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Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE Preseason Ranked Queue Testing - UPDATED Feb 8th
Are there any plans to enable Flex 3v3 on Oce?
: **Group Dispanded**
Same here.
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Mindstar (OCE)
: League client update alpha sign-ups now open
\ (•◡•) / Pick this handsome dude right here.
Zaps (OCE)
: 2016/04/28 - Client Disconnects and Login issues
Back down, can't pick a champion.
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Patch 6.6 is live!
There's a bug with the in-game scoreboard. When you hit tab/o, the text appears before the backdrop. I assume this happened because it now fades in, but someone forgot to make the text also fade in.
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Clubs now live for OCE
Hey Mindstar, perhaps gives us an Interface option in game to disable the tags from Clubs? It can get really annoying with people with really long names.
: Banning
You shouldn't have anything to worry about, it appears your friend was just a little mad that you deleted him from your ranked team, which isn't a bannable offence. Best advice is to just try to ignore him by blocking him or just simply putting up with his nonsense. You could also just try to talk to him about why you kicked him.
xSynx (OCE)
: LF someone Who can help me with macro's for Lobby chat for calling positions.
It isn't hard to type 3 letters, anyway it's based on pick order so who cares.
fum422 (OCE)
: error while starting league of legends
U? So you're the idiot OP? Cool!
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: put your Riot mystery champion/ skin result here!
Nothing as of yet, meant to receive a skin but I think Riot (or I) fucked up.
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