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: PAX AU 2015 - Riot not attending
Holy crap I'm late on the news on this one.
: Strangely enough, i dont see myself as a "female" gamer. i dont associate with that tagline. I grew up with male friends being 99% of my friend circle and so i never really felt like i was branded with "female" when gaming, i was just one of the gamers. It naturally is to me that i enjoy gaming and am a gamer. As to question: I dont have a question i prefer people to ask or not to because i dont see myself being tagged with "female" in front of gamer Worst memorable question: Not worst but this is probably the most common: "do you play support"
Perhaps I should have worded the questions better, when people find out you are female or do you prefer to leave sex out of it, which you basically answered anyway :)
: Hello! I'm FerlynYoshimi, Esports Player Manager at Riot OCE, AMA!
Two part question. As a female gamer, which question would you prefer people ask you but don't and what is the worst memorable question you have been asked so far?
: Champion Mastery live!
Ok so I got lv5 with a champion got the extra emote then about 4 games later it is gone, yea that was worth it.
: Secret Agent Xin Zhao wields cutting-edge spy gear
IDK? A "secret agent" with a purple suit? Only 80s pimps or substance dealers would wear that.

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