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: Ask Me Anything - OPL Casting Team
As an amateur caster looking to break into scene how would be the best way to showcase your work to move into other opportunities if you are starting in areas such as casting the OOL etc?
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Atlus (OCE)
: Hi, I'm Oceanic Shoutcaster Max "Atlus" Anderson, ask me anything!
I have a few questions I would like for you to answer as its been racking my brain for ages. 1) When are you going to accept your past and recognise that you will always be slappybaggins to your diehard fans :) 2) Will you and any Rioters ever do a meet and greet event in Adelaide I know there is a small scene there that would love to meet some of you guys 3) Where is a good place for an amateur shout caster to start out that cant make it to places like sydney or brisbane where most of the shout casting work is like ACL and CGPL? 4) When are we finally going to have a normal game? Thanks heaps Your long time fan Blair "OronarAu" Trembath
: I'm Bryce 'EGym' Paule, Support for the Chiefs, AMA!
Hey Bryce, My question is related to the OCE pro and challenger scene, I am a very unknown talent in terms of casting and analysis work, what I want to ask is what advice would you give to someone who has extensive game knowledge but very minimal experience being an anaylst who wants to become involved with say an OCE challenger team or OPL team as a support staff I.E manager,coach,analyst?? Kind Regards OronarAu
: League of Legends | Live Community event & OPL Grand Final @ Luna Park Q&A
Hello Rioters, I have a question about the package deal of buy 4 get 1 free, I understand this means you get five enter tickets for the price of four, however my question is does this include the luna park rides tickets which are an additional $25 p/ticket as in if you get the buy four get one free do you get five ride tickets for the price of four or do you have to pay for all 5 rides tickets? Kind Regards Blair "OronarAu" Trembath


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