GigaPube (OCE)
: this is a good idea but realistically if kids with low attention spans wanted to see what a champion does they're not gonna wanna see a bunch of numbers and 3 different passive effects in a single passive (jhin). pretty much the best site to look up very specific info, especially champions and their abilities/skins/strategy+tips, is its always the most up-to-date and definitely has undoubtedly the best navigation for around the website (everythings easy to find, especially without just using the search bar) dont listen to the other guy, you dont just learn abilities from looking at them, its best, for serious players, to know exactly what they do and the exact amount of damage they can do. if you're really into the game, you'll probably wanna see every champions page for their abilities everytime you forget what they can do. over time, if you still enjoy it, you could be able to interpret the impact every single ability and champion kit is on the game . . . TLDR - is a better site than anything riot will ever come up with
yeah that's what i use for it, i just wish they had it in the actual client
: URF = fun URF in Summoner's Rift = NO thank you URF in Howling Abyss, now that's something
forcing 5v5 team fights in urf makes the balance issues way harder :P and only aoe damage champs will ever be played because anything else will be a waste, the rift allows for jungle farming and 1v1 scenarios which make this fun instead of everyone standing in the middle of the howling abyss staring at each other with nothing happening because poke for days
: why not add URF mode in coop vs AI games!
i dunno for certain but i'd imagine it'd be a pain in the ass programming the ai to fight with urf mechanics
NeoSimmer (OCE)
: ok well if u in normal games then look at the champ before you q up, if aram then this feature would be nice but they already have it click on your portrait and see the abilities otherwise just try out every champ
yeah i do that, the problem is, in the client it only shows you what it does, with little info, you don't know cooldowns or scalings or base damage or anything until you get in game or google it
NeoSimmer (OCE)
: ok their info on abilities is actually really fine and you can learn about them just fom using them, you really don't need to google it xD I know every champions abilities off by heart, not the names I don't remember the names for some but I know every kitatleast, just learn them
well, you may not need to but i do :P i like knowing if i should take my ap or ad runes, i'd also like to know if they have weird scalings so i can test weird builds like ap atttack speed thresh :P
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