: Don't ask to report people during in game chat.
cypher7 (OCE)
Please add me Matsuzaka544
Hejibeji (OCE)
: Best drink for marathon gaming sessions
WATER! Gotta keep yourself hydrated fam
: What are all these free items?
It's for the Poro King rotating game mode
zEle (OCE)
: is there like an appeal for ban?
You can call us here anything you want but in the end of the day you're still banned and we're not lol.
: This OPL promotion with Battle Boss Brand is a terrible idea
Beside,I think it's sponsored or something?
Sn4ke (OCE)
: The Right Champion For Me?
The answer is always Vi {{champion:254}} . Enemies squishy? duskblade 2nd item then triforce. Enemy full of tanks and cc ? Cleaver 2nd item and go tanky
: Having A Depressing Experience with this game
Stop playing those champs and start playing Warwick{{champion:19}} . Vi{{champion:254}} for more fun
: Which champ is good for dueling?
: Bots in ARAM
I use arams to get easy chest lol
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: No don't worry, eventually Autism will be on the auto ban words list. And if you ever dare say it after that, have fun with a 14 day ban.
> [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=EMH9B0WA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-06T09:17:32.878+0000) > > No don't worry, eventually Autism will be on the auto ban words list. > > And if you ever dare say it after that, have fun with a 14 day ban. Yah next time you'll get banned for saying "I have autism" lol, I do wanna see that actually lol
Hiro1001 (OCE)
: Assassin censor...
I remember when my "Soraka" runes got censored. Still have no idea why
Niji (OCE)
: As a proud homosexual
lol instead of rainbow flags,riot should make a huge emote that says "TRAPS AINT GAY" lmao
Cyrater (OCE)
: Where/how do I report his out-of-game racism?
Can we play the "Guess the race" game?
Légs (OCE)
: champion skins based on copyrighted material ?
: Rengar, Nocturne, Kha'zix, or Ekko?
Or you can just wait for next season and see what's meta
: Rengar, Nocturne, Kha'zix, or Ekko?
Dagina (OCE)
: Gets honour capsule for keeping it sport man like, gets 2 90 BE champs and 2 key frags. wtf
fuck you man :( i only got a warwick shard few months ago. With some BE i think
: You just have to tilt them more to not get tilted.
00shots00 (OCE)
: dear rioters can you please explain why im banned for calling someone toxic
: Intentional Feed botlane, can I afk?
just feed yourself to end it faster lol
: dont use words like %%%got or poof, more so grow up you immature brat, it mite not seem like much at your pathetic teenage life, but youll get no where if you don't fix your vocabulary, i get you grew up in a shrub but keep your racist remarks to yourself, have a read at this hopefully you understand, every word has a history or meaning, https://www.huffingtonpost.com/casey-cavanagh/an-open-letter-to-people-_b_8011324.html
> [{quoted}](name=JustGumbae,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=2Q45fHUr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-10T22:44:20.989+0000) > > keep your racist remarks to yourself, You stupid or what? There's not a single racist remark in the chatlog. You need to check your vocabulary lol
: Competitive BM allowed?
ez, noob, so bad, lol you suck is competitive
: And vayne doesn't need windwall because she is ranged and can attack from safety which gives her a free slot for her w making her 3rd attack deal % true damage.
And you have Yasuo with double crit chance.With a windwall (that can block projectiles) and an ability that let him slide to minions and champs.Just stay away from her AA range then lmao
TheBioB (OCE)
: This takes dedication
You disgusted me....where's Trist,Cait and Quinn's chest????
: Yasuo Rework Idea (Please Read)
"And if he doesn't, it's pretty easy to dodge. If you don't have any movement spells I suggest you don't get in range for him to ult you." "I nerfed his early and shifted it to his late game because I feel like a vayne shouldn't be out damaging me when she is ranged" wE mUsT buFF y@SuO bEcAuSe VAyNE oUtDaMaGe mE. You got a windwall
Canc (OCE)
: reporting Feedback
You know what's better than you winning? Them losing! You just have to piss them more than they piss you to find happiness. (Mobi boots is the key! And tears too.)
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: Is popstar ahri worth it?
Get Arcade Ahri or the Schoolgirl Ahri instead
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: Looking for more Club members
closed the game. too lazy to open back. ign Matsuzaka544
: Anyone for Close Combat mission
Ah would be cool if you can help me. ign Matsuzaka544
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Byte (OCE)
: Question about Instalockers
Should've just run it down mid
Jellytots (OCE)
: Confessions of a League player
banned for cheating not once, not twice but thrice.
: Also don't die in teamfights and win
Oh and also permaban Blitz
: Just play Soraka lmao. No one knows how to deal with her healings in bronze
Also don't die in teamfights and win
Lowrider (OCE)
: Anyone Who has Climbing Experience
Just play Soraka lmao. No one knows how to deal with her healings in bronze
KingPin17 (OCE)
: Azir's new Rework
Just when i got the SKT Azir skin :/
: When should i start warding brushes as a sup?
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: What champion should I buy first?
If you're new to the game then don't play adc. Buy Annie and go mid
: World's Event Mission not progressing
lmao i'm just dumb. Forgot to use the World's icon lol
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: High Ping on the OCE Server
Thanks for your reply! I thought it was problems on my part at first.
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