Achenar (OCE)
: Hey Magery, Thanks for flagging this and for describing your experience so clearly - it really helps to understand where the misunderstanding/problem is happening! I can confirm that we do have your entry. What is happening: the platform we use to collect your entries is mostly designed for images or videos, and so its 'confirm receipt of entry' page has a section that is MEANT to show a preview of your entry. For the fanfiction entries there's no image and so this part of the page will never fully load, even though the entry is received! I've customised the text on that page to hopefully make it a bit clearer but don't seem to be able to solve the preview section. D:
Hey, at least I know now that you have it and the reason why it outplayed me into thinking you didn't, so thanks anyway!
Achenar (OCE)
: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Enter Now!
I'm not sure if my entry has actually gone through. I posted it on the boards, and used that link in following the steps from the "Submit Your Entry Here" button, but when I got to the very end, while it told me something like "Your entry has gone through" at the top (I don't remember the exact wording), the page never fully loaded even after a couple of hours, and the link it gave me to share my entry redirected to the submission page (that is, the start of the process, when you input your username and the link of the entry) every time I tried to use it myself or sent it to someone else to test. Is it possible for someone to check to make sure the process hasn't bamboozled me or itself in some fashion, and that my entry is actually there to be counted? Thank you! EDIT: Reading the comments further, it seems I'm not the only one to have had this exact problem! Hopefully I have the same luck they do and it's there regardless.
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Fyooosh (OCE)
: This is fantastic. Great crafting of the scene, and it feels like you've captured the essence of who Ahri and Yasuo are - just from their dialogue as well as the insight from Yasuo's POV. I really enjoyed reading this.
Thank you! It's heartening to hear that I've managed to keep them in character - that was my biggest worry.
Magery (OCE)
: A Chance Encounter
Word Count: 1,495 This story is, amongst other things, an attempt to blend the old lore (where the League of Legends and the Institute of War were a thing) with the new lore (where they aren't). As a Wood 7 excuse for an Ahri main, and someone who _wants_ to main Yasuo but knows he will turn out exactly like the Yasuo mains everyone complains about, this is the closest I can come to doing some of my favourite characters (and champions) justice - so I hope I have!
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