: I'm guessing we cant do the current star guardians can we?
you can its all star guardians hence why they put syndra and soraka as the thumbnail
Rioter Comments
Since its summer in US, should be coming this season.
ShadeZ94 (OCE)
: You have a 25% win rate on riven. 32% overall. and a 4.5/7.8 K/D. Probably safe to say you are bad.
May I ask how do you check your win rate on a champ?
: Tell the support what champ they should play today!
Tbh you don't have to go with what they say, its about what your comfortable with and how you can win and carry your adc.
: Yeah that's why yesterday well i was doing a run on my smurf i had 2,3,3,2,3,2 bots in each game, that's 50% of the players i had on my team were bots.
Yeah in one game, not every game.
: How to handle Toxic players
Mute them, get off the game. This is the internet.
: I love how Riot can't stop bots
I love how they actually did stop them.
: Snow skin looks bit Asian like no offence {{champion:76}}
racist. only because it has its eyes closed
: rito plz
: Maybe allow players to buy skins with IP after owning all champions that exist in that patch? Obviously the skins would need to be priced correctly or else it would be unfair on other players I.E 975RP skins = 6300IP?? Just an idea, although Riot's way with making profit might be too big for their own intentions?
This is a terrible idea. Reason being so many people have IP and it is super easy to get it. Why not just wait for sales and buy a good skin and support Riot.
: When do the early sales go up??
Usually at the end of the month
: June sales schedule!
Can't wait to buy Star Guardian Lux! {{champion:99}}
: Sales, IP and Champions
IP is so easy to get thats why its more than real money.
: I can't buy the new skin for fizz
Don't worry. You're not the only one with this problem, pretty sure developers are aware as well and are working on it. Just have to wait a bit and hopefully it will be out this week.
: For those who want an idea what the Alpha client looks like.
The profile pages also look incredible. Can't wait to show off that DJ Sona splash art.
Ridro (EUW)
: The Science of League of Legends (10x 750 RP giveaway)
Cool survey, thanks for sharing! At the end I just put both my summoner and account name if that's cool.
: When you login just to up vote
When you login just to up vote the same comment that says When you login just to up vote.


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