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Yeah same here. I made a post on the NA forums, hoping to gain attention from a Rioter.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Draft test wrap up and plan moving forward
So glad we get to keep this queue. It makes my life a little easier since I join champ select after most people and I'm not sure what role is called half the time.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
I have been looking forward to this for so long. As someone who doesn't have the best PC, I get into champ select late. And I'm usually tossed into support. It's really the reason I started to main support. But, I'm excited we finally get draft norms. Thanks guys <3
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
I tend to tab out if I die to check on say, Discord, but with the new client, everything freezes up for a few seconds when the window changes. This never happened with the old client. It was a much smoother transition. Is it just me?
: CC, that is her counter, if you can;t do that, you're dumb
A smart Katarina lets her team blow your CC and goes in to clean up. Most smart Kats don't go in unless they know they can get out safely.
: Just this patch, don't worry we are all waiting, i want my god damn ekko skin already.
I'm just gathering IP for some of the Caches.
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: Help! I'm a support main and i wanna try dofferent roles!
My friend was a support main for about 2 years, playing Thresh mostly, and he said he just kept watching how other people played ADC, and now, he's probably the best ADC on my friendslist. His Vayne is terrifying.
: The A+ game went on longer, so you probably didn't maintain as high of a per minute score. A certain score in 20 minutes isn't worth as much 20 minutes later.
Oh, okay. It's just unfortunate, we were pretty far ahead but weren't able to close out the game faster than we did.
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: Hey there, Mastery 6 or 7? Mastery 7 tokens can only be earnt from S or S+ games.
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EzeBlood (OCE)
: Actually, it shows that Riot really just hates adc's. Just like everyone but adc's.
It had to be done. I mean, with a Fizz ult, it IS dodgeable. But with every other Ult that QSS removed, it had to be changed so it only cleanses actual CC.
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: Hey there, Is this still occurring? Have you tested to see if it happens when anyone on your friends list signs out or only certain people? The only time I've seen this behaviour is if the person is using a client modification to appear offline, however it's possible the LoL Friends app may be causing the same issue.
No, I'm using neither of those applications. And it happens each time a friend logs out.
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Ingénue (OCE)
: Every time something like this happens, it's just a glitch so don't worry about it. If it was intentional Riot would have put up announcements a while ago. I checked over on your profile and your mastery points are back and it's showing your top 3 + in progress champs :D
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Top left: {{champion:266}} Middle: {{champion:54}} Top Right: {{champion:121}} for sure.
: > [{quoted}](name=SorakaXHealBoT,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=Pt2Zu78A,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-01-05T07:25:52.227+0000) > > Imo the most important thing about playing ADC is learning how to stutter step, orb walk, kiting or attack-move. Learning how to stutter step is extremely important because it helps you with chasing your enemies and helps you deal more damage to enemies running away from you because u can deal a lot more hits before they are outside your maximum attack range. Stutter stepping is basically moving around when u are attacking, moving around when attacking makes it harder for opponents to aim their skill shots and also a lot easier for you to dodge enemy skill shots. A good ADC champion for learning stutter stepping is {{champion:429}} and {{champion:22}}. Kalista is probably the best ADC to learn how to stutter step because if you don't jump around when attacking as Kalista then you should probably stop playing her. Other tips for playing ADC is to never start/initiate a fight as an ADC except when u are playing {{champion:22}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:15}} who all have an ultimate skill for engaging on enemies. Another tip is try to always stay at your max attack range from your enemies and dodge all skillshots that you can possibly dodge. In teamfights always stay behind your tanks and only start attacking enemies when it is safe to do so. Before a teamfight starts try to stay out of enemy vision as an ADC and only go in after the enemies had used up their CC or engage skills. A last tip from me is that stutter stepping is actually not a mechanic that is limited to ADC/ranged marksmen only because even melee champs can make use of stutter stepping although stutter stepping is only relevant when chasing enemies as a melee champion. Here is a video guide for learning how to stutter step: One thing i forgot to mention is that try not to play the role ADC if your ping is higher than 100. IF your ping is around 150 stutter stepping becomes impossibly difficult when you have around 1.8 or 1.9 attack speed because the latency gets in the way. If you have a ping below 100, around 80-90ping stutter stepping should be ok all the way to around 2.2 or mid 2.3 attack speed. Other than that when you are around 2.2 attack speed it is around the attack speed where your hand will have some difficulties to keep up with the stutter stepping which will cause slight decrease in DPS if your hand is slow. You will hopefully get use to it after some practice. New {{champion:96}} is a champion that is impossible to stutter step with when u have W activated so don't even try to stutter step because you will lose DPS if u stutter step.
Luckily, I own all these champions so I can practice with them.
: This is excellent advice for anyone looking to learn ADC, hell it applies to a majority of roles. Being able to last hit effectively is essential (Even as a support {{item:3302}} )
Thanks, guys. I mean, I'm slowly learning how to farm, freeze waves and to push when possible. I've noticed too that junglers love ganking champions with little to no escape, so I've moved onto Trist/Cait. I feel so comfortable with these two champs. Even Lucian. I've also noticed I work well with a Leona or Morgana. I love supports with hard lockdowns, since they allow me free poke if I'm close enough. Farming doesn't seem too much of a problem for me seeing how Im able to get 70-90 depending on how aggressive the enemy laners are. I'd love to practice in bots with some of you guys sometime in the future also. Edit: I forgot to mention, I do have a problem with cancelling auto attacks at the wrong times, which is something I hope to get over soon.
: I myself main support too. The role gives you a fairly good idea of what you'll need to do (or what not to do) if you ever need to shift to ADC. As Spawn says above, last hitting is key. Practice farming a lot. This means farming to push the lane, and farming to freeze the lane (for ganks, or to avoid ganks) too. You also need to learn about your role. The role of the ADC is to carry. Going for a kill or helping other lanes is great, but you also need to prioritise. And that often means going to farm the heck out of that pushed lane. I'm not a great ADC, but this knowledge really helps. Farm = win. There was a game I was playing as Jinx, versing another Jinx. She was fairly good, and destroyed me in lane. I think I was 1/3/1, and she was like 5/0/0, and maybe 60 farm ahead of me because she simply shut me out. She got fed and left lane to hunt kills. When she left, I stayed in lane and farmed. When the time came to team fight proper, I had matched her farm, then exceeded it, and then proceeded to help our team get two aces and win. You don't have to be good to do well. With a good support (who you should always thank!) you can hold your own with some basic knowledge, and with the right choices, go on to carry. That said, LoL is about fun, and if you're like me and actively don't enjoy the ADC role, then don't feel obliged to play it just because you feel it's required. But if you want a challenge, ADC and jungler are two of the most challenging roles to take on.
Haha, don't you worry. I'm very thankful for supports who save my butt when I go too aggressive. I also play jungle a lot and it's the 2nd most comfortable role I play. I usually play Poppy, Kha'zix or even Diana if we lack AP on the team. I find it to be a fun role.
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SonicNova (OCE)
: 2v2 map
Howling Abyss seems to be the more appropriate. 3v3's and 4v4's are usually left to Summoners Rift, since all the lanes would be occupied.
BOH Bubz (OCE)
: What happens with the level 3 reward if you have all the champs?
You get a mystery skin instead.

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