: What if the person who is afk is just having an issue with their computer or internet and it just takes them that little bit longer to join but do get in? And then punishing them so harshly is bs. Why not have it be at the 5 min mark at least and allow for their to be deaths and kills.Hardly makes a difference time wise but allows the player having issues to have more time to resolve it. smh
I just had a game where i connected with 3000ms, so i restarted my internet and by the i connected it was 3min in. Does this mean, that even though i fixed my lag and had 30-40ms for the rest of the game, i will still lose a full loss of lp?
: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin reveal!
This is probably by far kass's best skin. WE (OCE) get it half-price... This is cool, stop complaining you have to pay money when pretty much everything in life has a price. Also the other servers dont get this skin right?
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
is that not nocturne?? shadow prince nocturne mayby
: Riot OCE Update and Q&A
Ok RIOT if theres an OCE skin coming out and its not dropbear annie im going to be extremely disappointed
: Vote for the Ocean Week reinforcements!
Looking forward to ocean week, REALLY KEEN for angler jax skin =) gj rito
: Extra bonus RP is here for a limited time!
Will I get the extra RP through purchasing through the store in LoL using PayPal?


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