: Odyssey Contest: In Pursuit of Poetry
I did a short narrative piece (not really into rhymes)about shadow assassin Kayn wondering why the sacrifice of Sona made his heart so sad after they have defeated Rhaast. As I sit in my throne all alone left to ponder if the price that was paid to rid the galaxy of that demon Rhaast was too much as I sink into my throne my heart hallow unable to understand why the death of one templar affected me so
: This is a tough one. really depends on you! I learn some champs really quickly, but there are some I just cant play. I'd suggest a few normals and you will know when your ready.
: Ask Us Anything - Oceanic esports team
I Plan to play Syndra mid in ranked because i believe i do a good job but i only got her yesterday should i get her to at least level 4 before taking her into ranked?
: Talon needs to be fixed. he is the most broken champ on the game
it all depends on the ability of an opponent because i was a lvl 5 Mastery rank talon versing a lux and i got rekted he is strong but is all depends on the skill the people playing him have
: Enforcing meta, and stupid bans.
I just see a bunch of people whining about a guy getting banned and then not thinking about the reason he was getting banned was because he was getting reported so people obliviously had a problem with it and then why are you guys blaming the messenger riot
: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed

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