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: looking for a clash team, im Mid main, but can play jg as well. platinum. just ad: RedThunder
: The House Triumphant
Shouri (OCE)
: DFG Team recruitment
Sent you a request in game
Newguy73 (OCE)
: I am Newguy73 Team Toxic Turtles In our first game, we were on the red side for the pick/ban phase but then when we got in the game we had changed to the blue side. Bit of a strange bug, please fix
2nd this. Our second match we had first pick and we were supposed to be on blue side. Then when we got into game we were red side. Kind of weird as we planned for invade as if we were blue side .
: Help Us Break Clash!
* Magıc * Christian Roblox Server * Happened the first game. I was banning. A few seconds into champion select my client had the "disconnected" message pop-up with the option to exit instead. I didn't click or touch anything. A few moments later I bug splatted. I closed the bugsplat message and re-opened up the client. Entered my log in and I got stuck on the 'Authorizing... ' message. After a minute or two client said I didn't have internet connection (my internet was 100% fine). Second log in attempt was successful, took me back to the clash homepage for a few seconds then back into champion select. I had missed two bans. Second clash match was fine, didn't have any issues in champion select.
: What’s next for Clash?
When is the clash testing?
Klëd Bot (OCE)
: When can we make our teams? and its still not open, wtf riot {{sticker:sg-shisa}}


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