: Q > E for quick stun Q > R > E for ult, and multi stun (good in teamfights when they group too close) Q > W > E For a longer ranged stun (little harder to pull off since you need to move towards the orb in order to launch it forward) Spam/Max Q, all your dmg is in your Q, the more orbs you have out the more damage your ult will do Max E second for wider stun range W is good for displacing Heimerdinger Turrets and Zyra Plants since you can just throw them out of the lane W is a good slow if you land it
Or chuck in the sneaky e>q because of how the animations work
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: How is the clan tag "ISIS" allowed and not bannable?
Should people named Isis also be arrested for having the name? Banning people over that name is just giving them more power. it was a name before ISIS was a thing and it should stay that way
: TFW even Challenger CS can't carry boosted teammates in Bronze V
Yep thats exactly what it is, there cant be any other reason why. also gotta ask is this a smurf you purposely inted on or are you actually 19w 71L putting in full effort?
: Looking for flex and opl team
I dont think your looking for an OPL team, maybe you mean OCS?
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: Riot is stuffed... Here's why
I love reading these whenever they pop up. every couple of weeks or months someone new makes a post about how riot is breaking this consumer law or that law thinking they know exactly how it works and that they must be right. YOU ARE NOT RIGHT, RIOT PAID A BUNCH OF LAWYERS TO FIX UP THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE TO FIT INTO AUSTRALIAN LAWS, ITS BEEN YEARS SINCE THE GAME HAS HAD SERVERS IN AUSTRALIA AND NOT ONCE HAVE THEY LOST A LAW SUIT OVER THIS PLEASE THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE POSTING.
: You are right, sc2 requires much more player input and thought. Just a heads up for everyone, if it looks like these discussions are going to get out of hand then I am going to stop replying. Whilst I don't mind if people get enjoyment out of it, some people actually take the trolling seriously and I have even had people try to dox me and the god damn scientist who perfectly understands and can mathematically, explain how the system works. so if you are going to be serious in trying to convince me that I am wrong, then you will have to have an equation for us to examine. Everything else WILL be considered trolling.
I said it in a rude way but still they are two very different games and being good at one doesn't translate to the other. im not gonna sit here and argue which game you think is harder/more difficult/higher skill cap. so stating how good you are at starcraft 2 is like me saying im the top player for AFL why am i not the best at Judo
: That is funny, in sc2 which has an insanely high skill ceiling, I was top 2%.
If only league of legends was starcraft two. Then maybe your statement would have any meaning whatsoever. :(
: Im not sure you're quite getting my point. ASSASSINS SHOULDN'T HAVE ANY NEED TO BUILD PEN OF **ANY** KIND. Armour/magic pen by definition is for penetrating defences, Squishes don't build defences, or at least not enough of them to warrant building specifically for penetrating them. So by default there is no need for an assassin to have penetration. So it doesn't matter what kind of penetration is 'most' effective against squishes, it isn't required to have penetration at all in order to kill them, and all having excess penetration does is make assassins more effective against tanks than they should be. The point of armour is to reduce damage per-attack, which means the more times you get attacked, the more effective armour is. Which is why when you fight a sustained damage champ like Ashe, you build armour to reduce the damage of all her attacks long term. But an assassin deals all their damage in a quick burst, which means they hit you with less attacks, so instead of building armour, you build negation items like Zhonyas or Banshees, which if used correctly blocks more of their damage than armour would. Which means, armour is a stat used primarily for tanky champs who's biggest threat is sustained damage, and need to keep reducing a little amount of damage for a long time. And negation items are used primarily for squishy targets that need to block a lot of damage for a very short amount of time. Negation items are useless for tanks who are under a constant barrage of attacks. and resistances are less effective for squishies who need to block occasional large chunks of damage. So a sustained damage champ buys penetration, in order to bypass the block. And a burst champ baits out, or plays around the negation items. So assassins have no need of so much lethality, they already do enough damage to their intended targets.
i think we just see it a bit differently to each other :). i have a second question though, this isnt meant to be attacking or rude, but i see you complaining about a lot of stuff on forums to the point it makes me think you dont enjoy the game and if you dont why do you still play/keep up to date with the game?
: I genuinely don't see the point of Lethality, the main people who buy it are assassins, and the 1 job of an assassin is to take out the squishies, but squishies only every build _(at max)_ 1 armour item _(and even then, its not a true defensive item, its usually a damage item with a bit of armour added on for a laugh)_. So when your enemy has only 1 semi-armour item, why do you need 3 full lethality items? Assassins are supposed to be shit against tanks, thats the trade off for being able to wipe the floor with squishies. You cant have it both ways _(well... you **can** evidently... but you shouldn't be able to.)_ _________ I fully believe that champs like Zed and Kayn _(shadow assassin form only of course)_ and other assassin-esq champs, _should_ be able to 1-hit squishes. But, they should have to play everything right, and even then have to use their whole kit to do it. And by definition of using their whole kit to do it, they should be vulnerable afterwards. But that isn't the case, champs like Fizz can 1-hit with just his E/R, Kha can 1 hit with Q and an AA. meanwhile champs like Vi or Gragas have gained enough damage to quite easily qualify as assassins themselves. Agreed the tank meta was horrible, and I have no desire to ever return to it, but the choice doesn't have to be between Tank or assassin, isn't it about time we had an ADC meta? _(which when you think about it, makes sense to have the high priority target, actually be a high priority for once)_ Tbh I think the problem is, now there is TONS of damage in the game, and Riot cant simply remove it without it feeling bad for lots of players _(wether it's balanced or not, it does just 'feel' bad when you have noticeably less damage)_, and people will adjust of course and forget about eventually, but it's that period where it feels bad, that Riot is absolutely terrified of, and whats why instead of removing power from those who have too much, they keep giving more and more to those who are already balanced, and thats why we have ended up with this one-hit meta in the first place.
I've tried to explain this once to you already. so ill do it in the simplest way i can FLAT PEN IS MOST EFFECTIVE AGAINST SQUISHES WHO DON'T BUILD ARMOR, NOT TANKS.
: I agree with you here, the game is no fun when everyone one-hits everyone else. Personally I still don't understand the purpose of lethality on all these assassin items. The whole point of assassins is that they can delete squishies with their burst, but lack the sustained damage to deal with tanks and their armour/mr. But squishies don't build armour, so therefore the only point of having lethality is to make assassins better against tanks, which is supposed to be their greatest counter? If you must put lethality on something, put lethality on sustained damage items like Phantom Dancer or something, don't give it to burst items like Duskblade.. The only counter to damage at this point, is more damage. Which is why you don't see much Nautilus or Rammus or other true tanks anymore, its all Vi or Shyv and all those _'tanks'_ that have enough damage to shred anyone. _(sigh)_
You know armor is most effective the less there is, like its more worth your money the less there is, so building lethality does insane amounts of damage to squishies due to it removing more percentage mitigation. dealing close to true damage to them so its very good to build into squishies
: The whole purpose of the lootcrafting system is to dilute your money until you get 100% no return.. I've spent up to $600 on lootboxes alone, and after all the copies you get for shit you already own, you have to break it into be and oe and ends up being worth fuckall. Cause the essence sure doesn't buy shit. https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/WZzpcfFQ-riots-loot-craftingscam?comment=0003
Maybe don't spend $600 on loot boxes and instead use it to actually just buy the skins you want. It's not meant to replace using RP to buy skins, its more of an extra system.
: I mean no, Riot bases MMR off the ELO system, which only calculates wins and losses. Players "doing poorly" doesn't mean shit.
So you dont lose trrack of him, the maker of this thread is Whitepumah. He's just name changed
: Looking for team mates
https://discord.gg/8jKcHvR try this place out, just join and say you play lol and you should be able to find people to play with
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: Preseason Rune update - Rune Refund Prices way too low
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: Need Friends ♡
https://discord.gg/8jKcHvR join this discord its got tons of people who would be willing to play with you
Add ability for free coaching btw
: Looking for a Team
Have a try at joining this discord: https://discord.gg/gNRffPg The staff member called huskey will give you directions on how to join a team :)
: Consumer Protection Laws regarding purchased items and permanent suspensions.
You could make the logical thought process and realise that if it was illegal or they could be sued for it, they would have had legal action taken against them long ago. Lots of people have made this claim long before you and none of them have had anything come from it. Also your clearly getting banned for a reason if you have already had 2 suspensions.
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: Keen but link has expired


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