: This OPL promotion with Battle Boss Brand is a terrible idea
: Blue essence system is worse than IP
Riot say they're catering to newer players, but the IP to BE changes if definitely not a leap in the right direction. I remember back when IP was actually a thing, you could get yourself a 6300 champ in just a few days - and now it varies on rng and can take weeks if you get bad rolls. I think Riot should look into this and make it cater towards newer players, something like IP and BE combined, where you get the traditional X amount of BE after completing a match, and also being eligble to get them from Champ Capsules too. Just tonight, after nearly 30 games, I was finally able to get a 4800 champion. Please fix Rito.
: 15/20 games of verbal abuse + 4 games of people going afk
Luciel21 (EUW)
: S Ranks are so difficult to get
190 CS in a 34 minute game isn't ideal so for an S. You want around 230-340 anywhere between there is optimal. And one of your games I noticed you only placed 1 if not, 0 Control Wards. They contribute highly to your S rank. I play on average 9.6 CS p/m and sometimes I don't even get an S, despite everything being perfect.
: [SRE and SRA Recruiting] [OCE] Looking many roles, message fast!
Hey there, I'm currently unranked but shooting through my level 30 grind. Varying on my placements afterwards, and the rank I get, maybe I could get in contact with you about joining Academy, maybe as an ADC sub. Thank for reading!
: Hey dude, I'm on my Shaco only account, we could grind together soon if you're down? IGN: Cxnt of a Clown
> [{quoted}](name=Cxnt of a Clown,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=A3EX1mdE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-07T03:51:37.910+0000) > > Hey dude, I&#x27;m on my Shaco only account, we could grind together soon if you&#x27;re down? > > IGN: Cxnt of a Clown Shaco one tricks. I love these people. Massive respect to the mindset you have to endure when playing that prick of a champ. <3
: Thoughts on Ultimate Hat Rune.
As an ADC main, I don't feel too affected by it. It put a big kick in my ass for Varus, however, but in saying that, I dropped Varus from my pool over the Ultimate Hat loss. Absolutely damn shame for Karthus players but. Massive F to them.
: Will Riot Do Something About this?
It's typically the bronze mindset, and sadly there's not much you can do except report and pray to Riot action gets taken. You know what they say but, if you want something stop at nothing to do it. Keep improving and maybe a feeding Soraka won't be an issue.
: Blue Essence
I agree with you completely. If they treated Blue Essence the way they treated IP, it'd be fine. Nowadays, it takes you somewhat anywhere between 50-100 games just to get a 6300BE champ. I think it's a joke.
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: Master Yi
I personally don't think he needs a nerf. He's an extremely hit or miss type of champion. If he falls behind, he's going to be useless unless he afk farms all game and pushes himself back into it, and if he gets fed, just like every other champion - it's nasty.
: Banned or chat restricted
I checked their OP.GG's and they haven't played a game since the report has been issued, which can only mean they have been temporarily banned from the rift. Thank you all for your responses!
: Dumb ass players (Rant)
> [{quoted}](name=OCE VortexDragon,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=2EE9w4BW,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-06T12:24:00.491+0000) > > I&amp;#039;m done with these teams. Honestly. Easy wins could be achieved but i can&amp;#039;t believe all the dumb ass things they do. I get 2 kills lv1 before 2 minutes and we doing pretty decently but holy shit why can&amp;#039;t people understand that its a team game and not all about kills. Like we were teamfighting while we were decently ahead but we lost the fight because stupid jungler doing blue side camps and adc is doing kruggs! Like wtf! I&amp;#039;d understand if you could splitpush and get some towers or an inhib but wtf! Why are you doing the unworthy camps which only give 100-ish gold! Capitalise! FFS! > At least by posting this post some players might see this and think twice before they go gallivanting off to take the god damn kruggs while we are engaged in a make or break teamfight! >I get 2 kills lv1 before 2 minutes >why can't people understand that it's a team game and not all about kills ??????
: Dank was a real word before memes friend. > dank: (adjective) unpleasantly damp and cold. Though doesn't mean it wasn't a mistake; it still makes sense as is.
> [{quoted}](name=BarryButcher,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=HoydMqFx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-31T10:20:34.827+0000) > > Dank was a real word before memes friend. > > Though doesn&#x27;t mean it wasn&#x27;t a mistake; it still makes sense as is. It's funny because majority of teenagers don't see dank for it's true meaning.
CrowV2 (OCE)
: Lore Question : Currency
I could imagine gold pieces would be the standard form of currency, whereas certain areas could vary, like you say so. Like the Golden Kraken, or a different form of currency useless anywhere else in Runeterra just makes sense for a smugglers haven. I'm not sure, but I'd dare say gold is mostly the standard until said otherwise.
Jasonsu (OCE)
: Inting teammates
That's not their problem.
Sn4ke (OCE)
: Main For A Returning Player?
Can't really give you any tips other than to play a bunch of people and see who fits in your comfort zones. Champs are subjective; not objective.
Woofers (OCE)
: LF ppl to level a new account (Currently lv 13)
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