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: i added you. my club tag is TWICE (Twice in capitals)
: i added you. my club tag is TWICE (Twice in capitals)
: Draven Club "Not Draven, Draaaven" Draven mains (or people who mained) welcome
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: The champ that tilts you the most?
fcking yasuo top lane, I play sion a lot and normally beat him but it just tilts me mentally
Pinch KS (OCE)
: TSM Ezreal is a scripter
Essembie (OCE)
: Thats new
Had a gangplank afk because he claimed we were kill stealing when he didn't get a kill after ultingright at the end of one of us 1v1ing someone on the enemy team etc (gangplank nowhere near)
: PBE In Oceania
I completely agree why not get people's opinions on your new content from all the servers not just the others. OCE is small but we still exist :)
Staldy (OCE)
: Level 5 Champs
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Staldy (OCE)
is it out?
: lol shops in Japan?
I'm going soon to let me know if you find a place (:
BaiIey (OCE)
: Casual Club Looking For Some Members
invite would be awesome (:
Toyota (OCE)
: Join My club! Play for fun as 5 read desc!
: looking for a club with a dank af tag
Olee (OCE)
: Are there any TSM fan clubs yet?
nah but... TSM TSM TSM
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Heads up! Mobile app Android beta beginning soon
what will this app be called?
: Doing a giveaway :)
Sounds juicy
Erøse (OCE)
: yo
NorthMate (OCE)
: sounds good, when can we do it? :)
Anytime your free :)
: Maybe, What rank are you?
I am silver 4 but it was my first placement.
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