: AMA Legacy Esports! 6-7PM AEST!
@claire can you say something cute/gay about "Miracle" hes a guy from serbia that's a huge fan of you
Brucyx (OCE)
: We're AVANT GARDE - Ask us anything!
For jayke who do you like more out of fesh and prae?
: @Raid, how did you grow your hair to look so beautiful ?? {{champion:67}}
The first step is not shaving it all off.
: Announcing the 2016 Challengers
List of players that actually deserve the jacket: Netflix And Zil
Lusankya (OCE)
: @Riot Gehirn can I play with you too I am a really big fan
But not at the same time as this Gromethius kid..........
: @Riot Gehirn could I play with you for my 1000th win?
@Riot Gehirn can I play with you too I am a really big fan
: OPL Promotion/Relegation results
Disappointing that tgun is back in opl {{item:3070}} {{champion:53}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: GGWP - Have you met a positive player lately?
I played a game with Sudden Fear Chrismistrees the other day and because he was at a cafe and his mic wasn't working he didn't verbally abuse me which was really nice for a change, probably the most fun I have had in a while.
Phantiks (OCE)
: jish
DW Rippii (OCE)
: We are OPL team, Dire Wolves. Ask us anything!
Who is the cutest member of DW?
Revoke (OCE)
: Legacy have been stomping everyone but i believe that today we will see good Dire Wolves spirit!
You a GENIUS. Go Dire Wolves!
: It's going to be a battle of control vs aggression. If DW can snowball from aggressive risk taking they may be able to gain an advantage, but if LGC emerge from lane phase with map control they will choke the Dire Puppies out.
The only thing choking will be King
Papa Lav (OCE)
: Legacy with a easy 2-1 imo. Both are good teams, but Legacy will prevail for a swift Victory.
: Legacy vs Dire Wolves - The Battle for First
DYAH WOHLVES http://www.myinstants.com/instant/dyah-wolfsz/
Marowi (OCE)
: That's a great point, and we considered how to make this fair to all teams in the league. The groups have been seeded 1-8 (based on 2015 standings), and then randomised. That is, teams were paired based on seed (1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8) and then the pair was split into either group, determined by coin flip. The outcome of the draw will be revealed early next year!
With all the roster changes I don't expect last splits standings to be very relevant. I am interested to see how it plays out, might be all fine and dandy. But what will you do if a team does get screwed by groups?
Marowi (OCE)
: We're making a couple of significant changes to the OPL format for 2016, specifically: - all regular season matches will be best of three, - each split will run for ten weeks. The way this will work is that the league will have two groups (e.g. A and B). Group A plays a double round robin, Group B plays a double round robin, and Group A teams play vs Group B teams in a cross-group single round robin. [EDIT:] All teams are still playing on a single ladder, with standings from 1 through 8. Effectively, within a split, every team will still play each of the others once, and some twice.
That seems pretty unfair if some teams end up with a death group or something like that?
: OPL 2016 Season - Q&A
What kind of format will be used? Same as last split?
: OPL 2016 Season - Q&A
Is it true that tgun used to race Formula 1's for Ferrari?
: OPL 2016 Season - Q&A
Is Sudden Fear playing?
: The IWCA voting results are in!
Destiny should not be allowed to go he is a big sb
: Hello! I'm FerlynYoshimi, Esports Player Manager at Riot OCE, AMA!
Do you play support? Will you duo me? Who is best sej oce?
: Competition Ruling: Team Immunity
: The OPL Promotion Tournament is coming!
I want iM to win but tgun to lose... I am so conflicted
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ChuffeR (OCE)
: [AMA] Hi, i'm ChuffeR, the support for OPL team Dire Wolves!
Whats it like playing with an ADC that doesn't want to win and isn't going anywhere?
ChuffeR (OCE)
: [AMA] Hi, i'm ChuffeR, the support for OPL team Dire Wolves!
Chris2fur (OCE)
: [LFDuo] Looking For Diamond Support Main
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Nillefane (OCE)
I have played with this guy before good attitude and good at the game.
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