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: about remake
How about if someone afks, the rest of the team gets the lp they were going to get (assuming they win ofc). At least some form of recognition you went on to win regardless of only having 4 players.
ZiQuam (OCE)
: Opinions on the Singed Support Main (Smite, No Sightstone)
This is stupid Riot form. Hey if i want, can I still play Heimerdinger support and not get banned since he is listed as his second role? Riot seriously need to review this policy.
: add more cancer you say?
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: ^ the system is fine as is
so you dont mind having to wait 10mins to get a game as adc only to have to remake and do it all again?
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Actually, normal games can be surprisingly difficult at times. I assume because you can get a mix of high and low elo players. Bronze may be difficult to get out of because you may have to learn how to carry a game. you can't rely on the others to be any good. I
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Olee (OCE)
: Has anyone, ever, so far in Season 6, gotten their first pref in Ranked? Is it actually possible?
: Hey there, Could you try [switching to a public DNS]( and letting me know if that helps.
Hi and thanks for the suggestion. It is currently working again but for how long I do not know. I will try using a public dns if and when the problem arises again. Ty.
: have you tried setting the launcher to "run as administrator" and setting compatibility to "vista" or earlier? Fixed a similar problem for me a while ago. [edit] Actually, that may have been some other issue, but good luck finding a fix anyway
Thanks for you reply. Tried that but unfortunately it has made no difference.
: Banned! Forever? for real.
Just make another account bro, whats another grand? :P
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Wuks (OCE)
: Hey Pat, Have you tried the solutions on the [**Troubleshooting Connection Issues**]( Riot Games Support article? If not, please do so and let me know how it turns out.
Thanks for your help. I have put in the port settings and are now able to log in. Thank you thank you thank you! Hopefully you wont hear from me again
: 100% do not believe this. I guarantee you acted like a jerk
Frankly, I don't really care if you believe me or not. It happened end of story. And if it happened to me , it can happen to you.
: I wasnt sure if it was my computer so i installed league on our other home pc and nope , could not log onto that either s so I knew it had to be at Riot's end . Anyways, tried it again this am and can now log in . Hopefully this problem is resolved.
Nope, after day of working, Im back to getting the same above message. Riot plz, what is going on?
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SIayer (OCE)
: yes the same message. i have tried repatching twice and am now going to reinstall
I wasnt sure if it was my computer so i installed league on our other home pc and nope , could not log onto that either s so I knew it had to be at Riot's end . Anyways, tried it again this am and can now log in . Hopefully this problem is resolved.
SIayer (OCE)
: I have the same problem never happened before either
: Ever since latest patch, having problems logging in
have tried all the suggestions at Riot support login... but nope. Maybe my computer will break my Lol addiction for me :)
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: Having trouble logging in
Thank you very much! That worked a treat. Much appreciated :D
: Having trouble logging in
Nope, issue still not resolved ;( It also says "Information regarding what may have caused this issue can be found here" but the link is not working either
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Mindstar (OCE)
: What kind of problems are you having logging in? This issue should not have directly affected your ability to log in to the game.
played all day yesterday with no probs. After patch this am, getting "cannot connect to pvp server" blah blah My net is working fine for everything else Guess i'll keep trying.
EverAbove (OCE)
: WARNING - Jhin bannable in ranked when not available to play
seems like common sense to me but good advice nonetheless
Mindstar (OCE)
: [RESOLVED] Server Issues - 28th Jan 2016
Having probs logging in . .. are people sure this is fixed??
: The new ranked select is good but a joke too.
: Baron VS Dragon!!!
: Tier promotion series are always 3 of 5. Divisions are always best of 3.
ok thank you.. wasn't aware of that
: what promo are you talking about? im in s3 to s2 and its 3 games, whenever you move up a whole tier eg. silver to gold it has always been 5 games.
Going from bronze to silver
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Urfquakex (OCE)
: Ult that doesn't contribute to fights at all and doesn't allow escape due to ability for enemy champions to cancel it. Just destroy her tunnels by standing on them - and be sure to contribute to warding so you have vision on them. They aren't Teemo shrooms, don't be afraid.
It can contribute to fights by acting like teleport, dragon/baron control etc. Furthermore, destroying the tunnels is easy yes, but tedious and also signals to the enemy where you are in their jungle. There should be a limit on the damn things not "tonnes of tunnels hue hue hue"
Nature (OCE)
: Is named Sniff thus cries a lot {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
you're about as funny as ebola. twerp
I think your a %%%%in idiot So having a knockup, movemnt boost and stupid map control is not enough??
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Jack (OCE)
: So, what do you guys really think about this change?
Sorry but this is board style is crap. .. the old forums were much easier to find, post and read stuff. This is a major turn off for me.

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