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: Hey, thanks for replying! Let me try to explain myself a little better, I think I wasn't very clear on a few points. LeaverBuster allows for you to leave a small amount of games with no punishment at all. This should let you deal with rare occurrences like your choking girlfriend or a power outage, without getting punished. It's also important to remember that, for everyone else in the game, it makes no difference whether you left for a legitimate reason or not. The outcome is the same for them. _ What about when I got a power outage and left my first game and was punished straight away?_ + I know LeaverBuster punishes once your % of AFK games gets too high. If you've only played a few games, then it might trigger LeaverBuster very quickly. I've had it happen on a few smurf accounts. Did you have less than 100 games when this happened? I'd say that was probably the cause of the issue. Once you get more games in you should be given plenty of room for the occasional AFK. __* Your proof system idea is pretty good BTW. I think it would just be really hard to implement and a little inconvenient. + When there's a power outage, would you have to go down to the power company for official "logs" to send to **Riot**? I'm also not sure how you can prove anecdotal stuff like the accident with your fiancée. **Riot** would really just have to take your word for it, which leaves the system open to being exploited.
I never ever left a game prior but yet I still had to agree to the stupid popup which is a type of punishment the second time i got that stupid 5 match thingy. I have left a couple of games since due to being horribly abused by teammates and nothing ever happened when I should of been punished. The power company post's service outages on facebook and websites so that's proof enough. Everything has logs. If you cannot provide logs then you face punishment.
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: I get you're angry, but this is not the right way to deal with it. Posting names here doesn't get anyone banned and it makes it a big hassle for me to deal with :( I admire your tenacity but you're not directing it to where it's most effective. If you want to get these 2 people banned you've got to make your case to [**Riot** support]( I know you don't like to do that, but right now it's the most effective way to punish trolls like the ones encountered. Thanks :D
Tele is right. Take a screenshot and make a support ticket. It does work. Also it's the only way to get champ select keyboard commando's reprimanded for bad behavior.
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: The idea is that LeaverBuster wastes your time because you wasted the time of others. When someone leaves a game, 4 other people have to wait 20 minutes before they're allowed to leave. The competitiveness in the match is gone and it's not fun anymore. It's a massive waste of time for everyone. Lets be fair though, this is partly **Riot**'s fault too. There needs to be more systems like _/remake_ to end games with AFKs quicker. ***_ > People have lives, if they leave a match once every 20 games that is not fking bad + Everyone understands that you have responsibilities in real life, and LeaverBuster allows for you to leave some games [unpunished]( But remember **you also have a responsibility to your team to finish the game.** You're playing with real people who also have lives. Their time also has value. Also consider, if everyone left 1/20 games then 50% of all games could be decided by an AFK. I don't know about you, but that's hardly competitive at all. > If you really want to punish people at least have a percentage of games they have left compared to the total games played... + I believe this is actually already roughly how LeaverBuster works. If you AFK in more than X% of your games, you'll start to receive punishments.
Riot are just lazy or have poor coding skills, using adobe air says it all. A ten plus year old platform that sucks. They can easily let us remake if someone dc's. They made /remake. Leaverbuster punishes you straight away. I got a power outage and left my first game and was punished straight away. I had never left a game before that. Sometimes you just have to leave a game and there is absolutely nothing you can do about real life. Oh your girfriend is choking, better not leave or we'll punish you. Oh sorry your power went out here have a punishment. How about a system where we provide solid proof as to why we left so we can lift the punishment. The second time I got dc'd was my fiance tripped the power while cooking so I got it all quickly back on and rejoined the game but I was punihsed after the game even though I finished and we won the game. Thats how bad this leaver buster system is.
: I agree role calling is stupid... but instead of complaining I just became a fill main.
The problem with that is watching your team feed over and over again. The adc has no idea about lane positioning, you get non stop blame as a support from bad adc's and I really don't have many support champions. It also reverses as well where your support lets the enemy support zone, your supp non stop farms or they simple try for kill lane not getting a sight stone. A good jungler will see that the enemy support has no sight stone so they will camp that bot lane. This is why I totally stay away from playing adc or support since the changes in 6.15. I now hate top lane due to non stop Darius, Yasuo, Riven and Kled so I don't bother. I am also sick of seeing Yasuo and Zed mid so I don't both their either leaving really one job for me and that is jungle. I have many jungler to choose from based on the team comp. Shaco, Eve, Xin, Rammus and Amumu to mention a few that can easily fill what is needed. I just want draft normals where I am not losing lp because of some premade or smurfs. I am very scared of getting put into bronze. Moving back to Aus after working in the EU, I was playing on EUW and was high silver there, I really don't want to deal with bronzies in OCE. Seeing bronzies in norms do the most stupid stuff which makes me laugh and sometimes cry.
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: [QQ] Do something about blind normals please!
Lobby after lobby of non stop arguing and toxicity over lane calling. You are not even allowed to spell the lane name wrong. If you spell otp dac or anything like that you don't get that lane. Why have you not addressed this stupid way of trying to start a match. Already most players are on tilt because of this. Instead of communicating and working out a good team comp we are all fighting over a roll or busy calling roles. Just plain stupid. I would not be normally complaining but idiots at riot brought in dynamic queue removed solo queue. I don't want to play ranked at all until they bring back solo queue. So I am stuck playing blind normals. Other game modes are boring as I like the rift, I like jungling, I like the strategy being on the rift.
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: Ask Riot on Runes, Splash Art and Buttons
Don't change the rune sytem at all, it's been there since day one instead remove the outdated/unused runes and replace them with other runes that are more usefull. I noticed the other day I wanted some XP runes but they were only available in quints which there is no way I would be buying expensive xp quints to replace my vital jg quints. I take cd per level glyphs meaning I now don't have any magic resist so how about hybrid armor/magic resist seals or health/cd reduction per level seals.
: Remove the chat lock in lobby
I can't stand the chat block, I just wish we had draft normals. Then problem solved. Currently in norms we have to deal with instalockers, fights over lanes, chat block because of role spam and people trolling because they were chat blocked. Riot oce really need to delete this game mode. It's definately a lot harder than ranked because of no bans and no counter picking. Everyone just locks in OP champ for that role and face rolls. The amount of toxicity in norms is disgusting. this week I have submitted 4 screen shots of threats and toxicity in champ select. I would love to go play ranked but dynamic queue really turns me off playing as I don't want to get stomped by premades. The whole argument was not enough people wanted draft normals but the a year later they bring out different game modes which countered their argument of not enough population for draft normals. I still don't understand why we don't have draft normals over blind. How can anyone practice for ranked if the normal mode of that map contains no strategy at all or even similar to the ranked version.
: I Want to drop out of High school to become a full time Streamer/Youtuber
How To Get Big On Twitch As A Guy How To Get Big On Twitch As A Girl
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: /mute all
This doesn't work. Some on the team realise you have muted them and then begin to spam pings on you so you turn down the ping sound and boom now you are not communicating with your team. How do you know if the enemy laner has used sums if you can't see team chat because your laners have typed in team chat said lane no sums. What about a lane asking for gank after they get an item? What about if a certain champ has a global ulti and turns level 6? There are so many things team chat is used for that the game does not currently provide.
: Reporting GGEZ
I gave up on reporting. This community has no care for toxic behaviour in game and in fact they encourage it.
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> [{quoted}](name=RNG Worlds S6,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=doAupPbO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-21T00:21:37.984+0000) > > [deleted] Your English is just as bad if not worse. You are calling someone out on their English when you can't even use the correct punctuation. If you are going to belittle someone because of their language, then perhaps you should show an example as to not make a fool of ones self! To dumb it down for you. hurdur you didnt say the bestest england you selfie bro
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: lvl 20's against lvl 30's golds/silvers/bronze
5 games in a row now where the enemy team has had a silver/bronze pre made where my team has the highest level of 26. Seriously rito. People are leaving this game in droves since the shit hit the fan with dynamic queue. From one game dev to another, you really need to fix your game. The botting, scripting and poor matchmaking really makes your game complete utter rubbish. So glad I didn't pay money to transfer over my main. Time to play overwatch. Cya and no you can't have my stuff!
: > if you lose 10 games in a row you're going to rank down. That's exactly what should be happening. If you go on a losing streak like that you're MMR is going to go down, so of course your rank is also going to be affected by that. In the long run, however, you should be able to "regain" that lost MMR, which means you go back up, unless you were far too high relative to your skill level.
Hypethetical - An afk/troll/feeder in every game for 10 games in a row means even though you push objectives, help other lanes, take dragons but that still means you should rank down no matter how well you played? Stupid logic.
: I love how Riot can't stop bots
My pet hate at the moment is a couple bots on your team vs pre made high elo lvl 30's with no level 30s on your team. Level 10 and up to level 26 was the highest. I have had no level 30's on my team for the last 4 matches. No fun when you see bots get smashed by gold/silver/bronze players who keep feeding off them or new players who have no idea about the game. Yeah, rito have no clue. It's why I regret going to work in the gaming industry. Gaming companies just don't have any idea what they are doing anymore and it shows so much in season 6 with rito! Just look at the table talk with gbay99 and skara. They say one thing but then they change again, say another thing then say they screwed up and say another all together.
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