WilliK (OCE)
: recommendations for getting to silver from bronze
Learn one champion for one position :) quickest and easiest way to learn. Just make sure you have a sub champion in-case it gets picked or banned.
: Good one Riot! Lets get rid of probably the most balanced position atm.
ADC is the best role to carry with right now. An adjustment isn’t much of a surprise.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: Looking for decant players to play with
: How to climb from Silver 4 to higher Elo? Need tips
I would advise against playing assassins in low elo.
: I couldn't find anyone from bronze to challenger who could correctly execute the strats. So it is irrelevant if I am up to this standard or not as it is a team game and therefore until I have players who can execute my strats correctly, I am not going to be proving anyone wrong. Since everyone thinks it is a troll strategy they never attempt it seriously. So no one can disprove it and I can't prove it. I can however prove that I am diamond 1 player in starcraft 2, not because of my rank but because I can consistently play to that level, which the rank reflects as it is a 1v1 ranking system in a 1v1 game.
You're actually the OCE Hashinshin
: Why Do I suck and almost always lose lane unless my laner is brain dead or afk
Use your (in-game) surroundings to understand the game and situation and ask yourself questions. Look at your mini map, is he on your side? If he is, okay play safe, avoid over-committing and face checking. Are you laning against a tank or assasin? If it’s a tank you can punish him early, if it’s an assasin you should probably play safe. What cooldowns has he used? Can I make a positive trade? What item should I build? These are just some thoughts that I think about in-game.
HàrV (OCE)
: Will getting all my champs to lvl 5 increase my knowledge/my gameplay in ranked?
Mastery 5 on every champion would be a huge waste of time. You really only need to play a champion once to develop a decent understanding. If you want to learn a champion try it out in a custom. The practice tool is awesome. Hope this helped! :)
: can u offer e advice for being an adc cos I need to carry horribly terrible junglers that don't gank (sorry for the stereotype)
: I have been for 5+ years and when I ask people to live coach me so I can compare what they do to what I would do, no one is willing to do it. I find it strange that I am the one person that no one is willing to help in any ways that i ask for. Everyone just repeats saying "it is probably your fault". I agree that the chances of it being my fault are pretty high, but I don't see it and no one has shown me it yet. That and the simple fact that the ranked system literally falsifies its purpose due to it's conditions of a binary result without a matching factor value (win/loss).
Add me in-game. I'm not qualified to coach but I can offer advice. - Adriette
: Join me in the new season as I gather data on my solo queue teammates in OCE.
I don't understand the reasoning behind this. If you think KDA reflects the win rate of low elo players; it doesn't.
Horangi (OCE)
: i need some tips for ranked
You're able to start ranked play as soon as you reach consistent win rates with level 30 normal games. If you find yourself losing too many - I would recommend reverting back to normal mode.


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