: Preseason 2020 Replay Contest Results!
Point of all this is... Alcoves suck and have no use.
: Get ready for the 2015 ranked season!
"you’ll likely place lower than where you ended the previous season." So what is lower than Bronze V?
: 4.20 Patch Bugs Megathread
smite doesnt work on the small monster of the blue buff in the bush
: 4.20 Patch Bugs Megathread
Smited the wolf and the vision orb didnt come out
: 4.20 Patch Bugs Megathread
I don't know hwo this board thing works I actually hate it and prefer forums. anyway Have a question and bugs to report (not sure if they are all bugs or intended but i don't know) First question is where do we actually post bugs in general? Second here is my list of bugs: 1) You can lifesteal from a ward 2) Warwick loses his autoattack after using Q ability 3) Fiddle gets no assists after using drain 4) When Quinn kills you on the death descritption of harrier it has no description 5) Leona can't use her Q on inhibitors and nexus it works on turrets 6) When I Play as fiddle and fear someone jsut before I die, the fear doesnt last its duration. As soon as i die the fear goes off the champion I had feared. This happens a few other abilities as well incluuding silence and also when I ignite them and they run into fog of war the ignite goes off. Also feared xin after the first of his 3 strikes, instead of stopping him, xin continued with the second and third strikes and the air. Then after that he started to fear away, but not for the full seconds he was meant to 7) Played Voli, bought sword of the divine. Withought activating it, after 3 stacks of W, Attack speed would be at 2.02. Activate it at 2.02, attack speed increases for 3 hits, then falls back much lower than where it started. Now, after 3 stacks, W only stacks up to 1.76 attack speed.


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