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: Tbh disappointed that I can't just pay $50 or something for the Popstar Kai'Sa skin. Instead I have to play 179 games with an S rank and win within 6 weeks. Which is absolutely freaking impossible. The fact that I have to choose either that or the championship chromas etc. is actually really appaling. I'd have to pay around $600 to get everything I want. Riot, what are you thinking? I've already spent $8700AUD on this account.
I do agree the prices are ridiculous, especially for poor people like myself, It's really depressing. The amount of games required is an out rage, nobody has the freaking time to do what they're asking. I'm still going to put in $60 towards the event (Pass + Orb/Token bundle) but It's still ridiculous, I probably shouldn't even do it tbh.
: The whole champ needs a VU. But if you want to look at giving VU's to just legendary skins, we had better start with The Magnificent Twisted Fate, Red Baron Corki, and other 750 skins that are setting players back 1850 RP. Demonblade Trynd, Bloodlord Vlad, Gentleman Cho, are bad legendary skins in comparison to current standards. But at least all the skins fulfil the main criteria of being Legendaries. Magnificent TF etc. literally has nothing to classify it as a 975 (let alone a 1850). But Riot have stated they will not be updating them or changing the price unless that champion receives a full Yorick level rework. Which in my opinion is a very shitty move. At very least they should reduce the price temporarily until they can be fucked honouring their own code. _________ But on a side note, Tryndamere is probably the most boring champion in the game visually, he has no particles except very slight auras around him, pretty much his only form of damage is auto attacks, and his model is just some dude holding a big sword. Theres not actually a lot they can change for a skin. They can change the shape/colour/sounds of the slight auras, but thats the only VFX he has. I suppose they could make him spin clockwise instead of anti-clockise? And unless they want him to be un-recognisable at a glance _(which they don't like doing for skins)_, he still has to be some dude dragging a big-ass sword behind him. So apart from completely adding evolving model ultimate level skin mechanics like Elementalist Lux, theres honestly not much that can be done to make a Trynd skin outstanding. They can add a few particles to his spin, make his emotes more interesting, add little things like PROJECT: Ashe's hood. But Legendary skins for other champs have all of that and much much more anyway. Skins for champs like Kindred or Bard _(in the same price bracket)_ are just always going to be more interesting/higher quality than Trynd skins, purely because theres so much more to change. Trynd skins _(any trynd skin)_ can't really be that much more than just a model change. Im not saying they shouldn't update his Demonblade skin _(personally I think it's hideous, and needs a good makeover along with the rest of him)_ Im just saying that as a skin for that particular champ, it will always have much less potential than other skins for more interesting champions. So theres not a huge amount they _can_ change.
I totally agree with pretty much everything you said, I also agree in the fact that there probably isn't anything they can change about his Legendary Skin, but I still want to believe there's hope for our ugly ass friend.
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: Patch 6.23 notes
HYPE TRAIN {{champion:14}}
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: List of SHIT interfaces
Everything is shit about the New Interface. I strongly dislike it.
: New Hextech Crafting components
So let me get this straight. If we wish to get the special border that comes with the upcoming Project skin we'll need to unlock these hextech crates in order to claim it that's also random? Why don't we just make it simple like the old Project event; Purchase before 1 week and unlock the special border.
: UPDATE: Play games that matter with /remake
I have to disagree with this method Riot and there's a reason why. I've encountered countless people just having server, client or internet problems and it isn't their fault. Why should the punished player have such a serious punishment, please look futher into this perhaps increase the amount of time the player as allowed to "/remake" just my thoughts. Please just consider other possibilities and not simpley because they're afking for no reason.
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
It's about personal preference for what feels comfortable.
Rexpeita (OCE)
: So am I reading right here, that we will get an Icon after 100 matchmade wins on Dominion, so Custom games don't count, only games where we've queued. Thats ridiculous when we haven't had the option to queue for it on Oce..... Riot needs to at least respect that Oce players in the past 2~~ years couldn't possibly have achieved that, and its not like we haven't been vocal about wanting Dominion as a queue. At least make the game mode available in the coming weeks, or make the reward more available to players who have always wanted Dominion but haven't got it because of Oce Riot.
I agree, OCE hasn't even had an option to Que for Dominion which makes it unfair for the players that aren't able to get reward. Icon or not it's unfair that we don't get a chance to earn it.


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