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: not bad, but not great
Very informative. :) Thank you.
Junko (OCE)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I really like this! I'd love to hear more of your musical theater based songs :)
Thank you very much. You can hear more of my covers here. I recommend "Just as I am" - my personal favorite, and I think my best performance to date. :)
: I actually quite like it! And thanks for bringing back the memories from S4 :)
A compliment and a reply from a Rioter! Why thank you very much!! :) Any more Rioters lurking around I wonder...
Fitzky (OCE)
: This is my personal opinion so how you take it is up to you; the start was great, you hit the right notes and it sounded perfect. However, when you reached the chorus, you were off the entire time. Maybe I'm just use to Imagine Dragons singing it but I personally didn't like that bit.
Thank you for your feedback. :) Lining up my voice with the lead singer of ID, we are singing the same pitch, it does sound different however as I am a natural Baritone. So singing up this high is very straining and will sound different. Again though, thank you for your feedback. :)
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