RLG Shaky (OCE)
: then work for him, we all need to work and play for something, you work hard in a game and you get a lot of ip, play he's and you get more, its kinda like setting yourself a goal to strive for, don't be lazy, i know we all want things to pop in our laps but the reality is you need to work hard for things or you don't appreciate it.
I have almost every champ in the game from earning it, i just realised that i really wanted Renekton after i spent all my IP on runes, and since within the following 2 weeks i will be unable to play, i just thought that maybe someone wouldn't mind gifting me as it would be highly appreciated.
Atylia (OCE)
: For all Kha'Zix players
Fairly annoying, no logic involved in it but y'know. No one plays Kha anymore so
: nah, buy him yourself with ip. it takes like 5 days to get 4800 ip.
i am aware, i just bought a bunch of runes for my Shen rune page, and i %%%%ing really want Renekton.
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