: Learn More: OPL Split 1 Watch Missions
Wow those rewards are terrible. Couldn't even do a little 100 orange essence or something. Cya
: Ocean Week Community Goal
Sidra(h), hasgreat meanings
TheNeddy (OCE)
: Any players who living in QLD?
I am, but gold coast :( Shame, they appear to use the same mouse as me!
: Really, what the hell is this.
Looks like the TF went AD.. lucky for you ;P Your two unranked probably have rediculous win rates. One of them wasn't placed last year so it's a smurf account if playing with these guys now. Call them anything diamond to challenger and you're even
Fitzky (OCE)
: 1 v 1 for weekly rewards? Potential idea
Damn good idea! With no tribunal in OCE you get so over playing with 9 other people sometimes lol{{summoner:13}}
: New Game Mode Idea
Sounds pretty good. Go Demacia!
Lalna (OCE)
: Ahaha please don't make lol anything like wow. Wow is only fun pve.
I feel like this post sums up lol, it's community and it's mid term future... there are enough people happy with it, why bother? There are so many simple tweaks the game could make to improve smoothness of playability and satisfaction but they won't come for a few more years until those distracted by new content get bored of the prettiness and demand it. Took wow 10 years, like you say. PVP was walk in, get chain CC'd and die, until a recent overhaul. I've checked the game every year since BC to see if it was fun to play again and it's finally safe to go back. They addressed all the little things and fixed them. Loving it again at the moment and wonder when lol will have the same epiphone. Kinda praying they will because I love the MOBA format
: TURBO MODE: The Data Behind Your Spell Spamming
Can you PLEASE add a 'spell queue' like World of Warcraft. One of the biggest hindrances to playability and quality of life is that spells do not go off unless the GCD was completely finished when you cast it. If you hit the next spell .05 seconds early it should queue. I cry every time I see that person run away on 10 health and my ignite is still up. Crappy, fluctuating Gold Coast ADSL internet doesn't help!
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: "Key drop rate"
That's a really good question, I haven't had a key fragment in 1 or 2 weeks. That said I never have a cache of chests I can't open so it can't be too far out!
iAkeno (OCE)
: How I Climbed Out Of Bronze!
Good info, well put together :)
Khulu (OCE)
: Damage Mitigation feedback statistic
Yeah this would be great. Can't help but feel it would have been raised years ago. Not sure on why it's still a no but there will be a thread somewhere for whoever is willing to search!
: Yeah it is ISP based; IINET share their infrastructure with multiple providers. e.g. Adam and Internode.
It's not ISP based, our connection is fine with everything else.
Zaps (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Game Start / Game Disconnect Issues - 17/03/2016
Loss prevented would still leave me about 25lp short. My teammates got the win but I got an afk.
Zaps (OCE)
: Thanks for the reports guys - we're currently looking into what's happening and will update as soon as we can. EDIT: We'll track and update this issue in this thread: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/RF70PdWb-game-start-game-disconnect-issues-17032016
Same for me, stomping other team, two of us got DC. Ran speedtest, connection is fine, gf could spectate the game I painfully couldn't get back into. Team went on to win 3v5 because we were so ahead but I got afk so no win and lost IP. On my 6th attempt at promos, this is really unfun.
: So what does Riot do about DEATH THREATS
Damn that's heavy man! Hope you have some more enjoyable games soon
: Basically what I got from this is literally the same as every other quit rant. 1) I don't understand how imperfect balance works 2/3) I never keep even a partial tab on what Riot is doing, I couldn't care less about the fact that Taric is getting reworked in January/February, so I'll just quit because my head is too far up my own arse. And that's my biggest fucking annoyance with you %%%%s, you think you're so important to announce that you're quitting league, yet you NEVER keep the slightest attention on what Riot is doing with the game. What's it matter that you've played for five years? I've played for five years, and I can do a five minute search and learn that the bullshit you're angry about is being changed. In League there is no "This it the number one champion and has no weakness" it is a game of Scissor Paper Rock Lizard Spock. This counters this, this has this weakness, etc. All champions have something they fail at, a major Achilles heel. Except Vayne, but fuck her. There is a video out there where I trashed a Master Tier Rumble player as Taric in top on a stream and I'm just a Silver scrub. I fucking love Taric, no homo (but yes all the homo), why do I not want another skin for Taric? BECAUSE HIS REWORK IS LITERALLY AROUND THE CORNER! I wish Evelynn didn't get that new skin this year, you know why? Because Riot promised ages back that she'd not get a new skin until she had a Visual Update, but that went out the window didn't it. As would Taric's rework if he were to get a skin right now. I lost count of the number of times a Rioter has said "Taric is the next rework after Poppy. Poppy is to be updated at the end of the year and Taric will be done within the first couple of months of 2016". The reworks are mentioned in like 90% of the red post collections on Surrender@20. Yorick keeps getting put on the list for a rework and taken off, and we know why this is, do you? No you don't because you actually couldn't give to fucks to begin with, you're just using it as an excuse to complain, just like the twats who complain that Fallout 4 has a few minor bugs, when every fucking %%%% and his dog knew Fallout 4 would be riddled with bugs from the start BECAUSE IT'S A DAMN BETHESDA GAME. Multiple times Rioter's have said they have no idea what to do with Yorick. They don't buff him, they don't nerf him. Because any time they touch him he someone becomes this mess of retarded damage. You can take Yorick top lane right now and win 10 out of 10 games because no one knows how to play against him, while you smash your face into the keyboard. Dear fuck the damage you could do if you actually learned him.
Your post misses the entire point on league. You're right on with Bethesda though. That's the reason I wait a year to snag a Blizzard release (or first expansion, whichever is most likely to be the actual game they intended) I am a follower of surrender @ 20 and have a whole page news widget on my phone that I looked at every day for the last year. But I dunno, there's just something about intentions and lack of delivery that remind me of being a virgin the day after prom. It's fucken unsatisfying I'd tell you but you're probably well familiar with that. This is league to me lately with all their "it's coming's" for shit they could do in a day. We could brainstorm a Yorick remake between us in this thread over the next few days with a few minutes from each and have something workable by the end of the week. Name a champion or remake release that nailed it 100% first go. You get something out, listen to the feedback, review the stats and patch accordingly. Tencent (someone asked about this? Rito sold) are earning a poultry $1 billion a year and they can't bring in a needed change after 4 years? These facts combined leave the only explanation - there's a certain an element of prioritising going on. Gintamino Bay nailed it below - it's hard sure but this is the game they have created and it's so screamingly obvious what needs to be done. Get in and do it, the resources are there. If I was a whiner, I'd still be playing league, hating and trolling like half the existing current player base seem to be. My action was to remove myself and provide the feedback why as I was finding the game less enjoyable than something that I do for fun should be. Doesn't mean I have my head up my ass. Moreso I know what I want and that's why I'm heading. Me to you as my boss "Chill and stop being a whiney bitch, it's on my to do-list fuckhead" You "Oh ok sweet, thanks for the update" Wanna know why Darius got released late and remade early? Prioritised. Why did he get prioritised over others? Cos dunking is 'cool' and sells shit like legendary basketball skins cos basketball is of course huge in demacia and nox and therefor must be practical and relevant. Yorick (again for example) has nothing that stands out as cool. Seriously what is that ult. Just make him able to teleport or switch places to one of his ghosts and gain a different augment for the one he chooses and blam, mobility and a higher skillcap than buying tear and facemashing keyboard.. It caaaant be that hard. I don't even play the guy but I do want to play about 50 of the other one trick pony champions that only need the most minor of tweaks. Take Akali, bring back E proc for Q. Two GCD's and an auto on her feels like a dutch rudder, just awkward. The change to ult in moving behind was great but having to land an auto attack for her - a champion that buying attack speed would be retarded - is just.. wtf. A contradiction. Speaking of that - shroud - ermagerd you cant see meh, I'm soo not gonna die. W is almost useless. Make her able to click to teleport wherever she wants in it as much as she likes as long as she is existing in one spot so she can at least try to dodge the infinite amount of aoe and skill shot you can salvo in there now days. Then as long as there's no lee sin in the game or pink wards you're good. Only slight changes any player in the community could come up with would fix half these champions in a few patches. I'll check in a while and see if 'cool and profitable' is still outweighing 'practical' PS, do you work at Tencent / Riot Kerian? Someone of your age should really be a little more open minded for gamers feedback rather than flaming and telling them such as "Read the terms of service. Bitch." I, like most play games for fun and confess to at the very most skimming the 'terms of service' and I certainly don't know them well enough to tell others off the top of my head what they contain. I never got banned or even warned in 5 years. How I did this was just taking for granted the terms of service summised one simple thing - don't be a Klavinmour lastly, I reaaaly hate to bring up the bronze thing but it does further reiterate there is a limit to your understanding of the finer mechanics of the game that you seem so eager to give endless advice in regardless. Havent met a bronzie yet that attitude wasn't most of the problem. Interesting you were the most vocal asshole here and still managed to influence another to follow you. Hold on a second.. what the... I am I back in the rift already? Dammit Talon12 was right all along
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: Heating up: How the pros warded at Worlds
Skimmed page. Colours look similar enough but I learned nothing. Back to reddit
: Ocean Week is coming!
Numbers time! I want the legendary skin 2x bonus on mysteries at 175,000 If every game played in Oceania qualifies for the full 10 points we need 17,500 games played over the week, 2500 games per day. Being that a lot of these games will be solo q, let's average at say 3 point earners per match that go toward the grand total. Now we need 8,325 qualifying games played per day in Oceania every day for the week to a total of 58,275 games played. Being that I have no idea how many games are actually played under normal circumstances, this is all pointless. Unless we get Riot assistance for some perspective! Give us a hand red, motivate us!


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