Achenar (OCE)
: Star Guardian Fanwork Contest
Are we able to draw more than one fan idea? or is it restricted to just one?
: I'm amazed at how the entries have really brought to life the related lore. It makes me more interested in League lore :D Thank you to everyone that put in the time to draw something! I hope everyone checks out [all the other entries]( as well :) My fave entry was Whizza. Really liked the style, colouring and the image of Galio + Lux <3
Thank you so much! This comp was a big step for me since I never draw a dark theme! Your comment is appreciated <3
Khronix (OCE)
: Alphys one is my fave lol reading the caption "The widow’s eyes rolled back into her head. She collapsed to the floor like a bag of stones. " then I looked at the widows face haha it made my day.
Hello! Alphy here!!! Thank you so much on what you said about my work <3 this was the biggest challenge I've ever drawn in my life. I don't tend to draw such dark pieces so this was really fun to do! So glad it made you laugh
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Demacia Art Contest
Is it possible to make it a 2 - 3 panel comic for the competition?

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