: This Game Doesn't Punish Death Threats?
Don't be so upset! You are not alone!!!!!!!!!! Riot does not punish death threats............. NOR ANYTHING ELSE EITHER!!!!!!!! It's no big deal. Just ask them. They don't give a fuck. I've been reporting the same afk / troll players in Arams for the past four years and yet they continue playing... what more proof do we need that riot doesn't give a flying fuck about any poor behaviours! They have an 'automated' reporting system that 'punishes' 1 player out of every 50,000, the rest are free to say and do as they fucking well please. The sooner you realise this the better you will feel and the less stress (possibly) you will experience as you soon become numb to the constant trolls/afks/ abuse/etc etc that inhabit this game, and as you begin to realise that it's continually the same group of players that do this week after week without any consequences and then you will understand what a complete joke the riot reporting system actually is. Just mute every player in every game you play in and that will make you almost oblivious to all the fuckwits in Lol (except the continual afkers who inhabit 80% of games) GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!, You'll need it. If all else fails go find an online game where the developers actually care about their players enjoyment and take action against the fuckwits who constantly spoil others' fun. HINT - it isn't riot.
: The very fucken problem with OCE staff
The worst enforced online reporting system on the entire planet. It's a total waste of time reporting anything ever. Riot just don't give a fuck, and thats why most of their games have bots/afks/ trolls and general abuse - players all know now that nothing ever fucking happens to them. Another poster on a different thread was asking for more feedback for their reports - the reason he wont't get any feedback is simply because there is none to give... RIOT doesnt even read most of the reports, which means there is zero feedback to give. They are just too busy adding up their $$$ from the next esport schedule to worry about shit like afks or players giving up etc etc. It's too time consuming to worry about %%%%s afking, and dont let any riot staff try to tell you otherwise.. Its why they installed the leaverbuster system - to auto - punish players with a dumfuck useless time penalty the nobody fucking worries about. Riot reporting is useless and riot just laugh at people who complain about toxic behaviour because they know that its not going to change and theres nothing anyone can do haha,,,,,
: ***
Don't waste your fucking time reporting any more. RIOT DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT.. they don't even read them. Just save your energy.
: Calm down. I was stuck in bronze for a very long time because of toxic people trolling, afk, etc. Get a duo partner you trust won't afk for no reason (though I had a game where my friend's PC crashed during load) to 'minimise' your chances of a troll or just idiots on your team. On top of that, I think next season will be better with the addition of Iron League, which will likely be comprised of people who don't care about climbing, and Bronze won't be as toxic and troll and memefic as it's 'infamous' for. Or play a solo carry champion like Jax lul.
I agree with OP 100%. I mostly play arams - because i like that mode - and 80-90% of games have afk/bots/trolls.. reporting is a total waste of fucking time because i continually report the same players over and over, and yet they continue to play. This proves that riot not only take no interest in the reports that are sent to them, but also couldnt give a flying fuck about aram game mode. This isnt something new, its been happening constantly for the last 3+ years. Obviously their report system is a total waste of time and is just put there as window dressing... I can fully understand why the majority of players dont bother using the reporting system, because they already know that using it does fuckall. The only exceptions I think are if players are using racism, hate or threats regularly.. then riot thinks that stuff morally has to be dealt with. Anything else they just dont fucking care at all. PERIOD. The absolute worst run online game on the planet and the most useless reporting system ever. A total joke, with no consequences. Riot are completely useless in this area.
: Bots
I'm done with this game. I just had an aram with 5 bots - 4 on my team. The game was over in 7 minutes. I then received a message to say that due to my behaviour I would be penalized! wtf! why should I participate in the bullshit, which has now been going on in aram games daily for 3-4 months, and im the one that gets a penalty when riot the useless motherfu#kers cant even fix these bots. They've know about this issue for many weeks yet have done nothing about it. F#$%ing amateurs riot are. Now I get penalised for doing nothing. Shove your bot infested game where the sun doesn't shine riot you useless bunch of amateurs. Lol deleted.
: Bots....
I made a long post (rant) about this 2 days ago... looks like my post got deleted. Basically, riot dgaf about bots, or about their players. I've had a gutful of these endless bots and the non-stop bad behaviour and afks. Riot can take their horribly run game and stick it. I won't be back. If this was a general store or supermarket they would've gone bankrupt by now, because they treat their consumers like morons and give them very little respect. Don't expect any comment from Riot about this, in fact their silence over the years on the countless threads about this same topic just says one thing. Gtfo, we (riot) don't want to discuss this so go away. Same with their totally useless reporting system - it does nothing, zero, zilch! In summary... riot are useless and treat their customers with zero respect. Go find a better game. I have.


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