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: Generalists, or Specialists? That is the question.
: Perhaps your answer though, reveals the actual problem? Let's be real, as an isolated issue, League reacting to our searches is a relatively small problem in the scale of things. Perhaps the greater problem is that we justify league doing this by saying "Ehhh everyone does it." When "Ehhh everyone does it." becomes the justification/defence for something, that's when we have a real problem. One of the big appeals of the internet is anonymity, I bet half of the people on the planet wouldn't use the internet if it broadcast their searches to everyone they knew. _(I'm not saying league takes away that anonymity, but the little programs like discord and league doing the small stuff, softens the blow for the big offenders like google and facebook.)_ Now i'm not saying it's our right to have complete anonymity, obviously if we use programs like facebook, we willingly accept the terms of service of that particular program, and such companies do need to analyse data _(within reason)_ in order to know how to improve. However! I do believe that these programs need to be self contained. Wether it's just reading a process off a list, or collecting images you post online, they should only be able/allowed to read information within their own app. i.e. If you search something on google, fair enough, google can collect that information for data analysis. BUT facebook shouldn't be able to, searching something on google has absolutely nothing to do with facebook, therefore that information should be blocked to the social media giant. If I like something on pinterest, I don't then wants adds for that on youtube, they are two different applications, and any data collection that happens, should _(in a perfect world)_ stay within that app. Likewise with steam, if you're playing a game through steam, that's fair enough that steam tells all your friends about it. HOWEVER, discord has no right to know that information. And if it wants to know it, it needs to ask. So if you type "Cheat engine" into the league client, then fair enough, league can decide what to do with that information. But league has no right to access google searches in any capacity without permission _(I've read the terms and conditions and (at least back then) it never mentioned anything like that.)_ as google searches have nothing at all to do with the actual function of the app. This is my view anyway. What do you reckon? Maybe we have to look less at the problem, but actually how we defend and view the problem, and that will reveal the actual issue.
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: > [{quoted}](name=I have 500 ping,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=wmGNNfbQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-16T21:27:28.171+0000) > > Disable your enter key that’s what I’ve done, google disable enter key league of legends there are plenty of tutorials or just make a setting.
I think he means all the notifications etc
: Champion Mastery
I absolutely love the idea and I really wish a riot employee could see this so they can make it more well known! everyone please upvote and tell people you know to come upvote
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: every company is doing it nowadays, who even cares anymore, we have no rights. The world is horrible and will continue to push the limits of greed. Happy New Year 2019 though.
Happy new year to you aswell mate.
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: For sure and no idea why there is 2 no votes (@8:47am 17/12/2018) Would push for this in an Ask Riot edition
how do I get an ask riot?
: I think it would be a very interesting thing to see. I don't know how successful it would be though. Most people love the idea of facing off in a 1v1 and being the victor, however... A vast number of players seem to permanently be under the delusion that they are a lot better than they are. And in a 5v5 scenario it is very easy to keep that delusion afloat _"I am better than them, but they won cos they got ganks and I didnt"_, _"Ahri is 23/4/11, but that's only because she roamed bot and got those 2 early kills, its not my fault."_, _"We lost because my team is heavy."_ These are the lies we all tell ourselves to keep our own bubble afloat. There are so many factors that affect the game, that you often cant really determine with whom the majority of the blame lies, and its so much easier to spread it around the 4 other randoms, than it is to shoulder it yourself. _(which like everything in the game, is of course a clever design to keep people interested)_ I don't think many people could take the harsh realities of a permanent 1v1 mode. The sheer crushing truth that they are just as shit as everyone else would be a bitter pill to swallow for too many people. Once that bubble is popped, I wouldn't be surprised if people lose interest in the game a little. When you realise that you only win around 50/50 of your games and this time the blame is entirely on you... So I think it would have a very very limited lifespan as a mode, and may even have a negative effect on the population of league itself. So personally I think a 1v1 mode is something that people think they want, but don't ACTUALLY want. However in saying that, I vote yes. 1. Because why not. Sounds like a neat game mode for a bit of competitive fun, you could have some awesome map designs too. 2. It would be so juicy to see cocky SoB's brought crashing down to earth. 3. It'd be great laning practice where you can focus on certain things like CSing or harassing etc. in a controlled environment. So for people who arent in a bubble, practicing individual skills without having to worry about the rest of the game could be very beneficial. There are obvious drawbacks though. Support mains would feel very excluded from the game mode. It'd be no fun vsing a 500,000 mastery point Fiora main, as Bard or Sona. Even if you weren't support, it'd feel pretty shit if your main wasn't very good in a 1v1 situation. Also some champs like Kalista or Sol just couldn't play, literally half of Kalista's abilities _(including her ult)_ just wouldn't exist. So Kalista mains would never get to test their limits. And in a 1v1 situation Sol would be disadvantaged to the point of just not being fun. Depending on the rules _(is it til first blood? first tower? Is it a 50 minute base defence game?)_ you'd probably find that early game champs just dominated, and late game champs and their players just don't get the time to shine. But for those who are competitive and do enjoy that me against them play style, why not. For the sake of a vote i'll say yes. I probably wouldn't play it much myself _(I like my bubble)_, but for those who want it _(or who think they want it)_ why not.
I agree with everything you say but Riot could obviously tweak the mode to where when you pick the 1v1 it has a choice where you pick 'same champion' top lane champs' support champs'
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