Grudumpf (EUW)
: Thanks for the feedback ! And for talking about what you disliked too, it's really useful ^^
thats okay! overall was funny except for that one bit ^w^
Grudumpf (EUW)
: The Annie Show, you'll find some comfort there
i thought is was very funny except the bard attacking the tower bit, that was a little bit over the top and not funny ^^
: Hey im Bronze 2 ADC main :) add me if keen :)
no sorry before i said silver 3 but now im g3 i cant play with you either way, sorry fam <3
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Banzai (OCE)
: Looking for duo partner
hiya! im also S1 with an MMR of G5-G4 this is my first year of ranked so i might not be as good as others i main supp
: Looking for duo Gold+
hey you can add me if you like :) and we can do a couple norms before ranked?? im a S1 supp main with an MMR of around g5-g4 :)
: hi i might add you if i new what lane you mained as i mained adc and if u did that migght be annyoying and i only play ranked
i play any lane since im so new haha i also dont play ranked cause i just got lvl 30 and dont own 15 champs yet :)
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