: May we draw the champions we want in any skin or is it strictly their default skins?
Skins are fine =D as long as its clear which champion it is
: Do the 2 champions your drawing have to have a rivarly going on like riven and yasuo splash art or can it be any 2 champions facing off
it can be any two =D
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: > We'll select the three winners and a list of honorable mentions based on the quality of the submission, originality of the piece and whether the entry follows the contest rules. Does it mean that one could participate who is not a resident of Oceania countries, but have insane quality and mindblowing originality? :) (At least I have the last)
You have to be from OCE to be eligible for prizes =D but I hope you draw something awesome anyway.
: Does it have to be only two champions? At the most I'd have a 2v2, maybe a 1v2, but I wanted to show teamwork/cooperation.
We will accept 2 v 2 or 1 v 2, because it's definitely a part of our game! But this contest we are aiming for more rivalries and match ups rather than full out team fights so anything above 2v2 won't be eligible for this contest
: When it says made by you does that mean you have to make up the drawing your self or can u look at other drawing material and use that to draw?
You can take inspiration from other material but digitally altering or tracing is not allowed.
SefaL (OCE)
: Question here, do both champions needed to be fully depicted fighting, or can one be only partially seen with some major identifiable weapon or icon etc. Also this is probably a dumb question but do the champions have to be depicted fighting or can the aftermath of their battle be shown with one being the clear winner?
One can be partially seen as long as it is clear who the other champion is. We would prefer in the midst of combat, but if there were truly an epic aftermath submission we would still consider it.
: Will there be runner ups because im bad at drawing? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
There will be three winners and a list of honorable mentions. Honorable mentions also gets prizes.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: LoL Versus Wallpaper contest
Master rules - http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/contest-master-rules (didn't link through properly in the post.)
I3ackUp (OCE)
: can we draw it as if its in game with the hub with hp, mana ,ect?
Yeah that sounds cool =D
HeartVine (OCE)
: > How am I supposed to honour clutch plays by players on the other team? Riot have plans to add honours for opponents, it's just not available yet as Riot are trying to make sure everything is working smoothly as is (I'll see if I can find a Rioter comment on this). EDIT: I've found the post I was thinking of (found [here](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/E9KeXM5E-runes-reformed-discussion?comment=00020000), in the "Runes Reforged" discussion that recently appeared on the boards). It's Marauder quoting NaKyle, who goes on to say that Riot is "trying to nail the right vibe for teammates" and that "We've [Riot] got post-launch updates planned to bring back a way to shout out a player from the opposing team." > What happens if everyone on my team (myself included) has a shit game? There is a small circular button with a right facing arrow underneath the honours that you can use to skip honours if you feel no one is deserving in a given match. No one is forcing you to give out honours, it is completely voluntary.
I would just add to this that remember Honor is not about playing well from a skill stand point. Honor is all about being sportsmanlike and having a good attitude. It's meant to be a call out to people who are mentally resilient and stay focused on the game regardless of their actual performance. Thats why the categories are tilt proof (for someone who's maybe had a bad start but pulled through in the end) Great shot caller (for someone who rallied the team and focused them on the game at hand) GG ( for players who were generally a pleasure to play with) I know they will always be related (attitude and actual performance) but Honor is meant to focus more on the attitude side than performance.
iownfish (OCE)
: Can we submit more than one piece? -not sure if im blindly missing the answer-
You can submit more than one piece but we would highly recommend putting more time into 1 amazing entry rather than splitting your time and submitting 2 + okay entries.
: Just to clarify, we can draw any champion in League?
yup you can draw any two champions facing off
I3ackUp (OCE)
: can you draw the same champion two times as if they are from opposing teams? or a Shaco and his clone fighting?
Different champions =D but it would be cool seeing how a shaco clone/invis shaco could be depicted in the midst of combat vs another champion!
Envi5ioN (OCE)
: Do the Champions have to have there original skins? Or can you draw them with a certain skin of your choice? Thanks!{{champion:432}}
Can be any skin as long as its clear which champion you are drawing.
: Okay okay... Lets get this straight?
I believe you can earn both. But you can only pick one side per day =D
Zubat (OCE)
: Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick
Hey Zubat, We always aspired to bring them back. We even said so in the RaF retirment post! http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/refer-friend-retires-thirty-days For those that already have these skins, we'll be adding more rewards over time and they'll still be able to get loading screen flairs, key frags, champ shards, and EoS rewards!
: Just a question, does it have to be characters IN CLASH (as in their swords/weapons about to clash like the yas/riven splash art) or can it be a scene of a stand off (ie just before a clash)? Wouldn't that also count as a battle scene since they're about to fight? I was wondering because for some champions like jhin or caitlyn, a in-motion close combat clash scene wouldn't really suit them. Thank you!
I think theres potential for an in motion ranged combat scene ;) A stand off also works though as long as its clear that they are about to battle.
: u cant be serious, less then a day to make a wallpaper? jeezus...
Entries close 15th July =D so its about a month. Good luck
osshun (OCE)
: Is only drawing allowed? Can we use splash arts and photoshop to compose something?
It has to be original content, so you have to draw it yourself. Existing artwork that is digitally altered or manipulated will not be eligible.
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agtor (OCE)
: Honour update!
Glad you are enjoying the new honour system =D Hope this helps https://i.gyazo.com/f8cb16b49600d23ecf83ebb1a2d5c173.png "FWIW we're planning a proper funeral for Honor 1.0 that will have some small goodies involved. You'll hear details once the new Honor is launched and stable (post-7.13)."
: So far I am very impressed! It takes so much less time for the banning process now _(not that the time ever bothered me anyway, but it is nice having it so short.)_ Ive only played a couple of games with it so far, but It seems great! I think it will greatly widen the champion pool in many elos. It will force the hand of 1 trick players _(which are a menace to have on your team when their champ gets banned, because they can't even perform basic actions)_ to actually learn more of the game, and its champions. and _(I hope at least)_, it will make the balance team take a closer look at champions who are so hated that they are banned very often, My guess is that Yasuo/Fizz will be revisiting the patch notes in the not too distant future. _(a ton of angry Yas mains who cant play Yas is bound to be a force to be reckoned with.)_ It actually feels like Christmas ^^ What do you think about the bans Marauder?
I love it actually. The speed is definitely a bonus but the biggest part is being able to just say I dont want to see this champ this game. So far I've played 5~ games and had 0 duplicate bans as well haha.
Canc (OCE)
: What if you are not a student any more, although I am not even ranked, but still.....
You can also get involved in community groups like Summoners Society who run tournaments every weekend - https://www.facebook.com/groups/SummonersSocietyOCE
: ***
hey mate, There was an error in the summoner name that was submitted for you. We have worked with your club to get it sorted. You should see the prize in your account now.
: Well. Looks like everything is hunky-dory overseas!
10 Bans went live this morning =D let me know what you guys think.
: Hi, I'm just wondering... I don't have enough people for a club at my uni but I have always considered a possible career in shoutcasting League games, whether it be in-game or a pre/post-game analysis. I am in uni but like I said before, my uni doesn't have enough League players to form a club. Would there be any opportunity for me, of course gone through like a job interview, to shoutcast at any of the uni games? I would be so grateful and happy to do so as it would be great if I am to pursue a career in shoutcasting in League. Thank you so much!
Hi SLIVER, First of all, I bet if you started something at your uni you will find that more players than you think are around =D. We will support you through the process as well so let me know if that is something you want to pursue. There is definitely opportunities to get involved with shoutcasting. The best advice is always to put yourself out there and start casting over VODs or starting with Community groups. You can reach out to Bit Games - https://www.facebook.com/BitGamesGG/ They run tournaments and events regularly and are always on the look out for new talent (this is where having videos of you casting over replays would be great!) You can also get involved in community groups like Summoners Society who run tournaments every weekend - https://www.facebook.com/groups/SummonersSocietyOCE Or you can reach out to the many existing Uni clubs and ask if they have any shout casting opportunities. They all run events regularly too - http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/uni-clubs/directory Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
: What happens when the finalist is from Sydney - do you get disadvantaged by not receiving flights/hotel?
Hi XternalRageX, The main experience is playing at the Riot Games studio on a live broadcast. The flights to Riot Games Sydney is just there to help players who otherwise couldn't attend the finals (after they have qualified) attend. We will look to cover travel expenses for a Sydney team as well should they qualify (Uber/Taxi). Thanks for raising this though, I will update the article to focus more on the finals experience rather than the flights itself.
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Blamzite (OCE)
: Lack of OCE events
https://www.facebook.com/groups/SummonersSocietyOCE - Summoners society run events every weekend. Unfortunately there isn't an ideal way for community groups to manage smurfs so events that are gold and below only are a lot rarer. I know a lot of our University clubs are able to do it because they know all their members IRL but aside from that there isn't really a good way to run gold and below events. Uni clubs directory - http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/uni-clubs/directory There's definitely potential to try and see how it goes though. You should suggest it to Oceanic Gaming or Summoners Society.
DeepFryer (OCE)
: Solo/due Ranked Queues
You should be able to find the information pinned on the front page http://i.imgur.com/zhXfc3Q.png
: When is the 10 ban system hitting OCE exactly?
Hey everyone just to provide some context. Currently 10 bans testing in NA only (no other region has it) and only in Normal draft in NA. We will be doing testing for a number of days to make sure its all working as intended and there are no big issues (in terms of bugs but also the behaviours that it might create). Once testing is done and everything is all good it will begin rolling out globally. Unfortunately I don't have a hard time frame for you there it all depends on how the tests go. Hopefully that provides some clarity on the subject.
: As luck would have it... The very next chest I opened. xD https://i.gyazo.com/9c0560404388967fc202c498a6bdc246.png {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Nice, that Caitlyn splash art is so epic. I love it.
Talon12 (OCE)
: They may be more active on the boards but ones like The Hanshmear and Tomblade will usually respond to in client messages and check the boards mind star tends to be oblivious to things for days on end and Marauder ignores a lot of messages for long periods of time.
I wanted to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about our philosophy around who we do and don't respond to on the boards and also lay out some facts around this 2 year old case. We would love to be able to provide answers and engagement on every thread but at the end of the day there are a lot more players than Rioters and its just not possible. How we usually go about it is to try and find some popular threads or threads where we feel we can add a lot of value, by focusing on discussions like that we can take some time out to engage and talk while also providing good value. This is a good balance we think between answering no discussions or spending too much time answering every discussion and not getting enough work done ;) Answering threads for us usually takes a bit more time because we want to make sure the information we provide is accurate and has the context that players are looking for. Usually I dig through a lot of resources to find the specific quotes or videos that are relevant to discussions or in this case you have to dig through a bit of history into a players account and support ticket history to get the facts straight. I hope that helps provide a little bit of context around why our responses aren't in every thread or why they aren't always the most timely.
Darlkin (OCE)
: First Ban = permanent?
I've looked into the case and wanted to address some of the things you mentioned. > I got a Permanent ban for my first ever ban or punishment (discounting Leavebuster) I never recieved an email about it I think in your ticket #19717609 it was made clear why you were permanently banned. To summarize it was the threat of ruining others games and subsequent action taken to do so. 4 games with double or triple boots and a raptors cloak or zzrot portal, 0/32/7, 0/25/0, 1/25/2, 1/17/3 1 game with 0/23/0 , long sword, mobi boots (with alacrity enchant) > that was the exact wording. I was never given any more than that. just negative behaviour. "Your account received a permanent ban due to the negative behaviors exhibited." This was the stated reason for your ban in ticket #19717609 "Hello again, After looking into the account these didn't seem to be idle threats. We have seen some of your recent matches where you tell players to kill themselves, and intentionally feed/grief during game. For example I can see a recent Katarina game where you went 0/23/0. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable in game, and since that is the case we have permanently suspended the account. You knew this type of behavior was wrong and deliberately went out of your way to ruin the game for other players. We won't be lifting this suspension from the account. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask." > I was blocked from the support page The reason you were blocked from the support page is due to the threats and verbal abuse you sent against our player support team, in addition to spamming them with tickets. I hope this helps clears things up.
I'm sorry you had to go through a bad experience. I'm really sorry you had to go through someone in champ select who didn't pick their role. I've been through that many times and it is definitely a pain point we want to solve. However there is no excuse for language you have used. I can't think of anything a player could do to my game that would warrant a response like "kys", that is just a straight up terrible thing to say and has no place in our community. I hope you can take this time to reflect on your own behaviours and understand that two wrongs don't make a right. Just FYI you shouldn't edit your chat logs before posting, it really breaks down the trust between you and the boards community. What you said you said > SKT T1 Poison: adf'kpnfhbd > SKT T1 Poison: omfg > SKT T1 Poison: k > SKT T1 Poison: wtf it does > SKT T1 Poison: and u feed > SKT T1 Poison: people like u kill the comunit > SKT T1 Poison: see gg > SKT T1 Poison: report yorick feeding > SKT T1 Poison: ffs > SKT T1 Poison: k > SKT T1 Poison: ur fault mate > SKT T1 Poison: i only have fucking 13 cs u shit What you actually said > [5:42] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): adf'kpnfhbd > [5:52] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): omfg > [5:55] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): kys > [6:20] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): wtf it does > [6:52] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): and u feed > [7:13] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): people like u kill the comunit > [7:18] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): see gg > [8:57] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): report yorick feeding > [9:12] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): ffs > [9:16] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): kys > [9:48] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): ur fault mate > [10:02] SKT T1 Poison (Draven): i only have fucking 13 cs u shit The fact that you felt the need to edit out "kys" to "k" twice at least shows somewhere deep down you aren't proud of what you said.
: Item sets
Whooo Item sets....I never really used them but I can see their usefulness. I like that in the new one it gives you recently played champions to create one for, might create a few later today.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Gonna need a little clarification on this
-3 + 19 = 16 http://i.imgur.com/TkWB3lt.png
PittBallz (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Maraudaur,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=E9KeXM5E,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-05-31T03:22:36.750+0000) And totally one factor about why Voice chat hasn't made it into the game is because it had viable substitutes for players who wanted it which pushed it further down in the priority list. what are these substitutes, pls inform us of how to substitute communicating a complex strategy, coordination to do something that just came up urgently in a matter of seconds, pls enlighten us. or u get paid by riot to blindly back up whatever policy comes out of tryndameres ass? I'm gonna pause while enemy do baron to type to 4 other members what we should do in txt chat like its 1960s lul. Oi how about u turn that txt chat into morse code, ill communicate with my team using dots and dashs only ..-. ..- -.-. -.- | --- ..-. ..-. | -.-- --- ..- | .- ... ... -.-. .-.. --- .-- -.
I was referring to Percival9's comment. "As long as they do it like Overwatch where you can opt out of the voice channel entirely, then I'd be okay. Otherwise, it's not really necessary, since any duos or teams would already be using Discord or Teamspeak."
Percival9 (OCE)
: As long as they do it like Overwatch where you can opt out of the voice channel entirely, then I'd be okay. Otherwise, it's not really necessary, since any duos or teams would already be using Discord or Teamspeak. And I agree that the compensation for spending thousands of IP (many many many hours of grinding) on Runes + a good deal of RP on Rune Pages had better be something more than "oh, here's a full refund and a pat on the back". I do like the sound of the Honour System, although there should be something where groups of friends can't abuse it. And from the looks of it, I didn't see an Honourable Opponent. Does that mean you can only honour teammates, and not the Godlike triehard who you laned against?
> **The new honor system seems to have gained inspiration from the Overwatch post-game card system. Nice touch! Something I noticed though is that honorable opponent, or any opponent centered interactions, are no longer there. Any explanation as to why? > ** > "Good eye! At launch, we're focused on nailing the right vibe for teammates. We've got post-launch updates planned to bring back a way to shout out a player from the opposing team." - NaKyle ---- > **How are you going about addressing duos that are just going to honor each other every time, rather than teammates that might deserve it more?** > > "Good catch. We address it in two major ways: > 1) Individual honors per game aren't tied to most of the system rewards. For Honor, the idea is recognizing consistent good vibes rather than just one standout performance like Champ Mastery. 2) The one reward type (no spoilers) that is tied to per-game honors weights honors from strangers higher than those from premades" - NaKyle Hope those answers help. And totally one factor about why Voice chat hasn't made it into the game is because it had viable substitutes for players who wanted it which pushed it further down in the priority list.
: Runes Reformed Discussion.
I was just about to start a thread =D Super excited to see all the players thoughts and discussions around this. I'm really keen to finally see revamps honour in game. As for Runes Reforged I think we will have to wait for more details before we can actually judge. I actually think keystone masteries are in a good place (totally not biased =P). I think inevitably on release it wont be ideal (lucky it will be preseason) but over time it will get to a good spot just like what happened with key stone masteries. Like how when Keystones first came out it was League of Thunderlords and now you rarely see a game like that. Mid laners use DFT, Thunderlords, Stormraiders Marksman use Ferver or Warlords (with the odd stormraiders on like a kog maw). Supports can go down for windspeakers, DFT, Thunderlords, or bond of stone depending on what type of support they are looking to be. (I've seen Bards use Thunderlords and Bond of Stone) I think overall the reason I am most excited about Runes Reforged is that it moves to a more compelling pregame system where there is potential for adjusting choices based of factors like team comps and match ups. Rather than having a few preset stat boosts that were pulled from pro builds lol...that was quite boring for me. Voice chat....polarizing indeed.
Talon12 (OCE)
: if you want casters wukong and jayce are easy to pickup, and no obnoxious and in an average every second (max of 5 games apart) game like panth and renekton. Corki and ezreal are casters that aren't in a bad spot, but also aren't in nearly every game Bard is all about that casting (of q), and is a real support, not a mid laner in disguise.
Cool suggestions! I think Bards probably the least mage like (hes one of the most unique sups in the game haha). But I think your top lane picks are great, obviously Jayce and Corki might be a big harder to pick up though.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Karma, Renekton, Pantheon, Lucian. Those straightforward every game picks that are already taking away from selection and causing a stale 20 champ pool, spice it up advertise something that isn't in every second game, i know you can do it bud! Make sure not to advertise yasuo though, everyone agrees more than enough of those D:
I think they are great caster like champions that mid laners can utilise when switching roles. Would love to hear your suggestions too though.
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: Just some fun stickers/things
You made these??? cool! https://i.gyazo.com/9ab895c510155f554c47a2243a0b539a.png
: Hi MARAUDARU, can i ask that when will the next new champion be released on the PBE server and the role of him/her/it? is he/she/it a mage champion? And when will the next region background lore updated right after the ionia updated.
Sorry =D we have teams working extremely hard on upcoming champions and skins. They have dedicated plans for champion teasers and releases that really try to give you (our players) the most enjoyment. It would be best for you to wait till official teasers and announce, I wouldn't want to take away from the hard work our team is doing by spoiling upcoming content.
: To the riot employee that just deleted all those posts.
Hi Yellowbrickroad, I'm sorry you've had to go through some negative experiences with the player in question. We all know how it feels to have a game ruined by an unsportsmanlike player (whether thats intentional afk, troll, feeding or flaming). It sucks when you just want a good game of League of Legends, win or loss through skill and gameplay but a player lacks the mental resilience to stay focused on the game. We are committed to improving sportsmanship within the League of Legends community. There is no silver bullet that solves negative behavior in online games. Players are a diverse bunch, and each player has different motivations and responds differently to different consequences. We will continue to improve our systems and introduce new initiatives to help steer our community in the right direction. But we can't do this alone, we need as many players as possible to also do their part and contribute to the kind of sportsmanlike community we aspire to have. Whether it's just turning up playing a game of League and contributing to the team, saying gg wp at the end of the game or actively helping a team stick together and recover from tilt, ultimately its every action that we take as players that determine what kind of community we are. The systems we have in place aren't perfect. We will continue to work and improve in this area. The difficulty of course comes in creating systems or technology that is capable of fairly identifying and actioning ALL cases. It's quite difficult to get a computer to tell the difference between intentional trolling and just having a bad game (hell even we as humans have a lot of trouble judging actions vs intent). We use machines because it's probably one of the best ways to handle this scenario when there are 100 million players playing monthly. We just couldn't hire enough people to manually review everything, they would slowly fall further and further behind to a point where they are dealing with cases years in the past. With all that said, the next big update to our systems involves an overhaul to honor you can see a little bit of info here - https://youtu.be/pFwrySPCff8?t=1m10s - with more info to come. I also wanted to take a quick moment to just bring up your specific player in question. While our systems aren't perfect it does look like they only just came back from a 2 week ban. Since then they have shown signs of reform and haven't had a game like that rammus one. (You were even in his 8-1 irelia game). It would be great to see them continue this behaviour, but if they revert and have more games like that rammus one I am sure that our intentional feeding system will pick it up. http://i.imgur.com/DsSYb7Q.png League can be an amazing game full of thrill, belonging and achievement. League can also be filled with frustration, anger and tilt =P . I consistently see both sides through my 6 years of LoL. If we as players can work towards creating more of the fun and positive side of League everyone will be better off. We all just need to play with friends where possible, be sportsmanlike with strangers and focus on our own game. I know I don't always respond to your posts, but I am always lurking and listening =D I hope over time to see you start having and talking about more positive experiences in League through a combination of our efforts and yours.
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: Duplicating the 10 bans. Question.
Hope this helps http://i.imgur.com/soL9bXD.png
: So, what'd you get in 'Your Shop'?
Mine is not good, RIP http://i.imgur.com/FOcr7LM.png
: Not to hijack the topic or anything, but what about the 10 bans? It was highly implied that we would get them near the beginning of the new season _(said at the end of last season)_, and the new season is now closer to the end than the beginning. So while the pros live it up in luxury, we still have to make the lesser-of-two-evils choice down here in the mortal realm. _And there are far too many 'evils' to be left roaming free._ is there anything you can tell us about that?
Can you find the source where it said it would be near the beginning of this season? As for when its actually coming, a key blocker was getting the updated client rolled out. > We're still planning to look into 10 bans once the new client's out (changes needed to champ select for extra bans would be made in that, not the old client). The above comment was made late last year https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/99Oykczu-so-about-10-bans?comment=0005 Hopefully with the updated client rolling out globally now we will be able to focus more on updated features like Honor 2.0, 10 bans, and team competition. You can watch the latest video update here (this was in March) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFwrySPCff8 You can see a bit of info here in the midseason update as well (a couple of weeks ago). Specifically in the looking foward section http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/midseason-2017
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