: Patch 6.5 notes
So, The fact you have discounted runes (not by half so sounds useless) is a start. What about lowering the price ladder for Champs? it seems ridiculous that the IP wont match from old level 30 to new level 30. it would benefit all players. Lets hope this is considered.
andypandy (OCE)
: in the surgeon shen splash art u see akali but not kennen, y is this??
he's providing the electricity for the complex...
: Enlist in Ocean Week!
Just for the Cosplay thing, does it have to be duo summoners? can it be more / less? Asking as someone that doesn't have friends that would do this...
: Nautilus Reef January 2016 Update
As a Naut jungle main (at the time of ocean week '15) im so happy this is being made. Im just sad Naut jungle isn't viable, let alone on par for jungle now. :( really can't wait for his new Lore though. hell i can't wait for any of the new lore coming out.
: An official memo from the Dean of the Academy
Is that Trundle and Jax in the window?


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