: I feel you. When she picks up double kill with double buffs.. I want to disect brain of whoever desigend that tentacle btch.
HAHA yeah she came back to lane with a phage at 4 minutes and i was like ok time to sit under tower and wait for late game but of course it never got to late game cause illaoi snowballed incredibly hard and team blammed me and reported me :/
: My guess is that you're leaving out the part where you raged your ass off at him and caused team wide strife with your blame at him making a simple mistake. Because i can guarantee you, you don't get permabanned just for being ganked. And if it was a permanent ban like you say, likely it wasn't just this game either. Why don't you share your chat logs, let us in on the full story, and then ask people whether it was justified or not. ______________________ Junglers do need to respect the laner's wishes and read how confident they are in the situation, and if they aren't confident or don't want to go in, the jungler should accept that they don't want a gank and leave it alone. But this goes both ways, a laner needs to read how confident the jungler is too, and sometimes taking a leap of faith is better than abandoning the jungler to his doom. However, there are some champs you just don't gank, illoai is one of those _(well, post 6 anyway)_. In mid you'd be surprised how many junglers try to gank Heim, I warn them, and tell them to go away, and every time they're like _"Nah bro i got thi........ WTF! WTF WAS THAT?"_. The first hundred or so times I used to go in as well _(being a team game and all)_. Now I'm much wiser and just sit under tower and pop the 'goodbye friend' emote. I can deal with Heim, especially as Azir. But no matter who you are, its a careful, drawn out process, it cant be rushed, going ham on him is the quickest way to a grey screen.
You make many good points. But when he comes back not a minute later and wants to go in when the enemy jg has just ganked (unsuccessful ) and he wants to go in whilst im half hp and illaoi still has double buffs and enemy jg is full hp. i pinged him away and he said next time you ping me like that "your loosing a wave" and as nasus thats just wrong and i told him to please not come top again and then he says in all chat "report nasus for not playing with team" which i then told them that he literally walked into my lane at lvl 3 and gave illaoi double buffs then wanted to go in again. after that i just muted all and continued to play and stack my q which i hadnt been able to stack properly because of the jg.
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