Ninox (OCE)
: 14 days without activity (not from original post date) is the standard we currently use. It's not just that the thread content may be irrelevant to the current state. At that point, any discussion has usually well and truly run its course, and reviving it is extremely unlikely to offer anything productive, where simply creating a new post would. It's also because the individuals involved in that old discussion are likely no longer invested in it, and possibly also not active, which again stifles any productive discussion. We don't lock old threads to "avoid difficult questions", we lock threads because there is no reason not to create a new more productive thread over reviving an old dead one.
Sorry, but I don't believe this one bit. For example, after writing the above post, one of my comments was NECRO-removed from a thread that is possibly a year old. You can possibly check up on the exact date. The people that were involved in the previous 3 week old discussion were invested in it, but never received answers. Because of these policies, I will refrain from posting on these forums from now on. Stuff that is in the "too hard" basket is just swept aside.
Hang That (OCE)
: Necro comments?
Apparently comments that are 3 weeks old are considered to be "necro-ing". Like seriously. It's more likely that they use this excuse to avoid difficult questions. In my opinion, comments that are still relevant to the present day game, should not be deleted, even if posting on a "necro-ed" thread. But you know when the company relies on unpaid volunteers to run boards, reduce opl to premade teams, and generally don't do bugfixes in game where their priorities lie.
: I'll give you this life advice. Confidence gained in trivial manners are just lies you're telling yourself; In order to measure up to those you deem to be better. Keep it up and your life's goal will be chasing after these piffling praises, and not at all for the better.
Maybe you should take your own advice then.
KieshwaV (OCE)
: Will matchmaking and LP gains every be fixed
The first image that you posted is so familiar to me. It usually happens to me, **_just after_** a promos series that I've won. Just for arguments sake, here is a recent case in point: [Stupid matchmaking]( This is the number one thing that I would like to be fixed in ranked. The games like this are a waste of time, some clown fiesta stomp for one team and not a display of equally skilled players. Waste of time for both teams involved. And yes, there will be those that say that the teams are even in mmr, blah blah blah, but actually is that true? Why should accounts that haven't played in a long time retain their mmr? NEACE has a good suggestion, [here.]( In my situation above, there is no way the teams are evenly matched, unless Sivir had very high mmr. Now they played like the worst player on the team, and last year they were silver ranked. So i refuse to believe that. Then some might say, well the gold player opposition have bad mmr. And that's not possible either when you look at their win rates. Then the other question is: **HOW THE HELL DOES A BRONZE PLAYER GET IN A GAME WITH HIGH SILVERS AND GOLDS?** Oh, that's easy you say, they were duo with someone. And that's why you had harder opposition overall. Good try, but there were no duos on our team. I checked. Fix your matchmaking Riot, it's been crap for a long time now. Whether you include a button in the client to say to player "I will wait LONGER FOR ACCURATE MATCHMAKING" or just take NEACE's ideas, it needs to be fixed.
LeBeanus (OCE)
: damn just looked over that after posting, sorry, bit of a fucking essay, if u dont wanna read all that i essentially say it all in the tldr
"So I'm fairly new to the game, only been playing for a month or two and... " And it's time to learn more about the game before proposing changes to ranged champions that can play in any lane that players choose. And for all of those top laners who are complaining, its time to actually understand the game, and not play like hashinshin and then cry about it.
Montiness (OCE)
: No mate, ample evidence has been provided and you're contesting points that have been proven irrelevant over and over again. like talking to a brick wall, so I'm done.
He isn't though... he will keep coming back to have the last say, and win every argument on the boards. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Mitcheee (OCE)
: Dr. Mundo is SERIOUSLY BROKEN - plz Riot
It's very simple - if you think a champion is broken, don't complain about it. Pick them, and get from silver 4 to challenger {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Baftes (OCE)
: Nunu's balls are bugged
Reading patch 9.9 notes, the interaction between Draven and Illaoi is not mentioned - I wonder if that is still present.
Ninox (OCE)
: You're leaving out way too much information for any constructive discussion. If you came to rant, then I guess that's done. If you want to actually discuss it, there has to be something to discuss. More than a single, incomplete side of a conversation, the content of which seems to have changed between your OP and your comments.
That being said, it would be nice to know the procedure to follow in the above three instances, perhaps someone from staff could kindly past it on this thread somewhere.
: Eternal low level queue times
The playerbase numbers are low. The number of players that play at a certain time are low. The number of queues is probably one too many. ARAM, Ranked Solo, Ranked Flex, Flavour of the Month Game, Draft Pick, Blind Pick. In my opinion delete blind pick. If players want that they can do custom games. Put all the new accounts playing draft and give them access to all summoners and runes at level 1. You want new players to actually understand the game, not make their experience a fiesta. By deleting this queue, other queue times will be lowered as well.
dogsrule (OCE)
: Scuttle crab spawn change needs to be reverted.
Yep the meta is gravitating towards tanks again. Volibear buffs also. Silver balance team needed to bring it back.
TankerInc (OCE)
: Riot OCE is dead?!
Phantiks once said (in 2016) that the game will last 5 more years in OCE. Since that time let's think about what has and hasn't changed. Dynamic queue fallout is still present - some players climbed without improving their skills and are hanging onto their inflated ranks. Game changes over the past 3-4 years have favoured faster gameplay and newbies, so overall player skill has decreased in OCE while playerbase numbers are up. Matchmaking is exactly the same as before, and the recent addition of two new tiers was introduced without changing the matchmaking model. Players are being banned more for what appears to be typing words than actual griefing and ruining games by trolling. The banning system in place relies on AI pruning and player reports, not proactive overseeing of rules. Competitive souls looking to start and compete with their own teams, staff and brand are forbidden to do so. The OPL is now a closed model, with the same faces running things. Budget has been cut back in OCE, no more Ocean Week, no more OPL finals with crowds. Community has been left to outsiders (such as Summoner's Society), who do their best, but without a paid model, its all volunteer stuff. Because of a number of factors (terrible matchmaking, no incentive (e.g. challenger jackets, LUL), no competition at the top end in the OPL) pro players rarely practice in scrims or play soloqueue these days, especially outside of competition time. OPL salaries are peanuts, so pro players do not make this a fulltime career job and end up retiring early. You can see the fallout from the above factors in the first game at MSI: idiot drafting, no crossmap awareness, macro skills below that of an NA academy team, rusty players. So yeah OCE is pretty dead, except for casuals. Makes sense.
Main Line (OCE)
: The Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS) for 2018
Ok thanks guys, I'll check back later to see the standings.
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GD Maco (NA)
: yup, the hard work's reward doesn't feel like its worth it
Phantiks was right when he said (2016) that the game will be dead in 5 years time. This year i grinded from 35 champions to 91 champions and since the blue essence update, only bought champions with the free blue essence that they gave me when i switched over. They are just too expensive now. I'll probably quit this game soon.
: Essendon FC enters E-Sports and the OPL by purchasing Abyss
GD Maco (NA)
Yeah these changes have introduced so many bots... yesterday I was the only human in a co-op vs AI intermediate game.
Intel x (OCE)
: I Get a 14 Day Suspension For This?
> [{quoted}](name=Intel x,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=ZKI3n8nU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-04T07:53:18.065+0000) > > Intel x: WHY ARE YOU GROUPING WITH THE PERSON THATS SPLITTING OCE soloqueue in a nutshell, no macro whatsoever
Plutooh (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Main Line,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=Hf3QfeGb,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-11-29T22:13:24.995+0000) > > It also depends on which times of the day you play ARAMs. Bots are very prevalent at night time. Also there are bots that are levelling up in Players vs AI modes. I call them the 'gromp bots' because they just try to farm jungle camps. If the camp is not there, then they recall and go to a different one. One time I totally trolled a bot because I noticed that it wanted to "help" me get the Baron, so I just let it die to the Baron :) Strange, I actually work from home so I play a lot during the day and find the bots in ARAM mostly during the day. I have no idea how these scripts work, maybe you have to start each game then run the script and walk away for 20 minutes, rinse and repeat. It wouldn't start new games for you would it?
Yep the bots can do all kinds of things. Like you can leave them on all day and they can play all day. Have a look at their match history to confim this. It's not just one game at a time, its a 48 hr session or longer.
Plutooh (OCE)
: Players going AFK because of bots should NOT be penalised.
It also depends on which times of the day you play ARAMs. Bots are very prevalent at night time. Also there are bots that are levelling up in Players vs AI modes. I call them the 'gromp bots' because they just try to farm jungle camps. If the camp is not there, then they recall and go to a different one. One time I totally trolled a bot because I noticed that it wanted to "help" me get the Baron, so I just let it die to the Baron :)
Fitzky (OCE)
: Gotta love the chinese players
Videos are now muted also? Cmon think about the reasons why naming and shaming is a thing - because heaps of people would start bs topics. But videos are just there to show what happened, it's hardly naming and shaming. Can't handle what happened in a game? Unlucky.
: I mean for the last 3 hours, i have checked several times, not a single game.
Challengers aren't playing solo queue at the moment, because of too many monkeys trolling in preseason. They are playing ' Milky Queue' instead, which is not able to be spectated.
: Are Riot employees racist?
It's pretty bad when guys like IWillDominate have to change their use of the friendly "n.i.g.g.a" to "retarded" on stream, to avoid backlash from SJWs. Personally I prefer to use "dunn" instead of "n.i.g.g.a" (Mobb Deep style). Also N.I.G.G.A. is the gangsta rap comradlry style, whilst N.I.G.G.E.R. is the racist form.
: Can a Admin explains how this chat warrants a perm ban while being trolled 3 games in arow?
> [{quoted}](name=mmm Popsicles,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=44oklITT,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-30T14:20:13.245+0000) > > Game 2 > mmm Popsicles: but you're trash vayne > mmm Popsicles: you're losing a kogmaw raka lane and vayne bruam I'd just like point out that a Kog'Maw Soraka lane normally does win against a Vayne/Braum. Double ranged with sustain.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Proof that Riot's Balancing Team is Dumb
Dong Huap's videos are pretty good satire. But Galio was already fine in the state that he was on the Worlds patch; I feel like they didn't need to change him. Mobalytics is some western shit though aha. It's good for a giggle.
: Does rank necessarily determine someone's game knowledge?
Also consider that some of the OPL pros are coached by Platinums etc. Even Kkoma is only platinum in Korea (he might have let it decay a little). A lot of OCE challengers have excellent mechanics but poor understanding of the game. However this is masked in soloqueue. Especially because their opponents have the same issues. Game Knowledge is only one component of your rank. There's many other factors like mechanics (this includes computer components and posture), mentality (this emcompasses mood and motivation), luck, intent (whether you want to troll, one trick, or actually practice meta, etc). **Can someone of lower ranking, provide helpful game advice to someone of higher ranking?** Of course they can, if the higher ranked person does not already know this something about the game. And you can bet that this can be true in OCE, because we don't have any world class players. There's plenty of gaps in game knowledge amongst OCE players. For example, Chiefs have had a problem for many years now, that they lack patience in critical situations in the game. A proper coach/analyst would have spotted this and had them work on it in an efficient manner. Just one example. The moments or areas where a lower rated player would be able to give a higher rated player advice would be rather thin however. It would be in very niche situations, for example perhaps in a certain champion matchup, or meta shift theory, or in situations where the average high mmr player does not know about. it's all relative to what you are calling high and low. In general, in most situations the lower rated player would offer nothing new to the higher rated player.
: FaKer is god like...Maybe dunai has no effect
Ahah, good defence there, we don't want any soothsayers being punished by the authorities :)
bluz0r (OCE)
: LF D+ players to defeat level 100 doom bots
Well, hello there. It's that time of the year again. Are you ready to defeat the Doom Bots this time, or has your macro declined after dropping back to your true elo level? ^_^
: A new culture of E-Sports, DUNAI, has been invented by Chinese youth , catching on the social circle
Maybe he can "dunai: SK Telecom T1 for the final? I think they would still win, lol.
: People like This Needs to be Banned from Ranked
Yeah he doesn't seem to do very well. I guess its because Taric doesn't push very hard. There's better champions to troll with in top lane.
Skitzoner (OCE)
: well, my point is that Riot said another Ryze rework should come out before patch 7.22. But it didn't. So there is no need for us to argue whether ryze is weak and desearve a rework or not. I'm just curious about the process of rework that they promised and why is it delayed.
ya i was replying to Nightjar there.
That was pretty sweet. OCE Corki and Vayne though, lul.
: It doesn't matter how much gold you have or how many times you killed your laner, if you don't put it to good use. The game isn't won because one person has a lot of gold, but because one team out pressures the other. Let's say you're Le Blanc and the 6/0 ADC appears in your lane and one-shots you. Is it your fault the ADC is 6/0? Of course not! Bot lane are to blame. The real question is, did you do anything about it? Had you properly warded, you wouldn't have made the 6/0 ADC 7/0. Control wards only cost 75g. Always try to buy at least one whenever you back. *But that would put me 75g behind my next item*, I hear you say. Literally just W + Q the three caster minions (~60g) and back, and by the time you're in base you should have earned 75g. How hard was that? Spending 75g will save you time (from respwaning and walking back to lane) that you can use for farming. You will easily make that gold back, and then some. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What else could you have done, besides warding better? Wards aren't going to stop the ADC being 6/0. To which I say: *Roaming*. There's not really much point making your lane opponent 0/5. Le Blanc is very mobile. Hard shove the wave after you kill your lane opponent, walk bot, and attack the ADC during the early levels. And guess what? They walk away. They burn a summoner or two. Heck, they may even need to base or end up dying. That took you, what? 20 seconds? What else could you have done in that time? Hit a tower with your weak mage auto attacks before the early game fortification bonus disappears? What you did was use your advantage to apply pressure, even if it was small. That summoner they wasted or their low health means that their 6/0 state is delayed. Did you kill them? Great! Now their tower is chunked to 1/3 of its health. Who's going to stop you? The dead ADC and Support? Their Jungler cannot 1 v 3. If your enemy laner appears Bot, they just lost a lot of free gold and xp to their Mid Lane tower. Since you had pressure Bot, the enemy will flee when they see you. What if you go into Fog of War and send a clone Bot Lane while you back? They will run and give your Laners the advantage. And then rinse and repeat. Kill or make your laner low, shove the wave, appear bot for some light pressure. Did you waste their summs? Good job! That's pressure! Either back to lane or to base. Did you kill them or make them base? BOOM! Free tower and shove to the next one. Now they have the choice of either losing a lot of xp and gold to their Tier 2 tower, or losing dragon. Either way, now your Bot are ahead in gold and levels. Now what? Take top. Take Herald. Et cetera... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Same thing if you're ADC. There are two of you. You can have twice as many wards. Bot side River and Jungle should be lit like a Christmas tree. Don't be afraid to get Control Wards. You need to look at the map as well. Did you see the enemy Jungler gank Top? Shove lane, ping your Jungler, and take dragon. The enemy bot are either going to lose the much needed xp and gold (since they're behind) or lose dragon. Either way, it's a win-win for you. Is dragon not up? Why not go and ward the enemy Jungle? How about taking some of those camps too? Now lets say you get the tower. Now what? Is dragon up? Shove to Tier 2 and take dragon. What if it isn't? Shove, then base, then gank your Top Laner, and just like that you have Herald and Top tower advantage. Who will stop you? The dead Top Laner? The Bot lane that are far behind trying to get farm on botside? That just leaves their Mid and Jungler. If their Mid leaves, then your Mid will either follow, or shove lane and make them lose a lot of xp and gold. Either way, the fight will always lean in your favour. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this helps you :D Basically just warding and learning to apply pressure (not matter how small) to other parts of the map. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
> [{quoted}](name=Challenger Eve,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=foqmrpnO,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-30T03:31:16.724+0000) > > It doesn't matter how much gold you have or how many times you killed your laner, if you don't put it to good use. The game isn't won because one person has a lot of gold, but because one team out pressures the other. > Never have more truer words been spoken. Take note all of Oceania in low elo. That means everyone under diamond 2! Stop throwing games because you have shit macro. **The game isn't won because one person has a lot of gold, but because one team out-pressures the other.**
: Can we have the old client back?
There's other small annoying bugs after recent patches also. For example: 1) In spectator mode watching friends, when you hover on items, sometimes only the starting items show their stats and abilities, the others don't bring the info pop-up. 2) some bs about "your party has disbanded" happens on occasion. 3) emote bug messages And nah, Monkey Max, the client is not a huge improvement, it's worse than the old one. Depends what you want though, eh? Glossy looks or functionality. On the old one I could spectate challenger games, now its been a year and we still can't do that unless they are on your friend's list. And your own personal stats in ranked have been muzzled. For example you can't see how many Pentas you got this season, etc etc
Nightjar (OCE)
: why is ryze so weak though? Is it his range? Is the shield too weak? is his ult too hard to coordinate in soloq? does he not have enough cc, movespeed, base stats, earlygame damage, lategame scaling? Projectile speed? Ratios? What happened? It feels like at some point, something happened, a nerf too far or something, and suddenly he's the weakest champion in the game. Like 40% winrate, something needs to be done, but I wonder if it Riot really wants to do a 4th ryze rework, because, well, that's alot of reworks.
> [{quoted}](name=Nightjar,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=d6JEGixj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-31T11:48:09.318+0000) > > why is ryze so weak though? > Is the shield too weak? Check > is his ult too hard to coordinate in soloq? Triple Check > does he not have enough movespeed? From Q proccing? Check It's mainly the ult offering no damage and being bad in soloqueue and that there are other mages that burst him down from a longer distance.
: Doom Bots
On the other hand, we get to play Brand (so far, so good). R.I.P. Dumb Bots
Newto (OCE)
Hi Newto, Are you going to play for a team this coming split? I think the meta is going to be shifting again, which could be good for your style of champions and play :)
: we all have bad games but i mean this is one of my worst and im sure u have gad bad games then ur team flame the hell put of u then expect u to be there best friend? have u not
All that the ban is telling you is: On your next account use mute and don't flame back.
: Hmm although im technically not stating my issue is a bug, yours does sound like a good enough reason to send a bug report. I just think they haven't thought this system through with care at all. The thing that scares me is knowing even if you are a good player, with good game sense and were really supportive through the game, anyone from the opposite team could be salty/tilted af and just report you for no reason and drop your honor level.
> [{quoted}](name=JustFahfah,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=vpW6Gdzi,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-22T09:40:18.951+0000) > > The thing that scares me is knowing even if you are a good player, with good game sense and were really supportive through the game, anyone from the opposite team could be salty/tilted af and just report you for no reason and drop your honor level. I'm in the same situation as you... been honour level 3 for ages. I'm not toxic, however I do offer advice in game and sometimes when kids can't handle it they fly off the handle. I mute them, but I'm sure they report after the game. So this is probably why its not increasing. TLDR: play game, mute all, pingmute all, get honour level 5, if you wanna be a robot.
: Someone told me they got to challenger in under 500 games from their first game. So that means that anyone with over 500 games has proven themselves to be dedicated enough to apply for your team, according to your own logic. Since I have over 500 ranked games on a single champion this season alone, add me and keep me posted on when the trials are so i can be ready, thanks.
Why not just start your own OOL team? Would be easier than trying to get accepted by the team that you don't meet their criteria.
hzx86s (OCE)
: The question is that some players want to taunt another player, i can block their speak but taunt behaviour is nor correct. In fact, they using emote and dance to taunt and report system do nothing for those player. Also, most of player will not spend RP on the emote. Usually you will not play the second with the player who taunt you, it makes me feel really angry. I report those player but on the next game I see the trolling player again. I doubt the report system is useful or not. I think some time you meet the player who is really disgusting,they never respect you. I try to tell staff and change this condition.
It's a war game dude, if you can't handle a silly taunt, god help you. Life's going to throw you a lot of curveballs as you progress. It's not what life throws at you, its _how you handle it_.
: oh and you say "you aren't the kind of person I'd like to play with" yet the Darius was the one being the extremely toxic one he got muted and report by all of us the second game i had bots in pvp in bot lane with a flaming 0/5 Warwick at 10 minutes. dont say things like that when this is 2 games out of hundreds
What the Darius did was wrong, I'm sure they got punished also. But we are talking about YOU here, not Darius, and what you did to ban Lux support was despicable. It's not your decision to tell other players what is good/bad, or deny them their picks. If they want to play Lux support, it's their choice. As you stated above, you've already had bans before, so it's time to learn from mistakes while you enjoy this ban.
: Plat/gold ADC(on bronze alt) LF support
So how come you deleted me after one loss because we had silly teammates? I think maybe someone else needs to be tilt proof :)
Łæoña (OCE)
: Could you let me know if its the problem lies with the OCE server or the broadband company
Loving my ASDL2 here... all these jokers in the street switched to NBN, now I have no lag, it's awesome! :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Main Line,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=5VN3lI5P,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-10T23:57:09.808+0000) > > I think it takes the automation at least a week to kill a bot, and thats only if people report it. As in the case of "killtaiwanese32" and their clones. I'd really like to see Riot hire people to be in game and not just use the automation. Apart from catching the bots faster, they could also change immature players behaviour a lot quicker. > For example, imagine if they were in a soloqueue game, and some guy was breaking the rules. They could warn them and if the player persisted, they could apply the punishment immediately. Then in the end of game screen they could have a chat to that player. I'm sure that player would reform rather quickly. WAIT.... wtf. I had killtaiwanese212 in a fucking ranked game not too long ago. Ran right down mid and fed the akali so hard.
Yes it's a known troll, I don't think they even use the bot to sell accounts. They do it on all servers.
Pomarr (OCE)
: Bots in A.R.A.M, and people instalocking with incorrect lanes
It looks like your links were removed for naming and shaming, but I agree, it's frustrating when instalockers completely disregard their team. Maybe these instalockers should be trolled themselves. I.e. just go mid and share the lane with them and last hit better than them. But seriously, lets hope draft pick stays and blind pick is removed. As for the instalocker, if Riot had a person checking them out, they would get disciplined a lot quicker than the automation will do. I remember there was a guy on these boards saying that they would just instalock every game to test if the automation would even discipline him at all. I forget the name, but it would be interesting to see the results.
ShareX (OCE)
: 2fa might not be needed but I 1+ the idea of having an option to use 2fa for leauge accounts. Such as Discord and Steam forcing you to use 2fa via emails or mobile authenticators. Gabe Newell's username and password are publicly available but nobody can login to it because only Gabe has access to the 2fa. Of course being aware of scams is common knowledge but the extra security is always helpful towards the people who might want the extra security on their accounts or aren't very good with the internet and identifying scams. But it should be left as an option for the people who want it. If you don't want to use it then all good, no problems with me ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯.
I was bruteforce attacked a few months ago, and Riot restored my account after the hackers used the account with scripts to boost one of their friends in soloqueue. Hackers are quite adept at getting around whatever password you have. I've done my research into how I got hacked with a 11 digit password with letters/numbers in it. They use all kinds of methods like scraping, bruteforcing with generators, wordlists, and even made their own account checking tools that exploit Riot's security. However an extremely easy fix that Riot shoud implement right away is to make sure all account are verified right at the start. Why have an option for unverified accounts in the first place? If accounts are verified, then the original owners can always get them back, and this deters hackers/sellers etc. Two factor authentication could be implemented though, what's the cons to this?
: Aram leveling bots.
I think it takes the automation at least a week to kill a bot, and thats only if people report it. As in the case of "killtaiwanese32" and their clones. I'd really like to see Riot hire people to be in game and not just use the automation. Apart from catching the bots faster, they could also change immature players behaviour a lot quicker. For example, imagine if they were in a soloqueue game, and some guy was breaking the rules. They could warn them and if the player persisted, they could apply the punishment immediately. Then in the end of game screen they could have a chat to that player. I'm sure that player would reform rather quickly.
: If Riot actually gave a shit.
While it's understandable that Riot needs to make some money from the game (skins etc), I always found it rather bad they they decided to save money by using an automated system for punishments. Humans are always going to outsmart AI systems whether it be for better or worse, so if Riot would just spend a little more on making the game more enjoyable for everyone (e.g. hiring humans to deal with reports), in the long run it would also benefit their profit margins. My friend got a 14 day suspension the other day and didn't get the email about why. I've never known them to be toxic in game, in fact they are usually very quiet. He considered the suspension a mistake but had to send in a support ticket to clarify what was going on. Fortunately they have a smurf account that they can use until the matter is cleared up. As for swearing, rude words online, I've always been of the opinion that if players are too immature to handle this, then unlucky. Of course that is not Riot's policy however. They try to protect the immature players with censoring and using the automation to ban for "toxicity" and racism. But by doing this, they open up a different can of worms. Personally I'd be just dishing out the bans for ruining gameplay (e.g. disconnectors, trolls) because that is what wastes other players time the most in game, not just some text on the screen. A mature player can easily deal with stupid text on the screen, or stupid pings. Someone tells me "kys", wow man big deal. I'll give them some logic back and if they still continue personal attacks, they just get the mute button. Happens a lot. For example the other day our team was facing the classic oce special of an all ad comp in soloqueue. We had a tank top laner and jungler. There were two idiots (Yasuo was one of them, ahem) chasing for kills and I just told them "you don't even need to fight. All you have to do is farm, buy an armour item, and push your lanes, the game will win itself. But if you keep chasing for kills and feeding then the enemies they will snowball and you won't be able to come back to that easy win condition." Of course these idiots started flaming instead of actually reading what was typed and considering it. So they got the mute button eventually. Can't educate dumbarses in 20 minutes. Not worth bothering either, with those attitudes. It's annoying to lose the game that is a free win, but its OCE, it happens.
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: Toxicity in Champ Select
It depends what outcome you want from this. **1) Do you want that player punished**? If so, consider just taking the role you had selected and say nothing. But if that player trolls, does poorly, affects the whole team in a negative way, they will find a bunch of reports and a ban coming their way. If they troll and you manage to win, lucky for your team and the troll. Generally this is what I do, just say nothing and play the game, unless: **2) Do you care about losing LP from this game?** If no, do the above. If so, then for sure, dodge, OR, **_if you can sense_** in champion select that your team is troubled by the troll pick, there is another option. Say nothing about the troll (and don't complain) and then lock in a ridiculous champ (one that you can play of course) and say "hmm, i thought my role was ...., but since he took it, can i play .... in this role? I'll give it a go. Don't hate me though team, I'm only Bronze (Silver/Gold/Plat/Diamond) 5 and still learning about the game". You will generally force out a dodge from someone else instead of having to waste it yourself, and then you can wait for a couple of minutes before queueing again to avoid that troll. **3) Do you just play the game to improve and not care about your rank?** If so, just play the game and focus on the area you wanted to improve on. If that player mentioned trolls in game, its ok for you to troll in game also, so long as you are working on improving your gameplay. Chalk this game down as a loss before it even starts, and then go into game with the practice that you were looking for. Remember to /mute and /pingmute all during these "toxic" or "troll" style games, and say nothing negative in game. They could be baiting you to get YOU punished instead of them. You don't even want to listen to what the monkeys are saying.
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