Peisley11 (OCE)
: LF a Gold Support for a duo Bot lane
[This guy here]( is a Zilean Support main Looking for gold ranked ADC mains that want to climb.
: Zilean Support main
[This guy here]( "LF a Gold Support for a duo Bot lane"
Faker T1 (OCE)
: LF a club.
LoL. I'm exactly the same. Let me know if you've found one
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Ábby (EUNE)
: Starting player ( lvl 19 ) and need some advice to improve
> A huge problem is knowing when to engage or not Here's a video that I think explains this well: There's so many things that you can take into account. I think for starters you could just think on: 1- Number of close allies >= enemies (starting a fight outnumbered is usually a bad idea) 2- (If you have a strong crowd control) landing it on 2+ of the enemy team damage dealers 3- If the enemy team has used all their big cooldowns then you can go all-in and try to do as much dmg as possible ^ I would think on them in that same order matters
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Bréézy (OCE)
cypher7 (OCE)
Can you send me an invite please?
xinzto (OCE)
Same. Rank is trash rn.
46157 (OCE)
: How to get out of Bronze?
I second to what Corvo said. Whenever you get a kill try to get an objective as well (e.g. a dragon, a tower, or at least getting more vision?) Also in your last 20 ranked games you have 10 different champions. Try to play 1 or 2 per lane. IMHO if you need to choose between playing 10 champions decently and only 2 perfectly go with the latter. Your damage and wards count seems good. Your kill participation wobble from 21%-77%. I'm just guessing but unless you're split pushing this could mean you're not grouping enough? Take what I said with a grain of salt as I haven't watched you playing and I'm just guessing for what I can see at Good luck and hope you can climb out of bronze soon!
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: Error Code 003
Working fine for me now
lolago (OCE)
: Same for me, and I reinstalled for it. Now still stuck at 0.0 MB/ 0.0 MB after the restallation.
Same happened for me. Just leave that popup open and it will start eventually
: Error Code 003
Same here. Tried to re-install the game with the Hextech Repair Tool and now game hangs on a popup showing ETA 0 MINS - 0.0 MB / 0.0 MB
Nightjar (OCE)
: strange, i can still buy mystery champion for 3900 BE or whatever it costs.
Well I can't but the day before I wrote the post I bought 2 or 3 and now the option is gone.
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: Rewards for old Honor are rolling out by 1/10
Says "Were in the top 10% of <X-Honor> in your region" but what about people that changed region last year? I played in both. I moved from OCE to LAS so I played at both servers on the last 2+ years. I'm afraid I may not get the icons :'(
chivorify (OCE)
: i was wondering if riot could have a lever that a person could switch for auto fill. for instance if i wanted one of my two roles 100% and am willing to wait longer for a game i could put the lever so that i can but have the same for people who who want a game faster.
Is not very different than selection "Fill" as a second role, isn't it? Except that you want to still have 2 roles AND the fill option. In that case I think I prefer the @Lilja comment about selecting the 5 roles in a Higher to Lower priority
Mindstar (OCE)
: It is a problem with the login servers, which we're working on getting back online at the moment. There's no ETA just yet, but I'll make sure we post an update here when it is back online. Cheers Mindstar
: The Rick Astley Squad
Never gonna let you down
jackoxd (OCE)
: A good ranged champion for top
Karma, Lyssandra, Gnar, Jayce, Quinn, Graves
Cyrater (OCE)
: The problem of having dyanmic, means players need to have atleast 16 champs to play. They could solve this by constantly having 6 free champs and 10 on rotation but they won't
Why not having both like other servers do?
Shana Rei (OCE)
: It doesn't add up because you aren't looking at it in the way Riot has designed the system. You aren't against every other support champion, you are against every other player playing that champion in that specific ROLE. So comparing two different champions is pointless. If you didn't get an S- or higher it's because the average baseline score for that champion in that role is a lot higher than what you got. This is why if you want to cheese the system you play a champion outside of it's intended role. I can play Elise top and 9.9/10 times I will easily get an S without even trying all that hard. Take her into the jungle however and it is a totally different ball game. Or another way is to play the unplayed champions for easy chests. I don't play adc, I honestly hate it and the only one I play is MF who, at this point in time, is garbage tier adc. I go 11/0 and get an S+. I THEN go 3/8. Got an S-. Easy S ranks for days.
Didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!
: Yeah, and that's logical but my point is if, for example, MKUN can get an S- with those stats but I can't with more visibly better stats, what else can I do as a support or tank to get that same reward? It doesn't add up to me.
I'm sorry, I forgot to clarify I played Tahm Kench support in that game. So don't worry about the roles. I think support and tank has the same possibilities than any other role.
Ridro (EUW)
: The Science of League of Legends (10x 750 RP giveaway)
: I've got to be honest with you, I couldn't help but answer every question on page 6 with "strongly disagree". Does that make me a bad person?
Don't know the page, but there were many many questions that got "Stronlgy disagree" or just "Disagree" on my form too. Maybe we're both bad people.
: > [{quoted}](name=Telecasterdude,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=hUEWllt1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-23T22:21:06.609+0000) > > The _&quot;how often do you play other games&quot;_ section doesn&#x27;t have a 0 hours option. I don&#x27;t know if this was intentional, but it might cause misleading results. > > Just thought I&#x27;d let you know :D if league is the only game you play you should reconsider your life choices and find out when, where, and how you fucked up to reach such a sad point of life.
??? because playing many games makes you a better and happier person?
: When a report isn't enough
> I come back from uni, I want to play a few games, have some fun and relax, not be verbally abused and trolled by people who enjoy ruining the days of others. Story of my life. If you think OCE has many trolls, go play in LAS :) But you're totally right. This is a game that you play to relax and have fun, and it's a horrible surprise to deal with this kind of people. I'm not sure about a tribunal, but riot should change something. Maybe something as simple as match "reported players" to play with other reported players. So they can only troll themselves (as that seems to be what they enjoy the most).
: Supports roles losing relevance
Mate, League of Legends game doesn't give scores based only on KDA. A few days ago I've played a 4v5 game where my team had an Ahri AFK, we lost and I ended up with a 11/08/10 KDA (which is pretty bad) and still got an S (not even a S-). I'm not sure what it takes into account, but is not only your KDA at the end of the game.
: New Shop
Yes. I thought the same. They've made an AWESOME work there. Cheers!
: I'm sick of people who are surprised when they get support
I think _Fill _ is something like: Support => Jungle => ADC => Top => Mid But yeah. Fill = Support 90% of the times
UseIess (OCE)
Best post I've seen in a while
Shucks (OCE)
: Normal Draft Pick for Oceania
I'm also coming from LAS to OCE to find out there's no Normal Draft Pick. This is just too bad. I really liked Draft pick for normals. I hope they add it soon. {{champion:32}}


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