CamiIle (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=loathey,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=HH5hGdKE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-18T02:34:05.243+0000) > > You guys are all so talented, GGWP! The first L in my name is a capital i, just so you know ;v;
ahh! you tricked me into prizing out to the wrong account=P You should have the prizes in your account now.
Katveon (OCE)
: (Also my submission was a .gif)
nice animation! yeah I was really surprised by the amount of animated gifs it was awesome!
Schnuggli (OCE)
: Will this be announced in a new board or on this one? winners announce here.
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verywere (OCE)
: 3 ppl toxic premade @Riot pls
Hi Verywere, I'm really sorry you had to go through a negative experience like that. We strive to create a sportsmanlike community and hope experiences like this become rarer and rarer. We definitely don't believe the behaviour of a few other players in that game were okay. I just wanted to touch on a few points to clarify the situation and hopefully ease some of the pain. 1) Your chat restriction - you should have received TWO chat logs that lead to your 10 game chat restriction. If you never got the other one let me know and I will investigate why this is. As for the chat log you have shown, there are some minor discrepancies between what you have listed and what I have in our system, but that's not important now. A 10 game chat restriction is the very first punishment tier. Make sure you review these logs and try your best to prevent adding fuel to the fire in future frustrating games. You mentioned you already ignore and don't react to bad behaviour and I hope you can continue to build that skill =D. In future I highly recommend muting at early signs of unsportsmanlike players and reporting them after the game, they can waste their time typing, you dont need to listen to that. 2) While we don't usually do this, I will say the other player in question definitely got punished as well. If they continue behaviour like that they will escalate through our punishments quite quickly. I understand how draining a game like that can be (I myself had a very draining game just last night, actually tilted me so much I straight up logged off and played Path of Exile for a couple of hours to cool off). But I do my best to never talk to players that are behaving like that, and focus my communications only on game objectives. I know how much it sucks to go through a game like that and I hope we can all work together to continue to reduce these kinds of experiences in our game. We must all play our part to create a culture and mindset around sportsmanship. I hope that helps Verywere, and I believe you can be a beacon of sportsmanship within our community. GL HF in your future games.
Zelren (OCE)
: Did my submission come out blurry coz in the submission preview it was all bleh. I assume its just the preview resizing it and stuff but ive been paranoid all day now :(
We have your submission =D its all good.
: I've uploaded an entry, but the link to share doesn't seem to be working... :/ --> just takes me to the main 'submit an entry' page I'm hoping it still registered my entry! Edit: just saw the previous post that it's because the gallery isn't open yet. I'll assume it submitted ok, then...
We have your submission =D
: Just double checking to see if you guys got my entry {{champion:76}} and if it was okay :P (It's an animated gif so im paranoid about it being too long lol, im pretty sure it's under 3 seconds tho but just double checking with you to be sure) I've never animated anything before so i hope its good haha
we have it, thanks though
: Just wanted to check to see if you got and accepted my submission. Thanks
we got your submission =D
CamiIle (OCE)
: Hi! I sent in two Images because the former was a .jpg and was of lower quality, the second is a .png which is of higher quality. Just wondering which one is going to be judged xD
If its a duplicate entry we will judge the most recent image.
: Just submitted mine! I've blown it up to x3. Hope that's okay!
please submit a 128x128 version as well.
: I submitted mine but when it showed what i submitted it cut stuff off the top and bottom, even though my image says its 128 by 128. Really confused can you tell me if its got the bottom and top part of my picture, you can tell if you see a snail at the bottom and a black silhouette flying up top
we got it and I can see the snail and black silhouette at the top.
Erkfir (OCE)
: I submitted my image but when I try view my submission it just keeps taking me back to the submission form.
we have your submission =D thats normal because we aren't opening up the full gallery of submissions right now.
: Hey there! I just wanted to know if my 128 x 128 gif was sent through :)
RobinHoot (OCE)
: Just wanted to know if my submission went through? Good luck to everyone!
we have your entry
Khronix (OCE)
: I did, I uploaded the 128x128 version first maybe it didnt go through. But if the next one I upload is blurry can you just use the blown up version when it comes to judging since everything is gonna get blown up anyway haha.
defqor (OCE)
: wuld u b able to tell which is my latest 1 if I submit to becos of last min modifications... can u see if u have mine and my brothrs entry (defqor and cycronebro)
we always take the latest version for judging, and we have both your entries.
: Sorry, one more thing. I resubmitted with minor changes - Will the second one be taken? Or will one of the two versions be picked at random?
we will always take the latest version =D
defqor (OCE)
: it says the promotion you are looking for has ended
The link in the 2017 post is working me. If you are having issues submitting in the 2017 contest. Drop a comment in that thread and we will try sort it out.
Shockal (OCE)
: Sorry just too worried here. How do I know if my entry got in or not? I'm still a little nervous what happens if it never got in.
we have your entry
Khronix (OCE)
: Weird... I did it on photoshop on a 128x128 pixel canvas but when I save it as a jpeg or png it becomes blurry? did the submission come out ok or is it blurry for you as well?(when you zoom in) edit: I uploaded a zoomed in version which is a bigger size if thats ok
Can you upload the 128 x 128 version as well please?
DV Eilea (OCE)
: > This weekend's games will be starting at 1pm AEST on both Saturday (13th) and Sunday (14th) of August. Saturday is the 12th... And Sunday is the 13th...
was just testing =P
defqor (OCE)
: has it ended? because I cant enter a entry :(
should be working what error message are you getting? *** edit this is the one you are looking for though, 2017 -
HeartVine (OCE)
: I haven't hit level 3 yet, so I can't check what the exact wording is. Does the mission explicitly state that it has to be a "standard" or "normal" SR match, or does it just state "SR"? If it doesn't specify that it has to be "standard/normal", then you should be able to complete the missions via ARURF, which is a lot more laid back than normals (and, in my opinion, the single closest featured mode to ARAM). I'd be happy to queue with you for some ARURF (or even normals) if you'd like. As for making missions map dependant, there was a section regarding that aspect of missions in the recent [Ask Riot]( post, where they said something like "queue restricted missions were a noticeably failing trend", so it may be that they're trying it out with SR queues rather than ARAMs, since that tends to be more popular. Not to mention, the Arcade Accents may have played a part in them wanting to "push" players towards SR based modes.
I made a comment but HeartVine already said the same thing pretty much haha
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: Just pointing out an error in the "how winners will be selected" section. "5 winners and and honourable mentions...". I'm guessing that was meant to say "and an".
: The judges are gonna zoom in right? bc I'm using a 128x128 canvas but the art itself is much smaller so I'm worried they might not be able to see it?
Correct. We plan on blowing up the image =D or maybe we will squint a lot =P
: Remember Butchers Bridge? Awesome new content shoved under the rug? Same thing will happen to this Star Guardian stuff. Not gonna build any attachment to it like I did during Burning Tides. Sigh... How I miss the Bridge.
This is a personal opinion but I will enjoy the star guardian map way more than the butchers bridge, that was just a reskin this is co op PVE! I loved these kinda games back in the old Warcraft 3 custom map days. You can read more about butchers bridge here - ** Are you guys ever going to bring back the Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map?** This one is a bit more complex than it seems at first glance. It might look like just an asset swap for the art (take one thing out, drop another thing in), but there’s actually some underlying level scripts, foundation work, etc. that was forked from regular ARAM. This means that Butcher’s Bridge is a unique beast from the code’s point-of-view, even if it looks the same from a player point-of-view. Bringing it to parity with today’s ARAM (allowing it to be switched on) would require a non-trivial amount of work, and while we’d love to do that, we have to weigh it against the other stuff we’re currently working on, like new game modes and Practice Tool. This isn’t to say Butcher’s Bridge will never return, just that we’re currently more focused on other development priorities.
Repeat (OCE)
: Can we submit more than one entry? :o
You can submit more than one entry, but we are after quality not quantity =D good luck!
HeartVine (OCE)
: PVE?!?!? ON MULTIPLE MAPS?!?!?!?!?
I am so keen to play this mode. and normally I play ranked only.
: Can I do an old champion that's been given a VGU like old Warwick or Urgot
Shockal (OCE)
: I submitted a GIF entry. I hope that's okay. EDIT: Oh god, I accidently uploaded two of the same image. What happens?
If they are the same thats fine. We remove duplicates.
Faheys69 (OCE)
: who actual takes the time to reply to the comments? is it a bot or someone actually has to sit there an reply to every comment?
I do, I usually check a couple of time a day. It only takes a couple seconds to answer a question. It's actually a very small time commitment since the answers are mostly straight forward.
: I've submit my work :)! But i'm not sure if my summoner name is acceptable haha... :/
I guess we will see =P
: Hi, I'm just curious if my recent submission (Gif possibly involving Ninjas) is viable?
Yup its all good
: I was just wondering if I have to be in the OCE server to be able to participate.... If not, bummer ;;_;;
This contest is for OCE players only sorry, but I would love to see you create an awesome pixel artwork !
martinpom (EUNE)
: Welp,Since i play on EUNE i guess i cant participate. But i still made an entery for the sake of it. [Here](
awesome work dude!
Katveon (OCE)
: Oh awesome! I've fixed up the white space problem so I'm going to re-enter it ^_^
Katveon (OCE)
: I've already submitted my work, and it went through but I am unsure if it is eligible, although it is 128×128 the website (pixilart) I made it on only let me download it with this huge white space around it and it's just in the corner so hopefully that doesn't mean it's disqualified? Or if its even still in .gif form D: (Sorry that was a huge comment)
We have it in Gif form =D
: can I do it in Minecraft
That might cause problems unless you can clearly show that its equal to or less than 128 blocks by 128 blocks =D
: Heyaaa! I remember last time someone submitted their picture using minecraft the 'make' the pixel's, is it okay if I use something similar? Thanks :)
That might cause problems unless you can clearly show that its equal to or less than 128 blocks by 128 blocks =D
Yup we got that entry =D
: Can we put words in? eg. "VS."
LiGrim (NA)
: Is this for OCE players only or can all players from each region participate as well?
This contest is for OCE players only! but more than happy to see any awesome creations you make =D
: Rip Maraudaur answering "It must be recognizable as League of Legends" over and over again. {{item:3070}}
defqor (OCE)
: when u say 128x128 is that how small each pixel has to be or the whole frame
the complete artwork must not be larger than 128 x 128 pixels
: Can someone win more than one prize? Like can I submit 3 and 2 of them get honorable mentions?
One prize per person. We are after quality over quantity. Obviously it would be awesome to see multiple high quality pieces from the same artist though!
HeartVine (OCE)
: For some clarification, when you say the submission must "Depict at least one League of Legends Champion", does that mean that Valor MUST be accompanied by Quinn, or does he reserve the right to stand as a champion in and of himself in this situation?
You can do just Valor, but it needs to be instantly recognizable as a League character.
: I put in my entry but some of it is cut off even though the files dimensions are 128 x 128. Bugged? or is it just me? {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}}
If you upload a public version I can cross reference it with the one we have in submissions.
Function (OCE)
: Some of the previous comments lean towards this being allowed but I want to be sure anyway, could we enter a pixel art recreation of a League of Legends player icon or any other type of icon?
pixel versions of icons are allowed, but remember we are looking for quality and creativity =D
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