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: > [{quoted}](name=MellowHypè,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=dAhfLyUu,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-05T16:02:15.497+0000) > > I would be interested to know how the system works and if a party of 2+ can co ordinate and lie to have an account suspended? To be clear, the way the report system works is that only 1 player in any given game needs to submit a report for the case to be reviewed. As far as I know (and *may* be wrong on this point), reports from the same pre-made group are generally weighted less as well to avoid such abuse of the system. After a case has been flagged for review, the systems in place determine the validity of reports and essentially just trash invalid reports. There are rare instances that can result in false positives, but it generally happens less than most people think. If you want some help with going through the chat logs, you can post feel free to post them here, but obviously your best bet at a successful appeal is to handle the situation with Support.
That's good to know and yeah obviously i've been flagged in more than one game. Just curious as to how the system actually determines who is at fault in a premade situation. Going around like a flag squad {{champion:59}} The one sided chat log definitely makes me look like an obnoxious asshat. I can see my error lol. (which is replying to negativity with negativity) and i can survive a 14 day ban although it would be cool to finish the season off it's no biggie. just a lesson. I did submit a ticket though so if they review it and cut me the benefit of the doubt (first ban since 2011) then that would also be cool but i won't hold my breathe.
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: Bragging rights: What's the rarest item in your League of Legends collection?
Riot singed {{champion:27}} From when he was released - not a hextech :D
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