: This is a good suggestion to fix this issue. I believe there are many problems surrounding ranked as far as players are concerned (trolls, smurfs, feeders, etc.), but the biggest issue with ranked is that there is no way to effectively and fairly stop these players from ruining other people's experiences. Players that enjoy playing off-meta picks can be in danger of being banned. Especially if they don't do well in a couple of their games. For example, I have been a Heimerdinger main for a very long time. He's not been a meta pick for years. I have been flamed and reported just because I picked a champion that many people believe is bad purely because he's not played often. Should I be banned for picking someone that's not meta? Am I trolling by picking him? It's a very difficult situation because Riot can't always tell when someone is playing something off-meta or when someone is trolling with their picks. That being said, reporting players in OCE isn't very effective a lot of the time. The automated system can only definitively ban a player for being toxic for multiple games in a short period of time. As far as dodging is concerned, although it has immediate disadvantages, it is more likely to be beneficial for you in the long run. Dodging doesn't reduce your MMR, whereas playing the game out and losing would. You only lose a maximum of 10LP from dodging, but you could be losing anywhere from 15-30LP from playing the game. A lot of high ELO players talk about how they would dodge games no matter how much LP they lost for it. I believe Pants Are Dragon once said that he would keep dodging games even if it demoted him down to bronze 5, because his MMR would still be challenger.
Tbh, I don't mind people playing off-meta stuff, as long as they have the win rate and kda to back it up. If they don't have the win rate on the champ even if it is meta, it is still a no-no lol. Nevertheless, I do find that it has something to do with auto-fill as well. Sometimes (actually quite often) the auto-fill is not balanced between the teams, which then makes people play things that they are not familiar with. So then it comes down to if you are lucky or not when you press the "Find Match" button, and pray for the best that you don't have a lot of auto-fill in your team. I guess it would be ok for higher elo to have auto-fill feature, since they do not have enough population and hence would have very long queue time. But they should remove that in lower elo, as player population is not an issue; and it is likely that players might not have much experience with the game. I only played this game for over a year, other than having to keep up with all the new patches, I am still trying to learn 7 years worth of content. Riot is making changes to encourage new players to the game, but how do they expect them to learn 7 years of stuff by just having them play level 1 to 30? I'm going to finished my rant here, since my 30 minute dodge is done XD
: I think you've come to some good conclusions, especially when you talk about dealing with smurfs, trolls, feeders, etc. Consistency is key to climbing. Play one good game and end up feeding because you're too cocky in the next and you'll go nowhere. I agree with many of your ideas. However, pointing out someone's mistake (particularly in low elo) will generally upset and/or aggravate the person you are criticizing. Even if that is not your intention. From my experience, people in bronze believe they deserve a significantly higher rank, and as a result, they do not take kindly to any form of criticism. I used to have this mentality back in season 4 (and a bit of season 5). I felt that anyone trying to help me out were either attacking me for my decisions or too stupid to understand what I was doing. As a result, I ignored everyone or flamed them. Needless to say, I was hardstuck low bronze. After changing my mentality and focusing on self-improvement, I climbed out of bronze and am currently gaining 25-30LP for wins in silver 5. I am still very bad at the game, especially when compared to people in higher elo. However, I love the idea of helping someone else out of a situation I found myself in not too long ago. If everyone can have this mentality and want to improve their skills, rather than blaming everything on everyone else, League would be a much less stressful and significantly better game because of it. One must also keep in mind that solo/duo is about getting 3-4 random people to work together. This can be frustrating when everyone wants to play some kind of carry champ and not many people want to allow themselves to get carried. For example, many people do not enjoy playing tanks. Some people prefer playing carry laners/junglers. If a team needs a frontline, but the last people to pick don't enjoy playing tanks, they most likely will not pick a tank or would underperform because they're playing something they're unfamiliar with. Another key thing is to not believe that a game is over just because you don't have a tank or don't have much CC or whatever the problem may be. Especially in low elo, anything can happen. I have lost many games against full AD comps because people on my team didn't understand that building armour will make their damage almost completely negligible. The last bit of advice I have is that you just keep on playing. The more you play, the more you consciously try to learn from every game, the more you will improve. Learning and applying what you learn in your next games is vital to climbing. As long as you remain in that mentality and don't tilt, you should just keep playing. Never play while tilted. You can fall into the trap of becoming overaggressive or just make mistakes in general because you're not focusing enough. I always have other activities for myself if I decide I'm too tilted to continue playing. I can do some push-ups, punch my punching bag, load up another game that isn't as frustrating and is generally something simple that can calm me down. Anything to get me out of that mindset and allow me to vent my frustration. My apologies for the wall of text, but I feel that you might appreciate it based on how much detail and effort you put into your post. Feel free to reply if you disagree with anything I've put forward
It is also very frustrating that people are playing champions that they don't know how to play in ranked; and they do not care that they are actually affecting the experience of other players on their team who is trying to climb. There should be a system that prevents players from playing champions that they are not familiar with, such as a quest that they have to play the champion in normal game and win the match 10 times before they can play it in ranked etc... I have to dodge a lot of the games because of that and I am the one that is being penalized for doing the right thing.

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