
it's now been an hour... i've got to practice for an event coming up and 2 days before it THIS HAPPENS {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Rivalry (OCE)
: Is it late or is you guys asleep? haha
They've got to be asleep, it's been 40 mins after they said it should be up, i hope the new launcher will come out soon, i'm getting pissed of with this glitchy one {{champion:122}}


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