: stop playing with wifi, its bad.
Most of the time, the problem is with the internet connection, not the wifi. The fact that '9 times out of 10 you ask if they are using wifi and they are' is meaningless since the majority of people use wifi anyway (Its like saying, 9 out of 10 people in car crashes have a drivers licence. Well yea, because most people on the road have a drivers licence, doesn't mean they're worse drivers). An ethernet cable won't solve the real issue most of the time
: Why does matchmaking for normals put me in games against gold tier players?
Just because someone is gold or whatever other rank, it doesn't mean that they're playing at that level in normals. If I'm playing normals with friends or trying out a champ I've never played before, I'm certainly not playing as well as if I was tryharding in ranked with my best champions. Peoples performance varies alot from game to game in normals, there's no way the matchmaking can tell beforehand if I'm gunna try out a new champ for the first time or play with a fun/troll build, or play a champ I'm actually reasonably good at. The same guy that dominates you one game might feed like crazy the next cause hes playing something he's much worse at.
: Why is urf unavailable???
It's 3am, not 3pm.... looks like you missed it.
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Some problems I have
"Then by the time his next flip is up they have banshees again" The shield requires 40 seconds without taking ANY damage from champions before it refreshes. In lane, it should only ever be able to block one flip then be on cd permanantly until they recall or one of you roams to another lane. If melee tanks (since they're about the only ones who could rush banshees viably) are managing to avoid a single aa or poison tick for 40 seconds without losing a TON of farm in lane, then thats your fault.
Damocracy (OCE)
: @Rito - This tank meta is stupid broken
Flat magic pen (liandrys/sorc boots/abyssal) is good against targets with LOW mr, not tanks. Taking 50 mr off someone who has 100+ mr does way less than taking 50 mr off someone with only the base 50 or so. If you want to damage tanks, buy a void staff (this alone will give you more penetration than all 3 of the flat pen items put together later in the game vs tanks). You also complain about not being able to kite him, but for some reason you didnt buy a rylais, which is one of the best items on brand and allows you to kite immobile melees like tahm basically indefinitely. TLDR; Your build is the main reason you felt so useless. If you had built differently, a champ like tahm would not be an issue at all (aside from maybe saving teammates from you burst)
: LP Point gain broken
Just because your overall win/loss is positive doesnt mean you're better than your current division. Whats far more relevant is your RECENT win/loss, since those are the games with/against people of your current rating.
: Individual Player LP Gain
The objective of the game is to win. There are so many factors which affect your ability to win games, many of which cannot be easily quantified. For example -The effect you have on your teammates. The stuff you say/do in game can make your teammates play better or worse than they normally would. If your team is consistently worse than the other team, its probably because YOU are making them play worse than average -Your champion picks. Picking champs that are easy to win lane with but poor in the mid-lategame, susceptible to ganks, or do not fit well into your teamcomp/against the enemy teamcomp can set you up to lose right from champ select, even if you 'play well' or 'win lane', and make you falsely believe that it must've been your bad teammates that caused you to lose. -Clutch decisions in the mid-late game. Some people are good at getting fed but will frequently make poor decisions in the lategame, causing them to lose winnable games while not having much of a negative effect on their score( e.g. being in the wrong place on the map and giving up free inhibs or barons, getting caught out at crucial moments etc.). On the flip side, some people don't look to be playing that great but consistently make good decisions later in the game and cause their team to win most of the close games. No matter how good you THINK you are playing, or how much better you THINK you are, if you are not winning more games than you lose in the long run, you are not actually better than the people you are playing with.
: The Ranked Team Matchups
Stop buying devourer. If you're playing weak early game junglers and buying an item that takes time to scale up, the reality is that most games will be decided already by the time you actually start doing anything. Add to that the fact you seem to buy devourer on champs its not even good on like eve and diana, and the payoff is definitely not worth it. Theres also a lot of other questionable builds in your match history and your scores certainly aren't anything to write home about so you should probably start taking a look at yourself if you want to get anywhere.
: Illaoi is broken? What do you think?
Shes the kind of champion that can dominate and 1v5 against people who don't know how to play against her properly, but has very exploitable weaknesses and can't really do anything if you play against her right. Understanding how the tentacles work gives a lot of counterplay opportunities
Quivz (OCE)
: LP as a support
Unless you're duo with an ADC who you know can carry in the lategame, you should be looking to get a big advantage for your team early. Pick playmaking supports, roam alot, try to identify the better players on your team who are worth snowballing and peeling for, and the better players on the enemy team who you need to shut down. Also consider taking ignite in order to punish mistakes and snowball games harder. A good support can make a ton of stuff happen especially in the first 20 minutes or so, and even though your team will inevitibly throw sometimes, you will win more often than not if you've got a big lead early. Also with your "typical thought process" statements, are you acting on these thoughts? If you see people doing blatantly dumb stuff, ping them back, alert them to the jungler running right over there ward or the guy you know is hiding in the bush they're about to facecheck. It doesn't work every time, but you can stop people making dumb plays fairly often if you're alert enough. And not being able to defend the nexus turrets 1v5? Thats not just a support problem, you've probably lost the game at that point no matter what role you're playing.
: This is bronze, i could play warwick full ap in the botlane and still win. What i need to learn is mechanics based shit not game knowledge, im full aware of how to build to the meta, i just feel absolutely no need to do it in bronze. Now that we have that out of the way, got any more useless info to add despite me specifically saying "i learn by doing"
Yea I could go play full ap warwick bot and climb out of bronze too. But I could just play some normal champion and probably be gold or plat in the same number of games. You dont have to play meta stuff, but playing something so heavily outclassed like AD soraka support is just setting you up to fail. You might as well just be playing a normal ADC champ as a support in that case, at least then you have some scaling to work with. If you're managing to get half decent scores with stuff that bad, you're mechanics clearly aren't the problem. Like, you're gunna be playing against someone and asking 'how could I have played that better', and half the time the only answer they will be able to give is "your champion/build is so easy to exploit, theres nothing you could do there". you're not gunna learn anything from that.
: youd be surprised, as much as i bitch and moan about being bronze 5, i do pull off some amazing plays from time to time that a new player wouldn't have the game knowledge to know to do. For instance i started playing hec again recently and 90% of the game consists of me using flash or ulti right after my e to get me behind my opponent with a fully charged e knocking them into my team while simultaneously timing my q to be used as i land the auto so it benefits from my out of combat movement speed for insane burst damage. A new player would be starting to figure out stuff like that but they wouldn't understand why it works (namely his e still charges up from movement abilities and his q doesnt interrupt his auto so you can time it so you auto and q in the same damage tick) Granted im in bronze 5 due to attitude problems mainly (i lose once i play like shit for the rest of the day, i am 60% salt 25% tilt, 5% semi decent player) but thats beside the point, regardless of if i am an exception to the rule, or hell if im not even silver level and are more realistically high bronze or something, im still in a league that is lower than my skill level, and if one person exists, then many will exist down here. Im not some special snowflake, im aware of many other summoners in bronze 5 that despite me making most b5 players look like shit on a good day, they make me look wood 5 on an average day, and they all have one common grain with me, tilt. A great example is brown, amazing lee sin player, ive only seen him fuck up an insec once, but my god is he salty so he stays in b5 due to that.
If you have an attitude problem and tilt really hard like you say, an average new player probably IS better than you. Your skill level isn't determined by your best plays, its determined by how you play on average. Is some guy that goes 20-1 against you one game but then feeds for the next 10 games and loses every one better than you? probably not. In the same way, you could dominate for a few games, but if you tilt and lose the next 5, then you're not better than the people you're playing with.
: Any high elo players willing to scrim with a bronzie.
One look at your match history and it's not hard to see why you're not getting anywhere. Even if you're playing well you're not gunna win consistently with builds like that, it shouldn't take a bunch of games with someone better than you to figure that out.
Darthski (OCE)
: I'm problem as a support player
Supports one of the better roles to carry with in silver imo. Went from silver to plat last season playing mostly support(and not duo with anyone) so its definitely possible to carry. If you're picking playmaking supports and roaming a lot early you can get a big lead for your team in the early game, and even though they might throw sometimes, you'll win more often than not. Also look to adapt your play to your team, if your ADC isn't very good but you have a fed mid/top laner who seems to know what hes doing, make plays around him and protect him in fights instead.
: Vayne does magic damage
Cutlass active, presumably on garen since the damage reduction from his w active would get the damage down to 40 with less than 100 mr
: Since I've started trying to climb its been 70% win rate. So im guessing you mean that because I've done worse before now it means I cant climb very fast
Just keep at it then. If you can actually keep a 70% winrate going (and its not just a lucky streak) you will start winning alot more points than you lose soon enough. It will take a while to get your mmr back up and 'undo' your bad record from earlier in the season. If you keep that going for another 20 or 30 games you will probably start seeing +25 for wins and -15 for losses and be out of bronze in no time.
Eel (OCE)
: random players
You have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is right around silver 5, where you are. If you match new players up with other new players, you still have no idea how good any of them are relative to the main playerbase, so you cant place them until they start playing games with people who are already ranked. You're not gunna get new players in your games that often (the really bad ones will drop down alot after losing their first couple of games), and you will win just as many from having these guys on the other team every now and then, so it evens out.
andyMak (OCE)
: How did you all Climb out of B5?
Your teammates will make mistakes, and sometimes these will result in your team losing the game. Equally often, the enemy players will make mistakes, which will result in your team winning the game. If you are making good calls, pinging effectively, warding well etc. your teammates will make mistakes less often than the enemy team and it will tip the odds in your favour. You can also tip the odds in your favour by winning your lane, roaming well, setting up plays etc. to make your teammates more fed than the enemy. No matter how good you are at doing these things, your teammates will still make mistakes, and you will still lose games. If you have done all that you can, played well all game, set up heaps of plays for your team, and you lose because some of your teammates die trying to 2v5 40 minutes into the game after you pinged them to back off, you should not be upset about losing that game because there was nothing you could do. The games you should be upset about losing are the ones where could only go even in lane, and didn't manage to get any good roams off in the first 20 minutes to help your team, or you followed your teammates in on a bad engage and turned one or two kills into an ace for the enemy, or didn't try to alert your teammate that facechecking baron by himself was a terrible idea, and especially the ones where you are doing poorly yourself and actively having a negative impact on your team. These are the games that you are losing that a better player would win. Most of the time there is something more YOU could have done to improve your chances of winning. If you want to win more you need to get better at identifying what those things are so you can do them more. Some games just aren't winnable though, you just have to accept that and not worry about those ones. Whether you notice or not, you win just as many from enemy afks and whatnot so it cancels out.
Zaps (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Login Issues and Client Disconnection - 02/02/2016
I seem to still be having this issue, or some similar one. Disconnected as champ select ended (countdown got to 0 and then nothing happened), and upon restarting the client I can no longer log in. This message ( http://imgur.com/NJ3II9o ) appears after a couple of minutes each time. As far as I can tell my connection is fine and nothing but LoL is affected, and disabling firewall/antivirus doesn't resolve the issue.
Stay out of range of the stun and poke him. He has no dashes or speed boosts so can't ever close the gap for a stun if you are positioned properly. He also cant dodge poke very easily for the same reason, and has no sustain to heal up once you do land poke on him. If you are getting bursted by him 1v1 you are positioning poorly
kami sora (OCE)
: 2 years of playing and still bronze
The thing that immediately jumps out to me is the fact that of your 5 most played champions, you have all 3 of what i would class as the biggest trap champions for low rated players (vayne, yasuo and lee sin). These are the kind of champions (riven and zed are also like this) you see challenger players making big plays on and carrying games 1v5. The reality is that as a bronze player there is no way you are able to make the most of these kind of champions. While a complex champion like yasuo might be better than a simple champion like annie if both are played at maximum effectiveness against competent opponents, playing annie at 90% of her potential is WAY better than playing yasuo at 50% of his potential. You dont need to make huge mechanical outplays and do all sorts of flashy stuff to carry in bronze or silver. All you need to do is identify and exploit the mistakes the enemies are making all over the place (and I assure you, they're there every game). Play simple champions so you can master them quickly and never mess up, then you can devote much more of your effort to making sure your doing the right thing on the map and taking advantage of all the opportunities the enemies are giving you. p.s. The fact that your best winrates were on the most straightforward champions, renekton and kennen, should be further proof of this. Play more champs like these instead of the other stuff.
: Only 2 of divisional ranked games I had a bad laning phase
So you broke even/or won lane in 8 games, and won half of them. Sounds about right. You need to do a lot more than break even or win lane in order to actually carry games. If you want your advantage to mean anything then you need to take that advantage to the rest of the map before the enemies bring their advantage to you. Bringing 2 or 3 people top means nothing if your team is already behind and a fed enemy can 1v2 your teammates elsewhere. Instead you should be that guy making the proactive move and ganking someone 2v1 or 3v1 before they can roam. If you're staying in lane, getting small advatages for the first 20 minutes, then yes, most games will be decided for you, either your team will have a big lead and you win, or your team will have a big deficit and you will lose, and it will be about 50/50. If you want to improve, i suggest focusing on your mid game map movements and decision making. Improving your laning more and stomping lane harder will make very little difference if you're not using that lead in a meaningful way.
: Lock and Unlocked Cameras
I play with it always unlocked. Once you're in the habit of using unlocked theres essentially no benefit in ever having it locked because it just limits your vision and awareness of the rest of the map, and would presumably make it harder to aim skillshots or click accurately while your champion is moving (which should be pretty much all the time). I also never use the function which centres the camera on your champion, though I can see how that has its uses.
Essembie (OCE)
: Where will i land?
If you were already climbing just before the reset, you probably have good mmr and will end up in a similar place to where you were already. Even if you do badly I doubt you will get worse than low silver, and if you do well you could easily end up higher than silver 2. Last season i finished preseason in gold 4 and ended up getting placed in gold 3 after going 7-3 so I'd say its more likely you end up in s1 or gold than in bronze, maybe you should put them on the poll. The people who end up losing heaps of ranks after doing well in placements are mainly the ones in s5, g5 etc with mmr that is way below their actual rating.
: Malz Ult is Bullshit
If you're consistently getting it canceled 1v1 you must be picking very poor times to ult. Especially since most of the time you want to be ulting someone is after you've already hit a q on them and they're silenced. Are you sure you weren't just manually canceling it by using your abilities in the wrong order or something?
: How is it fair?
There is a very real tradeoff, which you seem to have missed completely, and its that they have very poor cc. These types of tanks are useful precisely because they are a damage threat whilst being hard to kill. Other tanks, like braum, or nautilus or alistar etc are useful because they are hard to kill and repeatedly cc people during a fight. Add to that the fact their only gap closers are movespeed boosts (apart from shyv ult) which makes them very susceptible to getting kited, and you can hardly say they have no tradeoffs. If someone like braum had comparible damage there would be no reason to ever play those 3.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Sick of people thinking Normals is "F*ck around mode"
You're still getting basically the same experience in the early game, and if someones trolling or gives up the game usually ends not long after laning phase anyway so its not like you're wasting heaps of time. You can get plenty of practice in on a new champ even if your team are trolling, and if its more late game decision making and stuff you're trying to work on then thats best done in ranked where you're playing with people of about your skill level.
: 4v6 3v7? 2v8?
Ping people BEFORE they get caught or do obviously dumb stuff. Doesn't work every time, but if you can stop people throwing a few games here and there, it adds up pretty fast.
: Tips for a support main to learn ADC?
As a support main should be able to lane pretty well as ADC, or at least learn to without too much effort, since you should already have an idea what a good ADC does in lane (Same goes for an ADC main playing support). I'd say the main things to focus on are being in the right place on the map later in the game (grouping at the right times, not getting caught out alone, not letting huges minion waves die to a tower), and positioning well in teamfights so that you don't get killed instantly but can still do some damage.
Surry (OCE)
: Matchmaking? Rito please
High bronze/low silver mmr is the entry level for people just starting ranked. Because of this there will be a wider variety of skill levels than at other ratings because new players haven't played enough games to go up/down to their proper rating yet. Anyway, you get just as many bad players on the enemy team, so even if you might not see all the shit they're writing in chat, or not pay as much attention to the 0-10 mid laner when hes not on your team, they are there, and they will win you as many games as they lose you. Other people aren't the reason you've stopped climbing. You're probably making just as many obvious mistakes that you don't even notice.
: Bots
They're more than likely being banned pretty quickly, the problem is it takes no effort for the people organising it to just make more accounts. When there's that many a few of them are bound to make it to level 30 (and who knows how many games there are that are just 10 bots with no one to report them). Even if 99% of them get banned that last 1% is all they need to be able to sell them and make money.
Essembie (OCE)
: ruined by a shaco
He is very squishy, usually takes ignite instead of flash, and uses his only escape ability to get into lane to gank you. If you're playing a champion with decent burst, theres a good chance you can just kill him if he tries to gank you, especially if hes on less than full hp, so try to be on the lookout for that.
: Why Getting out of bronze is so difficult
You know whats also common? Having those people feeding on the enemy team and giving you free wins. Don't know how its even possible stay in bronze when theres feeders, trolls and afks on the enemy team basically every game (Note, this statement is just as valid as saying you're losing because of feeders on your team "every" game)
: I'm done with ranked.
The games you need to 'carry' to climb are the close ones, not the ones that are a stomp one way or the other (and even though these only come along once every 5 or 10 games, winning them all will have a massive effect on your winrate). There is no way to magically carry when your entire team is feeding like crazy or someones afk, and even a silver or gold level player would lose in that situation, but that doesn't mean they can't win more games than they lose. Similarly, that lux game means nothing, your entire team was doing well, and the entire enemy team was feeding, any bronze player playing that game instead of you would likely have won, even if they'd done poorly in lane. You need to be making the diffence in the close games, the ones where an average bronze player might lose but you can turn around by player better than the average player.
og1764 (OCE)
: Help a Bronze 4 ADC main out, by stomping him.
Bear in mind that the enemy support will usually be the one you need to pay more attention to since they will usually be the one doing most of the poking or looking to engage on you in the early game, so 1v1s might not be the best practice
: what is the role of supports?
> if the support abandons you on bot lane does that not negatively impact on the adcs game? Most good supports will frequently leave the ADC in order to put pressure elsewhere on the map. Negatively impacting the ADC slightly while gaining a huge advantage for other team members though ganks etc is more than worth it for your team overall. Come mid-game there's even more stuff to do on the map, and following the ADC around mindlessly is usually the mark of a bad support, not a good one.
: How to build Nasus now?
{{item:3025}} +{{item:3065}} +10% cdr from runes is the best base imo. If you want to go triforce then get an early frozen heart or dead mans plate instead of gauntlet. And no, minions killed by iceborn aoe dont add to stacks
LostMind (OCE)
: How to counter Malzahar?
His main strength is against melee/short range champs and the fact he can push easily and stop you roaming. Hes actually not very long range at all, and most longer ranged mages (including tf and syndra) can trade farm pretty easily aside from maybe missing a bit to the tower early on. The cast range on his DOT is not very big so he should never be able to cast it on you directly and you can avoid it jumping to you by stepping away from a minion that is about to die with it on. The only time he should have kill potential 1v1 is when he has flash up, and if you're that worried about it you can take barrier so he can't 100-0 you even when thats up. He also has no sustain aside from catalyst, so is quite susceptible to getting poked down and is really easy to gank since he has no dash/speed boost, no way to cc you and run, and has to push constantly to bully people. If your looking for some way to easily crush him 1v1 in lane, you're probably not going to find it. You 'beat' him by going even or a bit ahead and being more useful later in the game (his lategame is only really good vs assassins since he has no way to get to the backline and is easy to focus down while hes ulting someone, and his ult becomes useless once people start getting qss), or by your jungler coming and killing him.
Edday (OCE)
: Bronze players better then Gold/Silver?
Number 1 tip: Dont get hung up on the games that aren't winnable. If you have some guy go 0-10 in lane, or someone troll or afk because they didn't get the role they want, that's not a game you should be worried about losing, because you win just as many from an enemy doing the same thing. Focus on making the difference in the close games, where your play is what tips the scales and decides the outcome. These are the games where a better player would win but you might lose.
Erøse (OCE)
: How do you extactly get out of silver?
Ill add something that no one else has said. Use pings. Don't expect your team to have any map awareness in silver. One ping will generally go unnoticed or largely ignored, so when something is important enough to ping, ping about 5 times at once. Work on pinging stuff that is actually important though, spamming pings every 5 seconds will likely just piss people off and they will start paying less attention to your pings. Good times to ping are: -The enemy jungler, or another enemy, is walking over a ward ganking a teammate. Assume that they have not noticed (especially mid/top) since they are likely tunnel visioned on farming well or trading with the enemy. -Your lane opponent has gone mia and is likely roaming. Using danger/retreat pings on their destination is usually more effective than just using missing pings in your own lane. -You are roaming to another lane and going in for a gank. Ping when you are about 5 seconds away from showing in lane, because your teammates often won't have noticed you are coming. Try not to ping too far in advance or you might bait your teammate into dying before you get there. -You, or your team elsewhere on the map, have just got several kills and you can easily turn that into a tower/dragon/baron. It is very important to turn kills into more that that if you want to actually win the game. Also note that you don't have to be in the area to secure a dragon or tower for your team, often all that is required is one guy noticing how easy it is to get and telling their team to grab it. -A teammate is wandering off by themselves or some of your teammates are pushing as 3 or 4 vs the whole enemy team later in the game. You can't always stop people making poor decisions, but reasonably often you can.
Edday (OCE)
: Those things dont lag me, but what does is my brother downloading steam games and optus doing there stuff.
Don't play when your brother is downloading stuff, or ask him to download overnight or when you're not playing. If you already know that's why you're lagging it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to work out how to fix it.
: people either retarded and feeding or just blaming lag in ranked
What about the support mundo with no sightstone, no support items, and a crap score even when his teams doing well? Both teams get bad players. The decent players on the enemy team just carried harder than you
demø (OCE)
: How can i guranatee a position in Normals
Queue up with 4 friends who know where you want to play
nDesu (OCE)
: Snowdown Shop
Both the good discounts on mine were Xin Zhao skins, and I already have a better one for him. The only skin I wouldn't mind having (El tigre braum) was only a 20% discount.
: An Interesting Observation
I really dont think you did as well as you think is those 5 games. Sometimes people are so blinded by seemingly obvious flaws of others that they fail to notice their own, which are often just as obvious to an unbiased outside observer. I'll add my 2 cents for a couple of your games. Game 3: You pick zed jungle despite already having an AD mid laner AND top laner, neither of which have any decent cc. At this point your team comp sucks no matter what the support picks. Even if your team goes even or a bit ahead, volibear will become nearly impossible to kill, and you have no reliable cc which is crucial for locking down yasuo and kalista. Your team also has terrible waveclear so you cannot stall 4v4 while nasus splitpushes unless you already have a lead. Your pick in this game probably drops your chances to 30-40% before the game has even started, and basically every lane needs to win for you to win the game, which is tough since zed sucks at ganking early so you're rolling the dice on whether your teammates win by themselves or not. Game 1: Similar to game 3, you picked an AD mid when you already had an AD top and jungle and no cc, and the have a riven and kat, who absolutely need to be hard ccd later in the game. Even if the support picks a heavy cc champ you have to rely on that one guy being competent enough to save his cc for priority targets or you will lose every teamfight, and since your in silver there is a high chance he will want to 'carry' and lock in some high damage-lowcc champ anyway in which case you're even more disadvantaged. Game 2: Zed was a bad pick here too. already AD heavy with trynd, and picking zed when you already have 2 other split pushing champs on your team means you're never going to be able to split and you'll likely have to hang around mid trying to waveclear most of the game. Sure the annie might've been toxic and troll but the fact that he locked in annie instead of playing ADC was probably a blessing in disguise and actually saved your teamcomp from sucking. The fact that this was the only game you won despite the fact the guy was toxic all game should be further proof of what im trying to say about your picks. Games 4 and 5 are the same. In EVERY SINGLE ONE of your previous 5 games, you've been 3rd/4th pick and locked in an AD champ with no cc, despite the rest of top/mid/jungle having already chosen AD champs with no cc. You're shooting yourself in the foot so hard with your picks. To win games with team comps like in these games your team basically has to win every lane and close out the game in 30 mins or so. This is why you lose every time one guy does badly. The one or two guys on your team that do well cannot make up for them because your teamcomps are so bad when you are even or behind. You either need to learn some extra champs or be able to stomp your lane so hard with zed every game (not getting one or 2 kills, or outfarming the opponent by a bit, and even if you are getting camped) that your team doesn't matter, and judging by the fact that you didn't get particularly fed in any of those 5 games I don't think thats too likely. If you want to main only one champ, and especially in mid, I'd strongly suggest switching to an AP one (preferably one with decent cc) since top and jungle are AD based most of the time. This alone can make a lot of those games where one enemy gets fed and makes the game seemingly unwinnable, or ones where you seem to be doing alright then suddenly start losing every teamfight, turn into victories for your team. P.s. Just noticed your annie winrate is almost 70%, significantly higher than most of the other stuff you play. Perfect example of what I just said, she is AP, and has AOE cc. Go back to her, if you can play her about as well as zed, you will win a lot more games.
Erøse (OCE)
: Previous Name Display
When I've seen people change names they usually just write their old name in the status bar for a while (Instead of the generic 'online' that is there by default). Makes it easy enough to tell who it is
: Let's Talk About Swain
Hes already strong vs melee champs. Considering he has a good win rate already, a significant aa range buff could well push him towards being OP, particularly top lane. Other similar champs like Vlad have an even shorter range than Swain anyway. His laning and waveclear isn't very satisfying and i wouldn't mind seeing it buffed or him get a bit of a rework, but it would have to be at the cost of his mid-lategame power or he would just be way too strong.
Jink (OCE)
: Yo can we have ELO take into account itemization?
If only ELO took into account attitude. Then you'd be bronze 5
Jink (OCE)
: It's forcing me to tank ELO. How do you think other players feel when I drop 500 ELO and some Vayne comes through repeatedly penta'ing them, smashing their bot lane 6-0 in 5 minutes then I go on a 10 win streak and climb again. That is literally all it does. I got to Gold 5 so I belong here, losing streaks on a semi-random match-making system causing a system reformation are stupid, because it's assuming the system knows the reason for the lose streak. It's to stop elo boosters as well and quickly return people to the appropriate division but if you get clamps for the wrong reason, it's a failed system and it's literally contradictive in all other cases because they're using a system that says "you belong here because I said so" then it's going "oops, my mistake". Joke system. The flaws aren't stopped either (ELO boosters and ELO Manipulation) and I see fluctuations all the time in the system where you can see it's changing things because it's assuming you are over-rated and then other fluctuations where it's assuming you are under-rated with varying degrees to both and it's like: Why try to make a system smart? All you're doing is making it more and more vulnerable and with it being "better and better" people rely on it more and it becomes more and more annoying when it makes 1 stupid choice.
Its not trying to be a "smart" system. If it was a plain ELO system you wouldnt be losing way more than you win, because you'd already be ranked way lower, in mid-low silver. The reason you can't drop back so easily if you become worse is because then people would be worried/complain about losing their season rewards and half the people would stop playing ranked when they managed to get silver or gold or whatever they're aiming for for fear of dropping back out again. Also " I got to Gold 5 so I belong here " is the most ridiculous statement ever. You can become worse again, your champs can get nerfed, your playstyle can change, you might stop trying as hard or focusing as much, all the other players might get comparitively better. Just because you were good enough to get to gold, doesn't mean you always will be.
: What do i build in this situation?
A full damage ad build, on any champion not just yi, will melt through a full tank build. Your job isn't to kill him 1v1 or sit there expecting to be invincible, its to be tanky enough that you can get your cc/peel off without instantly dying so that your teammates can kill the yi (which will be basically instantly if he is caught with any kind of cc and cant kill your teams damage champs first). If youre playing a tank and getting melted by the yi without someone else killing him first its because you're either out of position or your teams already died and you've lost the fight anyway
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