: Idea to Combat Leavers...
> - If you DC for more than 5 min I think it's fair to say you are adversely effecting a game. 24 hours to norms to sort stuff out I believe is fair > - What if it's on Rito's end/bug splat etc? Once again, if you are having these issue which are lasting more than 5 min regardless if it's your fault, you should stick to norms till you know its ironed out. In no way are both this alternatives fair. Some peoples internet may crash/bug out for more than a period of 30 minutes or so, people may have a power outage in their house/street that causes them to unintentionally leave a game. To be punished by not having access to ranked queses for over 24 hours for one game that you had no control over leaving isn't fair whatsoever, these are outrageous punishments for such a little crime. Their punishment for afking is fair enough already, afk a game or two and you have a lower priority in ranked que which goes up the more you afk in a game which eventually leads to a ban and that's not even including the banning from the leaver buster/reports they'd receive from the other players in the game.

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