: Apparently "C***t die is allowed to be said
I feel like I've seen your name somewhere...
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi Heretic, I'm sorry we gave that impression, but the reason for Normal Draft's removal in OCE was simple and thoroughly explained back when I had the uneasy task of telling players it was being removed. The old Normal Draft should have worked in OCE. OCE had enough players to sustain it here and for a while it did work. But for some reason it saw a continually declining number of players, a decline that showed no signs of stopping. Players in OCE just slowly drifted away from the queue and over to Blind Pick. We could have left it on a little bit longer as at the average MMR queue times were acceptable. But outside of that range and surely creeping into that range of average MMR, queue times and matchmaking quality was suffering and getting worse. This was back when we didn't have the ability or resources to confidently make changes to queue times locally and we just weren't confident it was even going to sustain itself as a limited time queue. So rather than move it to a restricted time slot like TT, it was removed. We're just as hopeful as most that this test of Normal Draft goes well and we can keep it on a schedule similar to or better than this test.
I think we may see blind pick still being popular just because of its spunk, and for a while too, since I feel like people will treat the draft like ranked sometimes (like in blind too I guess) but then after a while, they will realise just to take it easy and start playing it again. Unlike blind, you don't have to be on edge about EVERY champ you wanna play because you have no idea what lane you will get. Know what's even better? As a support main, if i decide I want top the next game, chances are higher Ill get it.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
Thanks Rito, hopefully (myself included) after this test, even if it doesn't work out, no more posts about normal drafts will be made. Now all I need is the Pre-rework Urgot all to myself and I'll be set :)
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Sneed (OCE)
: nobody cares, also report the player after the game, tehn something will be done if they're consistently racist - not just a one off
unfortunately, it doesnt always work, we had a pretty uh..."toxic" (understatement) player, i reported him, i ASSUME my teammates did maybe they forgot, either way i saw him again like next game :/
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: To fix recognition of supports Riot should implement more support-esque statistics (i.e. in the end-game screen), e.g. -Healing on allies -Damage on allies shielded (including items and abilities) -Total [Hard] Crowd Control time on enemies dealt -Number of Hard CC spells hit/applied -Damage redirected (from allies to you) with Bond of Stone mastery, Knight's Vow (new support item). -Damage negated with Exhaust -CC applied to champion (i.e. how much of the enemy's team CC are you soaking up as a support) -Total Active pink ward time (i.e. how long your pink wards live in total) -Teemos killed k thx bye
Also, some supports actually just look more...flashy, than others. Like say, a Blitzcrank pull is quite obvious and rewarding. A Braum Shielding against something like an Ashe ult is obvious and well seen, but in the midst of battle, lets say you've used all your abilities to the best of your ability (see what i did there) and you've got...lets say 4 actives, Face of the Mountain, Crucible, Locket and Redemption. People Won't really notice these effects unless it is strongly affecting them (as in all actives used on them.) I do think Redemption is a great item, because now it allows the support the ward river, and maybe walk (not even) half way to use the active to help kill or heal a teammate in the mid lane, or a fight in the JG somewhere, so you don't have to get cough with your pants down by a lee sin. Also helps if you say, tanked the shit out of everything with Braum or Alistar, and died due to that (not many would see it as tanking but a mistake) and what else can you do while you wait for that 40 seconds to go down? Give your teammates like what, 150 or more health? That's a big percentage depending on who you give it to...oh wait, the radius so large that you get a heal, you get a heal, everyone gets a heal! But Giving stats for supports would be god and all but...No really other lane does the kind of thing a support does (like warding, because who needs vision anyway) so they wont be looking at what YOU did most the time. Since if you go on gg.op it tells you, damage. Barely any mid, top and ADC's can heal. But i do think supports need more recognition. Maybe edit the announcements for a slay, like have a profile pic of the champ the sup is playing and hav a short text reading "Healed for X amount" for the times they wouldnt have been able to get it if it wasnt for them.
: I can see your builds/masteries etc: http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/OC1/201877989 you forgot to take bandit on your janna mastery page. I see your braum runes are better than the ones you currently have saved, but they are still tier 2. If you don't have tier 3 runes you are automatically putting yourself at a disadvantage. You can't have more than 3 sight wards on the map at any 1 time, so having a regular trinket with a sightstone is pretty pointless. its better to have a sweeper to kill enemy wards and deny vision. My advice. stop playing ranked until you have tier 3 runes and learn a bit more. Otherwise you will just ruin your MMR and make it really hard to climb ranks. If you want to get better at support, you should watch support players. PainlessDeath, Masters NA player. He also offers to watch replays of veiwers games sometimes and teach you for free: https://www.twitch.tv/painlessdeath22 Aphromoo, Pro Support Player: https://www.twitch.tv/aphromoo
By depending on the situation i mean either im not support, or others simply arent warding much, that sort of thing. Stop playing ranked seems like a good idea until im set. With the runes, do i buy all the runes necessary to my set up (and the basics) or do i buy ALL of them? Also im having a little bit of trouble getting used to unlocked camera. In a fight i cant move the camera fast enough for whaever im trying to do (i know i can switch it or hold spacebar but i cant multi-task at that level yet) Do you also recommend buying the main champs that are in the role im going to main in ranked? (supprot) like i dont know if i want to buy kassadin, blitzcrank sona xearth or azir (maybe not the last two until im comfortable with free cam) ill buy t3 runes, but i still want to be able to buy new champions to have fun with. Also i dont want to try improve too much, itll be too much to handle for me. Also, i never know whos judgement i should take on some matters, like if someone is worth buying or not. Some IRL friends say no, hes up from some nerfs while other players (in a higher elo) say that they are fine.
: True. The real thing that keeps bronze people bronze is the inability (or willingness) to learn. Learning HOW to win and what win conditions are. Each game and each team comp has a different win condition but most people don't think about that. There are 3 things you should know before hitting ranked imo: 1. The best runes/masteries for your champions 2. Your champions powerspikes/win conditions. Are you a teamfighter? Splitpusher? Poke comp? Pick comp? etc etc 3. EVERY champions abilities and how they work The amount of times i've played with people who have said "oh right, i don't know how Braum passive works" or "why can't I dash when Cassiopeia is poisoning me" etc. Its ridiculous. ------------------------------------------ Looking over your account: http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=MCNT052 Your masteries are ok. There are a few i'd change personally, but they aren't "wrong". Your runes are god awful. They are tier 2 and not even the correct runes you'd want. For Braum and other tanky supports I would run Armour Marks, HP seals, MR glyphs and Armour Quints. For Soraka you can run the same page but swap the Armour Quints for AP. I don't play her so i don't know the best set up, but that would be an ok page. As a LoL Players you should have 3-4 rune pages as a minimum: AD Page: AD Marks, Armour Seals, MR Glyphs, AD Quints AP Page: Magic Pen Marks, Armour Seals, MR Glyphs, AP Quints AS Page: AD Marks, Armour Seals, MR Glyphs, AS Quints Tank Page: Armour Marks, HP Seals, MR Glyphs, Armour Quints Your builds are ok... You never swap your trinket. You never buy boots. Thats a big no no.
swap trinket? since a few games ago ive started swapping them, in match history ive swapped it 7 times. but thats 13 times i havent, sometimes i dont swap it depending on the cirumstances, but clearly thats a wrong way to go about it. no your right i dont buy boots, over time i think i just lost sight of them, and the rune page thing, i change it for different champs im about to play but dont change the name so it might be mixed up, like one is other sup and it was meant for urgot mid XD the bad thing about learning in lol is, you dont want to be wrong, and sometimes you just put your opinion over others, even if they are more experienced (which in my case is most the time, ive been playing a several months) i will try to remember to buy boots. i just did a ranked game as janna, and we had no tank what-so-ever, team told me to go raka or janna. Should i ave gone someone else such as alistar? trynd wasnt going tank so we didnt have anyone to soak up damage, so malph was free to ult when he pleased. (teemo didnt ping and follow laner, called us trash, everyone else was kind if fine, i didnt do good as mulitple times i could have used locket active.
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: What roles are the easiest to play but hardest to master?
actually, now that i think about it, i was probably basing this off how regularly i was seeing easy/hard to play champs with the roles they were in. My first post was this one i believe. I am by no means an experienced player, i was basically attesting my knowledge and found it was wrong, and learned some things, simple as that. Thank you for the feed back.
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