: Can’t make it to Korea? Your local cinema has you covered!
Sped (OCE)
: I believe this is a new low from Riot!
it's like $12 which is way less than what its worth if u complete missions
: Its just not fun anymore
sorry my guy it looks like you need people to play with, you go uni or school?
Sabriah (OCE)
: Odyssey worst game mode??
lol game mode has been out for so long sorry my guy.
Menarche (OCE)
: Odyssey Onslaught
ok nvm beat it. now doing 2 aug challenge :P
: LF Odyssey team to complete missions
Hi plat 2 here looking to complete 3 aug and 2 aug
Rioter Comments
: Sign up for the High School AU & NZ Championship
So when im in highschool you hype uni championships now at uni and you put highschool championships?!? >:(
: Your Snowdown Shop returns until January 9, 2018


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