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jgrboi (OCE)
: Issue with Chroma IP Purchasing
Are you still having this issue?
FS Bruce (OCE)
: They've yet again not updated something that has came out of PBE. Just like bond of stone it was changed to stoneborn pact but left a 1 patch worth of time where it was bond of stone instead of the new name. also a few tool tips were broken. He did have Armor scaling on W and R being 4% per 100 amour but was taken away due to him showing being too strong as he is a counter pick to AP damage not AD so building armor and have armor scalings on a AP counter tank is really unbalanced. it will be back to normal next patch
Hey, thanks for the report! I just investigated this ability. I believe the yellow number shouldn't be coming up as it only scales off magic resist. DAMAGE REDUCTION: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% (+ 8% per 100 bonus magic resistance) Will message the team to let them know. As FS Bruce mentioned its not meant to have armour scaling, most likely just incorrect tool tip.
KiraKii (OCE)
: Everyone, please leave your highly mature comments to yourselves...
Miicka (OCE)
: Thoughts on the new Lee teaser?
More here - Time to become a Lee Sin main..
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: does it mean riot is gonna make a dragon slayer skin just for us or do we pick from the ones existed?
you pick one that exists haha
Eonexus (OCE)
: Thanks for tghe in depth analysis, When you see it listed like that, i did a hell of alot wrong i didnt even realise :O, so thanks for that!, I think my major fear is trying to work out a team strategy in a 5 vs 5 in solo duo, when i cant gaurantee the team will lsiten, cant guarantee theyll focus the right target, get zoned, get scared and leave me in the front, theres alot more variables in TRUSTING a team, then treating it as a 5 vs 1. If you can think of any ways to get past that mental block, id appreciate it
I think you just need to be at the right place at the right time. Don't think too much about it. When you've taken the first or second tower in your lane. It pays a lot to get the other outer turrets first before smashing your head at that base turret over and over. Each inner tower is easier for the opposing team to defend AND more powerful. So it pays to get some more resources level up a bit before you go that deep. It's less about trust and more about adapting. Be in the right place at the right time. If your team screws up adjust accordingly. But them screwing up isn't a foregone conclusion especially when they are literally only 1 kill down (only 1 kill down AFTER Riven TPed to get a double kill). If they screw up you maybe get a kill or two and back off, if they do well you take a turret or dragon and back off. It's all about taking in the information and adjusting how you play based off it. League of Legends is fun because every game is different. You can't just play the same regardless of the situation. We released this too it gives you some more to think about when it comes to attributes and skills that are required to be good at league.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Eonexus replay review - Morde
Okay so here is my analysis. This isn't everything as I don't want to overload but I'm going to provide 3 broad strokes things that REALLY need to be looked into and just a general list of observations I made while watching. **The three things** 1) This is probably the BIGGEST thing to think about. **Which objectives you go for** The reason I asked about that 9 minute period between 14:20 and 23:20 is because that is the time where the following happened; a) You got 2nd turret at 14:20 b) You got 4 kills and died 4 times c) You got 3rd turret at 23:20 d) During those 9 minutes your team went from 300 gold down to 4.5k gold down You invested 9 minutes of time running up top ignoring your team and trying to get a base turret. During this time the enemy took 3 turrets and got lots of team kills. I'm not saying its all on you. But what I am saying is you could have 100% used those 9 minutes WAYYY better. Your push was stalled multiple times by 1 champion. They then killed your teammates then came for you or killed you and then went for team mates. There were other outer turrets to get, which you could have gotten in those 9 minutes. (I reckon you could have got at least 2 more towers during that time). From what I watched, you pretty much kept banging your head into a brick wall for 9 minutes while everything around you fell apart. You could have easily pushed with your team or even alone on other outer turrets and 2nd tier turrets. You can't just AFK push one lane and expect to win. Unfortunately LoL requires more strategical thinking than that =P 2) This probably is a smaller thing than 3) but I mention it first because I know you like split pushing. **When to push and vision control** I love split pushing, it makes the other teams HAVE to respond and can force errors in rotation and shot calling. But there are two things you need to do before you apply pressure in a side lane. a) Set up vision so you can see when people are coming b) Set up your team to group and be ready to apply pressure at the SAME TIME a) You spent majority of the game deep past the enemy red side jungle. You pretty much never warded it up or shifted your pink ward forward. You can't capitalize on bad rotations and shot calling if you cant see anything. You also will have unnecessary deaths because you don't know when to back off. b) is difficult, but its a crucial part. Otherwise the pressure you apply is wasted because they just come kill you and before you complain about shitty team mates you need to understand. If your team aren't in a position to pressure and you still make the decision to pressure alone that is the incorrect decision. side note - one of my pet peeves is when players blame their team mates for not being somewhere after they go in. Maybe their team mate should have been there. BUT the fact that they weren't there and you still went in knowing they weren't there is a MISTAKE/MISPLAY. The BEST split pushers apply pressure, force a rotation, then BACK OFF without dying so they can keep the pressure up as soon as they leave. You can only do this if you have vision. The BEST split pushers apply pressure at the same time their team is applying pressure. This is what forces other teams to choose and cause mistakes. If you're just applying pressure alone they just kill you and reset. The biggest example is at 11:40 you used flash ult on riven (with no kill threat). Then you stayed to pressure top turret with no ult or vision or flash. Yasuo casually walks up and you die for no reason really. You could have made Yasuo waste time by making him rotate half way and then back off (with vision) but instead he gets the big payoff and walks back to lane stronger. 3) **Teleport Plays** I think this comes from once again the fundamental lack of trust in others. But you can't just ignore the optimal play because you don't trust others. There were two teleport ganks you missed that could have snowballed your team at little cost to you. The BIGGEST one was at 12:51 you could of at worst got dragon (with ulti btw) and bot tower and at best got double kill and both objectives. These plays are critical in pushing your advantage. (Especially because you were ahead at the time after that Riven literally gave you free kills by trying to fight you and just dying). You had Flash up there was a deep ward, they were over extended. It was the perfect opportunity to kill em, and get dragon and use dragon to get towers in mid and bot. **General observations** First 2 waves you only got 5 out of 12 cs Easy FB cause Riven doesn’t understand Morde dmg output Opportunity at 5:44 to TP bot for double kill Not a morde main, but probs coulda killed her or staved Riven off with earlier ult and better CD management Otherwise probably just needed to clear minion wave and back off tower, you werent going to get it at that point and staying without vision isnt ideal Riven just comes at you and gives you another free kill, once again showing the lack of experience against morde 10 mins spent about 5 seconds watching bot for no reason (you had no TP?) Nice first turret at 11 minutes Used flash with no kill threat 11:40 At second turret with no vision got caught under turret no ult or flash Another kill opportunity bot 12:51 but used tp back to lane. This was a big opportunity to trade top pressure for internal and bot tower 13:48 Riven Tped bot and got a double kill 14 minutes you got second turret (didn't get 3rd turret until 23:30! That's 9 minutes of extremely sub optimal contribution from you running top and dying mostly for 9 minutes) Another free kill on Riven 15:46 16:11 you’re up to base turret with no vision on red and only Yasuo in vision Good assassinate onto karma Didn't put vision when you walked through their red side jungle though Team got dragon at 17 minutes Opportunity to tp at 17:58 to secure a couple kills bot again. 18: 39 misplayed 2v1 didnt use 3rd Q!
Eonexus (OCE)
: If thats what your keen eyes percieve, then i guess you should sell me your glasses. Im so used to having no faith in teams that i guess im expecting to have to do everything solo. We had no way to gap close on jhin, they had alot of mobility and jhin was pretty fed, as to what i did between taht time, im guessing took top inhib and fed kills but nothing that worked for the greater good? Re: builds, do you feel doing away altogether with triforce is good? i know it doesnt really offer much in terms of scaling, but does offer a decent damage buff on initial Q cast, which was my logic. also would have had less auto attack speed and less cdr, so i feel would have been unable to trade as efficiently By all menas Sir, correct me if im wrong, im not guna learn otherwise now am i?
Thats a key problem, its a team game. Winning a game while having 0 trust and interaction with your team is extremely difficult. Just FYI , Jhin only had 2 kills at that point in the game. Definitely not fed. You didn't fully answer my question. But I'm going to start a new comment chain with my observations and advice =D It's great that you are somewhat open to feedback. As for builds. Im no Morde expert. But I would 100% go with what the challenger/master players are doing. (Also most times you killed Riven the extra atk speed was not required she came at you and was behind you most of the deaths haha).
Eonexus (OCE)
: Hey Maraudaur, Thanks so much for the feedback, lets see if i cant try and answer some of your questions. I went thunderlords as opposed to stormraiders for the early harass vs riven, sacrificing mobility for that. Also thunderlords triggers the healing portion of hextech gunblade ( +15% healing from all damage dealt) which gave me an extra heal during battles with riven. Due to the fact that thunderlords gains damage from both AD and AP a hybrid champ gains a decent damage output from it. I went triforce to counter balance my lack of mobility from taking thunderlords as opposed to stormraiders, it also adds 20% CDR, hp and a bit of damage, which allowed me to trade evenly with Riven until she started getting frequent ganks from every other lane. My team were doing poorly in every other lane and when Jhin started ganking there was nothing i could do about him due to having no way of gap closing on a long ranged champ. While this was going on i was spamming pings and advising my team to aggressively shove their lanes to either a) force their laners back into their lanes, or b) to punish them to the point that they stopped roaming. I cant remember when i took the top inhibitor, but this was pretty much a solo effort from my lane, getting ganked continuously. I COULD have fallen back and lost lane pressure, but this wouldnt have allowed my team to do anything in their lanes. I knew i couldnt teamfight, so made an executive decision to attempt to "pull aggro" to allow my team to catch up. Riven roamed bot and mid and picked up kills, during which i was smashing her lane. I feel i was exceedingly strong in laning phase, making it almost impossible for Riven to duel me in lane solo, requiring her to get ALOT of help from her teammates. I knew that Riven possessed a much stronger late game (with her execute ultimate etc) so was attempting to use my early game pressure to dominate her to the point of uselessness. unfortunately game dragged on too late and Riven became a nuisance to deal with late game. Enemy teams late game was considerably stronger than mine, and i dropped off accordingly I think applying pressure aggressively to a single lane and hammering it relentlessly forcing myself to get camped meant that it made openings that werent properly used by my teammates despite my (at times rather aggressive) suggesting. I suppose i could have roamed more than the few times i went to drag for the free pet, I decided against roaming due to other lanes being too fed and not liking my chances at being able to kill them. Also remember this is just the logic of a low elo scrub, and i am open to all criticism that allows me to correct errors ive made and improve myself and my chances of winning (God knows i need all the help i can get) Regards Eonexus 16 minutes into the game, lane phase well but over. Score 13-14 gold within 500. How can you honestly say that you wouldn't win team fights and your team lost lane phase? As for your build choices, its just inefficient. Why would you not take stormraiders then buy one of the most expensive items in the game to make up for it. Getting storm raiders and then going ludens + rylais. Would have been better. You pretty much didn't go for drag from what I saw tbh. Generally you should follow the build path of the best players and learn from them. You could have easily beat riven in lane (without Thunderlords), as she had no clue what she was doing against you as Morde. One final question before I provide my view on this game. What do you feel you accomplished between 14:26 and 23:20? Take me through your thought process about the actions you took and why.
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: Oops! I uploaded the wrong version. Oh well. Lmfao.
You can submit another entry with "Final" in the name
: Stuck in B5
Looks like you enjoy ADC and mid It's great that you play a lot of Jhin and ashe, you should stick to the champions you enjoy. For ADC I would highly suggest you investigate what the best players are doing in terms of what spells they level first What masteries they use what runes they use what items they build This will help you get a sense of how to most effectively use the Gold you earn. It looks like most of your games you start with a BF item. IF you check here you will notice that most pros use a lethality build ({{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} with Jhin - And core builds on ashe do not have deaths dance - Focusing on a few champions is great to master them and help you focus more on the other aspects of league of legends (positioning, rotations etc) As for your midlane, try to stick to two champs as well and use the information available from good players to inform your builds. This video should help you find everything you need to know about a specific champion - Learn from the best =D As for some general tips, at this early stage in your LoL career it would pay to focus on the fundamentals Minion kills (CS) mechanics (hitting skill shots, dodging skill shots) Game knowledge (always be thinking why you are doing what you are doing, how does what you are doing contribute to your win) My biggest piece of advice would be to always focus on your own game play and never autopilot. Never just go through the motions hitting that play again button. Every game your mind should be active and alert. Thinking about what went wrong, what opportunities you missed and what you could do better next time. As long as you are actively learning and thinking about each game, I have full faith that you will improve and then climb soon enough. GL HF on the Rift give us an update in a couple weeks/months time =D
defqor (OCE)
: Hi i made two entries but the first one was a mistake can i remove my first entry but keep my second
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: > [{quoted}](name=Maraudaur,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=GWZ8anEO,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2017-03-13T02:17:54.365+0000) > > We got your entry =D I appear to be having the same issue, is there a way to see if my submission made it through?
: I tried entering my submission, and once I continued filling the form and entered it came up with "your entered' with this url. but I kept on going and going with a loading spiral and it did not seem to stop/ properly something wrong with my account or is it unsafe for me to keep the tab opened. I refreshed the page and added my doc. to the slot and re-entered but the same thing is happening. please help someone, don't know what to do.
: Thank you and do we need to draw a skin or something?
: Is it a MUST for the drawing stuff ? or its okay just to write sth ?
defqor (OCE)
: ***
Just writing. "We challenge you to draw on your favourite skins" as in draw inspiration from. Not literally draw the skin =P
Hewikll (OCE)
: Had a blast writing for this, but when it came to submission to woobox it said it successfully entered but there was an infinite loading circle and the gallery link didnt work. i uploaded the same story twice trying to get a denial on the second entry but i got a different gallery link to the same name and email. is there a way to check if the submission was successfull?
: Will we have to own the champion? Meaning: If I select the Pantheon {{champion:80}} skin but don't own him will I get Pantheon and the skin or will I have to choose a different champion?
You dont need to own the champion. If you don't have the champion you will get that and the skin.
: oh ok :) cause if it's just zyra or xin, there could be like people who doesn't play either so :)
Dragon slayer skin of your choice, so any one is fine =D
Zrin (OCE)
: What happened to that other writing contest from last year? I never sore hide nor hair of it after I entered. This one? there were some great stories.
Essembie (OCE)
: Ping issue - ctrl click (health, mana, etc) not working
Should be working I just tried it in game? I believe it should be alt click though not ctrl click
Wean (OCE)
: A question about runes on Garen
Check this one out, its a great way to find relevant information about any champ you want to play.
Essembie (OCE)
: Warning ping short cut (v)
Found a band aid solution for now Change your bind from retreat ping to quick retreat to get the careful ping back
: The exhaust nerf?
It still reduces movement speed by 30% AND reduces damage dealt by **40%** for 2.5 seconds. 40% is still massive imo. I would probably still take it against assassins and burst divers.
Essembie (OCE)
: Warning ping short cut (v)
Known bug and we are working on it =) Thanks for the report though. Tilted me hard the first game I played on new patch haha.
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: She is just dressed in normal clothes holding a pretend spear and rengers necklace. Not the worst cosplay (yes she looks nice) but hardly a cosplay outfit
The competition for that cosplay was to be a homeguard =) which is all about normal people with aspects of a champion. You can see her normal cosplay in the Irelia image.
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: Ocean Week Recap
Whooo homeguards. I contributed 26 damage =D
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Pwnimiser (OCE)
: TT is not up yet > We're taking a small step in that direction, by TESTING an expansion of TT Ranked to two nights a week, but reducing the amount of hours that the queue is active per day. Starting this week TT Ranked Flex will be available: > > Thursday: 5:00pm - 0:00am AEDT (7 hours) > Friday: 5:00pm - 0:00am AEDT (7 hours)
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Suppeh (OCE)
: who were the judges lol, these are all terrible, lack of effort is apparent in the first two cosplays they are dressed half casually in shorts and skirts.
cosplay contest was specifically to become homeguards =D which is why you will see them with aspects of champions vs in full champion costume.
: When the fanart is fantastic but the cosplays are just ...why lol
cosplay contest was specifically to become homeguards =D which is why you will see them with aspects of champions vs in full champion costume.
: :O WOooooooah thank you!!!! <3 <3 will the winners get emails or anything like that? ^_^ congratz all the other winners you're all talented kittens <3
Yep I will be sending out emails =D
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Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Roguestoney and Heartvine keeping it alive... {{summoner:3}} must get tiring.
: ^_^ best gif ever. Will the winners be announced on the these boards too?? :) Very excited to hear the results! good luck people :D :D
I will post it onto the boards as a new discussion
: Nautilus Reef update plox =D The website is showing all the info for me. Hopefully you can find it now
Yoohan (OCE)
: Inactive name clean up?
Hey, It is an automatic process. Send in a support ticket and they can probably help you identify a more exact timing or there are some 3rd party websites out there that use our API to determine when a name will be available.
: Quick question, will the end dates for each specified event be the same or will they be extended?
Let me update the main thread. I will aim to get out the winners for both comps on the 13th of Feb in the afternoon.
The Queen (OCE)
: Is the voting up yet?
Hey , There were some issues with the voting configuration so it had to be taken down. I will update this thread too but heres the TLDR -
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